Providers with Taxonomy: Registered Nurse General Practice (163WG0000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Registered Nurse General Practice (163WG0000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Definition to come...

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Valina Brown OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1992145007
Vhari Francesca Kashay OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1184397358
Vickie Lynn Patterson NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1366636110
Victoria Dorsey OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1841614146
Victoria A Paster OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1063883775
Warren Daniel Meredith OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1275904740
Whitney Phelan OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1821499070
Yuvonka Mckinney OHRegistered Nurse General Practice1407403322
Samantha M Joanette NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1265041172
Tanya Lockwood NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1851644728
Alanna Lee Dineen ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1477165181
Amanda Michelle Arceneaux ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1164000105
Angela Renita Kemp ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1467694919
Angela Spears ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1053956094
Ashley Mcdaniel ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1588164917
Brandy Bunn ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1992230700
Brittney Bunn ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1710412523
Christopher Brian Manuel ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1285282830
Elaine Mae Gemple ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1558034017
Genesis Morgan ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1568061422
Janet Wiles ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1245893635
Janice E. Mcmahan ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1447497458
Katrina Lemonds ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1902376619
Laura Lee Woodward ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1811519754
Monica Paulding ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1063913812
Shalon Henderson ALRegistered Nurse General Practice1720613763
E. Fesmire, Crnfa, Llc FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1528473592
Angela Faith Davenport FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1104282383
Chandra M Ramos FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1740348325
Dana Ringlehan FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1255773461
Ellen Elizabeth Fesmire FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1649316423
Goldie B Gollihue FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1922698992
Ingrid Allison Bozeman FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1396409637
Kelly Melinda Chewning FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1760465744
Lawrence Green FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1104231570
Makayla Durden FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1639849011
Pamela G Brownstein AKRegistered Nurse General Practice1891291647
Penny N Ervin FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1427271816
Teresa Mauricio Hancock FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1528655859
Victoria Hilton FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1417556184
Alexandra Marie Rutherford CARegistered Nurse General Practice1285290726
Alice Cheng CARegistered Nurse General Practice1073853131
Alissa Saldivar CARegistered Nurse General Practice1639421381
Allan Cronin CARegistered Nurse General Practice1033643952
Andrew R. Turkington CARegistered Nurse General Practice1730341389
Brenda Senseman Holder CARegistered Nurse General Practice1427446319
C Drew Barnes CARegistered Nurse General Practice1033507934
Carina C Velayo-fernandez CARegistered Nurse General Practice1285868711
Carmen Zheng CARegistered Nurse General Practice1093079428
Celia Nunn CARegistered Nurse General Practice1033527775
Christine Melanie Seeley CARegistered Nurse General Practice1922519784
Constance Goes CARegistered Nurse General Practice1386792950
David Charles Welper CARegistered Nurse General Practice1487098851
Dorothy Kenney CARegistered Nurse General Practice1487708376
Editha Padua CARegistered Nurse General Practice1285850750
Elisabeth Anne Sherratt CARegistered Nurse General Practice1467813683
Esther Yoon Nickelson CARegistered Nurse General Practice1164068268
Eugenia San Luis Tabernero CARegistered Nurse General Practice1780846089
Gail Anne Gram CARegistered Nurse General Practice1942332564
Gene Chy Yuan Han CARegistered Nurse General Practice1205968104
Hamza Abid CARegistered Nurse General Practice1558891770
Hayden Kip Thomas CARegistered Nurse General Practice1285229724
Heather Dooley Cruz CARegistered Nurse General Practice1659702447
Ioulia A Matyssik CARegistered Nurse General Practice1063543304
Jacqueline Tran CARegistered Nurse General Practice1548872625
James Bruhn CARegistered Nurse General Practice1891189627
Janice C. Stinson CARegistered Nurse General Practice1659342525
Jeffrey Tsai CARegistered Nurse General Practice1023479383
Jennifer Joanne Huggans-zapeta CARegistered Nurse General Practice1629466479
Jerry Wong CARegistered Nurse General Practice1124694377
Joseph John Lotsko CARegistered Nurse General Practice1427629179
Karen Marie Jones ORRegistered Nurse General Practice1467754846
Karen Celeste Trahan CARegistered Nurse General Practice1386236461
Kelly Jia Li Fang CARegistered Nurse General Practice1972152726
Kerri Grover CARegistered Nurse General Practice1336594720
Kristen Ann Sharp ORRegistered Nurse General Practice1538451729
Latricia A Amadeo CARegistered Nurse General Practice1003407115
Ma Edna Munakata CARegistered Nurse General Practice1376089367
Marissa Elliott CARegistered Nurse General Practice1689008930
Mindy Shumin Wen CARegistered Nurse General Practice1568562502
Natalie Nellis CARegistered Nurse General Practice1952744997
Nicholas Alexander Ward CARegistered Nurse General Practice1023518594
Sabrina M. Cito CARegistered Nurse General Practice1174658769
Shane Francis CARegistered Nurse General Practice1376038943
Sharon Ann Morrison CARegistered Nurse General Practice1285834689
Susan Battersby CARegistered Nurse General Practice1831643162
Tammy Vien CARegistered Nurse General Practice1285234195
Teresa W Wong CARegistered Nurse General Practice1811238207
Tina Tieng CARegistered Nurse General Practice1154089688
Tracy Cartwright CARegistered Nurse General Practice1659843902
Victoria I Wong CARegistered Nurse General Practice1952957235
Zhanetta Vaysman CARegistered Nurse General Practice1629284815
Amanda Lane TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1487064416
April Burleson TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1730426867
Ashley Smith Batchelder CARegistered Nurse General Practice1821655333
Cynthia Annette Burczak TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1780155218
Denise Hedge TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1841697281
Donna K. Reynolds TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1487799326
Jacqueline Kay Hall TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1548305493
Julia Denniston CARegistered Nurse General Practice1861600082
Katherine Ann Tate CARegistered Nurse General Practice1235421744
Marites Soluta Tautho TXRegistered Nurse General Practice1962794875
Mica Lynn Rudd TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1831234756
Ryan Horner TNRegistered Nurse General Practice1699263830
Yvette Buich CARegistered Nurse General Practice1619563129
Thomas Michael Hageman TXRegistered Nurse General Practice1780290106
L. D. Mormile Adult Psychiatric Health Care, Llc Registered Nurse General Practice1316587942
Amanda Maria Pannell NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1679059273
Brandi Chisolm CORegistered Nurse General Practice1649938804
Brenda Hunt NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1316368285
Brenda Oconnor NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1760930184
Brenda Shelley Wade NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1457772360
Burdetta Lenee Martinez NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1942725122
Dayara V Mendez FLRegistered Nurse General Practice1891312898
Deborah Bee NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1831288729
Doug Wood NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1225459225
Eleanor Suzanne Dunn NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1841511029
Eva J. Gonzales NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1477109254
Gerald Christich AZRegistered Nurse General Practice1225098288
Gwendolyn Francille Mccourt NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1255492559
Harold Rowley AZRegistered Nurse General Practice1508240219
Heather Isaac NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1336625920
Holly Obrovac NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1467873430
James Lamont Anderson NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1427348929
Jeannette Brooks NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1184901233
Jennifer Lynn Miller NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1598241192
Joshua Joel Landry NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1386091544
Karen Ginsberg NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1669678322
Leslie Diane Mormile NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1467619296
Lourdes Milagros Guerrero NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1003414657
Marcia J Walmer ILRegistered Nurse General Practice1891081816
Margaret A. Wood NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1871852178
Michelle Graves NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1205283348
Molly Monaco Habermeyer CORegistered Nurse General Practice1861039778
Nicole Fabiano Fry NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1285282566
Nicole Michelle Taylor NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1043988520
Rhonda Alterson NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1447409230
Richard Ben Placencio NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1215535851
Sandra Renteria NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1659792521
Shawn Dragoo NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1629258108
Steven Lee Meyer NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1568473213
Theresa Treas-cornelius NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1114022894
Veronica S Miranda NMRegistered Nurse General Practice1407339450
Angela Waggoner CORegistered Nurse General Practice1407217060
Ann-marie Peterson CORegistered Nurse General Practice1437508181
Beverly Strnad CORegistered Nurse General Practice1639536899
Camry Jones CORegistered Nurse General Practice1821689654
Carrie Ann Mondragon CORegistered Nurse General Practice1700034832
Cathy Velasquez CORegistered Nurse General Practice1447843305
Cindy Brush CORegistered Nurse General Practice1285015586
Daniel Anthony Sours CORegistered Nurse General Practice1245866946
Debora Ann Black CORegistered Nurse General Practice1780843490
Della K. Cox-vieira CORegistered Nurse General Practice1609179480
Denise I Lobato CORegistered Nurse General Practice1538317664
Donald Dee Tietsema CORegistered Nurse General Practice1447652409
Doris Erskine CORegistered Nurse General Practice1629445556
Dyan I Anderson CORegistered Nurse General Practice1568610780
Geraldine Kathleen Hackman CORegistered Nurse General Practice1508014754
Heather Smith CORegistered Nurse General Practice1407448244
Karen Gasseling CORegistered Nurse General Practice1598913725
Kateri Elizabeth Mestas CORegistered Nurse General Practice1154790913
Kelli Robinson-gonzales CORegistered Nurse General Practice1548628530
Kelly Jean Bleakney CORegistered Nurse General Practice1235764374
Laura Jean Hays CORegistered Nurse General Practice1477853133
Lindsey Marie Renner CORegistered Nurse General Practice1316293111
Lou Ann Cheslock Skinner CORegistered Nurse General Practice1356599286
Lynette M Moore CORegistered Nurse General Practice1457369688
Lynne Marie Jacobson CORegistered Nurse General Practice1336376128
Mary Fox CORegistered Nurse General Practice1245607191
Michelle Marie Craver CORegistered Nurse General Practice1275883365
Mikel Rashel Barr CORegistered Nurse General Practice1528362399
Shannon Hostetter CORegistered Nurse General Practice1750827093
Stephanie Carino CORegistered Nurse General Practice1841650033
Deborah Elaine Gray TXRegistered Nurse General Practice1780184473
Kaysi Shaye Covey TXRegistered Nurse General Practice1922616754
Albany Psychological Services For Eating Disorders, Pllc Registered Nurse General Practice1235479387
The Ideal U, Llc NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1548630395
Seton Health System Registered Nurse General Practice1154795714
Capital Distriict Psychiatric Center NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1659879575
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1922550011
Cek Rn Consulting, Inc Registered Nurse General Practice1033748405
Kelly Dunphy Rn Registered Nurse General Practice1972560068
Thrive Nw Llc Registered Nurse General Practice1861084808
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1750626834
Loving Hands Extended Home Services Llc Registered Nurse General Practice1043744394
Dr. Coretta D. Gervin Healthcare Registered Nurse General Practice1467091629
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1083228811
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1194249805
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1326494691
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Assocaites, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1831568625
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1962815696
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Registered Nurse General Practice1992227714
North Colonie Central School District Registered Nurse General Practice1114687811
Abby Palmer GARegistered Nurse General Practice1265812952
Ada Regan NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1134897259
Adam Edward Kessler NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1891293452
Adriana Schoenberg CARegistered Nurse General Practice1831296201
Alayna Joan Kalogridis NYRegistered Nurse General Practice1386277051
Albert Koy Booth GARegistered Nurse General Practice1457566473
Alexandra Allyne Blaufarb CARegistered Nurse General Practice1205107216


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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