Providers with Taxonomy: Registered Nurse Pain Management (163WP0000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Registered Nurse Pain Management (163WP0000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Definition to come...

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Barry Gerard Hoerig OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1306849039
Peggye Ann Wilkerson ARRegistered Nurse Pain Management1437152022
Dolores Steinglass VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1962405662
Nathan O Lake VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1447253059
Lorraine Mejer INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1588667026
Frederick Jean Baudoin D'ajoux FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1194728618
Mary V. Collignon CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1194728477
Northwestern Community Services Board VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1215930573
Dyanna R Mana NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1811999147
Leslie Ann Tice MDRegistered Nurse Pain Management1972505295
Patricia Grace Molony OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1770586042
Patricia A Tetirick OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1275536542
Eastern Carolina Medical Center Pc Registered Nurse Pain Management1205206489
Mary Ann Honeycutt CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1891798609
John Patrick Mcdermott CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1215930748
Michelle L. Jennings MORegistered Nurse Pain Management1215470901
Kurt Sanders AZRegistered Nurse Pain Management1932102472
Bonnie L Pearson INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1902809361
Melissa Allyn Hale OKRegistered Nurse Pain Management1689022451
Justin Warren Smith KYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1700889409
Sara Ardila MARegistered Nurse Pain Management1871091728
Tara Devoy PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1801184684
Laura Tobon WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1790787943
Mary E Klumph CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1124020243
Linda Ann Samson WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1073515219
Suzanne Lorraine August-schwartz CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1275535221
Kathleen Lynn Bobay WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1790789063
Rita H Pickler VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1922002294
Nan M. Gaylord TNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1013911007
Gloria Lee Lochridge CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1477557429
Thomas S Dainty VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1629072582
Cherie Anne Burke PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1427052232
Michael Joseph Patton PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1134123094
Kristine K Barnes CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1235133901
Carolyn A. Wagner VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1821092529
Jane M Mckinley CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1811991516
Marilyn Francine Chamlee FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1578567293
Aimee B Daigle LARegistered Nurse Pain Management1659375376
Dean C Weil VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1043214620
Suzanne M Wright VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1154325736
Monique Ward CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1528445525
Yui Nishiike CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1760751457
Sally Rae Arbuckle MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1114929338
Lynn A Parolise CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1245232354
Matthew D Zinder MDRegistered Nurse Pain Management1417951005
A G Rhodes Home Inc GARegistered Nurse Pain Management1386648962
Camille L Johnson NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1164832598
Karen S Rance INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1194729137
Elaine M Rawsky MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1972507739
Fatimo Abiola PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1396221321
Brenda R Annotti ORRegistered Nurse Pain Management1255335295
Jennifer Elaine Moore TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1295218667
Crystal Jean Harper OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1811470339
Kristin Lee Castine MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1144224064
Marie E Mcqueen AKRegistered Nurse Pain Management1265436752
Roberta Proffitt Lavin TNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1184628687
Barbara S Klube WARegistered Nurse Pain Management1235134693
Michelle M Wende OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1780689158
Cindy Williams PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1215932470
Sarah A Bullinger KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1497750665
Susan D Martin KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1679578546
Kathleen Ann Rogers OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1174528947
Jeannette Barnes PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1871598821
Deborah C. Hawkins VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1790780856
Joanne Ruth Dietz MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1255336327
Maria Mccabe AZRegistered Nurse Pain Management1750386751
Janet L Messamore KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1073518080
Lolita A Garcia NJRegistered Nurse Pain Management1861497760
Arlene Ann Kasten WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1992700942
The Dale Association, Inc. Registered Nurse Pain Management1962407783
Kristi Beaver OKRegistered Nurse Pain Management1265437909
Southwest Virginia Home Health Care, Inc VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1558366211
Susan H Netherton WARegistered Nurse Pain Management1396740189
Debbie C Gaebler WARegistered Nurse Pain Management1669477451
Michelle Thompson DERegistered Nurse Pain Management1033506753
Lucy Tantalo NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1780067736
Tylara J Romero PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1700257110
Elizabeth L. Hale INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1871598243
Pamela Denise Dugan KYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1851396568
Pamela Johnson MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1225493042
Madeline N Sons SCRegistered Nurse Pain Management1548623879
M Stephanie Moore TNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1942205083
Lee Ann Speed VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1053315796
Tally N Bell KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1588669287
Brenda J Chavez TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1881699866
Imprice Johnson FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1003351800
Christina L Loeffler-augustine OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1558861591
Helen R Ramsey KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1366447492
Teleni Kay Ballard CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1205361318
Cherish Deann White TNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1659890143
Laura Elizabeth Miller LARegistered Nurse Pain Management1700399557
Nicole Jenny Talosig TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1932692175
Garrett Kwakkestein AZRegistered Nurse Pain Management1053830778
Alicia Adanna Amuneke TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1548744659
Estevan Acuna CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1104821032
Kenneth Ryan NMRegistered Nurse Pain Management1174080154
Chrystal Green TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1669930251
Royal Medical Supplies Llc Registered Nurse Pain Management1700349503
Susan G Picotte KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1285639070
Barbara Veon KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1063417871
Pattilynn Conard CTRegistered Nurse Pain Management1538164397
Christine J Heslop NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1770588410
Eileen Lucille Zens WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1609871250
Tracy Woodrow Watson OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1194720763
Robert Thornton GARegistered Nurse Pain Management1982609426
Beth Yarnold MDRegistered Nurse Pain Management1497750947
Debe Milton MSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1023013596
Lisa Marie Espinosa WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1730184227
Shauna M Leinbach WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1497751952
Theresa B Strassburger NMRegistered Nurse Pain Management1114923695
Bonnie J Mccluskey WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1447256920
Raymond George Capwell MNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1588660096
Carolyn K Gothard MERegistered Nurse Pain Management1437155884
Sheila Marie Swartz MNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1205832623
Debra Tooke Crowell Registered Nurse Pain Management1427054840
Margaret Julie Koepping WARegistered Nurse Pain Management1134125594
Susan Jane Peterson CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1902802382
Alexandra Alberda WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1316943715
Carol Ann Seitz WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1295731529
Kathryn Anderson TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1093711202
Kathy Jean Frase VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1548266612
Valerie Diaz FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1861498891
Mary Ann Ambrose CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1811993991
Patricia J Digiovanna NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1609872548
Seamus C Cunningham PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1033115985
Karen M Cheeseman GARegistered Nurse Pain Management1487650248
Michael C Loomis PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1811993769
Suzanne D Rodman CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1891791737
Kathleen Henecke NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1740286608
Nancy E Griffis FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1629074521
Marilyn Corson MORegistered Nurse Pain Management1437155355
John L Pomper PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1558367250
Pamela King Hester NCRegistered Nurse Pain Management1093711798
Kathleen Jane Fitzgerald NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1336145150
Jennette V Butterfield RIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1144226994
Virginia Jones MORegistered Nurse Pain Management1144226820
Gisela Sardinas CTRegistered Nurse Pain Management1861498586
Bruce Delarso PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1851397699
Edwin P Reddick GARegistered Nurse Pain Management1396741138
Carol S. Webb TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1295731867
James Mickey Wells GARegistered Nurse Pain Management1326044090
Barbara Perret WIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1831571116
Raquel Ruff CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1164895116
Cynthia M Walker KSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1558367755
Bradley Michael Roberts MTRegistered Nurse Pain Management1649277237
North Dallas Lactation, Llc Registered Nurse Pain Management1831558972
Donald G Connell PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1558367375
Christopher Lee Pazos CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1659727253
Lynn M Kincanon CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1356347751
Mark Alan Cain CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1174529416
Michael L Huggins WARegistered Nurse Pain Management1952308520
Julianna Maria Ruggiero NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1518469865
Camilla Ann Bicknell CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1023014495
Cecilia Mathews FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1912903576
Michelle Bernardi PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1407852387
Catherine Ihendu TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1538684683
Ann M Gowski FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1295730091
Charlotte Dale Massey MSRegistered Nurse Pain Management1871004564
Lisa Marie Mitchell MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1407359219
Stacey Lynn Clark PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1235624602
Franca Ifeoma Ezeakacha DCRegistered Nurse Pain Management1255690814
Gretchen Anna Schneider ORRegistered Nurse Pain Management1003389727
Debra Sue Scheel MORegistered Nurse Pain Management1568468189
Sonya E Vargo TXRegistered Nurse Pain Management1942768650
Patricia K. Rau MIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1225035843
Jessica Rawson Swiatocha NYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1063419588
Debbie C. Anderson WARegistered Nurse Pain Management1104823699
Linda Kaye Miller ILRegistered Nurse Pain Management1134126675
Kenneth Clements ILRegistered Nurse Pain Management1215934757
Charlene Jones LARegistered Nurse Pain Management1730186164
Lisa Michele Bridges KYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1902803497
Linda H Stearns FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1891792388
Cathy A. Lewis VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1326045816
Los Angeles Unified School District CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1679570980
David Cooper ILRegistered Nurse Pain Management1598762999
Lauriann Mahealani Broad HIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1073510202
Sarah Widmann Myers PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1164429304
Bruce Emil Grizer CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1366449613
Trinity Professional Health Services, Inc. MORegistered Nurse Pain Management1073510350
Ann L. Jones KYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1073510392
Karen E. Springer INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1225035421
Claudia Pogue Blick CARegistered Nurse Pain Management1710984828
Jane A Scott OHRegistered Nurse Pain Management1871590919
Damaris A Olsen TNRegistered Nurse Pain Management1609873884
Leslie Felts CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1710984851
Vickie Marsh CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1689671729
Catherine Virginia Root FLRegistered Nurse Pain Management1740287747
Debra Lynn Stephens INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1821095977
Carol Mcdonald CORegistered Nurse Pain Management1831196963
Brenda Joyce Zollman INRegistered Nurse Pain Management1841297991
Jennifer Manter Lancaster NCRegistered Nurse Pain Management1801893839
Chalmers K. Hamasaki, M.d., Inc. HIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1477551174
Karen H Pirkle GARegistered Nurse Pain Management1457359168
Jane N Seavers NMRegistered Nurse Pain Management1134126964
Madison County Health Department KYRegistered Nurse Pain Management1205833043
Violet P. Esposito VARegistered Nurse Pain Management1841297678
Helen Marie Dietrick MDRegistered Nurse Pain Management1356348023
Mary Moore Brilmyer PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1255338935
Linda Anliot Miller PARegistered Nurse Pain Management1700883576
Joan P Thompson HIRegistered Nurse Pain Management1821096512


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