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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Pharmacist (183500000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An individual licensed by the appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the practice of pharmacy. The practice of pharmacy includes, but is not limited to, assessment, interpretation, evaluation, and implementation, initiation, monitoring or modification of medication and or medical orders; the compounding or dispensing of medication and or medical orders; participation in drug and device procurement, storage, and selection; drug administration; drug regimen reviews; drug or drug-related research; provision of patient education and the provision of those acts or services necessary to provide medication therapy management services in all areas of patient care.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rosemarie Mohammed NYPharmacist1720449903
Salvatore Larussa NYPharmacist1194497057
Yuman Lee NYPharmacist1154646180
Direct Dna Consulting Llc NYPharmacist1831601574
Alina A Makowski NYPharmacist1043534597
Syed Abid Saeed NYPharmacist1750604773
Joshua Beckhusen NYPharmacist1588264592
Linda Morton NYPharmacist1407171713
Jessica Malaty NYPharmacist1386925543
Maha Saad NYPharmacist1780274738
Ju Ri Chung NYPharmacist1336814961
Peter Donohue NYPharmacist1386911956
Martine Leconte NYPharmacist1538479159
Kimberly Dana Kiernan NYPharmacist1992261283
Albert August Volkl NYPharmacist1841512209
Shu Jing NYPharmacist1629453923
Maryanne Cronin NYPharmacist1912146986
Marie Silvana Ribisi NYPharmacist1740616002
Hyun Choi NYPharmacist1588753982
Joseph A Zaremba NYPharmacist1386230159
Norman P Peltz NCPharmacist1487813556
Jonathan Scott Podlaski NYPharmacist1477876555
Randi Fath Krutzler NYPharmacist1578889655
Guang Mei Fung NYPharmacist1033616677
Robert Mcconnach NYPharmacist1043659733
Jim Scheiner NYPharmacist1104092469
Jomi Kaippallil Oommen NYPharmacist1639769607
Gary David Frechter NYPharmacist1972779981
Bejoy Paul Maniara NYPharmacist1255885232
Shiny Ann Oommen NYPharmacist1518531466
Marena Medhat Labib NYPharmacist1295323806
Maria Teresa Ambrosini PAPharmacist1902047178
Tiffany Jomoc NYPharmacist1912573486
Gladys M El-chaar NYPharmacist1770849762
Michele Zito NYPharmacist1740395060
Ravindra Kudur NYPharmacist1891947990
Sweta Bhatt NYPharmacist1801312244
Vanessa Marie Assemi NYPharmacist1891324182
Sajeda Gheewala NYPharmacist1720600984
George Angelopoulos NJPharmacist1265709265
Nancy Ann Martino NYPharmacist1720049505
Aisha Ahmad NYPharmacist1073118279
Hina Khawaja NYPharmacist1457990657
Christopher Louis Catapano NYPharmacist1619073137
Salvatore Oreste NYPharmacist1841772514
Jennifer Angelopoulos NYPharmacist1033215116
Johanna Kristin Ellerup NYPharmacist1497957690
Vincent J Carnovale NYPharmacist1326362849
Leonard Jay Fagen NYPharmacist1942522776
Patricia H Kuhn NYPharmacist1992890842
Elena Abramova NYPharmacist1043320781
Alberto Harry Ambizas NYPharmacist1497869044
Sara Elizabeth Bobkin NYPharmacist1700955937
Marina Erato NYPharmacist1417083932
David Foldes NYPharmacist1619082930
Mary Kwok NYPharmacist1538353248
Cesar Arnold Lau-cam NYPharmacist1053418160
Heather Chris Pertose NYPharmacist1245356864
Robert J. Ruggiero NYPharmacist1871552547
Melissa Stancanelli NYPharmacist1235250853
Marek Tuzinowski NYPharmacist1144272774
Michael Anthony Witek NYPharmacist1710200811
Hanaa Ibrahim NYPharmacist1437568896
Ihab Ibrahim NYPharmacist1740689959
Michael Simon Cucci NYPharmacist1922449511
Yunfang Chang NYPharmacist1255668273
Dolores Farrell NYPharmacist1245500891
Maria C Moriates NYPharmacist1760764930
Ameet Wattamwar NYPharmacist1710310503
Manuel Myer Horvitz NYPharmacist1538545694
Diana Rallis NYPharmacist1922694967
Manav Wahi NYPharmacist1679177992
Margarita Levy NYPharmacist1043535669
Julie Mandel LAPharmacist1679128979
Martin Turek NYPharmacist1538481718
Eric Rivera NYPharmacist1467774612
Annahit Daglyan NYPharmacist1710279997
Susan Marie Murray NYPharmacist1902138340
Khabiba Abduganieva NYPharmacist1437631819
David M Goodrich NYPharmacist1407004542
Cheryl Mann Krenn NYPharmacist1477885119
Shari L Riggins NYPharmacist1578908406
Katelyn Marie Miller NYPharmacist1609424233
Miranda L Cole NYPharmacist1861623563
Edgar R Macgregor NYPharmacist1558689265
Erica Lynn Maceira NYPharmacist1235399072
Breanne Lynn Spear NYPharmacist1841770724
Jeffrey D Kennicutt NYPharmacist1821081076
Scott Sommo NYPharmacist1326297789
Jalonia Roberson NYPharmacist1710582366
Jasmine M Sardar NYPharmacist1841820743
Esther Chon NYPharmacist1902296544
Bryan Eskew NYPharmacist1578815650
Mireuk Chi NYPharmacist1356664452
Colby Mitchell NYPharmacist1487977955
Colette F Connolly NYPharmacist1053336388
Megan Lynn Mui NYPharmacist1174965909
David John Roberts NYPharmacist1437825155
Jessica Farrell NYPharmacist1760666812
Magdy K Habib NYPharmacist1346562188
Kara Patricia Yurkovic PAPharmacist1235393463
Eunsuk Chung CTPharmacist1487749933
Young M Lee WYPharmacist1699875310
Alice Fleming NYPharmacist1881003176
Taylor Jean Sullivan NYPharmacist1073004263
Narendra B Vutla NYPharmacist1205152683
Karen Marie Park NYPharmacist1467560151
Rosa Bates NYPharmacist1467547067
Taryn Mondiello NYPharmacist1164890919
Lorna Marie Bryce NYPharmacist1326362658
Janet M Spano NYPharmacist1558689372
Douglas Gowen NYPharmacist1184087157
Jeffrey James Bettinger NYPharmacist1508403981
Aryn Krebs NYPharmacist1649948811
Arkadiy Makaron NYPharmacist1831792951
Andrea Call NYPharmacist1144583618
Michael Richard Izzo NYPharmacist1508411810
Christopher Nwakanma NYPharmacist1689997173
Karen Ann Potter NYPharmacist1952704611
Ryan D Bouchard ILPharmacist1285888966
John Devins NYPharmacist1700476421
Jeanna M Marraffa NYPharmacist1306161336
Jennifer C. Morgan NYPharmacist1285986125
Stefania Floarea NYPharmacist1255974861
Michael James Schmidt NYPharmacist1669606851
Barbara N. Favreau NYPharmacist1457616047
Jessica Garza TXPharmacist1518571876
Jason Boyce NYPharmacist1134782519
Christine Mary Stork-medicis NYPharmacist1023458312
Kyle Hacker NYPharmacist1467859652
Jane Jaeun Kwon NYPharmacist1508264284
Wesley Kufel NCPharmacist1295184968
Kelly Rose Ulen NYPharmacist1245570985
Henry James Phillips NYPharmacist1841463171
Christopher Martens NYPharmacist1649628223
Justin Szucs NYPharmacist1134528284
Harleen Davies NYPharmacist1427309939
Fidele John Fanelli NYPharmacist1083938294
Richard K Kilmartin NYPharmacist1760714190
Jake Bryan Kruchinski NYPharmacist1023647781
Jacqulin Suzanne Braner NYPharmacist1841545670
Rosina D Vandewall NYPharmacist1740505205
Trisha Nelson MAPharmacist1427451418
Elizabeth Vanslyke NYPharmacist1639571474
Nancy E Viele NYPharmacist1689883621
John Francis Peebles NYPharmacist1568715969
Tanner Bjork NYPharmacist1407469364
Connor James Mario Mack NYPharmacist1306327192
Lynne Marie Lee NYPharmacist1417122623
Linette A Beers NYPharmacist1114347424
Brent Carlson NYPharmacist1528339710
Sieun Lee CAPharmacist1477957728
Emily E Leppien NYPharmacist1699265736
Patrick Christopher Carey NYPharmacist1447754866
Timothy J Vink NYPharmacist1962703413
Robert Peels TNPharmacist1447764337
Michelle Spiotta NYPharmacist1750756383
James Czajkowski NYPharmacist1922184423
Paul Henry Bembenista NYPharmacist1184956617
Brandon James Wolski NYPharmacist1053836858
Michael Steven Macevoy NYPharmacist1790947745
Joseph Anthony Morganti NYPharmacist1437697018
Calvin James Meaney NYPharmacist1710500277
Sasko Dorce Stojanovski NYPharmacist1063735371
Jenna Covelli NYPharmacist1881193100
Christopher August Brighton NYPharmacist1164190377
Michael Thomas Carter NYPharmacist1992322622
Adinoyi Omeiza Garba NYPharmacist1164967964
Henry J. Jarocha NYPharmacist1578798831
Alice C. Ceacareanu NYPharmacist1295087872
Maya Rachael Chilbert NYPharmacist1184141426
Brian P Kersten NYPharmacist1730426206
Rebecca Waite NYPharmacist1811223589
Melissa S Baxter NYPharmacist1124396239
Ub Pharmacist1235751611
Beth Ann Pienta NYPharmacist1831508134
Mariam Said NYPharmacist1891460929
Timothy John Atkinson PAPharmacist1306194790
Collin Matthew Clark NYPharmacist1588180053
Katherine Conwall PAPharmacist1639440555
Alicia Derosa NJPharmacist1013566710
Katrina Eldridge NCPharmacist1952862278
Kelly Jean Krieger ILPharmacist1841553989
Kari A Mergenhagen NYPharmacist1699938845
Dema Abdellatif Rejjal INPharmacist1730349341
Kelly A Smith NYPharmacist1720337231
Richard Avalos ILPharmacist1194075655
James Michael Mikula NYPharmacist1356779227
Christine Ann Ruh NYPharmacist1326403353
Kathleen Mary Hayes NYPharmacist1356629547
Andrea Maria Rubino NYPharmacist1033468517
James Joseph Cavage PAPharmacist1700483120
Kristen Kusmierski NYPharmacist1144504051
Caroline Leigh Schmidt MAPharmacist1003436205
Sheri Ann Forman NYPharmacist1013013325
Colleen Clifford NYPharmacist1417495110
Michael Anthony Remington NYPharmacist1831530112
Scott V Monte NYPharmacist1396001160
Klara Manning NYPharmacist1548518152
Traci Aladeen NYPharmacist1912496910


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