Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy Immunology (207K00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy Immunology (207K00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An allergist-immunologist is trained in evaluation, physical and laboratory diagnosis, and management of disorders involving the immune system. Selected examples of such conditions include asthma, anaphylaxis, rhinitis, eczema, and adverse reactions to drugs, foods, and insect stings as well as immune deficiency diseases (both acquired and congenital), defects in host defense, and problems related to autoimmune disease, organ transplantation, or malignancies of the immune system.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John D Cosachov NYAllergy Immunology1932207370
Stella M Castro NYAllergy Immunology1740408731
Maureen Dellefave NYAllergy Immunology1720464480
Richard Phelps Stankus NYAllergy Immunology1023119021
Douglas William Halliday NYAllergy Immunology1255343984
Nicolae Andrei Popescu NYAllergy Immunology1487646584
Harcharan Singh NYAllergy Immunology1861484800
Lawrence E Kurlandsky NYAllergy Immunology1144276015
Ellen Beth Schaeffer NYAllergy Immunology1427027671
Juan L Sotomayor NYAllergy Immunology1861461477
Michael Sheehan NYAllergy Immunology1194717108
Sherry Rogers NYAllergy Immunology1760543334
Paul Steinberg NYAllergy Immunology1932150067
Kristy Michelle Semenza NYAllergy Immunology1063867109
Chamkirkishtiah Panduranga Rao NYAllergy Immunology1942307384
Pourushasp J Dhabhar NYAllergy Immunology1780678995
Brian C Alessi NYAllergy Immunology1154323012
Robert E Alessi NYAllergy Immunology1518959568
Roseanne Theresa Brindisi NYAllergy Immunology1245560358
Ludwig E Khoury NYAllergy Immunology1356354633
Dariusz Chrostowski NYAllergy Immunology1922100247
Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman NYAllergy Immunology1891840625
Asha Gupta NYAllergy Immunology1669463691
Andrea Maria Miller-lari CAAllergy Immunology1952761843
Mohan Ds Dhillon NYAllergy Immunology1649379652
Maya Devi Srivastava NYAllergy Immunology1982615100
Luis Melgar NYAllergy Immunology1497701965
Marie Leyden Kunz NYAllergy Immunology1811901374
Maria Grace Lennox Allergy Immunology1245650084
Andrew Wolfe Green NYAllergy Immunology1427050301
Roland Honeine NYAllergy Immunology1285817841
Shivani Rasalingam NYAllergy Immunology1407108608
Matthew Albert Mavissakalian NYAllergy Immunology1790028397
Stanley Schwartz NYAllergy Immunology1720188063
Mark Fredric Sands NYAllergy Immunology1871516468
Sean Patrick Brady NYAllergy Immunology1356583124
Aasha Harish NYAllergy Immunology1922368737
Rita Rose Sloan NYAllergy Immunology1386646230
Julian Ambrus NYAllergy Immunology1811919988
Eliane Abou-jaoude DCAllergy Immunology1053730655
Aries Y Liu-helm NYAllergy Immunology1790742161
Nalini Packianathan NYAllergy Immunology1750653101
Sujatha Ramesh NYAllergy Immunology1568414357
Jeffrey Bruce Rockoff NYAllergy Immunology1902873839
Kalpana D. Patel NYAllergy Immunology1538188560
Gulam M Najar MIAllergy Immunology1578583837
Kathleen M Donovan NYAllergy Immunology1295715514
Michael James Fanning NYAllergy Immunology1811977127
Madeline A Lillie NYAllergy Immunology1962482711
Helen M Evrard NYAllergy Immunology1700838133
Kiley Bax NYAllergy Immunology1801216858
Heather Jill Pleskow NYAllergy Immunology1871757914
Scott Brent Valet NYAllergy Immunology1548204241
Jonathan Logan NYAllergy Immunology1609871573
Krishna Vijay Persaud NYAllergy Immunology1508829284
Linh-an C Tuong NYAllergy Immunology1952699233
Bruce Francis Corsello NYAllergy Immunology1316962491
Susan C. Ristow NYAllergy Immunology1407817224
Eduardo Arreaza NYAllergy Immunology1770541880
Theresa A Bingemann NYAllergy Immunology1851377824
Douglas H Jones NYAllergy Immunology1063461432
Allison Ramsey NYAllergy Immunology1164534848
Peter Capucilli NYAllergy Immunology1801208590
Mahta Mortezavi NYAllergy Immunology1093013781
Denise Sanchez Tejera NYAllergy Immunology1437500105
Luanna Yang NYAllergy Immunology1053731414
Albert S Hartel NYAllergy Immunology1841304805
Michael E Pichichero NYAllergy Immunology1245337047
Carolina Zaragovia Marcus NYAllergy Immunology1902812738
John J Condemi NYAllergy Immunology1881662039
Emily Weis NYAllergy Immunology1972627313
Peter M Deane NYAllergy Immunology1811965098
Mariola B Kubicka NYAllergy Immunology1902874167
Donald W Pulver NYAllergy Immunology1457329625
Emmanuel A Quaidoo NYAllergy Immunology1134197387
Roger M Cass NYAllergy Immunology1326133513
Carl Richard Magnussen NYAllergy Immunology1639125651
Vinay P Goswamy Allergy Immunology1356792022
Joshua Ellick Weitz NYAllergy Immunology1790947190
Richard J Looney NYAllergy Immunology1669492799
Maria Adelaida Slack NYAllergy Immunology1831325661
Anatole Kenneth Kleiner NYAllergy Immunology1144326133
Scott L Roth NYAllergy Immunology1033113543
Syed Shahzad Mustafa NYAllergy Immunology1619023223
Thomas R Adler NYAllergy Immunology1154361442
Anitha Vempaty Shrikhande NYAllergy Immunology1770788911
Jennifer Lynn Barnas NYAllergy Immunology1851657027
Jennifer Pier NYAllergy Immunology1356720734
Fred H. Lewis NYAllergy Immunology1093714230
Michel Elias Akl NYAllergy Immunology1154380145
Sylvia Kelley Knowlton NYAllergy Immunology1164553319
Christopher A. Smith NYAllergy Immunology1679675995
Rizwan Khan NMAllergy Immunology1700864881
Elliot Rubinstein NYAllergy Immunology1598867814
Joseph William Flanagan NYAllergy Immunology1477527828
Julie Dk Mcnairn NYAllergy Immunology1982671442
Mariah Magargee Pieretti NYAllergy Immunology1356355275
Bulent Mamikoglu NYAllergy Immunology1043228349
Frank P. Aloi PAAllergy Immunology1760527147
Ellen Garibaldi PAAllergy Immunology1770588535
Kathryn E Kraus PAAllergy Immunology1962406926
Nikhil K Dave PAAllergy Immunology1205806056
Prakash Kaur PAAllergy Immunology1619990876
Kumar R Patel WVAllergy Immunology1720198393
Shernaaz B. Kapadia PAAllergy Immunology1174559561
Ellen T Scholnicoff PAAllergy Immunology1811935059
Sergei Naum Belenky PAAllergy Immunology1750373171
Anthony Francis Lacava PAAllergy Immunology1639608011
Minaxi G Patel PAAllergy Immunology1780671859
Richard Trevor Gibbs PAAllergy Immunology1942273289
Robert W Otte PAAllergy Immunology1386689305
Ming Shek Lin PAAllergy Immunology1376549766
Jerry Lynn PAAllergy Immunology1245235704
Maylene Xie PAAllergy Immunology1891157384
Barry Jay Asman PAAllergy Immunology1407801897
Quyen Nguyen PAAllergy Immunology1194040303
Jerome Hernan Aarons PAAllergy Immunology1992936611
Ellen Lu PAAllergy Immunology1225039712
Christine Rauscher PAAllergy Immunology1245521699
Lawrence Wn Weber PAAllergy Immunology1750478640
Nikolaos Maniatis PAAllergy Immunology1467790220
Macy Irving Levine PAAllergy Immunology1811958614
Merritt Fajt PAAllergy Immunology1104039783
Andrew G. Vayonis PAAllergy Immunology1194720425
Richard L. Green PAAllergy Immunology1164427480
Thomas L Mertz PAAllergy Immunology1942495825
Hey Chong PAAllergy Immunology1386804037
Christin Lawler Deal NCAllergy Immunology1003253477
Allyson Sara Larkin PAAllergy Immunology1831237429
Russell Scott Traister NCAllergy Immunology1336300672
Joseph Philip Rudolph PAAllergy Immunology1922065283
Stephen Martin Murphey PAAllergy Immunology1538157060
Morgan F Flaherty PAAllergy Immunology1245205517
James N Deangelo PAAllergy Immunology1922056530
Ronald A Landay PAAllergy Immunology1710945142
David Lee Miller PAAllergy Immunology1538117486
Michael J Palumbo PAAllergy Immunology1083662720
Jayesh B. Gosai PAAllergy Immunology1841253937
Paul Richard Ogershok PAAllergy Immunology1568471480
Pierre-alain L Dauby MDAllergy Immunology1699756841
Robert S Gorby PAAllergy Immunology1205836640
Wilma C Light PAAllergy Immunology1578567921
Aurapin Sukanich PAAllergy Immunology1023121431
Francisco J Cano OHAllergy Immunology1881660249
Haresh I. Desai PAAllergy Immunology1992770259
Sartaj Sultana Ahmed PAAllergy Immunology1629255443
Philip Edward Gallagher PAAllergy Immunology1023019239
Frederick John Dudenhoefer PAAllergy Immunology1861494411
Rakesh C Verma PAAllergy Immunology1417937384
Michael J Davies PAAllergy Immunology1588651087
Jeffrey M Rosch PAAllergy Immunology1922007939
Matthew Dwight Straesser PAAllergy Immunology1972999340
Robert A. Mentyka PAAllergy Immunology1700849361
Faoud Ishmael PAAllergy Immunology1275670028
Pratibha V Vakharia PAAllergy Immunology1407825417
Jack L Armstrong PAAllergy Immunology1972569911
D Scott Harper PAAllergy Immunology1760440184
Nicholas Rider PAAllergy Immunology1295952588
Taha Al-shaikhly PAAllergy Immunology1295155885
Soheil F Chegini PAAllergy Immunology1144271032
Timothy J Craig PAAllergy Immunology1609825306
Tracy B Fausnight PAAllergy Immunology1194779512
Alexandra A Horwitz PAAllergy Immunology1164416855
Samantha K Lin PAAllergy Immunology1497048243
Krista M Todoric MIAllergy Immunology1093973091
Gisoo Ghaffari PAAllergy Immunology1134345069
John Kemp PAAllergy Immunology1093932493
Efren L Rael PAAllergy Immunology1356512875
Keith R Young PAAllergy Immunology1629089859
Larisa Buyantseva Fritz PAAllergy Immunology1235441999
Robert M Zuckerman PAAllergy Immunology1043281496
Joseph J Trautlein PAAllergy Immunology1427320688
Bob Harry Reid PAAllergy Immunology1639731516
Amy R Auerbach PAAllergy Immunology1831392877
David A Axelrod PAAllergy Immunology1073540076
Michael S Nickels PAAllergy Immunology1922068493
Nicholas A Orfan PAAllergy Immunology1366466971
Michelle Melanie Weiss PAAllergy Immunology1366448409
Richard Cecil Lavy MDAllergy Immunology1295874816
Clark Robert Kaufman PAAllergy Immunology1326036468
Stephen Daniel Lockey PAAllergy Immunology1649269416
Mark Joseph Titi PAAllergy Immunology1649268525
Amanda Joyce Bittner PAAllergy Immunology1093703134
Laura Helen Fisher PAAllergy Immunology1376619387
Nathaniel D. Hare PAAllergy Immunology1598974560
Michael A Facktor PAAllergy Immunology1467436592
Jaison Jose PAAllergy Immunology1871752600
David M Anmuth PAAllergy Immunology1700913290
Patricia Anne Hutchinson NYAllergy Immunology1891776548
Warden Hua Win Hwan PAAllergy Immunology1811946916
Yoon M Kim NCAllergy Immunology1134407869
Timothy James Mccloskey PAAllergy Immunology1326002809
Ogechukwu Ndum OHAllergy Immunology1205198512
Paul Sutton PAAllergy Immunology1689681264
Rajendra Singh PAAllergy Immunology1598760571
Mohammad M Akbar PAAllergy Immunology1568430973
Joseph A Diconcetto PAAllergy Immunology1679552418
Shannon Kearney PAAllergy Immunology1306843149
Amar J Sharma PAAllergy Immunology1194725440
Eric Jonathan Schenkel PAAllergy Immunology1306958939


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