Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology (207L00000X) in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology (207L00000X)
in the state of Texas:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An anesthesiologist is trained to provide pain relief and maintenance, or restoration, of a stable condition during and immediately following an operation or an obstetric or diagnostic procedure. The anesthesiologist assesses the risk of the patient undergoing surgery and optimizes the patient's condition prior to, during and after surgery. In addition to these management responsibilities, the anesthesiologist provides medical management and consultation in pain management and critical care medicine. Anesthesiologists diagnose and treat acute, long-standing and cancer pain problems; diagnose and treat patients with critical illnesses or severe injuries; direct resuscitation in the care of patients with cardiac or respiratory emergencies, including the need for artificial ventilation; and supervise post-anesthesia recovery.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Scott H Lancaster 79705, TXAnesthesiology1386647329
H Neal Lowry 79601, TXAnesthesiology1235132267
Herbert Cleighton Brown 75038, TXAnesthesiology1952304974
Matthew F. Mccarty 78749, TXAnesthesiology1235132432
Robert P. Wills 78664, TXAnesthesiology1043213259
Holly J. Clause 78759, TXAnesthesiology1700889946
Jose D Trevino 78404, TXAnesthesiology1508869603
Julian Lowell Haro 78751, TXAnesthesiology1992708820
Robert M Sutherland 75701, TXAnesthesiology1033112933
Oscar R Salter 78216, TXAnesthesiology1063415925
Stephen R Lowry 79601, TXAnesthesiology1750384491
Dan Brajtbord 75214, TXAnesthesiology1700889060
Raphael Richard Aybar 75219, TXAnesthesiology1619970902
Paul Barton 75204, TXAnesthesiology1992708275
Catherine Blakeney 75219, TXAnesthesiology1265435531
James M.o. Rubin 78209, TXAnesthesiology1396748638
Marc Brown 75219, TXAnesthesiology1720080013
Matthew Banks 75204, TXAnesthesiology1326041617
Chester W Beyer 75240, TXAnesthesiology1881697159
Mark A Hackbarth 75701, TXAnesthesiology1629071527
Gabor Bela Racz 79407, TXAnesthesiology1871595124
Donnie Culpepper 75219, TXAnesthesiology1316949456
Mohammad Javed Tariq 75057, TXAnesthesiology1639171887
Xiao-en Fang 76109, TXAnesthesiology1770587016
Craig Fisher 75219, TXAnesthesiology1760484893
John Geiser 75219, TXAnesthesiology1861496119
Meera Gangadharan 78411, TXAnesthesiology1558363671
Mark H Hebert 75231, TXAnesthesiology1952303067
Joel Ciarochi 75219, TXAnesthesiology1649272840
Lawrence Lankford 75219, TXAnesthesiology1801898853
Roy Ivy 75219, TXAnesthesiology1649272600
Thomas Kenjarski 75225, TXAnesthesiology1770585739
Richard Haldeman 75219, TXAnesthesiology1235133513
Trent E Emmett 79601, TXAnesthesiology1205838380
Pragna R Bhagat 18042, TXAnesthesiology1780688770
Jon Michael Badgwell 76104, TXAnesthesiology1053315010
Ronald Earl Banister 79430, TXAnesthesiology1801890785
Michael Stephen Feldman 18042, TXAnesthesiology1609870559
Benjamin Kim 75204, TXAnesthesiology1174527964
Brian Janssen 75240, TXAnesthesiology1184626145
Daniel Laidley 75240, TXAnesthesiology1548262595
H.a. Tillmann Hein 75219, TXAnesthesiology1275537151
Patrick H Waring 70005, TXAnesthesiology1346244019
Mark Cancemi 75214, TXAnesthesiology1235131459
William Chad Conner 75240, TXAnesthesiology1659375996
James L Dirting 75240, TXAnesthesiology1164426409
Stanford T Prescott 76712, TXAnesthesiology1174527600
Mahmud Ali 77833, TXAnesthesiology1063416402
William Mccaleb 75219, TXAnesthesiology1851396113
Michael Allison 75204, TXAnesthesiology1336144724
Maureen T Luby 75204, TXAnesthesiology1184629438
Winston Mascarenhas 75219, TXAnesthesiology1699770958
John Quincy Adams 77478, TXAnesthesiology1780689133
Charles Sessions 75219, TXAnesthesiology1851396097
Peter Walling 75214, TXAnesthesiology1255336426
Robert J Samuelson 75204, TXAnesthesiology1508861725
George Antoun Farhat 76053, TXAnesthesiology1942205067
Donald Mitchell 76109, TXAnesthesiology1861497794
King Ong Lai 77029, TXAnesthesiology1396740304
Timothy Zboril 76401, TXAnesthesiology1740285816
Tadeusz Dziadek 77015, TXAnesthesiology1427053412
Al Moore 75204, TXAnesthesiology1386649218
Daniel Stephen Long 75240, TXAnesthesiology1023013943
Clark Saunders 75219, TXAnesthesiology1720083520
John Spieker 75219, TXAnesthesiology1750386595
Total Pain Medicine & Anesthesiology Pa 76053, TXAnesthesiology1003811852
Muhammad Patel 75219, TXAnesthesiology1013912807
Tom W. Schulz 75204, TXAnesthesiology1548265341
Kevan L Wong 75204, TXAnesthesiology1336144500
Marshall L Wong 75204, TXAnesthesiology1902801749
John Paul Aquilina 77504, TXAnesthesiology1134123599
Jean Oldham Wall 75219, TXAnesthesiology1710982988
Rajashekar Lakkadi 75601, TXAnesthesiology1588669303
James Pyron 75240, TXAnesthesiology1023013240
Stuart Ben Simon 75240, TXAnesthesiology1477558617
Thomas H Swygert 75240, TXAnesthesiology1518962752
David Mercier 75390, TXAnesthesiology1538164892
Haroon Rasheed 75240, TXAnesthesiology1285639096
Albert Lovell Shaw 76053, TXAnesthesiology1073518833
Sara Burke 75204, TXAnesthesiology1366448714
Guoxin Wu 77701, TXAnesthesiology1992701361
Ihsan Fahmi Shanti 77081, TXAnesthesiology1609872928
Donald Ray Cochran 75235, TXAnesthesiology1689670929
Isidra Veve 76092, TXAnesthesiology1386640753
David Downing 75240, TXAnesthesiology1942206222
Patrick Ogbue 75240, TXAnesthesiology1912902503
Victor J Ramon 75246, TXAnesthesiology1023013828
Ifteqar Syed 75462, TXAnesthesiology1518963081
Antonio F Chavez 75074, TXAnesthesiology1326044785
John Andrus Depasse 75231, TXAnesthesiology1386640654
Laurence Clayton Roberts 75240, TXAnesthesiology1194720995
Melanie Jeanne Alo 77030, TXAnesthesiology1689671240
Carlos Javier Campos-lopez 77030, TXAnesthesiology1164429577
Camille Marie Colomb 77030, TXAnesthesiology1790782118
Dean Bradley Andropoulos 77030, TXAnesthesiology1366449779
Rajinder Sabar 79412, TXAnesthesiology1053318469
James G. Roberts 76006, TXAnesthesiology1861499261
Philip Martinez Cantu 77630, TXAnesthesiology1235136607
Imelda Tjia 77030, TXAnesthesiology1215934427
Robert Walter Power 77030, TXAnesthesiology1225035439
Shakeel Abdul Wahab Siddiqui 77030, TXAnesthesiology1134126345
Stephen A. Stayer 77030, TXAnesthesiology1952308165
David Allan Young 77030, TXAnesthesiology1699772582
Essent Prmc Lp 75460, TXAnesthesiology1376541839
David R Weber 75503, TXAnesthesiology1245238740
Bryan Douglas Benbow 75503, TXAnesthesiology1790783165
Thomas R Watson 75503, TXAnesthesiology1376541755
Yih-shyong Ko 18235, TXAnesthesiology1982602181
Tomas Murillo 79903, TXAnesthesiology1043218290
Joy Hsu 10305, TXAnesthesiology1437156833
Texas Pain Rehabilitation Institute, Pa 78681, TXAnesthesiology1598763245
Neal H Blauzvern 78757, TXAnesthesiology1609873603
Michael L Gibson 75904, TXAnesthesiology1346249034
Kurt E Springmann 75503, TXAnesthesiology1235138934
Johnny M Colley 75501, TXAnesthesiology1578562252
Xisong Huang 77701, TXAnesthesiology1881693240
Karuppana Goundar Lakshmanan 77701, TXAnesthesiology1194724567
Bonnie Y Mckenzie 78028, TXAnesthesiology1861491227
Nancy Lee Glass 77030, TXAnesthesiology1295734291
Devdutt Nagarkar 77065, TXAnesthesiology1134129000
Kelly Bourgeois 77025, TXAnesthesiology1982604872
Chung C Lee 77065, TXAnesthesiology1063412930
Volker K. Eisele 77025, TXAnesthesiology1558361436
J. Robert Mckenzie 78028, TXAnesthesiology1508865437
Thanh Nguyen 77002, TXAnesthesiology1336149244
Maryann W. Hack 77598, TXAnesthesiology1285634022
Long S. Hwang 77002, TXAnesthesiology1588664338
Michael Ho 77030, TXAnesthesiology1790785517
Mark J Egerman 77384, TXAnesthesiology1407856230
Carlos Durham 77384, TXAnesthesiology1689674418
Lenny Jue 77380, TXAnesthesiology1396745139
James M. Anton 77030, TXAnesthesiology1134129992
Adriana Radulescu 77065, TXAnesthesiology1194725689
William Jeffrey Frace 77024, TXAnesthesiology1467452144
Penelope Duke 77065, TXAnesthesiology1710987409
Yi Feng 77065, TXAnesthesiology1417957119
Veena Madan 77074, TXAnesthesiology1851391551
Charles David Collard 77030, TXAnesthesiology1548260151
Michele K. Wiggins 77095, TXAnesthesiology1932109519
El Paso Anesthesiology Services Pa 79925, TXAnesthesiology1063412591
Charles J Lee 77002, TXAnesthesiology1225038789
John R. Cooper 77030, TXAnesthesiology1861492324
David R. Wagner 77065, TXAnesthesiology1154321693
Weixing William Guo 77339, TXAnesthesiology1982604344
Zachariah Thomas 77030, TXAnesthesiology1336149590
Wei Pan 77030, TXAnesthesiology1992705289
Kamel Z. Girgis 77030, TXAnesthesiology1518967819
Paul W. Brock 77030, TXAnesthesiology1457351876
Byron E. Tsusaki 77030, TXAnesthesiology1841290145
Elmer Lee Kelso 75050, TXAnesthesiology1083614283
Cathlyne Camp 77598, TXAnesthesiology1639170608
Richard Treadwell 77057, TXAnesthesiology1033110051
Arturo Contreras 79903, TXAnesthesiology1316948334
Vijay Kumar Krishnan 77701, TXAnesthesiology1184625063
Michael Brywka 79902, TXAnesthesiology1487655353
Nha Van Nguyen 77057, TXAnesthesiology1467453217
Alanna L. Craig 77375, TXAnesthesiology1528069382
Lisa Young 77530, TXAnesthesiology1447251293
Gregory L. Howard 77065, TXAnesthesiology1073514824
Nagaraj S Kikkeri 75150, TXAnesthesiology1396745311
Pinemont Medical 77092, TXAnesthesiology1346786829
Ajay Kumar Aggarwal 77054, TXAnesthesiology1316947443
Liqian Chen 77030, TXAnesthesiology1548260011
Danuta Kocieniewska 77401, TXAnesthesiology1871593699
Robert E Engelhart 81657, TXAnesthesiology1588662456
Gilbert Chin 77042, TXAnesthesiology1184624090
Laurence Kam 77057, TXAnesthesiology1962403758
James A Mcnally 76015, TXAnesthesiology1558362236
Robert W. Joyner 78240, TXAnesthesiology1780686535
Bobby Pervez 77478, TXAnesthesiology1609878461
John Dickson Ferguson 79601, TXAnesthesiology1598767089
Douglas Alan Shapiro 77007, TXAnesthesiology1205828340
Olutoyin Olutoye 77030, TXAnesthesiology1629060678
David Gurin 77030, TXAnesthesiology1427040468
Stuart R. Hall 77030, TXAnesthesiology1588656540
Wanda C. Miller-hance 77030, TXAnesthesiology1922090976
Kathryn S Newport 73505, TXAnesthesiology1194717769
Vidyadhar S Hede 77380, TXAnesthesiology1992797518
Texas Anesthesia Group, Pa 75205, TXAnesthesiology1376535773
Ligia Paulina Cardenas 78229, TXAnesthesiology1205829553
Eugene Charles Theriot 78404, TXAnesthesiology1396738308
Burney William Gibson 75240, TXAnesthesiology1801889910
Ken Okada 79903, TXAnesthesiology1679566715
Glenn Robert Mcaskill 75670, TXAnesthesiology1639162712
Joseph Raymond Jimenez 78404, TXAnesthesiology1356334395
Nicholas Jevric 78404, TXAnesthesiology1396738498
Diane Rogers Biery 78404, TXAnesthesiology1205829306
Christopher Luis Fernandez 78404, TXAnesthesiology1760475685
David Venecia 78404, TXAnesthesiology1083607907
Jerry Allen Crawford 78404, TXAnesthesiology1477546422
Linda Lee Early 78404, TXAnesthesiology1003809054
Anh-tu H. Nguyen 77019, TXAnesthesiology1215938477
Quazi Haque 79905, TXAnesthesiology1063413193
Andrew Bernard Thyen 77042, TXAnesthesiology1700878352
Andrew Alexander Maclachlan 78404, TXAnesthesiology1447243449
Jose A Diaz 75240, TXAnesthesiology1942201199
John Joe Navar 78404, TXAnesthesiology1942293113
Scott E Smith 75240, TXAnesthesiology1518969914
James Anthony Arnold 78247, TXAnesthesiology1558354597
Cristy Mark Schade 75150, TXAnesthesiology1841282290


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