Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology Pain Medicine (207LP2900X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology Pain Medicine (207LP2900X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An anesthesiologist who provides a high level of care, either as a primary physician or consultant, for patients experiencing problems with acute, chronic and/or cancer pain in both hospital and ambulatory settings. Patient care needs are also coordinated with other specialists.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Debra Fullan PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1457349144
Delphy F De Falcis PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1629072012
Denise Dicicco PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1326044611
Dennis Kwak Chyung PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1306835954
Dorothy Hartman PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1477542280
Erica Patel Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1578823605
Erica Elizabeth Tramontana CTAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1407275977
Farshad Rashidian PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1639582067
Gary L. Goldman PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1376527689
Gianna Casini PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1194083121
Gregory N Singleton PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1518948173
Haley M Guzzo PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1295861318
Ivan Perry PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1285798017
J. John Collins PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1649268293
Jaime Michael Cernansky PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1194987040
James G Logue PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1598894198
Jay Soo Jung PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1063401610
Jeffrey L Drobil PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1225028871
Jeffry L Jones PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1457341802
Jin Kim PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1295724722
Joann Hunsberger PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1659691871
Jodie L. Buxbaum PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1770571390
John C Caprez PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1144227786
John B. Lang PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1396733085
Joseph W. Galassi PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1306835293
Joseph Michael Pellegrino PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1194990689
Juhan Paiste PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1669461497
Karen A. Bretz PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1245228865
Karen E Cooper PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1821070384
Kenneth Michael Andrejko PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1932139789
Kshitij Patel NYAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1114042579
Laboni Choudhury PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1609912104
Lawrence K. Zohn PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1134117070
Lisa Keglovitz PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1518955509
Mahima Shah PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1457762007
Matthew Wilf Ufberg PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1487975496
Melissa Harrison PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1073504924
Michael Mylnarsky PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1780712067
Mikhail Zelkind NHAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1891714267
Modesto G Mercado PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1659352623
Nanette M Schwann PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1639168289
Nathan Maltezos PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1427477462
Ngoc-tuong Dinh Nguyen PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1699030775
Niral N. Parikh PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1467694471
Nirmal Shah PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1770966707
Rafael Martinez PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1861554180
Ramon John Deeb PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1245561950
Richard A. Kolesky PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1639167596
Robert D Bricker PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1649254616
Robert J. Corba PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1124016845
Robert E. Wertz PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1750379426
Robert E. Wilson PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1508854274
Rony H Atiyeh GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1467679423
Sanshalee Mckay Mathews PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1215322367
Satish K Mody PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1578643227
Serena Jung PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1144211095
Soon Yong Jung PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1528407392
Steven Silvonek PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1720246804
Steven S Song PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1861473423
Thomas M. Mcloughlin PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1528057429
Tzu-shao Chen NYAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1639361082
Van D Adams PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1033163134
Vivek C Angadi OKAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1508073891
Yasin Khan PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1952398604
Jeffrey R Winkler NJAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1457383721
Paul W Braunegg PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1649238478
Anesthesia Associates Of Alliance Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1699711150
Surgery Alliance Ltd Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1164508305
Brian Taylor Briggs OHAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1215907621
Carl J Foster OHAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1720014632
Andrzej K Zielke PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1710929609
David E Hertzog PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1427036441
Ellis Jay Berzon PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1588636625
Hannah Alexandra Heliger PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1003017518
Jeffrey Astbury PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1134117740
Joel W Swanson PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1447225313
John P Bray PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1326026485
Kanagasabai Muthu PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1184690745
Randall S Rawa PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1245218262
Regis Switala PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1477523827
Steven A Chernus PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1063484830
William X Chen PAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1932173838
Cory Greguske MAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1508483959
Lisa J Kunze MAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1851347652
Wolf Peter Kremer MAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1417025834
Anesthesia Associates Of Alma Pc MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1861468381
Caspian Anesthesia Management, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1205437688
Monaco Management, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1568125177
David K Austin MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1124120001
Eric P Ho MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1578665386
Freda Amanyiwah Armah MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1417135476
Gerald Augustin MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1710966700
Gun Y Kim MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1700981743
Mohammad Hassan Kudmani MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1417052697
Shawna Lynn Freeman-ngau NEAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1639384472
Robert J Coombs Do Pc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1477598043
Midmichigan Medical Center alpena Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1467529404
Blake Wilson MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1902124829
David Randall Meinhardt MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1285653501
John M Banish MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1265520266
Kevin A Kozicz MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1629168489
Mark P Kallaway MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1396835146
Rene A Beraun MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1952462343
Robert J Coombs MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1285661827
Sean M Rivard MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1184619108
Teresa E Griffith MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1730279571
Vicki Kottong MIAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1144277187
Ambulatory Anesthesia Of Atlanta, P C Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1164418489
Premier Anesthesia Of Urbana Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1528098357
Premier Anesthesia Of Richland A Division Of Premier Anesthesia, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1013940253
Premier Anesthesia Of Fairmont, Wv, A Division Of Premier Anesthesia Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1154595031
Ips Of Atlanta Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1568604791
Advanced Anesthesia Corporation Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1053649244
Sentinel Healthcare Services Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1528362167
Premier Anesthesia Of Indiana Pc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1982908737
Rbo Anesthesia Associates GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1427483171
Premier Interventional Pain Of Delaware Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1962825497
Premier Interventional Pain Of Mississippi Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1831512359
Premier Interventional Pain Of Ohio Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1265855795
Premier Anesthesia Of Arkansas Professional Corporation Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1932519485
Ambulatory Anesthesia Solutions, Inc GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1861913865
Advanced Spin & Pain Interventions, Llc GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1184021180
Premier Anesthesia Of Delaware Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1942637608
Mak Anesthesia Direct Services Llc GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1275996787
Allyne Anesthesia Pc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1124474929
Anestat Billing And Supply Services, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1922540897
Palms Health And Wellness,llc NCAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1114460631
Advanced Spine & Pain Interventions Llc Jasper GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1992292973
Set Md Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1033695192
Premier Anesthesia Of Montgomery Pc ALAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1780636233
Nyx Health Of California Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1851872261
Premier Anesthesia Of California, Pc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1770691859
Eminence Anesthesia Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1497219240
Pain Physicians Anesthesia, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1194287763
Pain Physicians Of America, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1174085757
Premier Anesthesia Of Mississippi Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1033400197
P.michael Skaliy, Md, Pc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1720393853
Northside Anesthesiology Consultants, Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1083600308
Premier Anesthesia Of Pennsylvania Pc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1831493865
Premier Anesthesia Of Ohio Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1699196022
Premier Anesthesia Of Huntsville A Division Of Premier Anesthesia Llc Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1346570355
Premier Anesthesia Of New York, P.c. Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1063658961
Alan R Kaplan GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1275529216
Aliya Sara Bynum GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1881950319
Anthony J Fister GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1629064704
Brian W. Thompson Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1285861757
Brittany Young Anderson Anesthesiology Pain Medicine1225482912
Bruce A Hines GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1205822301
Catherine Claire Meredith GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1548232135
Charisse Nicole Stovall GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1023235918
Chitra Ramasubbu GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1467614016
Dawn C. Wilson GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1346237187
Deborah H. Bauman GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1699762518
Donald B Silverman GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1104812148
Douglas P Stewart OHAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1376542332
Edward W Lee GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1376538520
Elizabeth M Board GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1740476787
Francis J Sullivan GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1699761668
Gennifer N. Wiley GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1720075567
Ginger E Zarse GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1891991857
Gwen K Davis GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1457347478
Heather Jewett Dozier GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1336343755
Howard Y Hong GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1184610297
James E. Warren GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1124015052
Jay W Johansen GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1689609547
Jay Kher GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1871751529
Jean Phillips GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1750598207
Jeffrey M King GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1265428205
Jeffrey T Wheeler GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1851387914
John R Blair GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1689660862
John Beaumont Holland GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1295401800
John C Mcneil GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1376539494
John J Moss GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1588650634
John B Neeld GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1073509303
Jonathan Weber GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1649267485
Justin Scott GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1669419396
Karen Hollingsworth GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1588890149
Karvier R Yates CAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1902033574
Kathryn A. Grice GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1568459485
Keith M Mclendon GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1164418109
Kenneth Howard Joel GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1346236411
Kenneth D Smith GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1881680858
Laurie Brewer Barone GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1770579955
Lawrence David Berman GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1184626640
Lee S Davis GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1275529299
Maricela Sanchez WAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1265759070
Mark E Hamilton GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1447246541
Michael E Ashmore GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1821084849
Michael J Greenberg GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1538155635
Michael E Maffett GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1659367779
Mohammad Farhidvash GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1649427691
Mohammed Shazad Wada GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1477785186
Myra C. Stamps GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1861489791
Nevin S. Kreisler GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1477583177
Nicholas S. Ranno GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1699762526
Nimisha Kanu Patel GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1770876096
Olga Lazar GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1326128067
Patrice A. Goggins GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1760479687
Rachel Sloan Cancilla KYAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1740573153
Raul G Velarde GAAnesthesiology Pain Medicine1962498022


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