Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology (207N00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology (207N00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A dermatologist is trained to diagnose and treat pediatric and adult patients with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, mouth, external genitalia, hair and nails, as well as a number of sexually transmitted diseases. The dermatologist has had additional training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, melanomas, moles and other tumors of the skin, the management of contact dermatitis and other allergic and nonallergic skin disorders, and in the recognition of the skin manifestations of systemic (including internal malignancy) and infectious diseases. Dermatologists have special training in dermatopathology and in the surgical techniques used in dermatology. They also have expertise in the management of cosmetic disorders of the skin such as hair loss and scars and the skin changes associated with aging.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eugene J Whang NYDermatology1295727808
George E Burns FLDermatology1508858044
John R Bright KYDermatology1730171190
North Atlanta Dermatology, P.c. GADermatology1427040799
Rhonda Schneider NJDermatology1063404333
Curtis Wayne Schupbach NCDermatology1093707382
Wendy R Parish, M.d., P.c. NYDermatology1982696365
Patricia Reed Tate INDermatology1518959998
Dorothy N Yang WADermatology1720070162
Robert M Debellevue LADermatology1245222595
Drew Mccausland PADermatology1699767947
Jennifer Burger GADermatology1770575029
Valerie B Laing NCDermatology1043202302
Shelly M. Hall MDDermatology1497747760
Paula M. Nelson GADermatology1356333645
Robert G. Brown FLDermatology1447242748
Fletcher Comer Askew VADermatology1265425573
Michael A Greenberg ILDermatology1891788105
Aesthetic Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Medical Association Dermatology1700879079
Wexler Dermatology Pc NYDermatology1326031691
Penny Ann Lowenstein CTDermatology1992798292
Bella Kachkoff Zubkov CTDermatology1083607386
Gerardo J Lugo FLDermatology1952394199
Dermatology Consultants Of Albuquerque Pc Dermatology1912990151
Birgit K Toome NJDermatology1891788121
Deidre Alice Buddin CADermatology1669465951
Scott Alan Ross FLDermatology1205829447
James A. Rooney GADermatology1114919438
Tricia J Brown TXDermatology1538151865
Angela Booth Wingfield MSDermatology1962494294
David Lawrence Weinberg CADermatology1679566608
Jay Howard Brachfeld FLDermatology1629061775
Afshin David Rahimi CADermatology1346233434
Kent Stuart Aftergut TXDermatology1922091016
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca Dermatology1184617102
Douglas Ira Rosen NYDermatology1821081027
Robert Leslie Warner NYDermatology1609869890
Jeffrey Stephen Roth NYDermatology1043203243
Dale A Kooistra CADermatology1831182971
Steven Jay Wasserman FLDermatology1174516181
Bradley A White ARDermatology1205829298
Arthur E Pellegrini OHDermatology1376536284
Stanley Irwin Rekant NJDermatology1154314052
James Frederick Kitterman ORDermatology1700879616
Daniel Evan Viders MADermatology1558354407
Luthur Burton Lowe NYDermatology1447243332
Ada M Winkielman CADermatology1992798870
Ronald Goldner MDDermatology1346233228
Kimberly Rae Kelly NDDermatology1245223023
Karen H Kim MADermatology1215920004
Lucius C Earles ILDermatology1689667479
Susan Lynn Malane FLDermatology1578556387
Lewis Tanenbaum CADermatology1083607808
Robert S. Haber OHDermatology1346233160
Sean Leo Mccagh MDDermatology1518950344
Stephanie P Diamond PADermatology1386637114
Michael G Sangster ARDermatology1417940255
Jeffrey H Binstock CADermatology1780677526
Kenrick Hamilton Roberts MDDermatology1386637122
Aesthetic Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Medical Association CADermatology1639162480
Aesthetic Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Inc CADermatology1548253396
Ming H Jih TXDermatology1083607766
Arash Kimyai-asadi TXDermatology1285627950
Mireille C Algazi AZDermatology1780677492
Leonard H. Goldberg TXDermatology1023001708
Joseph C Gretzula Do Faad Pa FLDermatology1033102801
Paul M. Friedman TXDermatology1962495648
Barbara Christine Williamson MDDermatology1972596690
Steven J Smith TXDermatology1881687457
Hans E. Von Weiss WIDermatology1689667313
Mccagh, Roberts & Herring, Md, Pa Dermatology1437142098
Patrick Kevin Lee CADermatology1679566335
Affiliated Dermatologists Sc Dermatology1407849011
Patricia A Dickerson OHDermatology1336132950
Michael Francis Mccagh MDDermatology1225021827
Brian T Johnson FLDermatology1578556189
Jerome Michael Parsons VADermatology1912990524
Glenn Eugene Sondag WIDermatology1518950120
Kathleen Sarah Stokes WIDermatology1578556106
Roberta Maureen Moreland VADermatology1104819739
Reagan B Anderson CODermatology1356334965
Robert Achille De Stefano CADermatology1700879327
Dermatological Association Of Texas, Pllc TXDermatology1306839816
Joseph Scott Baler NYDermatology1770576399
Thomas Joseph Russell WIDermatology1528051166
Fred Jason Kight GADermatology1437142072
James Patrick Russell WIDermatology1235122870
Charlotte L Metzler WADermatology1548253198
Kristin M Baird CODermatology1013900539
Edward Fung Chan PADermatology1417940941
Evonne Marie Winston WIDermatology1912990466
Van Trong Ha VADermatology1649263195
Susan Akers Blattel MODermatology1801889357
Wayne Alan Breer MODermatology1255324703
Daniel Scott Ring MODermatology1790778249
Anthony Louis Timko CODermatology1487647947
Judith T. Lipinski MIDermatology1164415626
Leonard Gerson Katz OHDermatology1851393318
Judith Ann Small PADermatology1760484679
Margaret A Kopchick GADermatology1699768804
Russell R Burken GADermatology1508858200
Thomas D Griffin PADermatology1336141373
Norman E Wikner CODermatology1992797633
Judith Michelle Andreano OHDermatology1316939911
Charles Jacob Douchy GADermatology1003808361
Matthew J Reschly GADermatology1417949777
Jeffrey B Richardson KYDermatology1548261977
Chad A Brown KYDermatology1598766933
Dynamic Dermatology And Skin Cancer Center Pc MIDermatology1891169736
Mary Ellen Joan Luchetti NMDermatology1679565964
Bharati Chittineni ILDermatology1275525495
Stella M. Bulengo FLDermatology1194717447
William B Henghold FLDermatology1376536508
Yvette Andree George GADermatology1528050804
Sharon Marie Christie CTDermatology1912908393
Jeffrey G Weaver PADermatology1457344640
J H Daulat Do Pc NVDermatology1821534983
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. CADermatology1679574222
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. CADermatology1144221631
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. CADermatology1477554012
Kristina Ann Kleven WIDermatology1518950153
Charles S Johnson NCDermatology1285636076
Mushtaq Ahmad Khan OHDermatology1245232933
Steven Dean Peine NVDermatology1508858192
Bradley Theodore John Straka WIDermatology1326031964
Scott Andrew Neltner KYDermatology1134112808
John Scott Cardone OHDermatology1275526915
Drore Eisen OHDermatology1427041151
Medical Associates Of Ri Inc RIDermatology1538161161
Lana Beth Goodman TNDermatology1528509825
Leo Arnold Conger TXDermatology1588665772
Hans Michael Sander TXDermatology1285635813
Mark E Eaton VADermatology1629070495
Theresa A. Scholz UTDermatology1578555637
Craig Evan Singer MIDermatology1255332771
Timothy Andrew Mcgraw UTDermatology1265433494
Jane Dreas Mason PADermatology1174525893
Alizabeth Lechi Truong WADermatology1801898598
Medical Associates Of Rhode Island Inc. RIDermatology1568463115
Jose E Mendez FLDermatology1033101175
Halden H Ford KYDermatology1396747846
Jill C Fichtel TNDermatology1154323749
Karl Kirk Trimble UTDermatology1184616880
Curtis Dan Henderson WADermatology1649262593
David Anthony Lam FLDermatology1114919602
Michael J Mulvaney NYDermatology1063405025
Christy Lynn Nebesio INDermatology1144222910
Joi Michelle Lenczowski VADermatology1316949290
David S Balle MIDermatology1356334841
Pablo Garza TXDermatology1013900497
Willliam F Willis NMDermatology1033102488
Leonard Mark Dzubow PADermatology1790778199
Marion M Vujevich PADermatology1295728699
Sharon Louise Horton ILDermatology1538153960
Michael Bruce Wartels FLDermatology1336133792
Sandra Stedinger Md Inc CADermatology1699769067
Margaret Anne Collins FLDermatology1073507455
Ralph Eugene Massullo FLDermatology1104810563
Robin B Septon NYDermatology1942294319
Karen Ann Lund TXDermatology1225021645
Kristy Lynn Chatham FLDermatology1942294269
Deborah Melanie Saff FLDermatology1124012489
Steven E Rasmussen TXDermatology1679567937
William Arch Welton FLDermatology1043204365
Suncoast Dermatology And Skin Surgery Center, Pa Dermatology1902890239
Steven Michael Hacker FLDermatology1528052867
Carrie Deener Alspaugh NCDermatology1114911401
Kyle M Van De Graaff ORDermatology1770577025
Lisa Abernethy Christman NCDermatology1144214487
Hilary E. Baldwin NYDermatology1962496265
John Michael Pelachyk MIDermatology1528052834
Katherine Doerr O'rourke NCDermatology1518951821
Michael J Messingham IADermatology1558355859
Marta Jane Hemmingson Vanbeek IADermatology1467446765
Thomas L Ray IADermatology1609860907
Jayashri Ghate NCDermatology1245224542
Sharon A. Glick NYDermatology1114911419
Mary S Stone IADermatology1194719401
Marie Nash Hardy NCDermatology1457345761
Jessica J. Krant NYDermatology1275527582
Maureen Leahy Aarons NCDermatology1891789186
Jerold Bruce Graff NJDermatology1174517312
Advanced Dermatology Laser And Mohs Surgery Center Dermatology1164416301
Lisa G Hochman NJDermatology1992799134
Christopher Timberlake Aleman NJDermatology1669466819
Michael Radowsky MDDermatology1992799027
Louis Vincent Colavecchio RIDermatology1972597003
Berks Dermatology Pc Dermatology1972597920
Jeffrey Thomas Reed MODermatology1205820362
Lynn Audrey Amarante NYDermatology1568456564
Kathi C Madison IADermatology1831183987
Florida Skin Center Inc FLDermatology1730173709
Mary Ann Yurko MIDermatology1124012992
Eastern Dermatology, P.a. Dermatology1598759482
Dermatology Center Of Grand Rapids Pc Dermatology1275527053
Douglas B Horan WIDermatology1063406965
Diane Lucy Kallgren CODermatology1144214016
Joseph B Bikowski PADermatology1053305920
Gretchen Mary Zirbel WIDermatology1588658371
Adam Scott Greenberg FLDermatology1932193729


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