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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology (207N00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A dermatologist is trained to diagnose and treat pediatric and adult patients with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, mouth, external genitalia, hair and nails, as well as a number of sexually transmitted diseases. The dermatologist has had additional training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, melanomas, moles and other tumors of the skin, the management of contact dermatitis and other allergic and nonallergic skin disorders, and in the recognition of the skin manifestations of systemic (including internal malignancy) and infectious diseases. Dermatologists have special training in dermatopathology and in the surgical techniques used in dermatology. They also have expertise in the management of cosmetic disorders of the skin such as hair loss and scars and the skin changes associated with aging.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alan Neal Binnick VTDermatology1699761528
Rebecca M Jones VTDermatology1861432841
Ankit Gor VTDermatology1790196525
Keith William Morley VTDermatology1245596261
Evan W Piette VTDermatology1326331653
Dustin Taylor VTDermatology1205325388
Jamie Alpert VTDermatology1265512644
Julia Hobson Barker Dermatology1427442615
Melanie Rae Bui VTDermatology1457615650
Alyssa Fischer Dermatology1831518638
Glenn David Goldman VTDermatology1992717458
Todd Edgar Holmes VTDermatology1467578005
Mark Krasny VTDermatology1992944060
Joseph Charles Pierson VTDermatology1669433413
Katelyn Shea Dermatology1023470168
Christine Haughey Weinberger VTDermatology1891820619
Stephanie Dawn Neider MIDermatology1386678381
Patricia L. Seal VTDermatology1730273509
Mary B Harkin VTDermatology1689642225
Anita Louise Licata VTDermatology1356444509
Laura Mcgevna VTDermatology1730322306
Maria Antonina Mcgowan VTDermatology1699023499
Steven R Partilo VTDermatology1326016742
Rachel I Kornik VTDermatology1063689727
Julie Hsiao-wen Lin PADermatology1063572907
Janet Y Hinzman VTDermatology1801891049
Daniel Patrick Mccauliffe VTDermatology1164512067
Elizabeth H Foley VTDermatology1285733675
Sharon L Hackett VTDermatology1598842874
Ilya Lim CTDermatology1235450479
Sadaf Waqar FLDermatology1205077146
Gary Lee Last CTDermatology1629003918
Jennifer W Pennoyer CTDermatology1982665725
Glenn Stanton Gart CTDermatology1841365681
Tanya Chiarelli Ave'lallemant CTDermatology1861497620
Jessica M Gjede CTDermatology1750607362
Hao Feng CTDermatology1033520556
Donna A Aiudi CTDermatology1902870280
Jane M Grant-kels CTDermatology1750386462
Diane Hoss CTDermatology1346246543
Michael J. Murphy CTDermatology1780681122
Marti J Rothe CTDermatology1417955436
Diane L Whitaker CTDermatology1124026398
Gillian Weston Dermatology1063861268
Jonas Adalsteinn Adalsteinsson UTDermatology1881190635
Adrienne B Berke CTDermatology1114922879
Soheil S Dadras CTDermatology1558403311
Katalin Ferenczi CTDermatology1639380884
Philip E Kerr CTDermatology1073519229
Jun Lu CTDermatology1417099128
Mary W Chang CTDermatology1962407718
Siobhan Collins CTDermatology1790888584
Dean David George CTDermatology1497160535
Girish Chintamani Mohan CTDermatology1093193161
Malcolm Creighton-smith CTDermatology1881041556
Arni Kjalar Kristjansson CTDermatology1154538122
Janelle Rachel Mallett CTDermatology1356529390
Michael Storonsky CTDermatology1467833202
James Stephen Rosokoff CTDermatology1629008131
Ali Banki CTDermatology1912218918
Andrew Vincent Atton CTDermatology1235124538
Penny Ann Lowenstein CTDermatology1992798292
Janelle Shield Manton CTDermatology1841267986
Athanasia D Syrengelas CTDermatology1417942715
Bella Kachkoff Zubkov CTDermatology1083607386
Christopher Norwood CTDermatology1174523583
Mark Pennington CTDermatology1720080476
Allen David Kallor CTDermatology1962509554
Debra Ann Vinick CTDermatology1023026010
Laurie Ann Bain CTDermatology1134125834
Robert David Greenberg CTDermatology1255338836
Michael Tassavor OHDermatology1043707003
Steven Brett Sloan CTDermatology1396723714
Meagen Marcy Mccusker CTDermatology1861651432
Kelly L Mead CTDermatology1275607855
Brandon Tibbitts CTDermatology1205276474
Edward Harris Benjamin CTDermatology1780737262
Margaret M Bason CTDermatology1326149238
Kwame O Asante PADermatology1447570007
Lauren Daman CTDermatology1053489864
Elliot Charles Zweig CTDermatology1992982094
Lisa C Kugelman CTDermatology1235173873
Wendy Levinbook CTDermatology1528064722
Robert Bennett Nathanson CTDermatology1568481877
Sang H Kim NCDermatology1942318209
Lawrence J. Fortier CTDermatology1972592822
Michael Robert Albert CTDermatology1396842035
Michael Huberman CTDermatology1962753517
Bonnie Ross NYDermatology1902888951
Robert M Friedman CTDermatology1720061427
Timothy Patrick Monahan CTDermatology1154321974
Mary Ann Dionne Bentz CTDermatology1295720910
Mohsin Kamal Malik CTDermatology1376864371
Debra R Miller CTDermatology1558369215
Diane Meg Davidson CTDermatology1215908991
Robert B. Ecker CTDermatology1811950074
Eric R Wolf CTDermatology1043308885
Annette Lupinacci Headley CTDermatology1295841682
John Robert West CTDermatology1487606117
Daniella Duke CTDermatology1174594279
Howard W Rogers CTDermatology1861465973
Radford Douglas Tanksley CTDermatology1629041728
David Li-kang Chen CTDermatology1922364611
Lynn M Smith CTDermatology1720333487
Israel Dvoretzky CTDermatology1851399752
Nira R Silverman CTDermatology1952309858
Aisha Sethi CTDermatology1568477222
Sarika Manoj Ramachandran CTDermatology1427218262
Matthew David Vesely CTDermatology1689013815
Michelle S Malane CTDermatology1407845332
Frank Anthony Santoro CTDermatology1578799771
Paula Michele Bevilacqua CTDermatology1790715209
Dana M Correale CTDermatology1598805277
Sharon Henrietta Barrett CTDermatology1467466284
Carolyn B Carroll CTDermatology1376557199
Ellen A Markstein CTDermatology1659390797
James D Whalen CTDermatology1780681064
Amy Yuntzu-yen Chen MADermatology1164681573
Rui Cheng CTDermatology1841679503
Justin J Finch CTDermatology1437310869
Hanspaul S Makkar CTDermatology1467488510
Michael J Payette CTDermatology1952575573
Mona Shahriari CTDermatology1790075752
Bruce Strober CTDermatology1619966652
Mwatsveruka N Munhutu VADermatology1861705238
Virginia L Maher Wiese CTDermatology1396700217
Robert C Langdon CTDermatology1710017181
Barry J Richter CTDermatology1497795314
Brian John Mcgrath CTDermatology1235256215
Donald Richard Greene CTDermatology1629040886
Philip Edwin Shapiro CTDermatology1477561389
Jerrold C Lehrman CTDermatology1801901095
Alicia Coen Sigal CTDermatology1801005673
Nicholas V Perricone CTDermatology1760873210
Sharon Marie Christie CTDermatology1912908393
Eric Joseph Thomas CTDermatology1649290289
Marco Petrazzuoli CTDermatology1023057114
Phung M Huynh CTDermatology1235181413
Kevin Michael Diette CTDermatology1447252812
Joel Brook CTDermatology1427306141
Beth A Buscher CTDermatology1427053776
Kimberly May Eickhorst NJDermatology1225258643
Jeffrey D Knispel CTDermatology1710983036
Caroline Lucille Larosa Dermatology1831519289
Laurence A Sibrack CTDermatology1396740643
Alicia D Zalka NYDermatology1740285097
Jennifer P Gray CTDermatology1285644039
Steven Anthony Gaudio CTDermatology1356303671
Marcus Mcferren CTDermatology1891971651
Tyler Durazzo CTDermatology1457649063
Julie Lynn Cantatore-francis CTDermatology1235334913
Heather K Hamilton KSDermatology1841429206
Christine J Ko PADermatology1841258282
Sean Ryan Christensen CTDermatology1962685073
David Joel Leffell CTDermatology1518940410
Kathleen Cook Suozzi CTDermatology1760748594
Jake Xiao Wang CTDermatology1780114876
Keith A Choate CTDermatology1609058080
William Damsky CTDermatology1871938381
Marianna Freudzon Dermatology1073931564
Brett Andrew King CTDermatology1336324060
Ian Douglas Odell CTDermatology1457627531
Sara Harcharik Perkins CTDermatology1720491905
Christopher Gerard Bunick CTDermatology1457527442
Anna S Eisenstein Dermatology1497104822
Goran Micevic CTDermatology1679063986
Maxim Alexandrovich Polansky Dermatology1275913006
Mariam Totonchy CTDermatology1861839383
Jean L Bolognia CTDermatology1942291331
Irwin M Braverman CTDermatology1669453445
Shawn Edwin Cowper CTDermatology1396736773
Richard L Edelson CTDermatology1639160013
Michael Girardi CTDermatology1154302842
Peter W Heald CTDermatology1376534784
Christina A Herrick CTDermatology1528040789
Jonathan Scott Leventhal CTDermatology1629338728
Jennifer Mcniff CTDermatology1619951902
Peggy Suejin Myung CTDermatology1063677474
Robert E Tigelaar CTDermatology1073595070
Kalman Lewis Watsky CTDermatology1649298142
Lisa Marian Donofrio CTDermatology1649218223
Ronald Clifford Savin CTDermatology1366482846
Mark J Goldstein CTDermatology1902947484
Noah Hornick CTDermatology1184094955
Frank Michael Castiglione CTDermatology1316977242
Nadia K Sherline CTDermatology1568544914
Ellen Block Milstone CTDermatology1578560132
Douglas L Bilinski CTDermatology1417009044
Wendy Shaw Jacoby CTDermatology1295879518
Jeffrey Marcus Cohen MADermatology1689054397
Leonard M Milstone CTDermatology1336123629
Alicia Joan Little CTDermatology1336551589
Jason Pelham Lott CTDermatology1639303373
Richard J Antaya CTDermatology1336130715
Antonio Subtil Deoliveira CTDermatology1245221639
John Warren Edelglass CTDermatology1851350524
Caroline Anne Nelson CTDermatology1932519311
Jacob Siegel CTDermatology1912430638
Amanda Elisabeth Zubek CTDermatology1477878262
Nan Ring CTDermatology1083063549


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