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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Roxann Sonia Engle CAFamily Medicine1710981303
Larry Ray Hunefeld INFamily Medicine1902800824
Shreyas Arvind Desai INFamily Medicine1386646529
Beau Brouillette LAFamily Medicine1457353682
William G Barron ARFamily Medicine1942204227
Russell C Pietz SDFamily Medicine1790789543
William Robert Gailmard TNFamily Medicine1124022884
Thomas Donald Macabobby OHFamily Medicine1104820059
Todd E Baldwin NYFamily Medicine1275537250
Donald Christopher Enoch NYFamily Medicine1447252663
Julia Atkins COFamily Medicine1306848593
Russell B Skinner TXFamily Medicine1881698538
Brian C Kroll FLFamily Medicine1952303125
David J Guillot LAFamily Medicine1215939558
Eugene G Charbonneau FLFamily Medicine1770587420
Dirk M Smith KSFamily Medicine1346242617
Elizabeth Hengstebeck MIFamily Medicine1457355042
Aloysius Yinug WAFamily Medicine1730183708
James W Ferguson NYFamily Medicine1730183013
Kendrick B Bashor OHFamily Medicine1457355083
Joseph Leonard Monahan IAFamily Medicine1609870260
Matthew Bolton TNFamily Medicine1720082548
Angela Kay Stapleton-mackenzie CAFamily Medicine1518969575
Karin Kay Bergman TXFamily Medicine1386646594
Pma Medical Specialists PAFamily Medicine1043212137
Mary E Faini COFamily Medicine1144222373
David R Parker NCFamily Medicine1376547356
Katherine A Irish-clardy ARFamily Medicine1679577381
Hospice Advantage Eamc Llc Family Medicine1043760481
Leah A Heap CAFamily Medicine1164424289
Anthony Kieler Rice WVFamily Medicine1043214927
Balmore W Williams TXFamily Medicine1932103629
Basem Almasri MIFamily Medicine1326040510
Robin F Edwards AZFamily Medicine1316941008
Mark Alan Denner FLFamily Medicine1134121395
Judd A Shafer AZFamily Medicine1154325843
Thomas K Hamilton MOFamily Medicine1902800659
Kim W Jundt SDFamily Medicine1801890652
Marie Vander Linde MIFamily Medicine1467456129
Brian Shannon Donovan AZFamily Medicine1780686949
Joseph Charles Rakestraw MOFamily Medicine1922002864
Cornelius W. Chinn TXFamily Medicine1619971603
Christopher C Madden COFamily Medicine1689676819
Stacey Lyn Bartell MIFamily Medicine1669476933
Dane Lee TNFamily Medicine1952305609
Stanley L Brittman VAFamily Medicine1558333401
Charlotte Kay Ingwersen KYFamily Medicine1003810987
David G Apple COFamily Medicine1649272873
Laura K Marchiando WIFamily Medicine1568466183
Chesley Yellott WVFamily Medicine1871597716
Lori Anne Crowl OHFamily Medicine1497757454
Richard B Lutton TXFamily Medicine1114921152
Randy A Trimpey OHFamily Medicine1588668255
Rapr Llc Family Medicine1851878508
Joseph F Mambu PAFamily Medicine1518961408
Eric Chapa CAFamily Medicine1851395131
Mark H Evans OHFamily Medicine1972507846
Glen D Singer KSFamily Medicine1770587685
Brian D Wolfe KSFamily Medicine1396749172
Evillo M Domingo OHFamily Medicine1770587693
David Gerard Thimons PAFamily Medicine1194729996
Thomas J Walsh TNFamily Medicine1871597435
Richard A Simmons OHFamily Medicine1902800865
Thomas Randall Hines TXFamily Medicine1336141670
Mary Angela Montemayor-rivera OHFamily Medicine1831191006
Daniel Wayne Ross TNFamily Medicine1538163506
Jeffrey D Wasserman FLFamily Medicine1972507556
Sean M Mclaughlin WAFamily Medicine1447252556
William B Bebout KYFamily Medicine1578565784
Louis John Larmoyeux FLFamily Medicine1831193861
Jason Gregory Beasley MSFamily Medicine1508860214
Brian R Woody WIFamily Medicine1174527832
Lori Ann Thompson INFamily Medicine1487658167
Jerry D. Patton OKFamily Medicine1801890454
Jeffrey B Noftz OHFamily Medicine1063416733
Michael V Dao TXFamily Medicine1205838588
Harvey Steven Kleiner FLFamily Medicine1316941198
John L Behm PAFamily Medicine1437151677
Mark J Meiler SCFamily Medicine1235133158
Charles Ray Joiner LAFamily Medicine1780686923
Glen E Dust ILFamily Medicine1477555738
Tomas E Vigo Paredes WVFamily Medicine1851395834
John M Nolte AKFamily Medicine1689678211
William M Browning WVFamily Medicine1114921749
Miriam R Nolte AKFamily Medicine1023012655
Donna M Good VAFamily Medicine1679577217
Elizabeth Fletcher Trainer FLFamily Medicine1043214695
Randall H Suslick VAFamily Medicine1841294493
Stuart A Medoff AZFamily Medicine1831193382
Audie B Marlar TNFamily Medicine1447254164
John F Konings AZFamily Medicine1356345086
Karen Ingrid Hunt MAFamily Medicine1891799524
Robert Copley KYFamily Medicine1528062254
Leslie Joseph Dunaway KYFamily Medicine1427052158
Ronald James Varcak TNFamily Medicine1013911577
William Roger Markel COFamily Medicine1568466027
Luis Pagoaga TNFamily Medicine1225032956
Peter T Roemer OHFamily Medicine1861496598
Brian Alan Johnson INFamily Medicine1023012754
Hugh Ralph Holmquist NEFamily Medicine1386648012
Roger Leroy Green ARFamily Medicine1275537912
Marina Almenas Morales PRFamily Medicine1992709638
Ellen Middendorf ILFamily Medicine1245234988
Clifton Rodgers MSFamily Medicine1861496507
Joseph A. Milum KYFamily Medicine1497759138
Jonathan D. Rowson NCFamily Medicine1194729830
Brent Dale Black NVFamily Medicine1710981279
Michael Paul Schrager CAFamily Medicine1437153996
William J Crowley TXFamily Medicine1609870161
Kevin Gordon Jackson AZFamily Medicine1225032782
Grace Lee Walker INFamily Medicine1134123607
Dallas Family Practice Center Pa GAFamily Medicine1568466035
Marlene Rocha Farooq CAFamily Medicine1639173107
Lawrence Delano Tran CAFamily Medicine1255335733
Nathan P Rud MNFamily Medicine1205830791
Brown Clinic & Associates TXFamily Medicine1932103421
Chambers Family Health Pc PAFamily Medicine1578567061
Chad M Good PAFamily Medicine1164426656
Ann K Kuenker MIFamily Medicine1609870104
Phillip Gvozden PAFamily Medicine1992709497
Donald W Ratliff MSFamily Medicine1871597385
Franklin Dowling Roberts ARFamily Medicine1104820612
William J Carter OKFamily Medicine1831193341
David Kawika Robel PAFamily Medicine1093719510
Chong Lieu NCFamily Medicine1659375178
Ivette Bernadette Torres NYFamily Medicine1477557999
Amylyn Lane Crawford TNFamily Medicine1730183260
Myra Jane Hall NCFamily Medicine1811991342
Robin Jean Portelli NYFamily Medicine1639173164
Jarrell Paul Reynolds TXFamily Medicine1255335782
Jose Pinlac Velasco TNFamily Medicine1861496390
Janeen Bjork AZFamily Medicine1932103462
Michael J Demangone AZFamily Medicine1841294378
Dennis James Foley AZFamily Medicine1194729632
Raymond Lee Holsten AZFamily Medicine1003810540
Barbara M Zimmerman AZFamily Medicine1730183278
James Warner Clark TNFamily Medicine1982608428
Ginger Lina Leon CAFamily Medicine1245234780
Earle W. Moore FLFamily Medicine1669476008
Suzanne D Black TXFamily Medicine1720082167
Poncet Courtland Bills OHFamily Medicine1346244787
Barry Kitts MIFamily Medicine1508860941
Jimmie Julius Drummond MDFamily Medicine1659375004
Scott Blitz COFamily Medicine1477557825
Clarisse E Noel WAFamily Medicine1285638635
Nelson Eng NYFamily Medicine1316941776
William Lloyd Sprague PAFamily Medicine1194729558
Karl Neal Hanson LAFamily Medicine1619971074
James Rex Allbright COFamily Medicine1982608345
Mark C Stevens MIFamily Medicine1881698249
Thomas Edward Yablonski PAFamily Medicine1154325629
Joseph Labricciosa PAFamily Medicine1053315523
Paul W Ford DEFamily Medicine1053315531
John Wakon Fowler KSFamily Medicine1679577159
Elizabeth J Gravley SDFamily Medicine1659375137
Emilio Villegas PAFamily Medicine1285638650
Mitchell F. Mayer NJFamily Medicine1639173008
John W Minchey TNFamily Medicine1457355828
Angelo Sparagna NJFamily Medicine1518961986
Kevin L Sand IAFamily Medicine1154325520
Dusty Isabel Mahosky Ukropec PAFamily Medicine1972507341
Geoffrey Dana Richardson WAFamily Medicine1316941727
Roberta A. Rau OKFamily Medicine1861496275
Johane Laporte COFamily Medicine1922002351
Eugenia Brooks Howie NCFamily Medicine1780688119
Joseph A. Cruz CAFamily Medicine1598769929
Karladine E Graves MOFamily Medicine1215931647
Wayne D. Graves MOFamily Medicine1679577001
Marion J N Darling ORFamily Medicine1558366989
Roger Lee Wohlwend OHFamily Medicine1710982145
Karen L Asher OHFamily Medicine1346245776
Brenda R. Stutzman OKFamily Medicine1700880127
Ronald Scott Higginbotham IDFamily Medicine1760486138
Cathy S Hennies SDFamily Medicine1396749768
Ellen Louise Sakornbut IAFamily Medicine1578567947
Traci A Tamburello NJFamily Medicine1013911486
Maria Brigitte Straub COFamily Medicine1114921590
Pierce Overman NCFamily Medicine1588668982
Joseph Bruce Blackburn OHFamily Medicine1730183138
David Britt COFamily Medicine1427052836
Neil Perilstein NJFamily Medicine1144224510
Margaret F Devick SDFamily Medicine1053315424
Duane Claassen COFamily Medicine1497759880
Michael Gray MDFamily Medicine1215931605
Daniel Francis Zinicola NCFamily Medicine1811991219
Charles Wesley Walton UTFamily Medicine1457355869
Martin Brian Getzow PAFamily Medicine1194729566
George Daniel Rath SDFamily Medicine1235133612
Leanne M Hatfield MIFamily Medicine1952305336
Patricia Brumbaugh COFamily Medicine1770587156
Alfonso Acosta MIFamily Medicine1629072038
Kimberly Ann Howerton TNFamily Medicine1922002336
Sheila Z Kennedy WAFamily Medicine1083618409
Catherine E Cavender COFamily Medicine1295739613
James Douglas Pollock PAFamily Medicine1861497216
Peter W Crecelius IDFamily Medicine1659376010
David Stuart Kyllo MNFamily Medicine1003811464
Celeste V Peterson TNFamily Medicine1942205349
Michael P Neverauskas OHFamily Medicine1104821503
Clint Flanagan COFamily Medicine1568467983


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