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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Amy C Campion MAFamily Medicine1548352073
Ardis Beth Fisch MAFamily Medicine1013935659
Mark Snowise MAFamily Medicine1629036116
Cornelia Frances Lenherr MAFamily Medicine1508936691
Georgia Bettina Martin MAFamily Medicine1972692150
Elizabeth W Boham MAFamily Medicine1518043652
Jeffrey Arthur Migdow MAFamily Medicine1649273970
Joseph O. Cooney MAFamily Medicine1033211495
Aviva Jill Romm NYFamily Medicine1447493069
Stephen L Payne MAFamily Medicine1134190150
Barbara Lillian Rosenthal VTFamily Medicine1316939754
Sergei Ivantchev MAFamily Medicine1366416356
Rachel Meyer Bensen MAFamily Medicine1629593819
Franklin R Thomas MAFamily Medicine1053448936
Adam J Chamberlain MAFamily Medicine1790216976
Danielle Dziok MAFamily Medicine1104571173
Jeffrey Paul Palmer MAFamily Medicine1255331336
Anne B Platzner MAFamily Medicine1538244355
Michael Jay Reeves MAFamily Medicine1467518308
Margit Lisa Walker MAFamily Medicine1194852319
Mark Harold Allen MAFamily Medicine1285633198
Dean W. Singer MAFamily Medicine1396131538
Ann B Mcintosh MAFamily Medicine1285824318
Cullen F Shipman MAFamily Medicine1487689535
Heidi J Foley MAFamily Medicine1801981493
Ashley Warner NHFamily Medicine1790714079
Diane E Grasso MAFamily Medicine1417965765
Donald E Mruk MAFamily Medicine1114927878
Timothy E Soule-regine MAFamily Medicine1588664247
Olha Duda NYFamily Medicine1740597459
Jacquelyn R Mckean MAFamily Medicine1356352413
Elizabeth Nottleson MAFamily Medicine1184692469
Susan Lowery MAFamily Medicine1649256033
Rebecca Jackson MAFamily Medicine1114999786
Myron Maron MAFamily Medicine1245373711
Robert James Miller MAFamily Medicine1992884282
Stefan A. Topolski MAFamily Medicine1518984087
Richard S Warner MAFamily Medicine1578565297
Sean James Dacus MAFamily Medicine1043377609
Kathleen Kerr MAFamily Medicine1619947942
Flora F Sadri-azarbayejani MAFamily Medicine1023088820
Ekaterina Brodski-quigley MAFamily Medicine1821254046
Piamarie Ballarin-feldman MAFamily Medicine1821058025
Iris Sullivan MAFamily Medicine1780640961
Kathleen A. Sweeney MAFamily Medicine1447218474
Roberto S. Amado Family Medicine1518498484
Cheryl T Divito MAFamily Medicine1952368193
Charles Woolley Lehnardt MAFamily Medicine1487811329
Beth Kurtz Mazyck MAFamily Medicine1467411777
Peter Mcconarty MAFamily Medicine1639192149
Diederik Frederik Meursing OKFamily Medicine1073664033
John Paul O'brien MAFamily Medicine1417480351
Jinit Amrutbhai Patel MAFamily Medicine1366978512
Grant Pierre MAFamily Medicine1730538604
Michele P Pugnaire MAFamily Medicine1053339747
Eric J. Rosenthal MAFamily Medicine1194144782
Joshua Tessier MAFamily Medicine1023271087
Babatunde O. Thomas MAFamily Medicine1568447480
Kelly Melissa Aguilar WVFamily Medicine1376938639
Crystal C Benjamin PAFamily Medicine1912260290
Vinay Bhamidipati MAFamily Medicine1174919872
Margarita C Castro-zarraga MAFamily Medicine1578705679
Daniel A. Molinar FLFamily Medicine1891157236
Jordan Joseph Nagle ORFamily Medicine1982012324
Jeannette L Ryan Alkasab Family Medicine1366805707
Jeff J Wang MAFamily Medicine1821359753
John Herbert Stevenson MAFamily Medicine1942268982
Michelle G Gasbarro MAFamily Medicine1881896421
Robert A Babineau MAFamily Medicine1972542967
Hannah M. Coates TXFamily Medicine1003137217
Susan M Young MAFamily Medicine1619938586
Karla Christo MAFamily Medicine1689864167
James E Fluet MAFamily Medicine1841257714
Neety Patel MAFamily Medicine1003221995
Bernard A Westerling MAFamily Medicine1053378133
Zbigniew Dombek MAFamily Medicine1316907249
Deepthi Pandraju KSFamily Medicine1073734901
Helen Heneghan MAFamily Medicine1427120476
Karl A Bernhard MAFamily Medicine1629016928
Brian C Dressel MAFamily Medicine1760565873
George F Geibel MAFamily Medicine1851380059
Herbert Beam HIFamily Medicine1942445929
Kelly E Hoisington MAFamily Medicine1033191978
Gretchen Louise Kelley MAFamily Medicine1376539346
Brandis Belt MAFamily Medicine1235498064
Diane Rahman MAFamily Medicine1053389411
Susan E Hackman-quinty SCFamily Medicine1962483016
Robert John Perry MAFamily Medicine1861404402
Faith M. Pinkerton NHFamily Medicine1245275437
Michael J. Mutchler MAFamily Medicine1467441279
Michele C. Parker MAFamily Medicine1104815919
Kami S Phillips MAFamily Medicine1407824782
Kristin N Schofield MAFamily Medicine1760479315
Francis W. Sweeney MAFamily Medicine1982679601
Rebecca M. Worden MAFamily Medicine1659352706
John Worden MAFamily Medicine1326020223
Jennifer Ryan MAFamily Medicine1467427708
Amanda Spadazzi MAFamily Medicine1386610863
Kim D Houde MAFamily Medicine1154302966
Ilhan M Ibrahim MAFamily Medicine1790273605
Timothy J Eddy MAFamily Medicine1376549584
Katherine E Fitzgerald MAFamily Medicine1134357346
Sarah Leonard MAFamily Medicine1588862494
Thomas Bryan Miller MAFamily Medicine1588632723
Tricia L Vorderstrasse MAFamily Medicine1619953247
Theresa Piotrowski MEFamily Medicine1598794505
Tisha N. Dickey MAFamily Medicine1588984264
Stephany Truex Godfrey MAFamily Medicine1124179429
Craig S. Gustafson MAFamily Medicine1780660845
Elaine Holt MAFamily Medicine1376886168
Carol S Savage MAFamily Medicine1114909074
Kastoori Iyengar MAFamily Medicine1861450603
Aimee C. Kobjack Family Medicine1104358001
Bency K. Louidor Paulynice MAFamily Medicine1477848349
Elizabeth Burbank MAFamily Medicine1235242215
Ximena M Castro MAFamily Medicine1245327386
Joseph R Difranza MAFamily Medicine1093798902
Jennifer R Hartman MAFamily Medicine1861481160
John B Latimer MAFamily Medicine1134180912
Dean A Morrel MAFamily Medicine1598756769
Stephanie Oliva MAFamily Medicine1750624482
Toral Shailesh Parikh MAFamily Medicine1992785919
William J Parker MAFamily Medicine1598733511
John R Schneeweis MAFamily Medicine1023065455
Audrey Tracey MAFamily Medicine1558329433
Amee Phan MAFamily Medicine1851822134
David W. Ammerman MAFamily Medicine1730160169
Felix B Chang Cruz MAFamily Medicine1336107846
April L Cyr MAFamily Medicine1144202664
Roberto Larios MAFamily Medicine1679771588
Edna Markaddy MAFamily Medicine1396943205
Abhijeet Asaruba Patil MAFamily Medicine1780811463
Sunil Kumar Sarin MAFamily Medicine1275591927
Thomas J Scornavacca MAFamily Medicine1063470672
Michelle Margolis MAFamily Medicine1073035556
Jeffrey S Gorodetsky MAFamily Medicine1780613935
Daniel A Veno MAFamily Medicine1821038738
Niyanti Patel MAFamily Medicine1467936708
Seth Curtis MAFamily Medicine1245572072
Mark J Rollo MAFamily Medicine1164409462
Nithya Setty-shah MAFamily Medicine1982098349
Agnieszka B Snioch MAFamily Medicine1437135720
Amanda Vitko MAFamily Medicine1902193444
Nicole Winters MAFamily Medicine1649478215
Megan Helene Curtis WAFamily Medicine1821330556
Sanjeevani Vijaykumar Deolapure MAFamily Medicine1306009717
Erin K Dooley MAFamily Medicine1215199542
Krupa Patel MAFamily Medicine1669868592
Gary H Asher MAFamily Medicine1689663882
Ann M Sabatino MAFamily Medicine1902816911
Wayne J Byrnes MAFamily Medicine1851330385
Emily D'amelio MAFamily Medicine1629704598
Cristi A Desocio NHFamily Medicine1497040844
Jennifer Lynne Dressel MAFamily Medicine1447456348
Lydia H Mcclure MAFamily Medicine1689647125
David M Spiegelman MAFamily Medicine1083671952
Laila Attar MAFamily Medicine1174589311
Stella Macharia MAFamily Medicine1982202073
Edward D Sprague MAFamily Medicine1841232956
Cynthia R. Sprague MAFamily Medicine1134162407
Muhammad Saiful Mowla MAFamily Medicine1720286289
William Steven Friedman MAFamily Medicine1427015379
Stephen Jacob Weedon MAFamily Medicine1649214743
Lisa Rembetsy-brown MAFamily Medicine1306811013
Pamela Sansoucy MAFamily Medicine1982022935
David N Havlin MAFamily Medicine1548231731
Shawn Anthony Berkowitz MAFamily Medicine1063479798
John E. Harrington MAFamily Medicine1245229012
Kavitha Kayathi MAFamily Medicine1114160736
Monisha Sarin MAFamily Medicine1609915529
Tatyana Sayko MAFamily Medicine1750392700
Tammy E Vargas MAFamily Medicine1508803545
Edlira Duro MAFamily Medicine1760425003
Eric M Lupoli MAFamily Medicine1558330613
Thomas E Jaquith-houston MAFamily Medicine1013074681
Carleen Anne Mcquaid MAFamily Medicine1780895433
Andrey Yuryevich Sayko MAFamily Medicine1730112368
Martin Devine MAFamily Medicine1134180425
Hope E Ring MAFamily Medicine1679520829
Syed Shujaat Ali MAFamily Medicine1508831256
Brenda J Geddis-comrie MAFamily Medicine1306945092
Archana S Shah MAFamily Medicine1184685133
Paul D Harrington MAFamily Medicine1972671758
Sreekiran Thotakura MIFamily Medicine1821415035
Marianne Monet Willey Trotter OHFamily Medicine1578622031
John M Lawrence MAFamily Medicine1841586401
Leonard A Waice MAFamily Medicine1073529319
Neil F Cannon MAFamily Medicine1902894017
Sunita N Godiwala MAFamily Medicine1407838188
Asjad Mahmood Ali MAFamily Medicine1013101948
Stephen J Smith MAFamily Medicine1710969670
Raffia Qutab MAFamily Medicine1588719462
Kristen Elizabeth Newsom MAFamily Medicine1104111426
Frederic Baker MAFamily Medicine1972586956
Christopher I. Bechara MAFamily Medicine1912978644
Jeanette Cloutier MAFamily Medicine1174680748
Todd Christopher Malvey SCFamily Medicine1811093198
Kenneth Stillman MAFamily Medicine1053394726
Apeksha Tripathi MAFamily Medicine1437106978
John S Stevenson MAFamily Medicine1457388696


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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