Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine (207Q00000X) in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine (207Q00000X)
in the state of Florida:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bruce Josten 32405, FLFamily Medicine1720145881
Thuc Hoang Tran 32839, FLFamily Medicine1104333061
Annie Taylor Millis 33905, FLFamily Medicine1003388083
Carol M Gaines 32128, FLFamily Medicine1235117102
Richard C Goff 32446, FLFamily Medicine1295713659
Andrew S Gross 34698, FLFamily Medicine1396723003
Keith Allan Campbell 32832, FLFamily Medicine1013074715
John K Hairabet 33458, FLFamily Medicine1871650713
Adoracion Poblete Sotomayor 32234, FLFamily Medicine1033276878
Paul K Southard 34608, FLFamily Medicine1902963788
Elisa Lynn Ginter 33065, FLFamily Medicine1871650507
Chet Anthony 32102, FLFamily Medicine1871650465
Jose A Perez Vila 33012, FLFamily Medicine1598822181
Joseph Sbarra 32405, FLFamily Medicine1760531149
Denise Michelle Mcbroom 31405, FLFamily Medicine1558546267
William C Leach 34478, FLFamily Medicine1003091372
Amaury Guerra Gutierrez 33027, FLFamily Medicine1063742740
Jacob Lazarovic 33323, FLFamily Medicine1457697914
Paulina Rios 24283, FLFamily Medicine1366959108
Dawn M Garcen 33181, FLFamily Medicine1578541371
Tommye Royce Crosby 32533, FLFamily Medicine1700864451
Lilian P Obrero Gines 32225, FLFamily Medicine1770630709
Ali Yasser El Sergany 33477, FLFamily Medicine1871650002
Majed B Hassan 32257, FLFamily Medicine1366599540
Manoucher Khojasteh 33407, FLFamily Medicine1548317787
Dario D Altamirano 33012, FLFamily Medicine1871571471
Daniel A Rossignol 32904, FLFamily Medicine1821076431
Eric L Lang 32935, FLFamily Medicine1801874466
Alberto Isaac Alzate 32886, FLFamily Medicine1801874490
Paul A Tilton 32542, FLFamily Medicine1033266192
Francisco Muguercia 33135, FLFamily Medicine1588711493
Robert Lemons 33712, FLFamily Medicine1639226459
Dolores Nava-mosquera 33702, FLFamily Medicine1356498695
Rafael Segundo Briceno 33081, FLFamily Medicine1174670863
Cecilia D Carag 34233, FLFamily Medicine1174708481
Gary M. Clay 33142, FLFamily Medicine1548705239
Glynnis J Lyons 34986, FLFamily Medicine1669450854
Kia Michon Mitchell 32225, FLFamily Medicine1184602583
Edward Dominick Tribuzio 32034, FLFamily Medicine1174501571
Nidal El Rimawi 32348, FLFamily Medicine1104804525
Christina Brockman 32550, FLFamily Medicine1407834864
Jessy Casimiro 32173, FLFamily Medicine1639157902
Oliver Martin Hasek 32425, FLFamily Medicine1205814589
Edith Davis 33150, FLFamily Medicine1407900277
Melissa M Bray 46324, FLFamily Medicine1437206794
Maria C San Antonio 32837, FLFamily Medicine1538217815
Michael Gerard Deichen 32816, FLFamily Medicine1053469312
Marty W Shields 79106, FLFamily Medicine1053469361
Nikia Lashonda Phillips 33414, FLFamily Medicine1740510312
Raymond William Pryor 33027, FLFamily Medicine1447580022
Gincy Liz Kandankulam 33414, FLFamily Medicine1477883965
Walter Chalmers Ward 32779, FLFamily Medicine1164792263
John Daniel Mccarthy 32224, FLFamily Medicine1780129429
Saleem Azad 33328, FLFamily Medicine1457896052
Karen A Hearst 33169, FLFamily Medicine1912985250
Shiva Lakshmin 32886, FLFamily Medicine1851379184
Christopher M. Davey 33713, FLFamily Medicine1962480160
Jennifer Lynn Lay 32542, FLFamily Medicine1851379101
Kevin A. Radbill 33622, FLFamily Medicine1851379036
Varesh R Patel 32804, FLFamily Medicine1760461289
John Bolla 32164, FLFamily Medicine1396723581
Ramesh M Patel 32804, FLFamily Medicine1174503924
Lauren Brenci Franklin 32536, FLFamily Medicine1043298284
Luana Carcassoni 33012, FLFamily Medicine1972651164
Chester Ashley Messick 32571, FLFamily Medicine1336324672
Robert Samir Ansara 33062, FLFamily Medicine1780869024
Adam J Prawer 33715, FLFamily Medicine1841594801
Edgar Rojo 73019, FLFamily Medicine1992393771
Jeane M Thomas 32507, FLFamily Medicine1326688458
Melissa Ann Gies 32812, FLFamily Medicine1255092607
Helen Chan 33805, FLFamily Medicine1780733006
Kelly Ann Roberts 32621, FLFamily Medicine1346398021
Frank Orlando 32891, FLFamily Medicine1538217294
Francis Joseph Karcsh 32822, FLFamily Medicine1033267604
Murthy Ravipati 33612, FLFamily Medicine1295883841
Tanya Reeves Richardson 33027, FLFamily Medicine1427106921
Kumaran K Mohan 32757, FLFamily Medicine1932258365
Azim Akbarali Lalani 34210, FLFamily Medicine1649455601
Jane Louise Simenson 33914, FLFamily Medicine1235376591
Myra C Gibson 33558, FLFamily Medicine1033507348
Carolina Pavon 33971, FLFamily Medicine1053951996
Salvador Torres-torres 33316, FLFamily Medicine1720066822
Stephen Channing Shortlidge 33902, FLFamily Medicine1962481234
Bruce Edward Day 33710, FLFamily Medicine1659359784
Michael E Belotti 33414, FLFamily Medicine1861541195
Ronald Lynch 32746, FLFamily Medicine1366591554
Onelia Del Pozo Saavedra 33013, FLFamily Medicine1215086343
Marinelle Platon-jones 32258, FLFamily Medicine1912056789
Delvis Secin Santana 33407, FLFamily Medicine1659760916
Allen R Kuhn 33777, FLFamily Medicine1073592085
David Schulze 33902, FLFamily Medicine1245219971
Joseph D Howard 32563, FLFamily Medicine1194705160
Gene Lee Dowell 77555, FLFamily Medicine1225017106
Karen Ann Johnson 33027, FLFamily Medicine1114906963
Leo Joseph Robb 33426, FLFamily Medicine1760461685
George Blanton 33467, FLFamily Medicine1730168683
Carmen Milagros Cabrera Crespo 34741, FLFamily Medicine1255310074
Michael J Perry 33169, FLFamily Medicine1568441202
Leo Bernard Dalton 33708, FLFamily Medicine1245219880
Daniel Topping 32609, FLFamily Medicine1760461495
Mohsin H Jaffer 33326, FLFamily Medicine1760531461
Atreyi Chakrabarti 33579, FLFamily Medicine1700935400
Basilio Garcia-sellek 33175, FLFamily Medicine1871643262
Irfan Nasir 32891, FLFamily Medicine1538345442
David Maynoldi 32073, FLFamily Medicine1144591249
Carlyn Sainvil 30281, FLFamily Medicine1609312909
Jerry Francis Xavier Cushman 33169, FLFamily Medicine1851370167
Robert C Matylewicz 17368, FLFamily Medicine1629057492
Cesar A Ramirez 33144, FLFamily Medicine1376522961
Cherie Alta Thomas 85602, FLFamily Medicine1982683645
David Patrick Laughlin 32542, FLFamily Medicine1629057260
David Scott Trochtenberg 37208, FLFamily Medicine1366421984
Olga Grajales 33585, FLFamily Medicine1467431064
Vijay K Jain 32137, FLFamily Medicine1902885551
Laura Jean Peralta 33326, FLFamily Medicine1568512598
Doris A Hamawy 33065, FLFamily Medicine1003966128
Joseph Piccolo 34224, FLFamily Medicine1538219589
Lawrence Elwood Shepard 33614, FLFamily Medicine1982754941
Jeanne Kaiulani Windsor 33903, FLFamily Medicine1386794220
Robert S. Oller 33328, FLFamily Medicine1811268626
Ken Si Abrahim 32746, FLFamily Medicine1235118811
Eduardo Torres 33880, FLFamily Medicine1679553606
Jose H Valladares 33245, FLFamily Medicine1336128891
Steven William Cohen 34983, FLFamily Medicine1518018142
Justin Robert Ashmore 32712, FLFamily Medicine1649417791
Colette Susan Haywood 33971, FLFamily Medicine1346545985
Norma B Gilo 32428, FLFamily Medicine1326318908
Antoinette Lloyd 33573, FLFamily Medicine1174069330
Anabel Sobredo Garcia 33018, FLFamily Medicine1568113355
Edward Roger Gillett 33701, FLFamily Medicine1245219633
James Lloyd Persson 32561, FLFamily Medicine1871573972
Alanna Laura Kaplan 34695, FLFamily Medicine1003092784
Hongdu K. Ly 95132, FLFamily Medicine1972740942
James Reginald Benjamin 33145, FLFamily Medicine1134270077
Susan Bonkemeyer Millan 32606, FLFamily Medicine1336290782
Joseph A Ignacio 33134, FLFamily Medicine1700062494
James Tu 92106, FLFamily Medicine1063659951
Brian Louis Ireland 32937, FLFamily Medicine1225275183
Eduardo Ramon Diaz 32701, FLFamily Medicine1902043771
Melody Lane Hanger 32174, FLFamily Medicine1023348042
Athina Lynn Kyritsis 34135, FLFamily Medicine1982934915
Romy Soto 33612, FLFamily Medicine1770820441
Natasha Destin 33461, FLFamily Medicine1184213068
Jacob W. Aaronson 33020, FLFamily Medicine1710957444
Nelly A Otero-rodriguez 34755, FLFamily Medicine1821141680
Kamlesh N Bajpai 34655, FLFamily Medicine1518018878
Michael Joseph Baglino 48099, FLFamily Medicine1780735050
Aixa Skelton 32277, FLFamily Medicine1720139959
Emily Marie Henning 32720, FLFamily Medicine1972654077
Herve Junior Cenatus 33682, FLFamily Medicine1467638940
Romeena Tejiram Martinez 33617, FLFamily Medicine1679810212
Satwinder Kaur Bindra 32746, FLFamily Medicine1225502032
Sidney Ernest Clevinger 34471, FLFamily Medicine1760461974
Todd Jacobs 33308, FLFamily Medicine1669452264
Osman I Ahmed 33713, FLFamily Medicine1639221260
Jay Scheiner 33436, FLFamily Medicine1477604544
Zatchel Joaquin Soto 34601, FLFamily Medicine1740332485
James Richard Shoemaker 32174, FLFamily Medicine1518018530
David Wesley Carpenter 32174, FLFamily Medicine1164573192
Ronald G. Kludo 33467, FLFamily Medicine1689725533
Duane Herring 32446, FLFamily Medicine1881746527
Val Sheffield 32446, FLFamily Medicine1477605129
Robert James Ailes 33556, FLFamily Medicine1265763130
Laura Paige Slack 32789, FLFamily Medicine1497051767
Tina Anne Marie Shenouda 77087, FLFamily Medicine1326386996
Rohit Shori Mehra 33328, FLFamily Medicine1265854897
Latoya Camay Howell 33426, FLFamily Medicine1013425727
David J Hobbs 33713, FLFamily Medicine1639158702
Gregory Todd Thier 32212, FLFamily Medicine1922088558
Karla K Noel 33907, FLFamily Medicine1457331936
Robert L Kincaid 32506, FLFamily Medicine1356321913
James S Miller 34471, FLFamily Medicine1376523944
Michael Anthony Moscaritolo 32579, FLFamily Medicine1447230016
Eric Buete 34239, FLFamily Medicine1740260819
Maura Buete 34208, FLFamily Medicine1477533552
Michelle J Brandhorst 32513, FLFamily Medicine1083694178
Christopher Brian Cave 32566, FLFamily Medicine1730169848
Albert Richard Scafuri 34135, FLFamily Medicine1245210350
Michael G Daum 32506, FLFamily Medicine1912987033
Mae Marian Pouget 32244, FLFamily Medicine1811967045
Babak Boroujerdi 34787, FLFamily Medicine1538149562
Donna S Judson 32533, FLFamily Medicine1447230479
Donald Robert Mason 32561, FLFamily Medicine1942270186
Nighat Seema Ahmed 32310, FLFamily Medicine1083766687
John Kay Quigley 33621, FLFamily Medicine1326190893
Marwa Ali El-menshawi 32806, FLFamily Medicine1295887636
Robert Allen Williams 33873, FLFamily Medicine1568514701
Rania Hamvas 30067, FLFamily Medicine1013248996
Sonia Madera 33308, FLFamily Medicine1548531981
Thomas Richard Beaver 33050, FLFamily Medicine1841689528
Veysy Borges Leon 33186, FLFamily Medicine1669919155
Ammala Cantrell 32240, FLFamily Medicine1639159684
Americo B. Anton 33414, FLFamily Medicine1790765758
Erica Kitchell Wiedl 32097, FLFamily Medicine1649250606
Munira T Mian 32514, FLFamily Medicine1811977879
Jing-jing Mamaba Cardona 32225, FLFamily Medicine1457331415
Richard J Stachler 32561, FLFamily Medicine1952381923
Robert R Stock 32503, FLFamily Medicine1356321335
Cindy L Behrens 32513, FLFamily Medicine1962482307
Thomas Britt Taylor 32097, FLFamily Medicine1700866621


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