Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine (207Q00000X) in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine (207Q00000X)
in the state of Massachusetts:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Clara A Lennox 02176, MAFamily Medicine1528125119
Michelle-rae Reinhold 03060, MAFamily Medicine1619484573
Mark J Eubanks 02360, MAFamily Medicine1619955465
Deborah J Kylander 01581, MAFamily Medicine1528046372
Theodor Thomas Herwig 02631, MAFamily Medicine1821076688
Laura Ann Garelick 01746, MAFamily Medicine1013995208
Debra Susan Gerstein 02446, MAFamily Medicine1851379630
Maura E Shaughnessy 02052, MAFamily Medicine1306824594
Sean James Dacus 01373, MAFamily Medicine1043377609
Thomas E Jaquith-houston 01501, MAFamily Medicine1013074681
Jeanette Cloutier 01532, MAFamily Medicine1174680748
Martha Mcloughlin 01605, MAFamily Medicine1700943214
Diane Andren Epstein 01854, MAFamily Medicine1932266343
Laura Reis 02130, MAFamily Medicine1811267131
Theresa Rae Aguilar 02118, MAFamily Medicine1205343944
Shantel Williams 02601, MAFamily Medicine1093288698
Alan Burr Steinbach 94941, MAFamily Medicine1407834930
Lisa Ann Howard 06082, MAFamily Medicine1417935818
Cathleen Sloan Hood 02790, MAFamily Medicine1447238852
John J Alifano 01118, MAFamily Medicine1013995430
Natalie Catherine Morson 02171, MAFamily Medicine1407150436
Charles T Williams 02128, MAFamily Medicine1134107436
Kathryn R Ellis 02054, MAFamily Medicine1942288295
Kavitha Gazula 01720, MAFamily Medicine1710965074
Kenneth K Gerweck 02141, MAFamily Medicine1497733752
Mirriam Hoffman 02128, MAFamily Medicine1508844689
John Torro 01841, MAFamily Medicine1003186172
Kit Chan 02215, MAFamily Medicine1528116571
Tu-mai D Tran 02118, MAFamily Medicine1740338524
Jeffrey Satnick 01583, MAFamily Medicine1942358650
Charles Kaplan 02476, MAFamily Medicine1386792877
Linnea A Meyer 02114, MAFamily Medicine1316096746
G Curtis Barry 02601, MAFamily Medicine1700934189
Louis J. Berk 01720, MAFamily Medicine1730501875
Diana Maria Rodriguez 02109, MAFamily Medicine1053399154
Glennon John Ogrady 02124, MAFamily Medicine1174502140
Mari J Bentley 02118, MAFamily Medicine1043299027
Karin Leschly 02128, MAFamily Medicine1013996099
Cheryl A Mcsweeney 02128, MAFamily Medicine1811976897
Rachel K Mott Keis 02128, MAFamily Medicine1447239439
Darren M. Lynch 01060, MAFamily Medicine1922087832
Daniel E Clapp 01002, MAFamily Medicine1063561736
Laura Johnston Simpson 01945, MAFamily Medicine1760668503
Donna Marie Kaminski 07960, MAFamily Medicine1033489802
Madeline Colon-usowicz 02724, MAFamily Medicine1841340734
Lisa Marie Lazarz-ciesla 01003, MAFamily Medicine1003966268
Michael J Lowney 02132, MAFamily Medicine1801946926
Douglas Robert Schulte 01880, MAFamily Medicine1114906617
Peter G Stringham 02128, MAFamily Medicine1619956141
Richard J Aubry 02151, MAFamily Medicine1225017510
Joseph P Spychalski 03106, MAFamily Medicine1346229630
Ilia J Coka 02131, MAFamily Medicine1083693386
Syed M Imam 02301, MAFamily Medicine1972789592
Maria Gallo 01003, MAFamily Medicine1548311533
Elizabeth Gebhard 02762, MAFamily Medicine1427109438
David Gilchrist 01606, MAFamily Medicine1952452989
Jonathan Burns 02149, MAFamily Medicine1396897096
Cuong H Nguyen 01602, MAFamily Medicine1518018274
Toral Shailesh Parikh 02241, MAFamily Medicine1992785919
Lauren C Schwartz 01102, MAFamily Medicine1093991267
Grant A Dawson 98855, MAFamily Medicine1568648749
Michael A Campbell 02720, MAFamily Medicine1376523621
Wendelin K. Reymond 01107, MAFamily Medicine1467432229
Elizabeth A. Coates 01098, MAFamily Medicine1073593273
Andrew Mackey 01060, MAFamily Medicine1063492262
Heather Cabral Silvero 01730, MAFamily Medicine1477533941
Katherine Alice Powers 01886, MAFamily Medicine1699828780
Sandra Bender 02649, MAFamily Medicine1831169234
Khalil Alleyne 02061, MAFamily Medicine1003092081
Adi Rattner 02118, MAFamily Medicine1235552415
Carolyn Arnold 02119, MAFamily Medicine1093104408
Anavera Lopes 01913, MAFamily Medicine1114070158
Seamus Mark 01581, MAFamily Medicine1538212477
Charles K. Brummer 01060, MAFamily Medicine1730159963
Sabine Elisabeth Stehle 01841, MAFamily Medicine1043280225
Stephanie Joanne Billings 01062, MAFamily Medicine1093785412
Jessica Zeuli Dacus 01035, MAFamily Medicine1144374562
Rula Youssef 01843, MAFamily Medicine1871647297
Jeremiah J Lowney 02136, MAFamily Medicine1164576138
Thomas Byrne 01610, MAFamily Medicine1437129400
John N Grieveson 01854, MAFamily Medicine1326018813
Shelly Z Berkowitz 01060, MAFamily Medicine1982674479
Flora F Sadri-azarbayejani 01603, MAFamily Medicine1023088820
Amy Pearsall 02446, MAFamily Medicine1043365927
Raffia Qutab 01520, MAFamily Medicine1588719462
Kathleen Whitcomb 02189, MAFamily Medicine1720586779
Christina Mealey 02141, MAFamily Medicine1003569591
Wendy Gaines 02453, MAFamily Medicine1114997970
Kirsten Meisinger 02143, MAFamily Medicine1215907092
Gary Brian Kershner 07083, MAFamily Medicine1518937234
Charles D Malis 02649, MAFamily Medicine1891766176
Donald Miller 01852, MAFamily Medicine1922079219
Anne Marie Nunez 33325, MAFamily Medicine1275503732
Stephen L Payne 01267, MAFamily Medicine1134190150
Judith Victoria Aldrich 04572, MAFamily Medicine1548316508
Matthew M Eckstat 02118, MAFamily Medicine1437549763
Ronald Loescher 01041, MAFamily Medicine1487624888
Kathleen Kerr 01376, MAFamily Medicine1619947942
Deepa Prakash Arya 02109, MAFamily Medicine1134190473
Nasim Ghaffar 01826, MAFamily Medicine1770554032
Rebanta Kumar Chakraborty 98405, MAFamily Medicine1396076741
David N Havlin 01475, MAFamily Medicine1548231731
Janet Mary Grimes 01104, MAFamily Medicine1528114857
Andrew Michael Goldman 06069, MAFamily Medicine1629114376
Victoria Hogan 03079, MAFamily Medicine1427556091
Christopher I. Bechara 01523, MAFamily Medicine1912978644
Katherine Pena 02667, MAFamily Medicine1649241464
Elise Marie Henricks 02125, MAFamily Medicine1154392850
Elisabeth Joan Moths-rebrovic 02125, MAFamily Medicine1558332270
Linya Yang 02446, MAFamily Medicine1982740551
Miguel Angel Martinez 01923, MAFamily Medicine1063558427
Janet M Leaver 02072, MAFamily Medicine1245377506
Randy Lee Terrell 02284, MAFamily Medicine1437296530
Robert James Gagnon 02347, MAFamily Medicine1124090493
Richard M Lucchesi 02601, MAFamily Medicine1225175615
Christian J Holmblad 33027, MAFamily Medicine1447398805
Risa Schulman 01805, MAFamily Medicine1912045170
Junjie Fang 01566, MAFamily Medicine1932247061
Nancy D. Berube 01605, MAFamily Medicine1538131867
Thomas Russell Jevon 01867, MAFamily Medicine1104898022
Margaret M Curtin 02141, MAFamily Medicine1275671257
Linda Corinne 02115, MAFamily Medicine1134267933
Vera Jane Mccullen 02124, MAFamily Medicine1962734616
Edward Harold Scully 01843, MAFamily Medicine1982676052
Patricia A Iverson 01301, MAFamily Medicine1063484038
Eric C Churchill 01105, MAFamily Medicine1497993117
Suzanne Johannet 02478, MAFamily Medicine1063650695
Shannon Elizabeth Graley 02241, MAFamily Medicine1154393940
Jennifer Sparks 01841, MAFamily Medicine1972642981
Monisha Sarin 01610, MAFamily Medicine1609915529
Nidhi K Lal 02118, MAFamily Medicine1114990652
Lydia H Mcclure 03061, MAFamily Medicine1689647125
Robert M Shiner 02171, MAFamily Medicine1801869375
Vimal Patel 02601, MAFamily Medicine1427198787
Ira M Nathanson 01030, MAFamily Medicine1447223748
Charles Eilert 01605, MAFamily Medicine1760522635
Larry Culpepper 02118, MAFamily Medicine1225001076
Scott P Simmons 02557, MAFamily Medicine1922247220
Prince Nzeata 60030, MAFamily Medicine1770974776
Douglas W Comeau 02118, MAFamily Medicine1346382835
Anna Feleke 02115, MAFamily Medicine1457590572
Delphine Alignol 02135, MAFamily Medicine1730645847
Peter A. Weitzman 01035, MAFamily Medicine1902870322
Ethan S Brackett 02116, MAFamily Medicine1912970633
Linda L Luong 02118, MAFamily Medicine1689647257
Aram V Kaligian 02118, MAFamily Medicine1912970591
Katarzyna Pomianowski 01550, MAFamily Medicine1821062407
Alla Grigorevna Chapman 01002, MAFamily Medicine1558335174
Margaret Denise Mills 01826, MAFamily Medicine1457325722
Alan B. Weiner 08034, MAFamily Medicine1760456057
Diane Sharon Campbell 02645, MAFamily Medicine1902871262
Cathy L Vandenheuvel 02446, MAFamily Medicine1538133806
Renata Ratusznik-martin 01760, MAFamily Medicine1912971284
Rose S Weld 02180, MAFamily Medicine1295709582
Jeffrey F Markuns 02118, MAFamily Medicine1184698474
Joseph Peppe 01915, MAFamily Medicine1619941903
Thomas C Hines 02118, MAFamily Medicine1235103219
Timothy A Tierney 02176, MAFamily Medicine1306989066
Allan P. Baustin 01035, MAFamily Medicine1619941853
Joyce Elizabeth Duncan 01199, MAFamily Medicine1770559296
Julie M. Stanton 01035, MAFamily Medicine1609840842
Shawn M Ferullo 02139, MAFamily Medicine1962476994
Laura N Goldman 02118, MAFamily Medicine1205800455
Jeanne Diane Johnson 01030, MAFamily Medicine1477527414
Joanne E Wilkinson 02118, MAFamily Medicine1174597330
John M Wiecha 02118, MAFamily Medicine1609840644
Christopher S Manasseh 02119, MAFamily Medicine1407820673
Stephanie Patel 01923, MAFamily Medicine1609840461
David M Gunther 02118, MAFamily Medicine1467426536
Brian W Jack 02118, MAFamily Medicine1053385120
Khalil F. Shahin 01915, MAFamily Medicine1285608950
Lana Habash 02119, MAFamily Medicine1316911399
Adebayo A Lawal 02118, MAFamily Medicine1578537569
Sergei Ivantchev 01301, MAFamily Medicine1366416356
Nanette C Harvey 01890, MAFamily Medicine1235272626
Dennis A Batey 01608, MAFamily Medicine1689717084
Stephen R Holuk 01080, MAFamily Medicine1700929270
Myron Maron 01366, MAFamily Medicine1245373711
Richard F Clarke 01201, MAFamily Medicine1972646354
Timothy A Newman 01201, MAFamily Medicine1972646370
Jessica Chang Lim 02301, MAFamily Medicine1053454272
Tasha Jewell Christo 02360, MAFamily Medicine1861724098
Gene A Whitman 02128, MAFamily Medicine1871568519
Syed Shujaat Ali 01550, MAFamily Medicine1508831256
Phi Van Tran 01841, MAFamily Medicine1124092929
Nimmi Trapasso 02481, MAFamily Medicine1376517102
William R Smith 01039, MAFamily Medicine1881669448
Debbie Fuentes 02118, MAFamily Medicine1639144074
Marcia Goldensher 02109, MAFamily Medicine1407821119
Lisa Rembetsy-brown 01473, MAFamily Medicine1306811013
Jennifer Ryan 01440, MAFamily Medicine1467427708
Francis W. Sweeney 01440, MAFamily Medicine1982679601
Jennifer L Pfau 02128, MAFamily Medicine1134263502
Janice King 28546, MAFamily Medicine1770116998
Danielle Dziok 01301, MAFamily Medicine1104571173
Frank Osborn 01876, MAFamily Medicine1518932128
Lydia Barbara 07436, MAFamily Medicine1427417492
Felice Ptricia Meadow 02452, MAFamily Medicine1457326993
Yuko Mccolgan 02446, MAFamily Medicine1508035841
Evelyne N Chiakpo 02118, MAFamily Medicine1619942075


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