Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine (207Q00000X) in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine (207Q00000X)
in the state of New York:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas J Laclair 13031, NYFamily Medicine1003819053
Dewey Boyer 13413, NYFamily Medicine1811990948
Joseph Colosi 13413, NYFamily Medicine1780687814
Kulsoom Shah 11794, NYFamily Medicine1114920360
Philip T Drew 12054, NYFamily Medicine1104829357
Sujatha Konnanath Palat 11794, NYFamily Medicine1083617112
Andrew L Finley 13066, NYFamily Medicine1396748414
Timothy A Mathis 13413, NYFamily Medicine1790788867
David Thurber Page 13031, NYFamily Medicine1114920287
John Kavcic 14227, NYFamily Medicine1992708754
Steven M Connolly 13031, NYFamily Medicine1639172414
Orville Hendricks 14227, NYFamily Medicine1700889573
Lingappa Amernath 13413, NYFamily Medicine1962405001
Eugene P Heslin 12477, NYFamily Medicine1487657045
Scott J Costley 12472, NYFamily Medicine1881697423
Mary D. Driesch 14527, NYFamily Medicine1508869199
Laura J Decker 12477, NYFamily Medicine1649273202
Mary P. King 11710, NYFamily Medicine1265435655
Craig K Maclean 14075, NYFamily Medicine1588667893
Elizabeth Saarie 13057, NYFamily Medicine1639172968
David Treatman 11232, NYFamily Medicine1952303281
Karl Frederick Hafner 13069, NYFamily Medicine1235132655
Karen E Beckman 13057, NYFamily Medicine1750384020
Melinda B Mcminn 13210, NYFamily Medicine1467455709
Daniel B Rancier 13039, NYFamily Medicine1558364885
John Stuart Lichtenstein 12489, NYFamily Medicine1336141647
Manuel R Rosales 11779, NYFamily Medicine1487656740
Jack Z Nussbaum 11779, NYFamily Medicine1346242690
Ashok Kumar Ram 11581, NYFamily Medicine1003818139
David I Hauer 11779, NYFamily Medicine1518969880
Siraj U Siddiqui 14895, NYFamily Medicine1598767840
Lewis Lee Bateman 11777, NYFamily Medicine1396749669
Marc Chasin 10950, NYFamily Medicine1316941131
Tariq A Sheikh 14047, NYFamily Medicine1891799656
Morris M Cavalieri 14047, NYFamily Medicine1114921947
Nisha Sharma 14081, NYFamily Medicine1932103769
Todd E Baldwin 12449, NYFamily Medicine1275537250
Donald Christopher Enoch 10598, NYFamily Medicine1447252663
James W Ferguson 11730, NYFamily Medicine1730183013
Ivette Bernadette Torres 12550, NYFamily Medicine1477557999
Robin Jean Portelli 10928, NYFamily Medicine1639173164
Nelson Eng 10458, NYFamily Medicine1316941776
John Aloysius Mcgurty 10566, NYFamily Medicine1619972908
Robert L Bull 14092, NYFamily Medicine1568467876
Marjorie J. Isdith 11758, NYFamily Medicine1205831435
Stephen Stanley Benham 13838, NYFamily Medicine1891790069
Ocean Parkway Medical, P.c. 11230, NYFamily Medicine1801891064
Eric H Goodwin 14075, NYFamily Medicine1891790762
Joseph W Hinterberger 14837, NYFamily Medicine1326043464
Giridhar Cholpady Kamath 12110, NYFamily Medicine1053316042
Daniel P. Pisaniello 13368, NYFamily Medicine1710982616
David P Kowalski Md Family Practice Pllc 14127, NYFamily Medicine1235134149
Jason Mohan Bhan 20165, NYFamily Medicine1841295896
Lorne R Campbell 13790, NYFamily Medicine1578568150
William Robert Kuehnling 14043, NYFamily Medicine1255337705
Gregorio Reyes 11542, NYFamily Medicine1376549865
David P Kowalski 14127, NYFamily Medicine1881699312
William D Mayer 12025, NYFamily Medicine1518963941
Kevin Cope 12025, NYFamily Medicine1861498248
Shung Cheng 10314, NYFamily Medicine1225034242
Gina Greco-tartaglia 10598, NYFamily Medicine1629074638
Elwin L Stillman 13367, NYFamily Medicine1346246428
Imran Ahmed 12786, NYFamily Medicine1043216948
Linda Joy Mendelsohn 18337, NYFamily Medicine1649276544
Anthony Tomasso 11967, NYFamily Medicine1962408708
Matthew G Rivkin 10924, NYFamily Medicine1740286350
Jill Christine Peterson 13601, NYFamily Medicine1629074232
James Peter Aram 12180, NYFamily Medicine1417954058
Alan R Lampert 11768, NYFamily Medicine1225035876
Perry Ave Family Medical Center Inc 10467, NYFamily Medicine1619973518
Meera Shah 10011, NYFamily Medicine1720345341
Teresa V Dombek-lang 13642, NYFamily Medicine1699771295
Mark H. Krotowski 11559, NYFamily Medicine1538165311
David Neild Prentiss 11778, NYFamily Medicine1407852940
Edward Jerome Degnan 12159, NYFamily Medicine1023015625
Herbert Michael Weinman 12528, NYFamily Medicine1427055979
Yeahseon Choi Bruinings 11361, NYFamily Medicine1770580235
Alpha k Family Medical Practice P.c. 11367, NYFamily Medicine1659378172
Tahirul Hoda 13732, NYFamily Medicine1568469096
Robert S Nissan 11768, NYFamily Medicine1669479010
Eileen Katherine Kosieracki 14411, NYFamily Medicine1174520589
Dorothy R Lennon 13210, NYFamily Medicine1992702245
Laurie J. Costello 11746, NYFamily Medicine1376540435
Richard M Junke 14094, NYFamily Medicine1184621153
Chandra M Gupta 11096, NYFamily Medicine1851398820
James John Panzarella 14150, NYFamily Medicine1518964204
Robert Farron 11691, NYFamily Medicine1245237098
Joshua Michael Usen 14228, NYFamily Medicine1447257399
Richard L Farrell 12866, NYFamily Medicine1548267271
Oneida Medical Associates Pllc 13421, NYFamily Medicine1255338018
John J Gil 11778, NYFamily Medicine1376541912
Christopher Ng 11733, NYFamily Medicine1134127616
Tuyen Thanh Trinh 10013, NYFamily Medicine1780682203
Michael L Christie 14605, NYFamily Medicine1306844691
Rajinder Basra 14020, NYFamily Medicine1003814351
Jerome C Andres 14304, NYFamily Medicine1063410108
Harold V Reubens 14304, NYFamily Medicine1164420378
Paul John Caro 14047, NYFamily Medicine1851399000
Denise A Freeman 13755, NYFamily Medicine1841298015
Ronald G Palazzo 14127, NYFamily Medicine1437157609
Jose Antonio Aguero 12401, NYFamily Medicine1891793964
Daniel W Zorich 14304, NYFamily Medicine1770581993
Michael J Freeman 13856, NYFamily Medicine1396743407
Ronald Langman 11385, NYFamily Medicine1467450452
Sonjoy Singh 14304, NYFamily Medicine1063410066
Maria J Komin 14304, NYFamily Medicine1508864505
Ashok Singh 14304, NYFamily Medicine1326046343
Florence C Bero 13617, NYFamily Medicine1508864539
Antonio P Corona 11756, NYFamily Medicine1124026026
Andrew Jon Chernack 12601, NYFamily Medicine1972500205
Jason H Kindt 10010, NYFamily Medicine1811994650
Lennie Hobenson 11230, NYFamily Medicine1144228206
David Michael Newman 14020, NYFamily Medicine1104824705
Laura Ellen Staff 12205, NYFamily Medicine1174521363
Anna Belle Hyde 13601, NYFamily Medicine1588661011
Isaiah H Pinckney 11212, NYFamily Medicine1922006022
Christopher John Cimmino 11385, NYFamily Medicine1366440133
Nancy A Girard 13607, NYFamily Medicine1689673378
Maury J Greenberg 11790, NYFamily Medicine1467451120
Hong T-l Raphael 12010, NYFamily Medicine1578562054
Joseph R. Sinchak 13317, NYFamily Medicine1922007400
Chad E Szymanski 14120, NYFamily Medicine1336148709
John Boccio 11714, NYFamily Medicine1396744504
Pierre E Dionne 14760, NYFamily Medicine1497754428
Patrick Barnett Burns 11743, NYFamily Medicine1699775312
Lawrence Family Medical Practice, P.c. 11559, NYFamily Medicine1124028907
James L Neuendorf 10601, NYFamily Medicine1831199553
Lorraine Frances Burns 11743, NYFamily Medicine1609876325
Riny Mathai 10701, NYFamily Medicine1407856180
David Nicolas Cotos-mejia 11232, NYFamily Medicine1467452060
Jocelyn Ronquillo 10701, NYFamily Medicine1528068111
Olga Steklova 11361, NYFamily Medicine1508866195
Darius B Greene 11714, NYFamily Medicine1093715575
Vincent M Ibelli 10983, NYFamily Medicine1033119599
Stephen Philip Scrivani 14221, NYFamily Medicine1720088081
Martin Masarech 13778, NYFamily Medicine1356341622
Lawrence Thomas Sinatra 14221, NYFamily Medicine1942200209
Debbian Fletcher-blake 10016, NYFamily Medicine1841290046
Gabriel Zatlin 10003, NYFamily Medicine1013917210
Alba Pumarol 10473, NYFamily Medicine1144220344
Gina Lynch 11201, NYFamily Medicine1649270877
Gerard F Abess 12801, NYFamily Medicine1467452441
Kwame Kitson 10453, NYFamily Medicine1982604955
Nicole Neretin 10003, NYFamily Medicine1649270612
Ginger Gillespie 10003, NYFamily Medicine1417957481
Phillip Baird 10017, NYFamily Medicine1134129117
Neil Calman 10003, NYFamily Medicine1770583759
Timothy Jones 13862, NYFamily Medicine1467453498
Dawn Aubel 10022, NYFamily Medicine1215938279
Juana Evangelista Hernandez 11220, NYFamily Medicine1851392856
Wayne Teris 13850, NYFamily Medicine1881695740
Vijayalakshmi Rampam 12550, NYFamily Medicine1386645133
Mark Edward Swetz 14127, NYFamily Medicine1013918879
Steven L Ventrudo 10983, NYFamily Medicine1265432736
James Mark Melis 11357, NYFamily Medicine1992704233
Donald Nash 13901, NYFamily Medicine1467453415
Edgar Figueroa 10021, NYFamily Medicine1518966852
David S Shulman 14760, NYFamily Medicine1467451534
Carol P Taylor 10990, NYFamily Medicine1699776294
Dave Family Medical Services Pc 10801, NYFamily Medicine1952302622
Suryakant Shah 10538, NYFamily Medicine1629079249
Jennifer Weinraub 14850, NYFamily Medicine1902807407
David Evelyn 13820, NYFamily Medicine1174524672
William C Schueler 14221, NYFamily Medicine1487655908
Allan Scott Detweiler 11096, NYFamily Medicine1992706402
Issachar Karten 10033, NYFamily Medicine1205837614
Carolyn L Coveney 13104, NYFamily Medicine1871594234
Mark E Ohl 13408, NYFamily Medicine1407857865
Barbara L Jeffers 13480, NYFamily Medicine1770584138
Benjamin Friedell 13820, NYFamily Medicine1912908203
William H Forlano 12010, NYFamily Medicine1114928413
Amy Grace 13365, NYFamily Medicine1154322469
George G Weis 12010, NYFamily Medicine1457352999
Peter Lofaso 13760, NYFamily Medicine1942201496
Robert M Droege 12010, NYFamily Medicine1164423489
Carlton James Rule 13838, NYFamily Medicine1619978020
Christopher Wolfgould 13820, NYFamily Medicine1609877885
Charles Richard Gordon 10033, NYFamily Medicine1326049529
Blaine Jones 13820, NYFamily Medicine1841291085
Stanley Fox 13820, NYFamily Medicine1801897921
Robert W Delorme 13346, NYFamily Medicine1912908005
Kenneth I Werner 13501, NYFamily Medicine1558362640
Kerri A Taylor 13409, NYFamily Medicine1376544460
Byung C. Kang 11354, NYFamily Medicine1760484687
Robert Schiller 10003, NYFamily Medicine1083616866
Kathleen Greener 10003, NYFamily Medicine1871595447
Lawrence Orinstein 11783, NYFamily Medicine1063414795
Marc Levin 10003, NYFamily Medicine1235131749
Marie Therese Dorcely 11206, NYFamily Medicine1043212475
Michael Bloom 14031, NYFamily Medicine1982606430
Sonia R Simpson 12601, NYFamily Medicine1730181140
Allen L Lee 11209, NYFamily Medicine1003818477
Naureen Abubaker Mohamed 14221, NYFamily Medicine1164424552
Peter James Petrulis 12484, NYFamily Medicine1669464624
Sean Patrick Boyle 13021, NYFamily Medicine1629060603
Eugene K Merecki 12020, NYFamily Medicine1720070808
J Thomas Reagan 14530, NYFamily Medicine1174515373
Hirendra J Dave 10801, NYFamily Medicine1417949421
David M Thomas 14221, NYFamily Medicine1316939333
Letchworth Family Medicine Pc 14530, NYFamily Medicine1154313351


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