Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine (207Q00000X) in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine (207Q00000X)
in the state of Texas:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Family Medicine is the medical specialty which is concerned with the total health care of the individual and the family. It is the specialty in breadth which integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system, or disease entity.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cheryl Ann Polkowski 75652, TXFamily Medicine1194882241
Tommy Brent Duncan 76135, TXFamily Medicine1194882258
Christina Tak Yee Ho 77304, TXFamily Medicine1508136227
Chrisette Dharmagunaratne 75235, TXFamily Medicine1790763654
Sapna Jaiswal 75235, TXFamily Medicine1881672749
Norma Linda Naghaviani 78213, TXFamily Medicine1346228137
Jayshri Chasmawala 75051, TXFamily Medicine1932266988
Larry Sharp 73080, TXFamily Medicine1306903315
James Park 76544, TXFamily Medicine1669539375
Mark Kreit 77327, TXFamily Medicine1083771976
Gene David Joe 75019, TXFamily Medicine1124185970
Carena Lee Chai 76707, TXFamily Medicine1063579704
Jeanie Chiu 75034, TXFamily Medicine1760667315
Roxana Erin Cham 75040, TXFamily Medicine1558546150
John Michael Lock 78610, TXFamily Medicine1245218130
Brad Richard Baker 76903, TXFamily Medicine1760460422
Michael Anthony Traub 75038, TXFamily Medicine1689652356
Ralph Claiborne Walsh 76199, TXFamily Medicine1508923848
Daniel Ramiro Canchola 75039, TXFamily Medicine1184771347
Farzad Fazeli 75217, TXFamily Medicine1184771362
Samuelw Eric Willis 77030, TXFamily Medicine1396892410
Patrick Stephen Tan Felicitas 75418, TXFamily Medicine1427233857
Ifedapo Sotubo 77598, TXFamily Medicine1063000909
Mark Dawson 78735, TXFamily Medicine1164400867
Thomas B Bender 76902, TXFamily Medicine1760460380
Samuel Christian Hartman 78410, TXFamily Medicine1134107782
C. Renee Branch 75701, TXFamily Medicine1205814753
Raul Santa-ana 78589, TXFamily Medicine1912985417
Roberto Gonzalez 78501, TXFamily Medicine1780662288
Jesus M Garza-tamez 78503, TXFamily Medicine1891773305
Puifun Lila Pappas 75503, TXFamily Medicine1053399584
Paul H Pappas 75503, TXFamily Medicine1356329825
Mark O Gabbie 75503, TXFamily Medicine1386622827
Robert Lee Harris 78230, TXFamily Medicine1881741809
Bonny Scott Olney 75252, TXFamily Medicine1861549768
Paul Stephen Saenz 78240, TXFamily Medicine1184771958
Timothy Scott Palomera 78240, TXFamily Medicine1841347614
Dora Linda Salazar 78731, TXFamily Medicine1013064880
Jaime J Gutierrez 78840, TXFamily Medicine1922155506
Paulo Calderon 75088, TXFamily Medicine1467637819
Janatte Diana Kanaan 78596, TXFamily Medicine1679758056
Derrick William Dvorak 75088, TXFamily Medicine1164607446
Muhammad Talal Siddique 76132, TXFamily Medicine1265736367
Nilesh Nangrani 75234, TXFamily Medicine1407126758
Nagwa Sabonghy 77079, TXFamily Medicine1407193923
Gregory C Lind 76904, TXFamily Medicine1609854165
Joseph Anthony Trachier 78759, TXFamily Medicine1063490357
Yi Yang 78249, TXFamily Medicine1477531770
Richard R Andrews 77036, TXFamily Medicine1225016520
Mary L Parish 75951, TXFamily Medicine1811044332
Mack Baygent Payne 76544, TXFamily Medicine1992852354
Keith N Steinhurst 76544, TXFamily Medicine1356498729
Adnan Yousuf 77004, TXFamily Medicine1841347242
Jesus Beltran 77377, TXFamily Medicine1811044126
Ricardo B Tan 76180, TXFamily Medicine1154479491
Lynn Nicole Stewart 78701, TXFamily Medicine1124176474
Sunand Monnaiah Kallumadanda 78503, TXFamily Medicine1588712848
Marty W Shields 79106, TXFamily Medicine1053469361
Jojet Laygo Zara 77057, TXFamily Medicine1689944712
Hobson Edmond Leblanc 78015, TXFamily Medicine1497733786
Wondiful A Colbert 23123, TXFamily Medicine1548248636
Ted Alexander 76310, TXFamily Medicine1003894296
Mihaela Anastase 76302, TXFamily Medicine1437137767
Feliciano Bucag 76302, TXFamily Medicine1174501415
Jon Barton Spain 76106, TXFamily Medicine1053399311
Cayetano E Barrera 78501, TXFamily Medicine1295713550
Michael Allen Mitchell 76365, TXFamily Medicine1770561904
James L Graham 78028, TXFamily Medicine1669450797
Gary Ozier 76309, TXFamily Medicine1922086065
Michael Ozier 76302, TXFamily Medicine1093793135
B Adam Shanes 21297, TXFamily Medicine1679551816
Larry E Sharp 37027, TXFamily Medicine1588642722
Magdi Tadros 76302, TXFamily Medicine1568440709
Tom Talbert 76307, TXFamily Medicine1366420333
Lucy Tan 76302, TXFamily Medicine1275511248
Elvira Tolentino 76302, TXFamily Medicine1467430611
Joel Trujillo 76308, TXFamily Medicine1285612432
Ralph Franklin Coleman 77099, TXFamily Medicine1902954191
Kara Marie Cizdziel 75246, TXFamily Medicine1558507913
Robert William Langdon 75230, TXFamily Medicine1205424199
Josef Francis Schmid 77058, TXFamily Medicine1356329445
Sammy Lerma 78602, TXFamily Medicine1871571950
Manvinder Kaur Kainth 75063, TXFamily Medicine1396893491
Ata T Salek 77043, TXFamily Medicine1063567840
Mehnaz Mumtaz 78291, TXFamily Medicine1578748794
Batool Asar 78245, TXFamily Medicine1194900316
Eduardo Miguel Guerra Valencia 78503, TXFamily Medicine1154568558
Cassandra Flores Carmon 77434, TXFamily Medicine1073153136
Paolo John Dugo 77047, TXFamily Medicine1134750169
Michael James Watson 79995, TXFamily Medicine1184602104
Christian Mark Schupp 77070, TXFamily Medicine1144378084
Kenneth Craig Horton 79072, TXFamily Medicine1700934486
Luis Rey Benavides 79761, TXFamily Medicine1912055674
Renato Deperalta Pinzon 75006, TXFamily Medicine1609924166
Karen Michelle Barton-nielsen 75791, TXFamily Medicine1972651313
Matthew Nelson Green 75071, TXFamily Medicine1417005828
Nandakishore Nemarugommula 78064, TXFamily Medicine1114102225
Peter Paily 78236, TXFamily Medicine1972788966
Melinda Guerry 77389, TXFamily Medicine1275921579
Christina Rodriguez 78251, TXFamily Medicine1487294369
Harry Fairman 77433, TXFamily Medicine1679113559
Joel Edward Meyer 78234, TXFamily Medicine1689652752
Perry Talbott Wolfe 79902, TXFamily Medicine1154300192
Dennis P Plummer 79106, TXFamily Medicine1962480913
Carlos M Quinones 77546, TXFamily Medicine1326027392
Gary P Phillips 76902, TXFamily Medicine1053390948
Jerry H Schulze 76902, TXFamily Medicine1285613182
Mary T Seger 76902, TXFamily Medicine1366421265
Ralph Allen Cicora 78411, TXFamily Medicine1053390088
Victor Alberto Diaz 77082, TXFamily Medicine1811046188
Debra Jane Gummelt 77384, TXFamily Medicine1326197609
Manjula Mittal 78853, TXFamily Medicine1942359773
John B Wright 77979, TXFamily Medicine1215086228
Dennis Wayne Coffman 75965, TXFamily Medicine1659421642
David J Choi 76137, TXFamily Medicine1376692285
Akili H Graham 77004, TXFamily Medicine1508915455
Neela K. Patel 78229, TXFamily Medicine1558546572
David A. Ramos 78225, TXFamily Medicine1003091976
Sarah Samreen 78291, TXFamily Medicine1427233303
Leigh A Romero 78731, TXFamily Medicine1780869685
Quan Nguyen 75380, TXFamily Medicine1386829299
Thomas Eric Eidson 76015, TXFamily Medicine1457598443
Steven Brian Hutto 78705, TXFamily Medicine1356588529
Ronald Stephen Stogryn 78258, TXFamily Medicine1952548133
Jaclyn Lee Ann Ganacias 75104, TXFamily Medicine1699912881
Michelle D Hanson 77502, TXFamily Medicine1700393931
Rhonda Lynn Romero 79424, TXFamily Medicine1699283960
Worship Mazunga Simbabure 77494, TXFamily Medicine1659911345
Robert Reagan Mcleroy 76241, TXFamily Medicine1356320147
James S Hahn 78705, TXFamily Medicine1457330292
Ricardo A Ochoa 78553, TXFamily Medicine1841270865
Gene Lee Dowell 77555, TXFamily Medicine1225017106
Cedric Hale Senter 77058, TXFamily Medicine1285613190
Michael Thomas Beets 75701, TXFamily Medicine1669521407
Carol Linda Pasko 78240, TXFamily Medicine1396894077
Barry W. Cornell 79920, TXFamily Medicine1912056524
Sharon Denett Kirven 75150, TXFamily Medicine1639228273
Christine Powell 75373, TXFamily Medicine1639228141
Maxine A Theriot 75063, TXFamily Medicine1194874628
Roberto A Duran 78852, TXFamily Medicine1215086749
Jesse William Vredenburgh 77386, TXFamily Medicine1174673685
Cynthia Kay Hamilton 79912, TXFamily Medicine1518017938
Juan Saucedo 78852, TXFamily Medicine1104976539
Asha Ganpat Wurdeman 77479, TXFamily Medicine1134305956
Edward G Pratt 78734, TXFamily Medicine1629254461
Olayemi Chukwuogo 77802, TXFamily Medicine1902176779
Donna Marie Regino 75494, TXFamily Medicine1316698335
Russell N Mcdonald 77619, TXFamily Medicine1669451266
Anne L Murphy 75225, TXFamily Medicine1386623049
Stephen Pritchard 78382, TXFamily Medicine1649259235
George A. Dawson 79605, TXFamily Medicine1699825950
Robert Eugene Gorton 76539, TXFamily Medicine1396895660
John Thaddeus Garcia 79761, TXFamily Medicine1275683484
Michael Ernest John Archuleta 78734, TXFamily Medicine1598815748
Jessie Dean Johann Doyal 75149, TXFamily Medicine1700936804
Richard John Wiseman 78613, TXFamily Medicine1497800304
Pierre J Lavedan 75042, TXFamily Medicine1750431755
Stuart Gregory Hill 76199, TXFamily Medicine1033269006
Paul Thomas Duncan 78633, TXFamily Medicine1023168903
Ewa Krystyna Niewiarowski 75024, TXFamily Medicine1245380195
Linda I. Parker 75002, TXFamily Medicine1295911097
Diana Medina Galvan 77346, TXFamily Medicine1861722035
Gerald L Ray 76063, TXFamily Medicine1720067119
Royce D. Brough 77007, TXFamily Medicine1649259193
Norman Crabb 78362, TXFamily Medicine1982683454
Ryan David Cradeur 78746, TXFamily Medicine1326027897
Laura Anne Rizzo 76092, TXFamily Medicine1598744963
Aaron Saguil 78234, TXFamily Medicine1811976293
Laura Givens 78006, TXFamily Medicine1902957046
Mason Jones 78704, TXFamily Medicine1639220551
Jimmy W. Spruill 77706, TXFamily Medicine1255481883
Amil James Soliz 77373, TXFamily Medicine1548311152
Nelson Xavier Simmons 75071, TXFamily Medicine1780735209
Joy Denise Wilson 78744, TXFamily Medicine1922159896
Aurelio Ibarra 75206, TXFamily Medicine1588994693
Jack Allen 76028, TXFamily Medicine1144591777
Sylvia Weir 77701, TXFamily Medicine1578542973
Richard Todd Dombroski 76116, TXFamily Medicine1144209552
Ian S Alward 78745, TXFamily Medicine1790764058
Alon Duane Selman 75320, TXFamily Medicine1962481242
Eva M Mason 78215, TXFamily Medicine1760462881
Jesus Antonio Lopez 78210, TXFamily Medicine1861543332
Ronald Gelzer 76542, TXFamily Medicine1023169448
Russell Lee Carlisle 75078, TXFamily Medicine1689263717
Loren S Lasater 76104, TXFamily Medicine1023098662
Ismene Nikolaos Zois 77008, TXFamily Medicine1487705810
Jennifer Lynne Kampas 75040, TXFamily Medicine1316098759
Kiranpreet Kaur Multani 78258, TXFamily Medicine1316123953
Stella Suk-yee Kwong 75044, TXFamily Medicine1003092644
Nihita Pravin Shah 77098, TXFamily Medicine1578700340
Phuc Nhat Le 77702, TXFamily Medicine1821235698
Carl J Kissling 75229, TXFamily Medicine1699754846
Michael Dwain Fulton 75019, TXFamily Medicine1134109093
Bertha Laura Rodriguez-medina 78503, TXFamily Medicine1811048143
Kenneth Donald Williamson 75019, TXFamily Medicine1952452187
Dean Paul Brown 79109, TXFamily Medicine1578614715
Aaron Garrett Purdy 76374, TXFamily Medicine1750567228
John Albert Gibbons 78255, TXFamily Medicine1437139110
James Patrick Loughran 77532, TXFamily Medicine1588643753
Louis Needleman 78413, TXFamily Medicine1043299225


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