Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine Nephrology (207RN0300X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine Nephrology (207RN0300X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An internist who treats disorders of the kidney, high blood pressure, fluid and mineral balance and dialysis of body wastes when the kidneys do not function. This specialist consults with surgeons about kidney transplantation.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eugene Victor Hudman TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1093718793
Steven M Davis FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1336142678
Milan A Kothari FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1740282037
Asha Anandaiah MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1184627481
Martin Clinic Corp TNInternal Medicine Nephrology1568465102
Gregory John Patton TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1699778043
Leonard James Waldenberger FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1477556728
Lee Clarke Kirkman FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1568465953
Trayce L Orr TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1841293107
Southeast Texas Medical Associates, Llp Internal Medicine Nephrology1922001312
Daniel Halevy NJInternal Medicine Nephrology1700889250
Sarvotham Shetty PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1982607636
Marie Aydelotte NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1558364851
Joann Pfundstein VAInternal Medicine Nephrology1912900598
Randy S Zelen PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1831192145
Krishna Murthy INInternal Medicine Nephrology1841293115
Cecilia M. Smith PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1679576037
Harold D Cain TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1225031669
Joshua Shigeru Yamamoto DCInternal Medicine Nephrology1639172174
Tyler Hematology Oncology, P.a. Internal Medicine Nephrology1023011491
Rabin Kheradpour TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1093718462
Virginia Nmn Magbojos MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1255334546
Oncology hematology Care Inc Internal Medicine Nephrology1033112693
Linda Eglin CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1144223611
David Hill Michal FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1427051036
Vyjanthanath Rohan Gunasingham NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1912900432
James T Hopkins DEInternal Medicine Nephrology1912900630
Deborah A Sculco NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1013910660
James F Morrissey NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1033112743
John Alan Manley NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1427051804
Olmer Ronnie Brooker TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1952304297
Erik S Marshall DEInternal Medicine Nephrology1144223850
Irene Kazhdan TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1649273145
Kasra Karamlou AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1548263163
Shyam Narayanan Colattur AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1497758015
James G Grattan TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1841293370
David Clyde Call ALInternal Medicine Nephrology1245233667
Patrick W Thomas NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1942203583
Timberland Medical Group Internal Medicine Nephrology1528061157
Jonathan I Warman NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1083617534
Pradeep K Pradhan VAInternal Medicine Nephrology1568465854
Gary Sheldon Salem MIInternal Medicine Nephrology1205839909
Ashvin Butala NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1144223512
Patrick Dorvilus GAInternal Medicine Nephrology1144222456
Vijendra Swarup AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1427051929
Michael Elihu Klein MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1073516415
David Marshall Bloom CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1356344683
Bhupesh Mangla CTInternal Medicine Nephrology1649272949
M Alan Sharif TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1013910546
Roberto E Solis TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1477556900
Mounir Y Borno TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1578566006
Joseph A Rizzo TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1104829639
Nancy Shang Shibayama CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1346242674
Susan Best FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1497758833
David Raskin AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1457354003
Paul Sacks AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1255334892
Christopher A Bowens DEInternal Medicine Nephrology1487657102
Eric David Harding MSInternal Medicine Nephrology1942203286
Alan H Slater NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1770586364
Frank B. Dorsa NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1295738904
Glenn S Hamroff NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1720081318
Howard N Tarkin NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1710980404
Patrick Rowley NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1477556181
Raymond J Mcdonald ILInternal Medicine Nephrology1942203500
Mary M Tadros INInternal Medicine Nephrology1164425591
Edmond S Weisbart MOInternal Medicine Nephrology1467455964
Michiana Hematology oncology, P.c. Internal Medicine Nephrology1619970183
Anthony A. Donato PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1306849815
Jeffrey F. Cole MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1548263908
Carlos S. Ince MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1356344667
Frederick E. Kuhn MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1245233535
Joseph Clemente NJInternal Medicine Nephrology1164425435
Daniel Bruce Fram CTInternal Medicine Nephrology1770586471
Marshall Clinic Effingham, S.c. ILInternal Medicine Nephrology1952304412
Shouwen Wang AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1700889326
Hassan Hachem AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1598768020
Robert Moffitt AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1578566071
Jeffrey Packer AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1578566139
Sandra E Sanchez-reilly TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1528061017
Roxana Neyra AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1235132895
Rauf Baba TNInternal Medicine Nephrology1689677296
Robert P Dougherty NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1932102241
Harry Conte CTInternal Medicine Nephrology1184626400
Chetna Mital OHInternal Medicine Nephrology1285637694
James Cannie Barlow GAInternal Medicine Nephrology1568465276
Brooks Dickson Cash ALInternal Medicine Nephrology1114920626
Syed Imtiaz Anwar TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1053314401
John A Seibel NMInternal Medicine Nephrology1730182148
Vijay Kumar TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1972506236
Hidden Valley Medical Center Inc Internal Medicine Nephrology1073516621
Steven Joseph Saccaro LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1194728543
Alfonso Cutugno NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1477555761
Cristian Alexander Speil ILInternal Medicine Nephrology1346243730
Harvinder Paul Singh MIInternal Medicine Nephrology1861495558
Oleg B. Shpak MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1376546069
Edward J Loughery MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1033112610
Eileen P. Simak PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1073516670
Thomas L Gross INInternal Medicine Nephrology1154324424
Ariv Swaminathan AZInternal Medicine Nephrology1699778225
Brian Calabrese PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1457354060
Rajendra R Kattar OHInternal Medicine Nephrology1659373942
Ronald Sean Batin CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1114920733
Wayne M Lajewski NJInternal Medicine Nephrology1558364166
Mohan Govindan MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1437152246
Jose T Loveria MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1689677908
Patricia Petrick MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1407859846
Archana Shetty MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1821091240
Linda Liu MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1255334686
Volusia Hospitalists Llc Internal Medicine Nephrology1104864727
Beatriz Hilda Chanduvi MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1770586109
Ghanshyam Pradyumna Dwivedi NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1033112602
Oji Joseph FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1720080096
Debra A Durham LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1386646677
Madalyn N Davidoff GAInternal Medicine Nephrology1912909201
Barbara G Fallon CTInternal Medicine Nephrology1558363846
Timothy Wayne Brotherton VAInternal Medicine Nephrology1013919398
Alan Mack Taylor TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1649272923
Steve Fagan Price LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1982606265
Richard W Johnson COInternal Medicine Nephrology1891797171
Robert John Carroll LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1013919380
Arlington Premier Health Clinic Pa TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1023010386
Charles G Schibler LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1669474920
Maria E Torres FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1578565834
Fernando Garcia LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1992707236
Lauri B. Conroy MIInternal Medicine Nephrology1023010360
Edward A Hatt MIInternal Medicine Nephrology1770587008
Mukesh P. Luhar MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1518969666
Anurag K Anand NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1861494916
David L Hudacek MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1992707269
Michael Ray Rabinowitz NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1619979978
Stephen D Ertischek NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1164424420
Suresh N Gadasalli M D P A TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1427050780
David Michael Grace LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1225030588
Agnes Idicula FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1568464824
Vinay Kumar Puchalapalli Reddy INInternal Medicine Nephrology1275535536
Family Practice Of Habersham Pc GAInternal Medicine Nephrology1093717357
Rian M Tanenbaum LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1356343610
Eugene C Constantinou CTInternal Medicine Nephrology1265434526
Steve G Venturatos LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1144222498
Graham Vance Byrum NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1174525315
Maxwell Ellis Fisher NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1962404103
Douglas K Rovira COInternal Medicine Nephrology1598767733
Rekha Elizabeth John NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1619979846
Arnold A Asp WIInternal Medicine Nephrology1700888922
John P. Jancarik PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1073515292
Daisy A Rodriguez PAInternal Medicine Nephrology1891797015
Enayet Rahim TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1811999014
Lakshmi Seshadri TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1275535478
Amir Usman GAInternal Medicine Nephrology1255333456
Ghiath M Mikdadi LAInternal Medicine Nephrology1881696078
Kenneth I Pearlman NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1770585952
Philip H. Thielhelm MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1932101110
Deborah Lynn Peery MIInternal Medicine Nephrology1396747572
Mohammad H Mirza NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1386646560
John B Hicks MSInternal Medicine Nephrology1942204284
William T Mcgarry FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1760486005
Luis Constantin NMInternal Medicine Nephrology1740284082
Antonio Pinero-pilona FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1720082068
Ami Laws CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1457355794
Kyle A. Cooper MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1053313197
Sashi Kumar Makam NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1861494908
Talal Faris FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1598767634
Randall Scott Joransen MSInternal Medicine Nephrology1407858541
George Abraham MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1730181876
Thomas G. Plavac MSInternal Medicine Nephrology1649272782
Laura A. Diamandopoulos MNInternal Medicine Nephrology1265436505
Jessica J Teter MOInternal Medicine Nephrology1154325496
Dale A. Touchstone MSInternal Medicine Nephrology1881698124
Robert E. Federici NMInternal Medicine Nephrology1053315390
Ganapathy Sv Ramanathan OHInternal Medicine Nephrology1730181918
Kathryn Rose Freyfogle NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1376545558
Peter A. Kirkpatrick MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1639171812
Richard Paul Valuck MOInternal Medicine Nephrology1366444549
Faysal M. Hasan MAInternal Medicine Nephrology1508868761
Andrew Bruce Rohen NYInternal Medicine Nephrology1215939475
John W. Batty NMInternal Medicine Nephrology1760484927
Modesto Kidney Medical Group CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1306848569
Scovill Medical Group, Pc Internal Medicine Nephrology1114929379
Manohar Atri MIInternal Medicine Nephrology1346242591
Michael Allen Cassaday ILInternal Medicine Nephrology1427050673
Kulwant Singh Modi MDInternal Medicine Nephrology1063414217
Kenan Kirkendall OKInternal Medicine Nephrology1316949563
Frederick M Weeks FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1225030471
Kenneth Ballan CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1134123474
Steven W Hildebrand NCInternal Medicine Nephrology1952305294
Jarnail S Gugga CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1598769846
Felipe Rios TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1750383881
Sammy Arnold Gammenthaler FLInternal Medicine Nephrology1396747424
Erik J. Funk NMInternal Medicine Nephrology1043214398
Loretta L. Baca NEInternal Medicine Nephrology1568466811
Dan E Dardashti CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1275537524
Alon A Steinberg CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1740282862
James Corona CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1386646404
Mark A Yeoman TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1376545491
Sally Foltz CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1447252564
Jose Mari Z. Esparrago CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1083616106
Siegfried O Storz CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1710989835
Charles H Caplan TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1245232362
Harold A Condara TXInternal Medicine Nephrology1891799144
Issam N Khafaja CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1528062874


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