Providers with Taxonomy: Internal Medicine Rheumatology (207RR0500X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Internal Medicine Rheumatology (207RR0500X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An internist who treats diseases of joints, muscle, bones and tendons. This specialist diagnoses and treats arthritis, back pain, muscle strains, common athletic injuries and "collagen" diseases.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David L Hudacek MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1992707269
Michael Ray Rabinowitz NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1619979978
Stephen D Ertischek NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1164424420
David Michael Grace LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1225030588
Agnes Idicula FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1568464824
Vinay Kumar Puchalapalli Reddy INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1275535536
Rian M Tanenbaum LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1356343610
Eugene C Constantinou CTInternal Medicine Rheumatology1265434526
Steve G Venturatos LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1144222498
Graham Vance Byrum NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1174525315
Maxwell Ellis Fisher NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1962404103
Douglas K Rovira COInternal Medicine Rheumatology1598767733
Rekha Elizabeth John NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1619979846
Arnold A Asp WIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1700888922
Daisy A Rodriguez PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1891797015
Janet C Lin NJInternal Medicine Rheumatology1376545574
Enayet Rahim TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1811999014
Lakshmi Seshadri TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1275535478
Amir Usman GAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1255333456
Ghiath M Mikdadi LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881696078
Kenneth I Pearlman NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1770585952
Philip H. Thielhelm MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1932101110
Deborah Lynn Peery MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1396747572
Mohammad H Mirza NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1386646560
John B Hicks MSInternal Medicine Rheumatology1942204284
William T Mcgarry FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1760486005
Luis Constantin NMInternal Medicine Rheumatology1740284082
Antonio Pinero-pilona FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1720082068
Ami Laws CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1457355794
Kyle A. Cooper MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1053313197
Sashi Kumar Makam NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1861494908
Talal Faris FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1598767634
Randall Scott Joransen MSInternal Medicine Rheumatology1407858541
George Abraham MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1730181876
Thomas G. Plavac MSInternal Medicine Rheumatology1649272782
Jessica J Teter MOInternal Medicine Rheumatology1154325496
Dale A. Touchstone MSInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881698124
Robert E. Federici NMInternal Medicine Rheumatology1053315390
Ganapathy Sv Ramanathan OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1730181918
Kriengsak Itsara CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1558363739
Kathryn Rose Freyfogle NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1376545558
Peter A. Kirkpatrick MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1639171812
Richard Paul Valuck MOInternal Medicine Rheumatology1366444549
Faysal M. Hasan MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1508868761
Andrew Bruce Rohen NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1215939475
Manohar Atri MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1346242591
Michael Allen Cassaday ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1427050673
Kulwant Singh Modi MDInternal Medicine Rheumatology1063414217
Kenan Kirkendall OKInternal Medicine Rheumatology1316949563
Frederick M Weeks FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1225030471
Kenneth Ballan CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1134123474
Steven W Hildebrand NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1952305294
Jarnail S Gugga CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1598769846
Felipe Rios TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1750383881
Sammy Arnold Gammenthaler FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1396747424
Erik J. Funk NMInternal Medicine Rheumatology1043214398
Loretta L. Baca NEInternal Medicine Rheumatology1568466811
Dan E Dardashti CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1275537524
Alon A Steinberg CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1740282862
James Corona CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1386646404
Mark A Yeoman TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1376545491
Sally Foltz CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1447252564
Jose Mari Z. Esparrago CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1083616106
Siegfried O Storz CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1710989835
Charles H Caplan TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1245232362
Harold A Condara TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1891799144
Issam N Khafaja CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1528062874
Mayank K Parikh TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1255335501
Herve J. Dumont CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1982608238
Richard Craig Silver PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1811999121
Jill Marie Abelseth NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1720080039
Anthony Everhart TNInternal Medicine Rheumatology1972505279
Edward Martin Gaber LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1962406298
David D Norenberg WIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1235131517
Edward J Feinglass CTInternal Medicine Rheumatology1871595157
Laura A Ricciardi VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1689676967
Huy Anh Nguyen CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1073517306
Ruel Tan Garcia CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1790789022
Robert A Hadesman ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1245234574
Michael L. Klein NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1154325488
John Timothy Cope GAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1609878974
Donald Eugene Yoder VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1134121403
George Richard Puente LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1821090192
James Allan Richardson TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1467454736
Farha Khan LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1225030570
Joseph C Goldschmidt PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1942202197
Charles J Fequiere PRInternal Medicine Rheumatology1669474813
Robert Furia PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1194727347
Terrence Lynn Goodman NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1124022454
Sid Kohan CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881698132
Susanna D Lansangan CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1780688036
Jacqueline J Maier NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1861496127
Leopoldo Tecuanhuey TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1083616197
Azadeh Modaresi CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1992707004
Eric J Pinderski CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1235131343
Eileen S Breyde CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1770585887
Patricia L. Hale NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1063414308
Sanjeeva T Reddy LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1669474904
Ellen S Feit NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1568464808
Richard Daniel Blair NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1386646628
Qamaruddoja Khan INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1730181975
Faisal Bukhari ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1376545509
Khosrow Peter Parsa CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1194727321
William Thomas Kendrick NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1407858632
Manuel Montero NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1114929346
Janine M Mccauley MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1487656617
John David Reed NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1669474888
August Gene Voelkel CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1578565792
Daniel C Metrick MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1558363770
Stephen Beaudoin MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1902808124
Morton A Levy ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1811999030
Marshall Carney Taylor NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1710989934
Ambereen Quraishi MDInternal Medicine Rheumatology1629070842
Minxiang Gu MOInternal Medicine Rheumatology1154323376
Ryan J Sullivan MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881696003
Eric Schwartz TNInternal Medicine Rheumatology1508868720
H. William Adkison NMInternal Medicine Rheumatology1407858624
Narendranath A Reddy CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1598767717
Deirdre M Woods MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1306848528
Julio C Guillen LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1851393060
Joseph S Wong MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1760484976
Thomas Elma Burkart NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1679575880
Robert L Barker OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1114929320
Kushal C Agarwal LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1487656690
David T Smuckler FLInternal Medicine Rheumatology1104828318
Walter Joseph Newman NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1477555688
John Curanovic TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1184626392
Robert M Stout GAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1427050632
Joel H Tobiansky OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881696094
Arnold Smalls GAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1396747598
Amit Goyal OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1104828300
Kais Yehyawi INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1477555670
Susan Aey OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1295737492
Ali M Amkieh LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881696086
Anil R Modi GAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1508868704
Zia M Sheikh NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1144222340
Ann E Grady MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1689676876
Virginia Karen Augustitus COInternal Medicine Rheumatology1659373843
Kevin D Kravitz OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1568464758
Igal Zuravicky NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1821090010
Mohammad H Motekallem OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1366444556
Saad Rahman ALInternal Medicine Rheumatology1265434450
Douglas K Mendoza LAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1700888997
Ronald J Pantano MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1619979804
Kamran Riaz OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1427050616
Chang S Joo CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1508868787
Jewel Johnny White TNInternal Medicine Rheumatology1871595058
Werner Baumgartner COInternal Medicine Rheumatology1619979887
Rao V Movva ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1073515243
Stephen M Humbert PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1871595041
Abdul Kawamleh INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1306848577
David G Bichsel OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1669474839
Christine A. Blaski MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1295737468
Kathleen Blake NMInternal Medicine Rheumatology1649272808
Ronnie Pimentel ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1003818188
Michael Alan Manbeck INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1649272725
David Hill Goldstein KYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1083616163
Ravi Chander MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1457355729
Robert Joseph Starkenburg NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1609878776
John Thomas Pellicone NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1104828169
Richard Scott Cornell KYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1376545327
James J Marcin PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1457353401
Frederick Martin Gessner VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1255335519
Patricia Deloof MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1245234509
John P Longabaugh OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1225032592
John Mirro INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1689678955
Oliver D Gilliam INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1497759765
Nabil M Ahmad TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1235131319
John Francis Lue NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1508868688
Alan R Levinstone VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1992709265
Steven Marc Liebowitz NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1386646453
Myriam Zahydee Allende-vigo PRInternal Medicine Rheumatology1073517355
John P Bartlett MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1821090994
Joseph Anthony Caruana NYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1134123417
Bradford G Carper MOInternal Medicine Rheumatology1770587057
Randy L. Wolfe KYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1760486021
Joseph Kenneth Marshall VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1912901273
Timothy Peter Boufford MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1811991177
John Robert Stephens VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1992709257
Ray Lester James VAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1265436521
Siddharth B Jani ILInternal Medicine Rheumatology1497757595
Paul Ronald Block CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1598767550
Mudassir Ali Daimee MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1205838307
Frank J Mayo MDInternal Medicine Rheumatology1811991144
Sharon Ann Harig INInternal Medicine Rheumatology1770585861
Mohammed M Maaieh OHInternal Medicine Rheumatology1619979705
Anthony Gibran Eaton MAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1831193101
Danny Woo KYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1710989884
Michael James NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1538161609
Anne Leigh Ibach NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1023012309
Alexander Yurievich Afanasyev KYInternal Medicine Rheumatology1972505030
Steven T Kariya MDInternal Medicine Rheumatology1881696946
Sayed F Feghali TXInternal Medicine Rheumatology1326040486
J B Astik MOInternal Medicine Rheumatology1912901299
Obafemi Adewunmi NCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1275535239
Richard H Reynertson WIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1093717050
Brad Herman NJInternal Medicine Rheumatology1760484729
Michael Albert Panariello PAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1679575633
Lawrence Arthur Baker CAInternal Medicine Rheumatology1922000983
Cary M. Bjork MIInternal Medicine Rheumatology1336143601


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