Providers with Taxonomy: Neurological Surgery (207T00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurological Surgery (207T00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A neurological surgeon provides the operative and non-operative management (i.e., prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care, and rehabilitation) of disorders of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems, including their supporting structures and vascular supply; the evaluation and treatment of pathological processes which modify function or activity of the nervous system; and the operative and non-operative management of pain. A neurological surgeon treats patients with disorders of the nervous system; disorders of the brain, meninges, skull, and their blood supply, including the extracranial carotid and vertebral arteries; disorders of the pituitary gland; disorders of the spinal cord, meninges, and vertebral column, including those which may require treatment by spinal fusion or instrumentation; and disorders of the cranial and spinal nerves throughout their distribution.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Harlow Jones CANeurological Surgery1508834482
Steven Jack Schneider NYNeurological Surgery1083682769
Lawrence P. Hartman TNNeurological Surgery1558339101
Edward Donald Layne MDNeurological Surgery1417925264
Ira Martin Garonzik MDNeurological Surgery1104894781
Thornton Thomas Wilkinson WANeurological Surgery1164490694
Bradley Steven Bowdino NENeurological Surgery1376511840
Tri state Neuro spine Institute, P.l.c. AZNeurological Surgery1518935956
Arthur M Johnson ARNeurological Surgery1154399590
Washington Brain And Spine Institute Pc Neurological Surgery1689642837
Arnold Barry Calica AZNeurological Surgery1215905401
Edward H Mkrdichian ILNeurological Surgery1477521607
Mark J Kotapka PANeurological Surgery1679542799
Demetrius K Lopes ILNeurological Surgery1184693244
Elio D Demeira MSNeurological Surgery1639148679
Neuroscience Specialists Pc Neurological Surgery1548239494
Arun Nangia NJNeurological Surgery1194794099
Thomas F. Norton AZNeurological Surgery1477522167
Jules M Nazzaro KSNeurological Surgery1336118116
Anthony Jabre INNeurological Surgery1629047394
Steven Joseph Beer WYNeurological Surgery1588633291
Darwin W Keller SCNeurological Surgery1699744300
East Bay Neurosurgery And Spine, A Medical Corporation CANeurological Surgery1104895846
Arlo B Brakel AZNeurological Surgery1548239288
Ray M Chu CANeurological Surgery1285603860
Curtis Rozzelle ALNeurological Surgery1356310916
Moses C Jones WINeurological Surgery1548239072
Christopher James Madden TXNeurological Surgery1306815840
James L Budny NYNeurological Surgery1992774400
Gordon Tang CANeurological Surgery1063481588
Caetano Jose Porto Coimbra TXNeurological Surgery1164491619
Stuart Glen Rice SDNeurological Surgery1033188594
John I Iskandar AZNeurological Surgery1023087301
Leo Nelson Hopkins NYNeurological Surgery1952370116
Kevin J Gibbons NYNeurological Surgery1124097381
Dennis C Szymanski MINeurological Surgery1609845940
Judson Howard Cook WYNeurological Surgery1386603553
James E Reed MANeurological Surgery1427027788
Kurt A Schroeder AZNeurological Surgery1861461170
Louis Anthony Whitworth TXNeurological Surgery1679532709
Bruce Edward Mickey TXNeurological Surgery1144289273
Howard W Morgan TXNeurological Surgery1427017557
Jonathan Ari White TXNeurological Surgery1477512507
Kevin T Foley TNNeurological Surgery1861451874
David B Kee NCNeurological Surgery1427017334
Robert Edward Flandry SCNeurological Surgery1346209210
Marius Maxwell AKNeurological Surgery1285693077
Robert D Ecker MENeurological Surgery1184683708
Larry L Teuber SDNeurological Surgery1477512036
Deepak Awasthi LANeurological Surgery1982663340
William W Maggio MDNeurological Surgery1588623987
Raymond Charles Sweet SCNeurological Surgery1942269345
David G. Kennedy MONeurological Surgery1326008673
Remi Nader MSNeurological Surgery1740240951
Dennis Alan Turner NCNeurological Surgery1659331817
Edward L Seljeskog SDNeurological Surgery1417917667
Craig H Johnson PANeurological Surgery1528028420
Geoffrey Leigh Blatt MONeurological Surgery1134191745
Jonathan D Chilton MONeurological Surgery1073585337
Curtis Lee Beauregard TNNeurological Surgery1730158627
Neurosurgical Assc Santa Barbara CANeurological Surgery1699742882
Kent Michael Grewe ORNeurological Surgery1417922295
Northwestern Neurological Assoc Pc Neurological Surgery1447223466
Donald David Dietze LANeurological Surgery1316913635
Stephen E Rawe SCNeurological Surgery1235198201
James C Metcalf NYNeurological Surgery1184696965
George I Chovanes PANeurological Surgery1023082369
Ssm Depaul Medical Group, Inc. Neurological Surgery1760456743
Daniel C Rohrer ORNeurological Surgery1154390482
Charles Joseph Miller VANeurological Surgery1013980036
James W. Melisi VANeurological Surgery1679532329
Manuel Ferreira WANeurological Surgery1164497202
Larry Steve Davidson SCNeurological Surgery1154381465
Roy D Vingan NJNeurological Surgery1356318950
Konstantinos Margetis NYNeurological Surgery1366791725
Edward F Aulisi DCNeurological Surgery1457328155
Eugene M. Giddens SCNeurological Surgery1932168986
Brian Randall Gantwerker CANeurological Surgery1609842715
Barry B Ceverha CANeurological Surgery1972576486
Midlands Orthopaedics And Neurosurgery, Pa Neurological Surgery1750359501
Samuel J Potolicchio DCNeurological Surgery1114993367
Mark Cuffe FLNeurological Surgery1255308151
Kenneth S Heiferman ILNeurological Surgery1306811385
John W Gilbert KYNeurological Surgery1720051501
Neal J Naff MDNeurological Surgery1396712170
Zeena Dorai MDNeurological Surgery1093782864
Scott C Standard TNNeurological Surgery1326018946
Rodwan K Rajjoub PANeurological Surgery1528033651
John Paul Grossmith NVNeurological Surgery1982676888
Mark H Camel CTNeurological Surgery1295706737
Paul Jon Apostolides CTNeurological Surgery1265403927
Scott L Simon CTNeurological Surgery1386617892
Milford Hospital, Inc Neurological Surgery1912966557
Amory J Fiore CTNeurological Surgery1396717195
Kevin Mullins NYNeurological Surgery1982674461
Donny Mark Melton CONeurological Surgery1821057530
Magdy M El-kalliny KYNeurological Surgery1275504730
Jeannette Mae Liu MANeurological Surgery1750357737
Sivasupiramaniam Sriharan FLNeurological Surgery1619944311
Joseph P Krzeminski PANeurological Surgery1871563254
Eric F Carro - Figueroa PRNeurological Surgery1154380244
Joseph Edward Sherrill IANeurological Surgery1407823131
Greenwood Leflore Hospital Neurological Surgery1336109578
Stephen E Sandwell ALNeurological Surgery1477525970
Amin B Kassam WINeurological Surgery1295709764
Nicholas M Wetjen IANeurological Surgery1275502726
Norman Jose Torres TXNeurological Surgery1033183033
Midwest Orthopaedic Institute P C Neurological Surgery1013976927
Ali Hakim Mesiwala WANeurological Surgery1306814868
Philip Joseph Hlavac PANeurological Surgery1548238322
Daniel Gerard Tynan SDNeurological Surgery1417921685
Gregory F Ricca ARNeurological Surgery1386615177
Jeffrey Lawrence Crecelius INNeurological Surgery1477521573
Randy L Gehring INNeurological Surgery1134198567
Nikhil Sahasrabudhe CANeurological Surgery1760772131
Joung H Lee CANeurological Surgery1588632194
Kent Neurological Associates Pc Neurological Surgery1811965585
Wayne Matthew Gluf CONeurological Surgery1518930775
Brian J O'grady IDNeurological Surgery1972578870
Maryland Brain Spine & Pain Llc Neurological Surgery1043288376
Anthony L Capocelli ARNeurological Surgery1871561167
Ghassan K Bejjani PANeurological Surgery1326010562
Michael A. Vogelbaum OHNeurological Surgery1598732380
Jacek Marian Malik MDNeurological Surgery1790758712
Douglas Chyatte PANeurological Surgery1962478560
Gerald Arthur Grant TXNeurological Surgery1689646796
Matthew R Stanfield INNeurological Surgery1821060229
West Virginia University Medical Corporation Neurological Surgery1275504508
Robert John Seledotis MINeurological Surgery1053386789
Thomas R Donner LANeurological Surgery1922068782
Gonzalo M Sanchez SDNeurological Surgery1851351621
Robert G Peterson UTNeurological Surgery1497715163
Mark V Reichman UTNeurological Surgery1942260617
Charles C Rich UTNeurological Surgery1851351530
Jerone Danuel Kennedy MNNeurological Surgery1780644401
Rifaat M. Bashir PANeurological Surgery1629038245
Jimmy Miller MSNeurological Surgery1871553370
Thomas Lansen NYNeurological Surgery1043270457
Robert E Rosenbaum PANeurological Surgery1679534036
Krisada Chanbusarakum WINeurological Surgery1548221849
Dean C Lohse FLNeurological Surgery1609837095
Laura M Lynam WANeurological Surgery1295796647
Moise Danielpour CANeurological Surgery1881655116
S. David Moss AZNeurological Surgery1750342861
Steven Joe Hess KSNeurological Surgery1902867096
Eric B Schubert VANeurological Surgery1275594467
Haider Spine Center Medical Group CANeurological Surgery1023079183
William Emery Reynolds OKNeurological Surgery1760443857
Charles Martin Striebinger KSNeurological Surgery1861453938
Aizik L Wolf FLNeurological Surgery1760443766
Kwame Gyamfi Buahin FLNeurological Surgery1134180177
Gregory Corradino TNNeurological Surgery1376504332
Kent Duffy NYNeurological Surgery1508827452
Richard Louis Cohen MDNeurological Surgery1013978915
Edward Rustamzadeh CANeurological Surgery1861453318
David Estin NJNeurological Surgery1598726283
Richard Anderson Gullick GANeurological Surgery1306807094
Ronald Woosley OKNeurological Surgery1790746493
Sanjoy Sundaresan TXNeurological Surgery1376504894
Deborah A. Hrustich NYNeurological Surgery1003878570
Jeffrey S Gerdes MNNeurological Surgery1134181571
Patrick Langham Gleason TXNeurological Surgery1629030804
Chaparral Medical Group Inc Neurological Surgery1386606259
Jerome Samuel Litvinoff CANeurological Surgery1497717292
William B Gormley MANeurological Surgery1831151760
Babu Subramaniam VINeurological Surgery1306808258
Amol J Ghia TXNeurological Surgery1629030291
James P Chandler ILNeurological Surgery1881656411
Bruce A. Patzwahl FLNeurological Surgery1194787804
Brandon G Rocque WINeurological Surgery1043272644
Sypert Institute Pa Neurological Surgery1104889534
Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates Pa NCNeurological Surgery1154384568
Stephen J Eichert KSNeurological Surgery1598728826
Dirk G Franzen KYNeurological Surgery1396708509
William Bingaman OHNeurological Surgery1962465146
Victor Kareh TXNeurological Surgery1194788174
Peter Kinkel NYNeurological Surgery1831152701
Jeffrey John Laurent VANeurological Surgery1386607257
M Hertzel Soumekh CANeurological Surgery1265495014
Jae Mun Noh NYNeurological Surgery1538122395
Eugene Collins ILNeurological Surgery1285697003
Paul P Huang NYNeurological Surgery1619931201
Michael F Boland MONeurological Surgery1548224249
Sabatino Bianco TXNeurological Surgery1518921139
Phillip Earle Williams TXNeurological Surgery1306800750
Constantino Y Amores WVNeurological Surgery1174587646
Jaroslav Michael Mervart OHNeurological Surgery1609830181
Frederick H Armbrust WVNeurological Surgery1518921048
Craig R Goldberg NYNeurological Surgery1811951387
Scott H Purvines MONeurological Surgery1669436739
Andrew S Youkilis MONeurological Surgery1740244813
Michael N Polinsky MONeurological Surgery1134183205
Louis Rosa MSNeurological Surgery1275597288
John Ragheb FLNeurological Surgery1568426773
Jean-claude M. Tabet OHNeurological Surgery1225092208
Melvin D Whitfield FLNeurological Surgery1255395414
R. Joseph Crow WVNeurological Surgery1023072139
John H Schmidt WVNeurological Surgery1962466029
Peter Alan Rasmussen OHNeurological Surgery1902860984
Care Neurology, Pa Neurological Surgery1609831445


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