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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurological Surgery (207T00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A neurological surgeon provides the operative and non-operative management (i.e., prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care, and rehabilitation) of disorders of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems, including their supporting structures and vascular supply; the evaluation and treatment of pathological processes which modify function or activity of the nervous system; and the operative and non-operative management of pain. A neurological surgeon treats patients with disorders of the nervous system; disorders of the brain, meninges, skull, and their blood supply, including the extracranial carotid and vertebral arteries; disorders of the pituitary gland; disorders of the spinal cord, meninges, and vertebral column, including those which may require treatment by spinal fusion or instrumentation; and disorders of the cranial and spinal nerves throughout their distribution.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Slrhc Faculty Practice Neurological Surgery1457684235
Douglas S Cohen NYNeurological Surgery1275549305
Saadi Ghatan NYNeurological Surgery1285791905
Mark J Kupersmith NYNeurological Surgery1922089655
Chanland Roonprapunt NYNeurological Surgery1871626754
Slrhc Faculty Practice Neurological Surgery1942433891
Divaldo De Arruda Camara Junior NYNeurological Surgery1548798978
David S Gordon NYNeurological Surgery1083718407
Christopher Eliot Mandigo NYNeurological Surgery1669625133
Martin B Camins Md Pc PANeurological Surgery1104992858
Martin Bruce Camins NYNeurological Surgery1477585701
Robert Bartley Snow NYNeurological Surgery1679675300
Kathryn R Ko NYNeurological Surgery1134195324
Francis W. Gamache NYNeurological Surgery1952483059
Jared Knopman NYNeurological Surgery1699927137
Antonio Bernardo NYNeurological Surgery1376143933
Hani Malone Neurological Surgery1285945162
Weill Medical College Of Cornell Neurological Surgery1124170212
Cerebrospinal Neurosurgery Specialties Pc Neurological Surgery1003204538
Mark Thompson NYNeurological Surgery1427043454
Yves Pierre Gobin NYNeurological Surgery1124136338
Susan Pannullo NYNeurological Surgery1063438646
Mark M Souweidane NYNeurological Surgery1376527929
Martin Zonenshayn NYNeurological Surgery1427074095
Ibrahim Hussain FLNeurological Surgery1336404771
Michael H Lavyne NYNeurological Surgery1205912250
Michael Louis Smith NYNeurological Surgery1003979261
Hca In Medicine, Pllc Neurological Surgery1184058992
Patrick J Kelly NYNeurological Surgery1780695403
Weill Medical College Of Cornell Neurological Surgery1326088675
Weill Medical College Of Cornell Neurological Surgery1134422330
Lynn Mcgrath Neurological Surgery1598008377
Brett Evan Youngerman Neurological Surgery1306105556
Randy Scott D'amico NYNeurological Surgery1376809582
Hahnah Kasowski NYNeurological Surgery1356357180
Manhattan Neurosurgery Pc NYNeurological Surgery1659797488
Marc Louis Otten NYNeurological Surgery1467611889
Lee A Tan ILNeurological Surgery1295056802
Adam Mendel Sonabend Worthalter ILNeurological Surgery1023261138
Narayan Sundaresan NYNeurological Surgery1194815142
Brian H Kopell WINeurological Surgery1568413300
Peter Francis Morgenstern WANeurological Surgery1528359650
Raymund Lee-ming Yong NYNeurological Surgery1063757821
Zachariah M George NYNeurological Surgery1679733711
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai Neurological Surgery1497029581
Raj K Shrivastava NYNeurological Surgery1184609240
Branko Skovrlj NYNeurological Surgery1649414954
Hongyan Zou NYNeurological Surgery1649450370
Adam Lance Sandler NYNeurological Surgery1740416775
Christopher Paul Kellner NYNeurological Surgery1457504490
Travis R Ladner NYNeurological Surgery1013370378
Shahram Majidi NYNeurological Surgery1073956264
Tomoyoshi Shigematsu Neurological Surgery1093259368
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai Neurological Surgery1558627844
Arthur L Jenkins NYNeurological Surgery1275509820
Hazem M. Shoirah NYNeurological Surgery1487942108
Nirit Weiss NYNeurological Surgery1063488625
Emily Kojima Chapman NYNeurological Surgery1093480055
Fedor E Panov NYNeurological Surgery1962661686
Griffin Richard Baum NYNeurological Surgery1316236045
Michael Maurice Mcdowell PANeurological Surgery1750725446
Alfred Ogden ILNeurological Surgery1174795116
Philip M Meyers NYNeurological Surgery1033119458
Babacar Cisse NYNeurological Surgery1619292489
William Elton Clifton NYNeurological Surgery1376953729
Ronald Brisman, M.d.,p.c. NYNeurological Surgery1841575065
Richard C.e. Anderson NYNeurological Surgery1811062094
Peter Douglas Angevine NYNeurological Surgery1255384236
Jeffrey N Bruce NYNeurological Surgery1659422137
Edward Sander Connolly NYNeurological Surgery1447386578
Neil Feldstein NYNeurological Surgery1588608186
Robert Richard Goodman NYNeurological Surgery1891810768
Michael Guenther Kaiser NYNeurological Surgery1598818817
Sean David Lavine NYNeurological Surgery1386797868
Grace Kim Mandigo NYNeurological Surgery1528212511
Paul Christian Mccormick NYNeurological Surgery1891843934
Guy Mead Mckhann NYNeurological Surgery1427199058
Donald Oliver Quest NYNeurological Surgery1841342656
Michael Brian Sisti NYNeurological Surgery1649209008
Robert Alan Solomon NYNeurological Surgery1306987227
Christopher J Winfree NYNeurological Surgery1013064948
Bobbye Jo Thompson TXNeurological Surgery1376787796
Trey Kyle Owens NYNeurological Surgery1548725062
Samuel Kim NYNeurological Surgery1215917091
Eric H Elowitz NYNeurological Surgery1780666735
Roger Hartl NYNeurological Surgery1043236623
Fraser Cummins Henderson SCNeurological Surgery1598104259
Rupa Gopalan Juthani NYNeurological Surgery1194042317
Theodore Schwartz NYNeurological Surgery1811916455
Assem Mounir Metwalli Abdel Latif NYNeurological Surgery1215345525
Ali Baaj AZNeurological Surgery1417148800
Kai-ming G Fu NYNeurological Surgery1104033349
Jeffrey Greenfield NYNeurological Surgery1790931814
Michael Kaplitt NYNeurological Surgery1053331736
Thomas W Link NYNeurological Surgery1447520325
Rodrigo Navarro Ramirez Neurological Surgery1770116253
Rohan Ramakrishna NYNeurological Surgery1144335878
Justin Schwarz NYNeurological Surgery1063822112
Philip Stieg NYNeurological Surgery1124047857
Michael Singh Virk NYNeurological Surgery1770719320
Gilbert Dyves Barjon NYNeurological Surgery1588229215
Kenny Kwok Hei Yu NYNeurological Surgery1467093898
Solon Emmanuel Schur TXNeurological Surgery1881278984
Jason A. Ellis GANeurological Surgery1629244884
James Robert Ferrante NYNeurological Surgery1497389514
Omer Moshe Doron NYNeurological Surgery1710550561
Deepak Khatri NYNeurological Surgery1447802533
Benjamin Wai Yue Lo NYNeurological Surgery1558907998
Mmc Neurosurgery Neurological Surgery1952420945
New York Community Hospital Of Brooklyn, Inc. Neurological Surgery1205840055
Simone Alise Betchen NYNeurological Surgery1518048966
Maimonides Medical Center Mmc Neurosurgery Fpp NYNeurological Surgery1043460199
Main Street Medical, P.c. Neurology Neurological Surgery1407810385
Nyhmcq Adult Ambulatory Services Neurological Surgery1598730889
Nyhmcq pediatrics Ambulatory Services Neurological Surgery1336153097
Arthur Jenkins Md Llc NYNeurological Surgery1619454568
Jenkins Neurospine Llc Neurological Surgery1902372980
Central Park Neurosurgery NYNeurological Surgery1396922498
Eugene S Flamm NYNeurological Surgery1265536684
Rye Brook Neurology, Pc NYNeurological Surgery1508959917
Manhattan Neurosurgical NYNeurological Surgery1366973620
Ami Raval NYNeurological Surgery1629279633
Healthcare Associates In Medicine Pc Neurological Surgery1740264332
Edwin M Chang NYNeurological Surgery1356322697
John S Shiau NYNeurological Surgery1346221058
Soriaya Lizette Motivala NYNeurological Surgery1760644496
Raphael Sacho NYNeurological Surgery1093183543
Diagnostic Neuroligical Treatment Center Llc NYNeurological Surgery1861786840
Am Pm Medical P.c. NYNeurological Surgery1083033203
Annika Evelyn Krystyna NYNeurological Surgery1437365319
Andrew Charles Sliter NYNeurological Surgery1366028573
Bronxcare Health System Neurological Surgery1578613782
Sbh Physicians, Pc Neurological Surgery1740595917
John Irving Miller NYNeurological Surgery1285788265
Tariq Theeb Lamki OHNeurological Surgery1811286842
Deepak Sachdev NYNeurological Surgery1285663120
D. Roxanne Todor NYNeurological Surgery1245396795
Westchester Medical Care, Pc Neurological Surgery1649844416
Pelham Medical Associates, Pc Neurological Surgery1851965628
New York Neuroscience Institute Pc Neurological Surgery1932115565
Ira R Abbott NYNeurological Surgery1356445779
Merritt Drew Kinon NYNeurological Surgery1063709574
Patrick A Lasala NYNeurological Surgery1700980125
La Maria B. Mcdonald NYNeurological Surgery1396208997
Murray Echt ILNeurological Surgery1598174641
Yaroslav Gelfand NYNeurological Surgery1740616176
Neil Haranhalli NYNeurological Surgery1003173477
Department Of Neurosurgery, Pllc Neurological Surgery1356651202
Paul C. Garell NYNeurological Surgery1053384453
Health Quest Medical Practice, Pc Neurological Surgery1740898998
New York Neurological Surgery P C NYNeurological Surgery1407939135
Thomas T Lee NYNeurological Surgery1770660797
Bennie W Chiles NYNeurological Surgery1023126729
Westchester Spine And Brain Surgery Pllc Neurological Surgery1073661765
Dana Edwin Adkins NYNeurological Surgery1154354785
Arundhati Biswas NYNeurological Surgery1326297565
Simon Hanft NYNeurological Surgery1679732960
Carrie R Muh NYNeurological Surgery1558548719
Jared Michael Pisapia NYNeurological Surgery1790099083
Justin Santarelli CANeurological Surgery1528226792
Rachana Tyagi NYNeurological Surgery1437378080
Mark C Watts NYNeurological Surgery1700913738
Mary Ann Adelfio Md Pc NYNeurological Surgery1447436522
Mary Ann Adelfio NYNeurological Surgery1275566903
Adrianna Lee Iannotti NYNeurological Surgery1063088375
Westchester Health Medical, P.c. Neurological Surgery1386188647
Deborah L Benzil NYNeurological Surgery1306954029
Henry Moyle NYNeurological Surgery1750398939
Stephanie Rifkinson-mann NYNeurological Surgery1205135332
Stephen Weitz NYNeurological Surgery1831557602
Govindappa Rangaiah NYNeurological Surgery1073946612
Complex Spine And Neurological Surgery Pc NYNeurological Surgery1255353157
Amed A Rawanduzy NYNeurological Surgery1356371009
John B. Robbins NYNeurological Surgery1841213568
Danilo Otavio De Araujo Silva Neurological Surgery1083049886
John B Robbins Md Pc NYNeurological Surgery1578658019
Chad Douglas Cole NYNeurological Surgery1386832970
S.v. Medical, Pc NYNeurological Surgery1235143074
Adesh Tandon NYNeurological Surgery1750602686
Kent Duffy NYNeurological Surgery1508827452
Thomas Lansen NYNeurological Surgery1043270457
Craig Michael Shannon NYNeurological Surgery1427451954
Kamran Tabaddor NYNeurological Surgery1942216510
John Abrahams NYNeurological Surgery1720049596
Virany Huynh Hillard NYNeurological Surgery1972547750
Ezriel Kornel NYNeurological Surgery1194785592
Avinash Lalith Mohan NYNeurological Surgery1134258486
Alain C J De Lotbiniere NYNeurological Surgery1588645485
Ahmad Latefi NYNeurological Surgery1215220405
Haroon F. Choudhri GANeurological Surgery1477663144
Anthony L Brittis Md Pc NYNeurological Surgery1073686960
John K Houten FLNeurological Surgery1891899217
Daniel Evan Spitzer NYNeurological Surgery1003823345
Alleyne Fraser NYNeurological Surgery1649316894
Antonio Marti NYNeurological Surgery1619223195
Oppenheim & Degen, Neurological Surgeons, Llp Neurological Surgery1881245470
Jeffrey W Degen NYNeurological Surgery1982611232
Jeffrey S Oppenheim NYNeurological Surgery1134136484
Mark Eisenberg NYNeurological Surgery1871611731
Neurological Specialties Of Long Island, Pllc NYNeurological Surgery1407856933


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