Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics Gynecology (207V00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics Gynecology (207V00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An obstetrician/gynecologist possesses special knowledge, skills and professional capability in the medical and surgical care of the female reproductive system and associated disorders. This physician serves as a consultant to other physicians and as a primary physician for women.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alice K Roberts PAObstetrics Gynecology1285630665
Jimmy Joseph Ruiz PAObstetrics Gynecology1962408351
Robert Leroy True TXObstetrics Gynecology1265438675
Renee M Caputo OHObstetrics Gynecology1558367862
Nicole Helene Gueli FLObstetrics Gynecology1184620452
George S Lewandowski OHObstetrics Gynecology1720084130
Fayek Nicholas Shamma OHObstetrics Gynecology1962408161
Elizabeth Hawkins Ottman KYObstetrics Gynecology1770589970
Bobby Eugene Donohue TXObstetrics Gynecology1225034515
Ralph M Neighbor WAObstetrics Gynecology1497751788
Jorge Roberto Andrade MDObstetrics Gynecology1619973914
Ramzi K Humsi VAObstetrics Gynecology1568468718
Mu Rong Lee INObstetrics Gynecology1902802150
Shelley M Shepard WYObstetrics Gynecology1992701148
Bobby Ray Miller CAObstetrics Gynecology1730185992
Timothy J Rost TXObstetrics Gynecology1275539439
Sarah Warsetsky PAObstetrics Gynecology1982600292
Joseph Thomas Chambers NYObstetrics Gynecology1881690196
Robert Miles Zimmerman PAObstetrics Gynecology1174529457
Leslie Breiten NYObstetrics Gynecology1508862889
Ward A Katsanis SCObstetrics Gynecology1659377851
James A Joki WAObstetrics Gynecology1588660781
Cicely Monique Pickett MDObstetrics Gynecology1932105145
Amy Boast Cahill ARObstetrics Gynecology1407852734
Maritza Martinez PAObstetrics Gynecology1043216377
Benjamin D Supnet TXObstetrics Gynecology1508862723
Pamela P. Golden AZObstetrics Gynecology1417953639
Sasikala Hemkumar TXObstetrics Gynecology1336145564
Marci Ostroff NYObstetrics Gynecology1295731461
Julie C Gelman COObstetrics Gynecology1285630467
Julia Rivera-figueroa OKObstetrics Gynecology1467458752
Bradley Edgar Jacobs NCObstetrics Gynecology1194721498
Frederick B Brown TXObstetrics Gynecology1578569752
Nancy D Bryant TXObstetrics Gynecology1477559656
Donald Paul Long TXObstetrics Gynecology1295731487
Bernard Dale Magee MAObstetrics Gynecology1962408153
Catherine Gruchacz ORObstetrics Gynecology1205832490
Bassam Nicholas Shamma WVObstetrics Gynecology1326044413
Angelo C Mendez TXObstetrics Gynecology1144226242
Troy G New TXObstetrics Gynecology1962408062
Alyse Kelly-jones NCObstetrics Gynecology1558367680
Christopher John Danner NCObstetrics Gynecology1588660625
Moshe Schwartz NYObstetrics Gynecology1932105079
Frank Edward Waechter TXObstetrics Gynecology1073519138
Alfonso Serrano PRObstetrics Gynecology1285630350
Paula Ann Randolph NYObstetrics Gynecology1326044405
Rhonda G Wright KSObstetrics Gynecology1083610075
Christine J. Duncan NYObstetrics Gynecology1306842497
Marni Jae Sanders NYObstetrics Gynecology1215933304
Denise L Hartman PAObstetrics Gynecology1215933312
Phyllis M Briggs PAObstetrics Gynecology1073519179
Michele D Brown CTObstetrics Gynecology1124024237
Shakeela Tawwab FLObstetrics Gynecology1679579783
Parul S Nguyen KSObstetrics Gynecology1215933296
Margaret H Smith KSObstetrics Gynecology1588660575
Steve Junior Vanmeter KYObstetrics Gynecology1831195825
John W. Tidwell NCObstetrics Gynecology1790781805
William Edward Verross NCObstetrics Gynecology1518963651
Javier Gutierrez COObstetrics Gynecology1235135385
Walter R Cox PAObstetrics Gynecology1093711145
Marilyn Schulz Gordon TNObstetrics Gynecology1184620270
Brenda L. Smith WAObstetrics Gynecology1962408039
Rosalind J Jackson OHObstetrics Gynecology1134125123
William J Andrew OHObstetrics Gynecology1760488761
Nadia Node Pierre FLObstetrics Gynecology1093711004
Charles A. Porter NCObstetrics Gynecology1730185851
Louise Cree Rogers NCObstetrics Gynecology1619973732
Lubna Chohan TXObstetrics Gynecology1124024252
Michael Edward Lynch MOObstetrics Gynecology1073519013
Planned Parenthood Association Of Cameron & Willacy Counties, Inc. Obstetrics Gynecology1003812165
Brenham Clinic Assn TXObstetrics Gynecology1255337325
Nancy Ann Roberson Jasper NYObstetrics Gynecology1801892880
Robert E. White TXObstetrics Gynecology1508862582
Peter Z Bala WVObstetrics Gynecology1518963503
Karen Duckwall KYObstetrics Gynecology1013913037
Richard J Vagovic FLObstetrics Gynecology1558367581
Nicolai E. Hinds ILObstetrics Gynecology1124024161
Robert W Pimentel IAObstetrics Gynecology1245236298
Zeeland Community Hospital MIObstetrics Gynecology1154327104
Zeeland Community Hospital MIObstetrics Gynecology1508862558
George Vincent Bailey LAObstetrics Gynecology1467458414
Shahim Essaid CAObstetrics Gynecology1710983770
William Henry Castro PRObstetrics Gynecology1083610042
Stuart Alan Weprin OHObstetrics Gynecology1154327088
Johanna B Whalen IAObstetrics Gynecology1508862434
Michael E Abdul-malak PAObstetrics Gynecology1053317990
Rodney N. Wells WAObstetrics Gynecology1760488613
Womens Care KSObstetrics Gynecology1669478517
Carrol Wendall Ellison NCObstetrics Gynecology1912903774
Michael Ihsaan OKObstetrics Gynecology1134125917
Maureen M Smith-king KSObstetrics Gynecology1700882677
Billie Lamb Rowles WAObstetrics Gynecology1235135187
Antonio R Gonzalez-ruiz ALObstetrics Gynecology1326044231
Sophia Drosinos NYObstetrics Gynecology1023014933
Leroy L Yates IAObstetrics Gynecology1851397780
Henry Thomas Smith WYObstetrics Gynecology1104822972
Gregory S Neal TXObstetrics Gynecology1821094798
Maria Gluch Briggs CTObstetrics Gynecology1194721084
Barry J Bieber LAObstetrics Gynecology1750387650
Beth E Nelson CTObstetrics Gynecology1093711954
Melanie Lynn Marin NYObstetrics Gynecology1861498834
Dale E Derick OHObstetrics Gynecology1750387643
Smyth County Community Hospital VAObstetrics Gynecology1376549261
James Helfrich Mcmillan CAObstetrics Gynecology1245236025
Karen L Allen AZObstetrics Gynecology1811993603
Nancy E Zahn NYObstetrics Gynecology1710983531
Alan L Joffe GAObstetrics Gynecology1538165352
George Sylvester Weinberger CAObstetrics Gynecology1285630038
Victor A Nwachuku NMObstetrics Gynecology1538165238
Linda R Peterson SDObstetrics Gynecology1952307696
Steven Amir Farzam TXObstetrics Gynecology1629074265
Diane T Cabana NYObstetrics Gynecology1063418861
Jenifer Arlene Broderick-thomas TXObstetrics Gynecology1457357279
Sylvia A P Subong-chambers TXObstetrics Gynecology1891791620
Nadine T. Zekam TXObstetrics Gynecology1124024955
Scott Andrew Beckman INObstetrics Gynecology1992701734
Maria C Bell SDObstetrics Gynecology1174529929
Jeanne R Hassebroek-johnson SDObstetrics Gynecology1740286491
Laurie B Landeen SDObstetrics Gynecology1043216799
Romeo Acosta FLObstetrics Gynecology1891791562
Shannan C Ross OHObstetrics Gynecology1932105632
Dean L Madison SDObstetrics Gynecology1174529838
Allison Wierda Suttle SDObstetrics Gynecology1699771352
Arie Schwartz NYObstetrics Gynecology1851397541
Keith A Hansen SDObstetrics Gynecology1023014719
Katrina L. Lee INObstetrics Gynecology1841296530
Charles J Lalonde COObstetrics Gynecology1588660229
Susan A Rech NYObstetrics Gynecology1558367367
William Sanford Floyd MIObstetrics Gynecology1376549188
Alvin Thomas Hyslop TXObstetrics Gynecology1770589509
William Roberts Wood OHObstetrics Gynecology1881690626
Julie Pao TXObstetrics Gynecology1275539025
Karen P Haverly CTObstetrics Gynecology1275539066
Associates In Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.c. NYObstetrics Gynecology1164428983
Steven K Hopf INObstetrics Gynecology1417953266
Jane N. Laeger MEObstetrics Gynecology1326044173
Susan Joyce Cushman MNObstetrics Gynecology1740286400
Wesley Robert Grootwassink MNObstetrics Gynecology1952307639
William H Pfeffer PAObstetrics Gynecology1770589459
Eric Goddard Heegaard MNObstetrics Gynecology1407852197
John J Orris PAObstetrics Gynecology1487650214
Michael A Rodriguez TXObstetrics Gynecology1215933064
Jeffrey G Boyle SDObstetrics Gynecology1841296696
Steven R Berkman NJObstetrics Gynecology1174529820
Thomas L Looby SDObstetrics Gynecology1245236991
Ellen J. Bentley MEObstetrics Gynecology1124024872
Peter Van Eerden NDObstetrics Gynecology1851397509
Mary Anne Carter NYObstetrics Gynecology1093711764
Jill Anne Goff OHObstetrics Gynecology1811993587
Michael J Glassner PAObstetrics Gynecology1740286426
Suman Pinnamaneni Veeragandahm INObstetrics Gynecology1194721738
Jeffrey Luke Bohling INObstetrics Gynecology1659377380
Gordon Bruce Kuttner NCObstetrics Gynecology1255337069
Heinz O Osterholzer PAObstetrics Gynecology1417953225
Marlene Beth Seltzer MIObstetrics Gynecology1669478475
Angela F Rothstein OHObstetrics Gynecology1174529853
Ronald Bruce Johnson CAObstetrics Gynecology1013913722
Lance A Talmage OHObstetrics Gynecology1093711723
Juan Paulet OHObstetrics Gynecology1053317784
Nirmala Pinnamaneni INObstetrics Gynecology1881690527
Cynthia A Gray MEObstetrics Gynecology1922004589
Deborah A Trehy Md Pa & Pamela A Padilla Md Pa FLObstetrics Gynecology1003812629
Ziyad Hannon CAObstetrics Gynecology1942206560
Thomas J Umstead FLObstetrics Gynecology1790781326
Triste Marie Coulombe RIObstetrics Gynecology1841297470
Druery R Devore NCObstetrics Gynecology1730185315
Louis T Riley TNObstetrics Gynecology1891791471
James G Arnold NCObstetrics Gynecology1215933809
Marie T Sohner TXObstetrics Gynecology1285630871
Kenneth D Gitt NCObstetrics Gynecology1902802598
Christine Marie Larson MNObstetrics Gynecology1528064128
Diane Van De Mark FLObstetrics Gynecology1437155033
Gregg Allan Teigen MNObstetrics Gynecology1043216641
Priti Schachel TXObstetrics Gynecology1952307555
Myer S Bornstein MAObstetrics Gynecology1639175243
Timothy Freeman Edwards NCObstetrics Gynecology1962408591
Dana Rigsby Gossett ILObstetrics Gynecology1467459099
John Dale Nash VAObstetrics Gynecology1376540906
John C Nulsen CTObstetrics Gynecology1477550036
Southern Illinois Primary Care Associates, P.c. ILObstetrics Gynecology1912904574
Michael Steven Cardwell IAObstetrics Gynecology1063419638
Rodolfo E Saenz CAObstetrics Gynecology1538165196
Sandra R Stites KSObstetrics Gynecology1295731875
Karla E Khan WAObstetrics Gynecology1003812678
Sharon J. K. Cathcart WAObstetrics Gynecology1285630855
Ronald D Hardy WAObstetrics Gynecology1811993488
Shannon Elizabeth Klingman MNObstetrics Gynecology1992701593
William Edwin Roniger LAObstetrics Gynecology1740286343
Dwan Shirmelle Mabry LAObstetrics Gynecology1104822782
Paul Wexler COObstetrics Gynecology1518963107
John Curtis Hellriegel NYObstetrics Gynecology1528064136
Susan Marie Shattuck LAObstetrics Gynecology1962409508
Shelley J Morrison SDObstetrics Gynecology1093712630
Carlos I Gabriel FLObstetrics Gynecology1720085368
Vincent W Gatto FLObstetrics Gynecology1356348999
Elcy Mathai John TXObstetrics Gynecology1083611628
Roger Sebert CAObstetrics Gynecology1144227794
Robin L Leight VTObstetrics Gynecology1235136896
Donald Clayton Patterson MOObstetrics Gynecology1639176290
Kim C Fletcher CTObstetrics Gynecology1710984372


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