Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology (207VG0400X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology (207VG0400X):

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alexandria Healthcare For Women LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1528295011
Fern L. Grapin, M.d.,p.c. VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1699080754
Gynecology Associates Of Alexandria Pc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1144526518
Rabie Clinic For Women LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1073890919
Loudoun Medical Group Pc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1518234947
Douglas County Hospital Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1447526330
Menopause Center Pllc VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1073868832
The Physician And Midwife Collaborative Practice VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1750726089
Gyne Health Obstetrics & Gynecology Llc VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1215376025
Dhp Of Louisiana Pc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1013303056
Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Llc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1578006821
Birthcare Facility Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1790295475
Alexandria Womens Center A Medical Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1295872992
Simplified Health Care Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1982239844
Northern Virginia Gynecologists Inc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1679544456
Physicians For Women VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1558371518
H Evangeline Tomlinson Md Pc VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1427181379
The Physician And Midwife Collaborative Practice Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1831310820
Women's Health Care Ob gyn Practice Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1548491400
Abigail Hart Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1821354036
Aditi Agarwal VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1568613115
Alessandro Ghidini VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1427097336
Alex Joseph LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1316176647
Alexis D Light MDObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1144648502
Alice Mcknight VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1356351316
Amanda L Ingalls LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972714095
Amanda Paternostro VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1962899963
Amanda Mary Wilson MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1013271238
Amy Jane Asato MTObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1134225055
Amy E. Babin LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972581973
Amy Ivanovic VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1992190433
Andrea Ellen Williams VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1053369454
Anne C Kisthardt VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1316023187
Armin Susan Razavi NYObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1962727958
Barry J Bieber LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1750387650
Barry S Rothman VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1649280603
Benjamin Ray Spruill LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1831171917
Brittany Ann Jackson VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1003259904
Cassandra Lyn Presti VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1659876530
Chenita Marie Landry MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1093938417
Cheryl Ann Ferrier VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1750467692
Christine Tran VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972576429
Damon Hou VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1578534350
David Carrington Giammittorio VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1205916392
David Lee Spence LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1588669956
Deidre Marie-francoise Defoe VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1851472898
Demetra Heinrich MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1205256757
Donna Hurlock VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1295873321
Edan Damian Moran LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1568440550
Ekta Srikumar VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1669600862
Elizabeth Quillin Mclemore LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1144428400
Erika L Johnson MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1982675369
Ernest David Autry TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1932147725
Fern Lorraine Grapin VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1538179593
Florence Pat Haseltine MDObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1801805130
Francisco Jose Buxo VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1922024579
Gary Paul Manuel LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1376525469
Gina Karlin Haldeman VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1093978546
Gina C Hibshman VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1629195516
Glenn R Aucoin LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1316926280
Gordon Sewell Bowers LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1588625941
H Eric Stern VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1912978842
Habibollah Ahdoot VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1194894642
Hector M Gonzalez Garcia INObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1528250073
Helen Evangeline Tomlinson VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1922443241
James Aria VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1376635698
James L Gates LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1184603052
Jay Pastore VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1447260401
Jennifer Lynn Kilmer VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1043310626
Jennifer Santiago VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1457437162
Jennifer Machell Sims DCObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1417088386
Jerome Stein VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1831184159
Jessica Lauren Sommer VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1861759227
Joel Christopher Hall LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1982686986
John Whithurst Gallaspy LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1518987163
Kenneth Michael Ahdoot VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1013017524
Khaled Fouad Rabie LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1730140427
Kimberly Kongkasuwan VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1871661249
Kristina Kathleen Hibshman VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1124100169
Lalitha S Rambhala VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1063568061
Lami Jeffrey Coker VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1568559433
Lisa Ruth Himmelstein VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1316212889
Luis C Radice VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1588865653
Lynsey C Owen VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1861655342
Marc Anthony Hester AKObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1548337975
Marc E Siegel VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972513935
Marie Draoui DCObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1053391136
Marion Colman Bissell VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1922093475
Martin Bryan Tanner LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1275515355
Mary Elizabeth Cutting VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1851491831
Marybeth Grannis VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1922438357
Megan Indigo Early Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1497133409
Meghan Elizabeth Malentacchi Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1235391749
Melanie Elise Modjoros VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1619185246
Melissa Joy Thiel VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1235219379
Michael B Kusic VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1154392900
Michelle C Mirau MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1073714408
Michelle Stas VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1962473843
Natalie Suzette-hyatt Moore VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1659697571
Nora Graham VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1205193026
Norman Tacktill VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1811982366
Patrick Layne Tassin Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1639412059
Paula A Mckenzie VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1518181023
Peter Gordon Rothschild VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1790756674
Rachel Snider Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1841723392
Rashonda L. Dean LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1851581318
Saima Rafique MDObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1316364292
Samrawit Berhanu VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1396069985
Sara H Holmberg VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1922242460
Sarah Jayne Sprengeler MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1306037890
Sebastain James Dispenza VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1255457891
Sharhonda Alicia Biley LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1245506617
Sharon Jee Yong Kim VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1356795595
Shelagh Katherine Talbot PAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1447235734
Shobha N Mehta VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1225100993
Stefani J Filak VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1679671648
Tabitha E Andre VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1164612917
Tammie Mae Blair VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1902849938
Thelma Denise Cunningham VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1992879522
Thomas Emmett Burns VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1558416552
Tina Tonga Pham VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1083609309
Toriseju Donna Whyte VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1811158579
Trudy D Sirany MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1629042007
Victor Erastus Nelson DCObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1174605869
Vincent Anthony Policelli VAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1659342533
Vincent Vincent LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1356323497
William Denzil Long LAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1598756702
William D Saul AKObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1285600726
Ronald J Moeller IAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1619992245
Associates In Ob gyn Sc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1417954439
Womens Healthcare Center ILObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972798627
Suburban Womens Health Specialists Ltd ILObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972786762
Joseph Cyrus Ptasinski ILObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1497896500
Lawrence Henry Press ILObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1962524199
Raja Chatterji ILObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1245246065
Philip T C Chan Md Inc CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1285767798
Northeast Community Clinic CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1972786051
Northeast Community Clinic CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1164606414
Northeast Community Clinic Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1700097540
Northeast Community Clinic Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1952641136
Northeast Community Clinic Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1366957508
Haiping Wang, M.d. CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1588176572
Northeast Community Clinic Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1962050120
Nicolai Y Foong Md Inc CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1154414118
Brian Chin-jen Su CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1326100058
Che-yang Huang CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1487862033
Dunia Lizzeth Ponce CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1770617755
Elsie Eh-she Wu CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1255350138
Haiping Wang CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1033205869
John Chau Chiang CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1154332617
Karim A. Soliman CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1669506226
Kuang-yu Chen CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1679859318
Luz Mery Sarria CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1194747030
Maureen Ellen Mulvihill CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1497866909
Nicolai Foong CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1982068342
Philip T.c. Chan CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1174681134
Planned Parenthood Association Of Cameron And Willacy Counties Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1982795258
J Barnes Do Pa TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1548426083
Jeff Gunne Orton Barnes TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1265435747
Rebecca Leigh Poole TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1669784435
Robert S Waer TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1053395202
Adagio Health Inc. Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1295826022
Joshi Womencare, Pc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1144872011
Renu Ashwin Joshi PAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1588970784
Elizabeth G. Lyster, M.d., Inc. CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1982884706
Aesthetic Doctors Group Inc. CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1235425737
Elizabeth Gutrecht Lyster CAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1851461230
Women's Medical Associates Of North Texas TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1356528806
Lawrence Scott Pierce Md Pa TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1598933251
Robert Scott Darrow, M.d., P.a. TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1205224078
Snigdha Obgyn Pllc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1427517606
Charles Colin Stacy TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1710933262
Julia A Liaci TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1386672152
Karen Kubota Slabas TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1629370705
Kayla Mapps TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1871883199
Lawrence Scott Pierce TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1679599476
Megan Teresa Carreno MNObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1679737514
Priya Sureddi Patel Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1013351923
Rashmi Bolinjkar TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1518271543
Robert Scott Darrow TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1366510844
Sherri Merideth TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1255376463
Victor Emmanuel Beshay TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1285721605
William J. Weise TXObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1477533800
Contemporary Gynecology, Pc MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1245596725
Oakwood Ambulatory, Llc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1528120805
Mansuk Chae Md Pc MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1881630341
Ali H Mehram, Md Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1750430518
Ali H Mehram MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1841263746
Benjamin Andrew Rauh MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1467947481
Bohdan Hnatiuk MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1528081635
Elias G Gennaoui MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1316917917
Mansuk Chae MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1477528743
Megan Nagy MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1790976694
Kevin R Brader MIObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1609807627
Ralph Pellecchia NJObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1962527929
Lehigh Valley Womens Healthcare Alliance, Ltd Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1295794741
Lehigh Valley Women's Medical Specialties Pc Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1003878802
Hamilton Obstetrics & Gynecology,p.c. PAObstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1538123195
Gynecologic Oncology Associates Of Lehigh Valley Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1427016302
Lehigh Valley Physician Group Obstetrics Gynecology Gynecology1457309650


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