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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology (207W00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An ophthalmologist has the knowledge and professional skills needed to provide comprehensive eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are medically trained to diagnose, monitor and medically or surgically treat all ocular and visual disorders. This includes problems affecting the eye and its component structures, the eyelids, the orbit and the visual pathways. In so doing, an ophthalmologist prescribes vision services, including glasses and contact lenses.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eduardita Eolani Vicencio CAOphthalmology1790903573
Juancho Francisco Catibayan Remulla CAOphthalmology1003820358
Julia Warren Valdez CAOphthalmology1205855285
Nualhathai Priscilla Songsanand CAOphthalmology1497752778
Fox Cities Eye Clinic, Sc Ophthalmology1316969363
Sullivan Eye Center, S.c. WIOphthalmology1104919869
Alexander Eye Institute, Sc WIOphthalmology1740317841
Valley Eye Associates Ophthalmology1699789032
Wisconsin Institute Of Plastic Surgery Sc Ophthalmology1487703880
Optivision Eye Care Llp Ophthalmology1043386600
Avery Delvin Alexander WIOphthalmology1982788030
Colleen Corbett WIOphthalmology1528078011
Douglas Francis Salm WIOphthalmology1033373600
James Carter Syverud WIOphthalmology1750319448
Kathy A Vogel WIOphthalmology1164416160
Mark C Austin WIOphthalmology1487697959
Marvin L Hall WIOphthalmology1285674655
Michael L Wage WIOphthalmology1962497370
Micheal Paul Vrabec WIOphthalmology1407883838
Robert D Sullivan WIOphthalmology1447347190
Harpe Engineering Solutions, Inc. Ophthalmology1417517095
William E Holcomb Md & Associates, Pc ALOphthalmology1487819124
Joseph Yeung WIOphthalmology1750485835
Huang Ophthalmology Center Inc CAOphthalmology1407909468
B Kurwa Md Inc CAOphthalmology1831384148
Walter M. Fierson, M.d.,p.c. CAOphthalmology1134388374
Nuvision Laser Medical Associates, Inc. CAOphthalmology1023208402
California Retina Specialists Ophthalmology1104074558
Intelligent Eye Care Corporation CAOphthalmology1780136077
Peter Ho Win Md Inc CAOphthalmology1033350756
Peter Ho Win Md Inc CAOphthalmology1154600641
Jennifer S. Huang, M.d., Inc. Ophthalmology1457976433
Doheny Eye Medical Group, Inc Ophthalmology1285658633
Jules Stein Eye Institute Medical Group Ophthalmology1093139586
Alan Fong FLOphthalmology1255621876
Badrudin Kurwa CAOphthalmology1215960612
Diana Chao CAOphthalmology1528320298
Heather S. Chang CAOphthalmology1982898409
John P Beauclair CAOphthalmology1144248477
Kenneth Lu CAOphthalmology1467514265
Kevin K Suk CAOphthalmology1326257569
Lilit Minasyan CAOphthalmology1861861932
Linda Lam CAOphthalmology1972663896
Lori Darlene Moore CAOphthalmology1972510196
Michael J Davis CAOphthalmology1437320785
Morgan Huang CAOphthalmology1790792281
Peter Ho Win CAOphthalmology1124040209
Sami Kamjoo CAOphthalmology1528257060
Vikas Chopra CAOphthalmology1518027424
Walter Miles Fierson CAOphthalmology1023109956
David Lloyd Davis CAOphthalmology1588682918
Erik J Jansson CAOphthalmology1659338788
Lauren B Baker MNOphthalmology1679545198
Mitchell E Blatt MNOphthalmology1184690539
Todd W Gothard MNOphthalmology1386636173
Laura S Gilmore Md Pc OKOphthalmology1164451084
Tri state Eye Assoc. PAOphthalmology1851446918
Accuvision Eye Md Caregroup, Pc Ophthalmology1801863915
Main Line Ophthalmology Associates Ophthalmology1316978810
Sherry Eye Clinic, P.c. Ophthalmology1497762165
Eye Key Retina Center Llc Ophthalmology1194361774
Catherine Meyerle MDOphthalmology1225235633
Dean M Sherry OKOphthalmology1730142324
Edward W Gerner PAOphthalmology1154472165
Jennifer Ruth Lynn PAOphthalmology1659390482
Ralph S Sando PAOphthalmology1326015421
Centro Oftalmologico De Arecibo Inc PROphthalmology1801916275
Retina Care Psc PROphthalmology1982958773
Ophthalmic Care Psc PROphthalmology1831435775
Lm Ocular Care, Llc Ophthalmology1043897283
Allison Toledo-candelario PROphthalmology1871881631
Andres Emanuelli Anzalotta PROphthalmology1023213154
Jose Antonio Carro Soto PROphthalmology1477534790
Juan Carlos Maldonado-melendez PROphthalmology1073711479
Julio C Narvaez Oms PROphthalmology1255368536
Luis M Montalvo PROphthalmology1376639575
Miguel A Garcia-llorens PROphthalmology1124138623
Pedro Juan Davila PROphthalmology1265852040
Pedro Vargas PROphthalmology1063548824
Frank S Teed Md Pa Ophthalmology1831139781
Cascade Regional Eye Center Inc Ps WAOphthalmology1609892249
Texas Retina Associates Ophthalmology1851300792
Vision Correction Center, P.a. Ophthalmology1952464596
Texas Eye Physicians Pa TXOphthalmology1154458966
A. Wali Ziayee, M.d. , Pllc Ophthalmology1942426770
Southwest Ophthalmology Associates, Pllc TXOphthalmology1174745301
Arlington Eye Center VAOphthalmology1447440797
Alh Eye Associates Ophthalmology1174712483
N.k. Renaud, M.d. P.c. VAOphthalmology1003078924
Jw Eye Associates, Pa Ophthalmology1659560498
Barbara A. Nugent, Md, Pa TXOphthalmology1366744583
Eye Consultants & Surgeons, P.c. VAOphthalmology1104158732
Aaleya Koreishi Md Pa TXOphthalmology1649521873
Retina Specialists Of Virginia Plc VAOphthalmology1689008146
Nesc Macipa Llc MAOphthalmology1467791665
Capital Vision Pllc VAOphthalmology1578601605
Insight Vision Center Pllc Ophthalmology1033231360
Sight Partners Physicians, P.c. WAOphthalmology1275533127
Sight Partners Physicians, P.c. Ophthalmology1386264703
Arlington Eye Physicians, Pa Ophthalmology1851324909
Singleton Eyecare Center Pllc Ophthalmology1811560352
Dc Retina Docs Pllc Ophthalmology1457933277
Aaleya Faruk Koreishi TXOphthalmology1629188073
Adriane Elizabeth Schiano TXOphthalmology1033565429
Ahmad Wali Ziayee VAOphthalmology1730222100
Alfred Leon Humphrey TXOphthalmology1164426946
Amy Kotecha NJOphthalmology1326019241
Andrew Kent Smith Ophthalmology1215460670
Anthony William Evangelista TXOphthalmology1922002302
Barbara A Nugent TXOphthalmology1093707721
Bijan Youssefi VAOphthalmology1780660902
Bruce J Ballon WAOphthalmology1619066123
Bruce E Wietharn WAOphthalmology1255420782
Calvin Newton Mckaig TXOphthalmology1710227558
Carrie L Morris TXOphthalmology1437294063
D Todd Ford TXOphthalmology1306807177
David Callanan TXOphthalmology1558360339
David Roger Clark TXOphthalmology1306059480
David Alan Kleiman TXOphthalmology1821051285
Francis Dipaolo VAOphthalmology1164485355
Henry Tucker Dalton VAOphthalmology1265462899
Hiren Rameshchandra Parekh TXOphthalmology1275559908
Hugo M Nue TXOphthalmology1093877227
Huy Minh Tran TXOphthalmology1043251309
John G. Yassin VAOphthalmology1811093792
Kelly J Frasier TXOphthalmology1609894773
Lisa Lynn Wei VAOphthalmology1841372513
Maurice Leonard Gaspar VAOphthalmology1609841162
Michael R Banitt WAOphthalmology1417006883
Michael Alan Blair TXOphthalmology1104949841
Michael Ernest Korchak MDOphthalmology1750647186
Moulaye Ahmed Haidara TXOphthalmology1942647722
Namtran H Pham VAOphthalmology1730117359
Natalia V Bajenova WAOphthalmology1902066228
Nicole Penke VAOphthalmology1356530331
Nicole Kyongnan Renaud VAOphthalmology1134190556
Nikisha Ashok Kothari TXOphthalmology1114366796
Nirmal Saran TXOphthalmology1104881531
Patrick D. Williams TXOphthalmology1154306777
Paul Hudson Wilson TXOphthalmology1275678617
Ray Chan TXOphthalmology1548268162
Ronald Martin Barke TXOphthalmology1447255476
Sahmon Daniel Chinichian CAOphthalmology1255696241
Sai Hemanth Chavala TXOphthalmology1548391311
Sonya Babar Shah VAOphthalmology1083841886
Walter Q Wang MAOphthalmology1578544862
Wayne A. Solley TXOphthalmology1528042447
Koziol thoms Eye Associates S.c. Ophthalmology1619901865
Koziol thoms Eye Associates S.c. Ophthalmology1659387017
Suburban Associates In Ophthalmology Llc Ophthalmology1316032337
Arlington Eye Physicians, Llc ILOphthalmology1184846032
Lawrence D. Wolin, M.d.,s.c. ILOphthalmology1669654513
Central Eye Care Ltd ILOphthalmology1609140409
Suburban Associates In Ophthalmology Llc Ophthalmology1245583715
Suburban Associates In Ophthalmology Llc Ophthalmology1194069732
Dekalb Eye Consultants, Llc Ophthalmology1689180572
Northwest Eye Physicians, Ltd Ophthalmology1528255627
Adam Lee Prickett ILOphthalmology1114224987
Alexander Yeung ILOphthalmology1700317773
Brittany Jill Osgood ILOphthalmology1811191505
Carl Garfinkle ILOphthalmology1528082476
Cereesa E Longest ILOphthalmology1467438341
Christine Z. Pundy ILOphthalmology1831110733
Christopher F. Wood ILOphthalmology1508880469
David Y. Badawi ILOphthalmology1033133996
Gregory Nelson ILOphthalmology1043221351
Janet Zeiler Bresch ILOphthalmology1093817702
Jeffrey E Koziol ILOphthalmology1891713947
Jennifer Hasenyager Crimmins ILOphthalmology1952733255
Jocelyn A Rowe ILOphthalmology1902023864
Jogin Jose ILOphthalmology1417489238
Kara L Schultz ILOphthalmology1629276118
Kimberlee Marie Curnyn ILOphthalmology1669575296
Larry Alan Auerbach ILOphthalmology1255441291
Lawrence David Wolin ILOphthalmology1982606836
Lena Chheda Shah ILOphthalmology1285881144
Mark S. Dikopf ILOphthalmology1255673364
Mark John Piotrowski ILOphthalmology1417059114
Mary-ann M Mathias ILOphthalmology1851510416
Monica L Thoms ILOphthalmology1922027606
Naveed Zafar Ansari ILOphthalmology1922101559
Nicole Nikolic Bajic ILOphthalmology1922410471
Ostap Nykyfor Kashuba ILOphthalmology1053388157
Oussama Boundaoui ILOphthalmology1053601583
Senad Osmanovic ILOphthalmology1376869347
Sheila Goyal ILOphthalmology1205152972
Smajo S Osmanovic ILOphthalmology1194730861
William C. Park ILOphthalmology1942458237
Charles L Wahnon NYOphthalmology1801166293
Ophthalmology Associates Of Greater Annapolis Pa MDOphthalmology1952489064
August Constantine Pasquale MDOphthalmology1386724334
John Michael Avallone MDOphthalmology1205846102
John Thomas Chambers IAOphthalmology1477680098
Paul Berson MDOphthalmology1043521321
Steven H Sherman MDOphthalmology1386602704
Rex A. Yannis, Md, A Prof. Corp. CAOphthalmology1588808307
Sall Eye Research Medical Center Ophthalmology1932216157
Hong Hung Ho CAOphthalmology1245483445
Joseph Bennett Michelson MEOphthalmology1306921531
Kenneth Neil Sall CAOphthalmology1578749685


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