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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology (207W00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An ophthalmologist has the knowledge and professional skills needed to provide comprehensive eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are medically trained to diagnose, monitor and medically or surgically treat all ocular and visual disorders. This includes problems affecting the eye and its component structures, the eyelids, the orbit and the visual pathways. In so doing, an ophthalmologist prescribes vision services, including glasses and contact lenses.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Peter G Walden CTOphthalmology1346247624
Stephen B Levine GAOphthalmology1609873926
David B Werner PAOphthalmology1063419380
Robert J Knox OHOphthalmology1790782035
Warren Robert Fagadau TXOphthalmology1497752737
Mark Maffett OROphthalmology1760489991
William F. Darby SCOphthalmology1720085087
Stephanie C. Turner SCOphthalmology1548267800
Timothy L. Austin SCOphthalmology1184621443
Andrew Stuart Collins VAOphthalmology1619974813
David A Diskin MIOphthalmology1306843594
Maurice James MSOphthalmology1588661789
Neal Andrew Sher MNOphthalmology1598762700
Glenn Richard Silbert NJOphthalmology1275530404
Central Carolina Surgical Eye Associates, P.a. NCOphthalmology1811994031
Daniel Edward Lattin WAOphthalmology1720085947
Laurie J Anglin FLOphthalmology1861499097
Jonathon Lober Gross AZOphthalmology1356348528
James William Matthews KYOphthalmology1235136409
John Walter Story SCOphthalmology1104823384
Molly R Seal TNOphthalmology1144227281
Kenneth Paul Goldblum NMOphthalmology1720085889
Stephen T Petty COOphthalmology1518964675
David S Gendelman MAOphthalmology1730186818
Albert Sidney Cytryn MDOphthalmology1477550580
Elizabeth D Mabry TNOphthalmology1992702021
Martin R Leopold NYOphthalmology1215934351
Russell P Jayne NVOphthalmology1689671687
Martin Todd Brown NCOphthalmology1568469641
Jamie M Coleman WAOphthalmology1548267669
Robert D Lewis MOOphthalmology1518964667
Kenneth R Hovland COOphthalmology1245237395
George A Moo-young COOphthalmology1831196989
Edward Langlow LAOphthalmology1407853401
James Patrick Weeks SCOphthalmology1518964527
Scott Alan Czarnecki COOphthalmology1811994825
John B Bello ILOphthalmology1003813973
John Hoines MNOphthalmology1457358327
Donald M Perez INOphthalmology1912904954
William S Atkins NCOphthalmology1073510020
Evan L. Held NYOphthalmology1023015054
Arthur Joseph Delahoussaye LAOphthalmology1932106978
Craig G Wells WAOphthalmology1467459420
Gerald Roust MNOphthalmology1568469351
Barry Neil Kutner PAOphthalmology1386641181
Richard Lowell Hardcastle AROphthalmology1952308769
Michael H Friedman NJOphthalmology1942208632
John D Polansky OROphthalmology1942208640
F Kirk Bowles TNOphthalmology1609874320
Robert M Scharf TXOphthalmology1417955139
Stephen Mark Weinstock FLOphthalmology1841297686
Kevin Mcauliffe FLOphthalmology1831196575
Neal L. Apple NMOphthalmology1225035967
George M. Rajacich, Md Inc, Valley Eye Center Surgical Med Grp CAOphthalmology1659378313
Alan Richard Crebo INOphthalmology1013914845
Stephen Henry Wolken IAOphthalmology1962409623
John R. Stump DEOphthalmology1386641058
Steven W. Fite MIOphthalmology1649277310
Mark Jerrold Schefkind VAOphthalmology1972500650
Masayuki Kazahaya PAOphthalmology1619974391
Peter John Famiglietti CTOphthalmology1811994510
Timothy Young CAOphthalmology1710984422
Ivan R. Batlle KSOphthalmology1073510962
David Robert Schecter TXOphthalmology1710985411
James Vincent Furicchia OHOphthalmology1235137936
Daniel Gray Blumenfeld TXOphthalmology1295733996
James W Harbour FLOphthalmology1740288455
Nancy Holekamp MOOphthalmology1831197557
Lee E Schoeffler OKOphthalmology1225035108
Edward A Pulice CTOphthalmology1922005800
John P Simses CTOphthalmology1659378537
Wendy A Klein CTOphthalmology1477550358
Lee Thomas Helms VAOphthalmology1720085608
Billy Horton MNOphthalmology1750388641
Max W Linder NEOphthalmology1316944218
Larry W Wood NEOphthalmology1114924016
Robert David Gross TXOphthalmology1316944234
Barbara M. Wirostko UTOphthalmology1326045261
Martin P Kolsky DCOphthalmology1083611883
Steven Alexander Beim TXOphthalmology1629075437
Philip Zweifach NYOphthalmology1417954223
Albert Gonzalez-acevedo GAOphthalmology1780681544
Steven R Anderson TNOphthalmology1295732063
Todd A Goldblum NMOphthalmology1982601613
John D Zilis COOphthalmology1518964246
Stanley Elihu Bogaty NYOphthalmology1508863234
Gana R Nadiga TXOphthalmology1780681411
Michael James Lund NCOphthalmology1659379394
Howard C Lucas FLOphthalmology1508863416
Rudolph Franklin LAOphthalmology1023015930
Peter Robert Laibson PAOphthalmology1194723841
Elisabeth Jane Cohen NYOphthalmology1538167283
Corneal Associates, Pc PAOphthalmology1609874353
Arsenio Tenorio Parial MIOphthalmology1235137993
Alan Harold Jaffee NYOphthalmology1750389417
Lyse Stuart Strnad IAOphthalmology1306843230
Jeffrey D Hudson INOphthalmology1831196765
Scott A. Miller INOphthalmology1740287671
El-roy Dixon GAOphthalmology1053319731
Michael G Ort FLOphthalmology1194722959
Curtis L Hagedorn COOphthalmology1508863382
John Frederic Stamler IAOphthalmology1720085509
Lewis C Cook TXOphthalmology1033117593
Allan Hirsch Fradkin TXOphthalmology1447258918
David Gordon Wagner MDOphthalmology1326046897
Burton Cunin CTOphthalmology1063410546
James J. Castner CTOphthalmology1124026604
Randolph R Evans TNOphthalmology1295733772
Kevin Dinowitz CTOphthalmology1912905407
Jay Andrew Brown ALOphthalmology1538167143
Ray Chan TXOphthalmology1548268162
Kate Goldblum NMOphthalmology1134127772
Joseph C Thompson LAOphthalmology1962400507
Georgia S Stephenson TXOphthalmology1528066172
Gregory L Hayden INOphthalmology1568460129
Joseph M Groden MAOphthalmology1912905571
Carey William Robinson VAOphthalmology1508864109
George Allen Patterson MDOphthalmology1386642858
Dennis Z Weber MIOphthalmology1104824614
Lyle Sheldon Thorstenson TXOphthalmology1851399364
Southern Eye Associates, Pc TNOphthalmology1932107455
Dennis Dewayne Gordy IAOphthalmology1215935754
Neal A Simkovic NYOphthalmology1942208483
Gerald Saul Stoller NYOphthalmology1437157989
Emanuel Newmark FLOphthalmology1659379063
Gary Evan Turer NYOphthalmology1992703367
Austin Wei Chang TXOphthalmology1063410439
William Neil Rosenthal MOOphthalmology1043218415
James Pasternack CTOphthalmology1104824572
Peter B Wittstein OHOphthalmology1104824580
Stanley Bruce Teplick OROphthalmology1740288133
Thomas D Coats PAOphthalmology1558369942
Mark E Sheldon MIOphthalmology1154329548
Eric Zweifach NYOphthalmology1497753883
Robert Jay Weinstock FLOphthalmology1376541664
Laura L Harris NCOphthalmology1972501260
Robert Brian Neves CAOphthalmology1245238682
Terry D Odom VAOphthalmology1942208384
William S Potter CTOphthalmology1205834645
Donna Lynn Densel CTOphthalmology1730187170
John B Constantine MAOphthalmology1437157765
Fiona Jane Durcan WAOphthalmology1295733541
Tay Justin Weinman CAOphthalmology1972501237
Retina Center P A TXOphthalmology1922006246
Mohinder K Gupta OHOphthalmology1629076948
Erik Dale Skoog WAOphthalmology1205834553
Alexander Abraham Rappaport FLOphthalmology1467450791
William Weng Ping Ko CAOphthalmology1548268873
Charles A Lawrence OKOphthalmology1609874809
Russell Scott Weber MIOphthalmology1336147537
Philip R Niswander NYOphthalmology1306844550
Andrew N. Bainnson NYOphthalmology1669470829
Timothy E. Schmitt INOphthalmology1346248622
Maria I Rivera Sanchez PROphthalmology1588662860
Todd Alan Brockman OKOphthalmology1730187907
Gregg Jonathan Berdy MOOphthalmology1376541540
John F Hatch MAOphthalmology1306844402
Richard Carlin GAOphthalmology1396743498
Coleman Eye Center, Pllc MSOphthalmology1528066644
Ernest C Skidmore FLOphthalmology1013915396
Charles J Oestrich CTOphthalmology1003814245
Michael J Janowicz OHOphthalmology1285632430
Randall K. Jacobson WAOphthalmology1962400135
Patricia Ann Welter OHOphthalmology1790783066
Patrick A Villani MIOphthalmology1508864794
Trent Joseph Carroll OHOphthalmology1417955626
Geoffrey P Schwartz PAOphthalmology1326046533
Ziqiang William Wu NVOphthalmology1609874817
Ann Yuan-hwa Lin MEOphthalmology1497753677
Louis W Schwartz PAOphthalmology1407854607
Robert H Davis OROphthalmology1427056654
Irwin Howard Fine OROphthalmology1306844535
Richard L Dallow MAOphthalmology1083612360
Michael Wallace Coleman MSOphthalmology1447258694
Ranjan Prakash Malhotra MOOphthalmology1396743555
Mahendra K. Rupani MOOphthalmology1881692960
Dudley H Harris TXOphthalmology1396743431
Jerry E. Leclaire WAOphthalmology1891793055
Murray Lewis Friedberg FLOphthalmology1609874874
Ahad Mahootchi FLOphthalmology1043218118
Herbert K . Dixon MOOphthalmology1760480990
Philip Leroy Shettle FLOphthalmology1427056548
James R Rogers OKOphthalmology1306844428
Mona Bhan MAOphthalmology1679571798
Jason Ming Zhao TXOphthalmology1942208095
Keyhan Farkhondepay-aryah OROphthalmology1598763716
Robert J Champer OROphthalmology1861490088
Kent A Karren OROphthalmology1942208160
Sherman A Robins CAOphthalmology1750389839
Barry A Mcnamara CAOphthalmology1922006071
Spokane Eye Clinic Inc, Ps WAOphthalmology1730187899
Howard Palmer Cupples DCOphthalmology1205834264
Gina Gladstein CTOphthalmology1578561551
Mark Disclafani FLOphthalmology1649278656
William L Hines COOphthalmology1356349369
Mark A Pavilack VAOphthalmology1245238096
Robert Gordon Levy MAOphthalmology1881692887
Mark John Morris VAOphthalmology1689672685
Marshall Claude Wareham OHOphthalmology1114925112
Eric L Wasserman CTOphthalmology1023016011


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