Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopaedic Surgery (207X00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopaedic Surgery (207X00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An orthopaedic surgeon is trained in the preservation, investigation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. An orthopaedic surgeon is involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors, metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system, deformities, injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow in children and adults. An orthopaedic surgeon is also concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems and the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Gregory Kaldis TXOrthopaedic Surgery1952309577
Bradford A Stephens NYOrthopaedic Surgery1194723734
Mark Graham Wertman NCOrthopaedic Surgery1538167010
Jason J Chiu CAOrthopaedic Surgery1962400440
David Garland Davis TXOrthopaedic Surgery1871591354
Hilario Trevino TXOrthopaedic Surgery1487652962
William Bradford Wheatley NCOrthopaedic Surgery1740288224
Barry Allan Silver PAOrthopaedic Surgery1437157005
Jon E. Browne KSOrthopaedic Surgery1164420733
John P. Morgan INOrthopaedic Surgery1083612691
Steven W Theis PAOrthopaedic Surgery1932107653
Robert S Collins TNOrthopaedic Surgery1982602504
Joseph John Williams MOOrthopaedic Surgery1841298478
Austin R Leve NYOrthopaedic Surgery1972501500
Harold J Granger LAOrthopaedic Surgery1396743936
Roger C Sessions TXOrthopaedic Surgery1720086382
Robert P. Nirschl VAOrthopaedic Surgery1124026711
James A Malayter INOrthopaedic Surgery1487652079
Kirnjot Singh INOrthopaedic Surgery1376541979
Chong Min Park PAOrthopaedic Surgery1992703409
James Keith Baker TXOrthopaedic Surgery1457359952
Michael C Leland INOrthopaedic Surgery1801894324
Ron Clark INOrthopaedic Surgery1073511598
Diane Sue Litke TXOrthopaedic Surgery1336147867
Kevin M Terefenko PAOrthopaedic Surgery1609874148
Nicholas J Connors FLOrthopaedic Surgery1194723643
Frederick J. Schroeder FLOrthopaedic Surgery1649278193
John C Dethoff PAOrthopaedic Surgery1366440810
Bert Charles Hepner PAOrthopaedic Surgery1174521629
Stephen F Kiechel OHOrthopaedic Surgery1295733608
Alan I Roth KYOrthopaedic Surgery1083612444
Alan S Tuckman PAOrthopaedic Surgery1831197292
Robert Gillespie Blair NCOrthopaedic Surgery1447258819
John A Martin PAOrthopaedic Surgery1154329522
Schenectady Regional Orthopedic Associates, Pc NYOrthopaedic Surgery1447258827
David Paul Adkison ALOrthopaedic Surgery1396743779
Edward Urban Kissel ALOrthopaedic Surgery1205834686
Martin R Hullender OKOrthopaedic Surgery1982602371
Thomas Lp Johnson ALOrthopaedic Surgery1265430557
Bruce J Thoma INOrthopaedic Surgery1346248788
Todd Bell TNOrthopaedic Surgery1952309304
Wayne Thomas Luchetti PAOrthopaedic Surgery1942208392
Jonathan Chang CAOrthopaedic Surgery1104824556
Anthony P. Yang CAOrthopaedic Surgery1013915461
Eugene Tsai CAOrthopaedic Surgery1922006378
Vincent W. Chen CAOrthopaedic Surgery1831197284
Brown Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center, P.a. NCOrthopaedic Surgery1497753735
Robert P Stchur FLOrthopaedic Surgery1306844618
Jon David Hernandez PAOrthopaedic Surgery1871591198
Kevin Karthik Nagamani COOrthopaedic Surgery1174521496
Ira C Sachs PAOrthopaedic Surgery1891793113
Thomas Gregory Terral ALOrthopaedic Surgery1992703235
James Kirk Hoffman PAOrthopaedic Surgery1982602249
Dale A Greenberg FLOrthopaedic Surgery1699773952
Gerald-john Michael Rossini PAOrthopaedic Surgery1215935598
Thomas S Sauer PAOrthopaedic Surgery1811995012
Bedros Bakirtzian NYOrthopaedic Surgery1124026372
Douglas D Ditmars PAOrthopaedic Surgery1548268717
Randall N Smith PAOrthopaedic Surgery1427056555
Merrill Wayne Reuter FLOrthopaedic Surgery1669470795
Douglas Schow UTOrthopaedic Surgery1811995004
Edward W Smith TXOrthopaedic Surgery1710985940
Robert George Kercull NYOrthopaedic Surgery1134127335
Peter W Kozicky PAOrthopaedic Surgery1619975992
Jeffrey Keith Braun AZOrthopaedic Surgery1538167614
David A Carrier NYOrthopaedic Surgery1417955519
Andrea Bach Crawford VAOrthopaedic Surgery1124026257
Kevin Eugene Reilly OHOrthopaedic Surgery1063410132
Joey F. Carter ALOrthopaedic Surgery1942208012
Craig M Mines GAOrthopaedic Surgery1609874726
John M Williams PAOrthopaedic Surgery1538167663
Gregory Robert Misenhimer TXOrthopaedic Surgery1114925229
Colin M Kingston VAOrthopaedic Surgery1447258587
Robert M Campolattaro VAOrthopaedic Surgery1861490906
Carl Broock Weiss PAOrthopaedic Surgery1811995962
James B Boscardin ILOrthopaedic Surgery1952309932
John Delahay DCOrthopaedic Surgery1326046384
Paul F Defrino ILOrthopaedic Surgery1326046319
Graham F Johnstone PAOrthopaedic Surgery1619975463
Kevin W Luke ILOrthopaedic Surgery1437157443
Anis O Mekhail ILOrthopaedic Surgery1700884723
Advanced Orthopedic Center Of Charlotte County, Pa FLOrthopaedic Surgery1639177579
Eric Bugna CAOrthopaedic Surgery1255339099
Houshang Farahvar ILOrthopaedic Surgery1720086572
Phoenixville Orthopedic Associates, Pc PAOrthopaedic Surgery1629076609
Giridhar Burra ILOrthopaedic Surgery1609874684
Mauricio Fernando Herrera FLOrthopaedic Surgery1306844303
James A Lambur ILOrthopaedic Surgery1588662589
Robert T Semba ILOrthopaedic Surgery1487652400
Steven R Wardell ILOrthopaedic Surgery1639177652
Arthur Francis Lee OHOrthopaedic Surgery1093713034
Horace Rex Petersen MOOrthopaedic Surgery1568460590
Denver Thomas Stanfield OHOrthopaedic Surgery1477551406
Arthur David Greene VAOrthopaedic Surgery1205834157
James Laughton Phillips VAOrthopaedic Surgery1538167481
Miller Orthopaedic Affiliates Pc Orthopaedic Surgery1659379519
Michael E Ruff OHOrthopaedic Surgery1063410090
Kaarsten Robin Lang WAOrthopaedic Surgery1588662472
Ravindra P Joshi NDOrthopaedic Surgery1477551422
Scott P Price ILOrthopaedic Surgery1285632232
Carl E. Albertson ALOrthopaedic Surgery1134127046
Andrew R Scott KSOrthopaedic Surgery1780682658
Subir Singh Jossan VAOrthopaedic Surgery1922006808
Michael Edward Joyce CTOrthopaedic Surgery1982602868
Terence A Alvey INOrthopaedic Surgery1659379543
Huy Dinh Trinh IAOrthopaedic Surgery1689672511
John Patrick Manta PAOrthopaedic Surgery1518964832
Douglas Alan Flory INOrthopaedic Surgery1275530602
William Peyton Taylor TXOrthopaedic Surgery1366440828
Michael Robert Meisterling MNOrthopaedic Surgery1346247665
Nicholas J Meyer MNOrthopaedic Surgery1659378255
Gregory P. Mccomis INOrthopaedic Surgery1104823848
Glen D Rowe NCOrthopaedic Surgery1225035181
Brian Ernest Kozar LAOrthopaedic Surgery1659379386
David A Felder WVOrthopaedic Surgery1376541615
Kevin Price Dowling TXOrthopaedic Surgery1336147073
Craig Alan Bottke CAOrthopaedic Surgery1730186933
Thomas Edward Greene PAOrthopaedic Surgery1992703565
Stephen Tkach OKOrthopaedic Surgery1700884087
Kenneth S Austin NYOrthopaedic Surgery1205834041
Steven Brent Brotzman TXOrthopaedic Surgery1023015773
Michael Duval LAOrthopaedic Surgery1568469336
Rodney D Henderson MOOrthopaedic Surgery1225035488
Kenneth Joseph Mcnamee MIOrthopaedic Surgery1740287291
Christopher A Foetisch OHOrthopaedic Surgery1780681692
Thomas R. Knutson CAOrthopaedic Surgery1962409938
Dirk A Bakker MIOrthopaedic Surgery1881692077
James Elmer Butler TXOrthopaedic Surgery1003813429
Lawrence Michael Lubbers OHOrthopaedic Surgery1639177512
Shital N Parikh OHOrthopaedic Surgery1184622359
David G Van De Wyngaerde NCOrthopaedic Surgery1528065919
Jack Edward Jensen TXOrthopaedic Surgery1295733285
Heather Anne Melton TNOrthopaedic Surgery1205833142
Patrick James Carolan CTOrthopaedic Surgery1245237783
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, Pa Orthopaedic Surgery1235137563
Ranjan Sachdev PAOrthopaedic Surgery1578561858
Paul P Vessa NJOrthopaedic Surgery1508863663
Christopher Hebert LAOrthopaedic Surgery1811994759
Ronnie D Shade TXOrthopaedic Surgery1952309973
Bernhard Christoph Meyer TXOrthopaedic Surgery1225036429
Rajiv Goel INOrthopaedic Surgery1831196583
John Loch Trimingham WAOrthopaedic Surgery1205833613
Jeffrey Arthur Holmboe OROrthopaedic Surgery1770581415
Timothy J Lehman COOrthopaedic Surgery1497752307
Thomas J Degan MOOrthopaedic Surgery1114924032
Christopher J Lena CTOrthopaedic Surgery1407853773
Thomas E Alost TXOrthopaedic Surgery1508864182
Alvaro A Hernandez TXOrthopaedic Surgery1013915503
Richard M Linburg CTOrthopaedic Surgery1235136326
Scott Andrew Welsh TXOrthopaedic Surgery1043217276
Antoni Bernard Goral MDOrthopaedic Surgery1013915487
James J Fitzgibbons CTOrthopaedic Surgery1619974169
Patrick R Duffy CTOrthopaedic Surgery1912905621
James D Dowd OROrthopaedic Surgery1538166756
John Franklin Ball AROrthopaedic Surgery1225036924
Randall Frederick Dryer TXOrthopaedic Surgery1912904053
Thomas W Dugdale CTOrthopaedic Surgery1912904244
Kevin P. Shea CTOrthopaedic Surgery1225035694
Timothy S. Hamby INOrthopaedic Surgery1356348130
James M. Heinrich INOrthopaedic Surgery1033117619
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc Orthopaedic Surgery1013915255
Glenn T. Johnson INOrthopaedic Surgery1689672206
Gary C Bessette NYOrthopaedic Surgery1598763690
Ashok Sonni FLOrthopaedic Surgery1285631697
Warren Gamaliel Harding OHOrthopaedic Surgery1396743563
Mark A Mighell FLOrthopaedic Surgery1528065323
Adam C Morse FLOrthopaedic Surgery1255338059
Marc A Weinstein FLOrthopaedic Surgery1679570469
John M Small FLOrthopaedic Surgery1144227364
Steven T Lyons FLOrthopaedic Surgery1275530479
Brock Emil Schnebel OKOrthopaedic Surgery1285632521
Paul Alan Kammerlocher OKOrthopaedic Surgery1043218381
Stephen F Beissinger FLOrthopaedic Surgery1417954827
Raymond J Sullivan CTOrthopaedic Surgery1760489876
Henry Claude Sagi WAOrthopaedic Surgery1285631499
Roy W Sanders FLOrthopaedic Surgery1881691681
Jeffrey D Stone FLOrthopaedic Surgery1417954215
Michael A Miranda CTOrthopaedic Surgery1205833308
Franco E Vigna NYOrthopaedic Surgery1760489736
Paul Eric Dicesare NYOrthopaedic Surgery1821096157
Daniel E. Matthews ALOrthopaedic Surgery1225036569
Robert T Myles TXOrthopaedic Surgery1356349583
Bruce Perry OROrthopaedic Surgery1396742045
Robert D Graham TXOrthopaedic Surgery1215935820
David W.p. Huang CAOrthopaedic Surgery1295733640
William J Baylis ILOrthopaedic Surgery1639177603
Orthopedic Associates Of Hartford,pc Orthopaedic Surgery1972500304
Jeremy Shane Stevens MAOrthopaedic Surgery1306843446
Steven Alan Maser NJOrthopaedic Surgery1144228248
Joseph Martin Grant CAOrthopaedic Surgery1831196435
Ignatius Komninakas CTOrthopaedic Surgery1164429619
Optim Orthopedics, Llc Orthopaedic Surgery1033676515
Mark D Avart PAOrthopaedic Surgery1942208285
John J Mcphilemy PAOrthopaedic Surgery1972501211
Christopher Martin Aland PAOrthopaedic Surgery1073510038
B.c. Orthopaedic Clinic, Pllc MIOrthopaedic Surgery1588662415
Richard D Perlman CAOrthopaedic Surgery1013915941
Robert Jensen Lee IDOrthopaedic Surgery1710985551
Loel Zachery Payne VAOrthopaedic Surgery1245238195
Jack Juan Beller OKOrthopaedic Surgery1437157344


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