Providers with Taxonomy: Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine (207XX0005X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine (207XX0005X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An orthopaedic surgeon trained in sports medicine provides appropriate care for all structures of the musculoskeletal system directly affected by participation in sporting activity. This specialist is proficient in areas including conditioning, training and fitness, athletic performance and the impact of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition on performance and health, coordination of care within the team setting utilizing other health care professionals, field evaluation and management, soft tissue biomechanics and injury healing and repair. Knowledge and understanding of the principles and techniques of rehabilitation, athletic equipment and orthotic devices enables the specialist to prevent and manage athletic injuries.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Matthew Malerich CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1437154853
George Theodore Shybut OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013471
Melinda Miller Gardner DCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1053316422
Nicholas Thomas Valos CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1144225467
Frank R Noyes OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1407851728
George L Yeh MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1790780021
Christopher Cannova MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1235134560
John G Esch MOOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1982609384
Anthony Devon Levins CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1811992134
Peter Shelton Trent MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1871598110
Jeremy Ben Stern MAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1528063872
Robert Charles Hendler NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1346245693
Paul W Toma KSOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1629073903
Suresh Nayak OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1730184946
Paul R. Cain MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1861497083
Michael F Regan MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1790780922
James M. Timoney MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1447255682
Victor Nemeth OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1801891098
Frank Michael Sabo OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1063417251
Carolyn Hyde TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1922003227
Allen Laurence Carl NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1639174949
Vincent Butera PAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1588669709
David T. Greenleaf MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013257
Stanley R Rothschild DCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1629073838
Wayne A. Moody MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1366447591
David Mark Heilbronner VAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1427053677
Evangelos Megariotis NJOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1336144583
Patrick J. Fallon MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1396740544
James R Flesch WIOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1679578843
Husam Bahrani TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1205831328
M Tarek Al-fahl TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1891790911
Robert Orell MOOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1528063641
Alon Antebi CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1639174816
Paul Wilkinson Mcdonough TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1588669774
Gerald L Meester IAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1386649572
James E Mathis TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1225033350
Henry G Krull AKOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1669477790
Leon S Meeks GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1831194760
Joseph B Zehner KYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1972508810
Michael P. Coyle NJOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1285639120
Donald R. Polakoff NJOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1407851355
David Louis Cohen PAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1467457317
Stephen S. Cook NJOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1073518932
Daniel L Kingloff GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1104821065
Douglas Alan Waldman TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1902801871
Rouben Mirbegian CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1184629057
James R. Dinn TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1801891775
Courtenay Salisbury Whitman NCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013893
Charles Bruce Malone TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1538164306
Richard Lloyd Malinick CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1184629131
Randolph H Taylor LAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1902801962
Lance Lebrecht Bear WAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1952306037
Greg Allan Bliss MOOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1770588857
Joe M Pack VAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1679578751
Steven M Schwartz CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1942205034
Timothy A Damron NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1699770602
Scott Randall Arrowsmith GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1962407973
Bruce E Fredrickson NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1477558492
Brian J Harley NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1174528194
Peter J. Sofia CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1780689711
James Christopher Strazzeri CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1568467595
Jon P Finley GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1588669550
Alexandra M Burgar CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1801891932
Kambiz Behzadi CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1265437396
Matthew Brendon Colligan WIOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1174528202
Kenneth G Venos CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1154326288
Frank Anthony Liporace NJOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1689679722
Jack Wayne Harvey MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1891790937
Stein M Sletten PAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1164427217
Samuel F. Harshberger MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1134124282
Roger D. Dainer CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1427053560
Robert Feddis MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1477558526
Hugh Switzer FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1083619167
Robert H Malstrom CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1073518106
David J Jupina CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1033114178
Gregory Horner CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1295730331
Clare D Weidman VAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1881699973
Kathryn E Palomino NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1326043381
Edwin L. Ferren TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1366447419
David K Solacoff DEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1306841465
Orthopaedic Group Of Western Maryland MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1124023288
Timothy D Jackson MSOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1093710089
Anthony Bruno PAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1902801905
John P Cannizzaro NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1700881711
James J Kim WVOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1083619050
J Rush Fisher DEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1073518056
Michelle Andrews OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1326043217
Danielle E Katz NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1972508901
Lawrence R. Walker CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1083619910
Stephenville Medical And Surgical Clinic Pa TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1912902826
Denis P O'brien MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1427053339
Theodore Lee Stringer COOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1114922978
Jalal Sadrieh NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1134124944
George John Haidukewych FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013737
Kevin J Setter NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1740285584
George T Hayes CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1912902677
Brian L. Patterson Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1720083488
Jon Michael Erickson COOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1821093501
Norman Paul Zemel CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1609871383
Randall J Gall WIOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1447255146
Robert Allen Kaye AZOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1558365940
Brion P Moran OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1174528970
Albert R. Swafford CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1528063815
Peter Wells Ross TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1295730323
Anthony Lynn Tropeano ALOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1033114327
Jack H Akmakjian CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1811992183
University Of Connecticut Health Center CTOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1720083769
H. Lynn Norman FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1629072079
Anthony S Rhorer AZOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1548265606
Laura M. Bruse, M.d., P.c. NVOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1437531902
Michael A. Shumaker OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1285639484
Joseph William Pullekines KYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1184628570
William L. Davis NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1063416501
Frey Orthopedics, Pllc OKOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1720449598
Lori Kay Reed MSOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1285639955
Mark J Tenholder FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1407850878
John H. Chrostowski TNOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1528063211
Bruce D Browner NCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1245235910
Thomas G Dipasquale FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1770588477
Christopher D Casscells DEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1457356586
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1730183286
Tina A Maxian NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1467457416
Jeffrey R Schlimmer TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1871598730
Eric L Freedman CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1417952797
Rafik D Muawwad PAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1184629420
David M.s. Shein NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1053316836
John F Nettrour IAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1457355810
Chad Hanson OKOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1649561713
Matthew Hammit TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1235134362
David M Montgomery MIOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1013911510
Douglas Stephen Skura OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1073517710
Seth I Gasser FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1164427878
Anthony F Infante FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1720083454
Gregg A. Koldenhoven WAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1396740411
Earl R Lund TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1477558583
Michael T Clarke NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1871598805
Kenneth Gustke FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1144225855
Alfred V Hess FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1578568291
Stephen P Courtney TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013141
David P Rouben KYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1316942006
Joseph J Ciotola MDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1497750624
Thomas V Smallman NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1174528145
Bradley L Fowler WIOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1316942246
Guy Eric Grooms IDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1053316786
David S Feldman FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1598760308
Alfred J Coppola CAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1679578090
Robert Van Williamson NCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1316942675
Vinson A Smith GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1669477345
David G. Brown MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1477558278
Jay W Eneman NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1003811811
Robert A Arciero CTOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1104821958
Houshang Seradge OKOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1306841903
Frank Peter Mannarino OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1356346985
Richard Wayne Forster OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1518962141
Steven Craig Humphreys AKOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1144225798
Jon H Whisler AZOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1043215684
Ronald C. Jones TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1861497307
Donald H Rosenbaum GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1043215668
Martin A Baggett GAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1558366179
Pietro Seni OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1467457085
James D Melton FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013588
Paul S. Chang MAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1285639740
Marc S Golden MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1083619548
Dennis Graham TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1619972221
Scott R Jacobson OROrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1730184201
Dyersburg Clinic Corp TNOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1093710568
Knute C Buehler OROrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1427053990
Alfred Ainsley Durham VAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1306841887
James R. Verheyden OROrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1013912591
Louis H Winkler TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1568467041
Kurt R Martin INOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1639174121
Kevin E Julian INOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1992700488
Floyd James Herbertson TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1801891304
Douglas John Wyland SCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1699771121
Louis Iorio CTOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1043216575
Matthew C Reynen SDOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1245236785
Jeffrey A Burns MSOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1033115597
Michael J Hejna ILOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1013913573
Donn O Fuller FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1194721654
Richard N Deiorio FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1548266000
Jack G. Beaulieu FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1528064086
Paulino Y. Chan INOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1396741864
Mark Steven Eskenazi FLOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1386640852
Lawrence Glennon Evans MOOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1356347843
Vaughn M Collett MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1558367060
Shirvinda A Wijesekera CTOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1073519583
George A Arangio PAOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1477559987
Graham Douglas Ritts MNOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1023013539
Michael Anthony Earle TXOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1003811514
Raymond Edward Henshaw WVOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1548265077
Thomas J Noonan COOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1487659918
Martin Boublik COOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1447256979
Douglas P Hartzler AZOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1215933635
Don D Delcamp OHOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1609872027
Advanced Orthopaedic Associates Of Pa Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1659377083
Gregory David Lewish NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1386640712
William Andrew Ciszewski NYOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1891791224
George A Van De Wyngaerde AZOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1326044751
Theodore F Schlegel COOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1689670028
Philip R Kimball MEOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1386640787


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