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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Otolaryngology (207Y00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with diseases and disorders that affect the ears, nose, throat, the respiratory and upper alimentary systems and related structures of the head and neck. An otolaryngologist diagnoses and provides medical and/or surgical therapy or prevention of diseases, allergies, neoplasms, deformities, disorders and/or injuries of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, respiratory and upper alimentary systems, face, jaws and the other head and neck systems. Head and neck oncology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and the treatment of disorders of hearing and voice are fundamental areas of expertise.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard Boyd Merrick IAOtolaryngology1255326880
Mike S. Shin CAOtolaryngology1992791495
Christopher L Lykins AZOtolaryngology1477540292
Kevin K Mcvey WAOtolaryngology1245226810
Leonard P Rybak ILOtolaryngology1194710913
Lizabeth F Clarke LAOtolaryngology1427046259
Gayle E Woodson FLOtolaryngology1982690459
James S. Denninghoff MOOtolaryngology1033104005
Keun Yong Lee NYOtolaryngology1750379269
David W Leonard VAOtolaryngology1477547180
Paul Plez Tinsley NYOtolaryngology1689669707
Glen R. Goldfarb FLOtolaryngology1548255151
Sylvester G. Ramirez TXOtolaryngology1972599942
John Raymond Wanamaker NYOtolaryngology1386631166
Robert James Tibesar MNOtolaryngology1205822954
Arthur H Katz INOtolaryngology1417944109
Nadim B Bikhazi UTOtolaryngology1588651152
John R Siddoway UTOtolaryngology1356338388
Christopher P Vonhake INOtolaryngology1689661183
Danny A Neal VAOtolaryngology1598750499
Daniel H Kim NVOtolaryngology1801881297
Stephen R Kurland MAOtolaryngology1538155049
Thomas Mason Lunsford TXOtolaryngology1821082520
John R. Bogdasarian MAOtolaryngology1265429617
Paul D Warrick NCOtolaryngology1790770097
Nila M Novotny NEOtolaryngology1316934029
Rafael R Portela FLOtolaryngology1972599397
Alfred J. Mauriello PAOtolaryngology1144218793
Douglas L Schulte IAOtolaryngology1730175605
Bryan J Kemker ILOtolaryngology1366439390
Denis Walter Grillo FLOtolaryngology1235127937
Hakimeh B Kadivar CAOtolaryngology1679560320
Eugene Landon Alford TXOtolaryngology1093700387
Howard Taylor NJOtolaryngology1932193117
Ravi V Pachigolla TXOtolaryngology1396731402
Robert J Nudera ILOtolaryngology1164418315
Andres Bustillo Lopez FLOtolaryngology1275527749
Robert I Kaplan CAOtolaryngology1508853771
Jason H H Kim CAOtolaryngology1225118979
Willard C Harrill NCOtolaryngology1174517189
Foxhall Parker Thornton KSOtolaryngology1619965142
Alexander C. Keszeli PAOtolaryngology1588652184
Michael A. Picariello PAOtolaryngology1487642906
Paul S Bennett NCOtolaryngology1801884341
George Francis Miller DCOtolaryngology1619965019
William Numa MAOtolaryngology1538157987
Alexander R Gnoy NJOtolaryngology1336137827
Suzette Mikula DCOtolaryngology1033107420
Gregory John Milmoe DCOtolaryngology1861480279
James Mckinley Williams OHOtolaryngology1235127606
James Vardaman Kemper TXOtolaryngology1568450948
John Wade Youngblood TXOtolaryngology1952399230
Robert Lionel Moesinger UTOtolaryngology1154319473
Kenneth Allen Newkirk DCOtolaryngology1750379020
Arthur M Lauretano MAOtolaryngology1104814375
Robert Maltz OHOtolaryngology1700874989
Peter D. Mcarthur MSOtolaryngology1073501458
Joe Alan Graves TNOtolaryngology1306834619
German Gonzalez PROtolaryngology1518955863
Eric H Stein MAOtolaryngology1053309328
Bjorn Bie MAOtolaryngology1376531541
Wasyl Szeremeta NYOtolaryngology1013905173
Vijay K Nayak MAOtolaryngology1083602163
William M Parell KYOtolaryngology1104814367
Vincent P Callanan NYOtolaryngology1134117203
Andrew Joseph Schubkegel ILOtolaryngology1275521320
Anifat O. Balogun WAOtolaryngology1427046473
Christopher B Murry MEOtolaryngology1174511158
Vibhakar Shantilal Shah ILOtolaryngology1649268780
Richard E Schrick MOOtolaryngology1699763532
Robert W. Ballard WAOtolaryngology1508854449
Scott Marc Karlin GAOtolaryngology1457349367
Jeffrey Ira Roth GAOtolaryngology1417945320
Julie L Zweig GAOtolaryngology1629066543
Phillip R Say GAOtolaryngology1972591899
Tanveer Ahmed Janjua NJOtolaryngology1285623132
John H Roediger MEOtolaryngology1881682789
Sigmund L. Sattenspiel NJOtolaryngology1730177676
John W Lee GAOtolaryngology1285622167
Richard James Davies NMOtolaryngology1629066501
Martha H Silver WYOtolaryngology1053300814
Alfred Andrew Adamo NYOtolaryngology1437148228
Daniel Hunter Ervin MAOtolaryngology1376532275
Norman S Druck MOOtolaryngology1154310977
Alan P K Wild MOOtolaryngology1871582692
John D Dahm MOOtolaryngology1912996745
Thomas J Toner PAOtolaryngology1528057239
Ramakumar Venkata Rayasam NJOtolaryngology1922097666
Mahlon Vandelden MOOtolaryngology1225027907
John Franklin Hudnall TXOtolaryngology1487643086
Glen T. Porter TXOtolaryngology1205825973
James Hao-yuang Liu TXOtolaryngology1376532929
Jack Andrew Coleman TNOtolaryngology1699764258
James A Ewing KYOtolaryngology1467441907
Lawrence Steven Weiss GAOtolaryngology1912996422
William J. Watson CAOtolaryngology1023007507
Thomas Yl Hung TXOtolaryngology1972592368
Craig Ashley Jones MAOtolaryngology1457340853
Fayez Chahfe NYOtolaryngology1164411567
David Alden Wood MAOtolaryngology1053300467
Scott A Cordray OKOtolaryngology1982693396
Jimmy W.c. Lee TXOtolaryngology1104815547
Judson R Belmont NHOtolaryngology1285623595
Mark D Strasser AZOtolaryngology1811986128
Arthur Harry Allen GAOtolaryngology1891784104
Stanley E. Peters LAOtolaryngology1013906304
Timothy A Kelsch AZOtolaryngology1801885017
James E Ewing KYOtolaryngology1376532564
Justin E Morgan TNOtolaryngology1720077761
John D Mowry OKOtolaryngology1457340507
Marcelo N Munoz ILOtolaryngology1093704157
Thomas A Dodson OKOtolaryngology1225027394
Jeffrey S Leider MIOtolaryngology1548259641
James A Burns MAOtolaryngology1396735320
Daliparthy Venugopala Rao NYOtolaryngology1629068648
Maurice P. Sherman CAOtolaryngology1346230307
Veena Vanmala Vats AZOtolaryngology1760472567
John Robert Salassa FLOtolaryngology1861482614
David M Hartman OHOtolaryngology1053301671
Thomas Vernon Connely NEOtolaryngology1669462305
David Gerard Owen NEOtolaryngology1356331094
Douglas Sidle ILOtolaryngology1730179482
Jeffrey Neal Hausfeld MDOtolaryngology1407846876
Dennis P Porto IAOtolaryngology1689664112
Scott B Blanke WIOtolaryngology1013907526
Marshall D Walker KSOtolaryngology1154311447
Darrell A Kammer IDOtolaryngology1326038571
Richard Galich CAOtolaryngology1649260803
Richard E Mugge MAOtolaryngology1174513386
Gilbert Theodore Brandon TNOtolaryngology1811987050
Marie G Gauthier MIOtolaryngology1902896111
Emmanual D Noche OHOtolaryngology1699765891
Gerald J Sherman MIOtolaryngology1376533471
Michael L Vick GAOtolaryngology1073503165
Kristi E Chang IAOtolaryngology1639160781
Rustan J Wiersma WIOtolaryngology1417947540
Ilya Perepelitsyn MNOtolaryngology1992795058
Stewart E Barlow UTOtolaryngology1710977848
Anthony Christopher Manilla MDOtolaryngology1356332480
Victor E. Calcaterra MAOtolaryngology1760473862
Richard E. Gliklich MAOtolaryngology1922099027
Eric H. Holbrook MAOtolaryngology1740271840
George Kazda MAOtolaryngology1659362754
John B. Lazor MAOtolaryngology1821089921
Joseph B. Nadol MAOtolaryngology1154312262
Paul M. Konowitz MAOtolaryngology1366433328
Theresa A. Hadlock MAOtolaryngology1578554549
Cashell Donahoe TXOtolaryngology1568453488
Edward J. Reardon MAOtolaryngology1356332472
James W. Rocco OHOtolaryngology1972594091
Hamid Joseph Obeid NYOtolaryngology1548251663
Jennifer L. Tirino MAOtolaryngology1215928239
Thomas C Huang CAOtolaryngology1043201155
Peter N. Friedensohn MAOtolaryngology1497746507
Gregory W. Randolph MAOtolaryngology1588655690
James W Mcilwaine MOOtolaryngology1558352443
Mark F. Rounds MAOtolaryngology1669463782
Kathryn A. Ryan MAOtolaryngology1538150552
Salah D. Salman MAOtolaryngology1265423289
David A Scapini MIOtolaryngology1255322129
John W Becker MIOtolaryngology1164413035
Michael J. Mckenna MAOtolaryngology1639160609
David E. Nash MAOtolaryngology1740271725
Emily E Ziaee MOOtolaryngology1235120130
Daniel Dare Rooney VAOtolaryngology1649261637
Joseph Thanh Hoang TXOtolaryngology1649261579
Jose A Lima MOOtolaryngology1629069521
Lucy Shih CAOtolaryngology1295726008
Jeffrey Alan Faulkner TXOtolaryngology1316938160
Mark S Wallace MOOtolaryngology1295726982
James M Hartman MOOtolaryngology1598756280
Neil S Hammerman NYOtolaryngology1275524068
Charles R Henry MIOtolaryngology1548251200
Robert L Daniels MIOtolaryngology1386635969
Edwin B. Ross LAOtolaryngology1588655138
Stephen F Freifeld NJOtolaryngology1881685352
Sean B Bailey MOOtolaryngology1013908714
Juan Manuel Miranda PROtolaryngology1477544179
Frederic A Pugliano MOOtolaryngology1639160310
Darryl J Elzinga MIOtolaryngology1275524951
James S Brooks MIOtolaryngology1689665291
Stephen Goodwin LAOtolaryngology1548251101
Mark L Prendergast NCOtolaryngology1255322681
Eli Porth FLOtolaryngology1699766022
Syed S Rizvi MIOtolaryngology1568453900
Eric William Friedrich GAOtolaryngology1396736625
James A Hamp WIOtolaryngology1740271071
Alan H Dinesman TXOtolaryngology1710978051
Michael J. Cunningham MAOtolaryngology1811988181
John R Grant GAOtolaryngology1063403236
Michael J Larouere MIOtolaryngology1396736591
David Marsh Bowling MAOtolaryngology1194716308
Joseph A Ruggiero FLOtolaryngology1376534586
Christopher J Mann GAOtolaryngology1346231594
Jack M Kartush MIOtolaryngology1508847740
Nestor Rafael Rigual NYOtolaryngology1548241797
Roger E Horioglu NYOtolaryngology1932180015
Natalie A Roberge TXOtolaryngology1700867926
Iris Jean Moore NEOtolaryngology1265413389
Gary Floyd Moore NEOtolaryngology1730160854


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