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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also referred to as rehabilitation medicine, is the medical specialty concerned with diagnosing, evaluating, and treating patients with physical disabilities. These disabilities may arise from conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system such as neck and back pain, sports injuries, or other painful conditions affecting the limbs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Alternatively, the disabilities may result from neurological trauma or disease such as spinal cord injury, head injury or stroke. A physician certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation is often called a physiatrist. The primary goal of the physiatrist is to achieve maximal restoration of physical, psychological, social and vocational function through comprehensive rehabilitation. Pain management is often an important part of the role of the physiatrist. For diagnosis and evaluation, a physiatrist may include the techniques of electromyography to supplement the standard history, physical, x-ray and laboratory examinations. The physiatrist has expertise in the appropriate use of therapeutic exercise, prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics and mechanical and electrical devices.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shawn M. Dalton-bethea PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1760464663
Neil Y Morgenstern NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1609858513
Marc E. Duerden INPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1053393975
Arden Pletzer INPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1700868635
Ronald S Taylor MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1053393900
Lisa B Grant MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1851373708
John Daniel Reneau NVPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1750363404
Mahender R Goriganti NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1144202805
Audrey L Randolph NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1912989641
Michael Lamar Ruppenthal SCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1437131232
J. Paul Kern INPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1255313052
Osteopathic Treatment Center P C COPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1487636247
Meijuan Zhao MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1013999754
Susan J Garrison TXPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1174505960
Christine C Chamberlain MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1588646384
Waco Pm&r Group, Pa TXPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1245212745
Richard Goldberg PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1073595518
William J Cole FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1316929771
Michael P Martire NDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1013999572
Henry H Cho MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1073595559
Edgar Baucage Garcia PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1013999655
James Robert Alexander NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1629050034
Scott L. Myers FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1306828793
Jacqueline J Germain MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1558343954
Tutankhamen A Pappoe AZPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1205818614
Michael W Dole LAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1750364121
Annie Venugopal OKPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1992788368
Jairo A Puentes TXPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1508849944
Orawan Rongkapan NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1588647986
Alec L Meleger MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1477536878
Howard H Huang NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1528041878
Benjamin Lee Rawson WIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1902889397
Beatriz Bartolomei Aguilera PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1184607509
Martin Dean Hoffman CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1245213503
Magaly A Noel MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1326021510
Andrew Kirsteins NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1053394254
Kenneth K Oh WIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1538142765
Mark A Reischer MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1730162801
Carol Vandenakker Albanese CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1992786016
Robert D Heros ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1588655708
Rehabilitation Associates Of In Pc INPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1316929128
John James Brannan OHPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1790775641
Shelton Avery Davis MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1235120684
Katherine L Dec VAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1366431512
Robert P Wills Md Pllc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1407847957
Maury Ruben Ellenberg MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1245228790
David Mark Gordon MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1558359018
Stephen Craig Hyman MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1437147964
Bhagyalakshmi Policherla MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1396733846
Marc Jay Warman CTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1386626133
Helen M Odonnell KYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1487636007
Altaf Ahmed Md Pa Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1861473027
Ian B Maitin PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1306834502
Michael Luke Clegg UTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1679561708
Jonathan Bean MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1730160953
Innovative Physician Services Llc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1922096049
Ross Alan Hardy ARPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1760470983
Peter Earl Biglin MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1831187376
Victor Bracey PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1568817864
Frank E Lorch NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1386633188
Patricia A Hurford MOPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1083602999
Connie D Domingo NJPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1902896889
Walter R Frontera TNPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1093796955
Susan Lee Hubbell OHPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1043291917
Michael M Weinik PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1497743694
John W. Hall MEPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1386625572
Hardik A Vashi WIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1225019243
Bradley Dryden Root UTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1154312197
Vitality Medical Centers Of North Augusta, Inc. Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1851756720
Robert B Richter OHPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1811988215
Ganesh R Balu DEPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1073594693
Novant Medical Group, Inc. Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1437665361
Peter Melvin Mcintosh FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1063402980
Olga W. Bermudez Ramirez PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1750362018
Jeffrey James Derr MNPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1063402402
James C Lai TXPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1942291406
Robert R Gao NVPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1134110596
Ronald Vandernoord NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1083696892
Roger Klauer INPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1548241094
Martin W Yee VAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1235110511
Ralph A Brutus MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1073501557
Amy Indenbaum Green MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1609864156
University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1588654016
Temple University Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1871581991
Patricia Ting Tan NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1821086737
University Of Pittsburgh Physicians Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1881683100
William Joseph Bajorek OHPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1295723344
Comprehensive Orthopaedics Sc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1295717445
Ryan C O'connor MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1194714691
Daniel J Mchugh TNPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1790766319
Chris Covington, Do, Pllc KYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1164916862
Allied Physicians Inc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1366433369
Samuel Grissom MSPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1205824265
Richard Victor Guzzetta CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1265422695
Gay Best Richardson KYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1073503595
Marcel P Fraix CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1245211135
Francisco J Romero PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1316938236
David Michael Mcelroy MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1588652028
Susan S Quinn WIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1093798100
Phil C Cambe COPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1407839301
Trey Rigert ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1275516106
Spine Technology And Rehabilitation, P.c. Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1245213263
Rodica Alexandrescu NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1912980988
Linda S Beale ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1649253626
Jerry Smith CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1780667667
Jeryl Wiens CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1760465686
Stephen F Noll AZPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1558344580
Jean Lee CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1306829130
North Country Orthopaedic Group Pc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1568445344
Sok Min Kim WVPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1043293822
Thurman B Whitted NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1770566465
Andrew J. Morpurgo NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1326021023
Ann Marie S Thomas MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1144203829
Roland D Kaplan FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1033192737
Steven Edward Braverman MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1982687604
Marshall Health Services Inc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1265415905
Cda Hand Therapy & Healing Center Pa Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1710960463
Jack Mensch NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1790768323
Stephen Nadler NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1508849134
Woo Suk Tak NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1093798530
Ronald D. Abraham PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1104809664
Mohamed H Elessawy NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1700869336
Lon Satnick NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1194708735
Christopher Szeles NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1841273380
Kumudini M Vaidya OKPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1629052964
The Rehab Doctors Pc SDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1932183308
Frank B Artuso PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1609850163
Paul A. Pipia NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1417931734
Jeffrey B Weinberg NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1952385361
Melinda H Hayes FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1447234646
Christina Lynn Lasich CAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1679557862
Sheila Simpson MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1790769875
Gayle Swissman Schwartz MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1881678811
Seung J. Park Shin NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1497739452
Kevin Colum Oconnor MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1861476947
Philip Tasca NJPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1780668764
Darren C Rosenberg MAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1649254673
Rolland P Erickson AZPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1356325385
Juan Elias Davila TXPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1609850429
David S Diamant NEPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1639153349
Jeff Richard Pavell NJPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1790769487
Keith Charles Anderson ALPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1285618975
Daniel R Kurtti MNPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1912982570
Lisa Wisotsky NJPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1780669119
Lizzette Rodriguez PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1861477275
Luis Anibal Soto PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1487639803
Phillip W Landes MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1376528752
Leonard E Forrest SCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1205811544
Cathy Xiang Gao MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1487639720
Thomas Lorish ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1013992387
Leela Engineer MNPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1285619478
Angela Helen Ryan NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1659356889
Christiana Care Health Services Inc Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1174508410
Jorge Luis Sifre PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1073598181
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Associates Inc. Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1366427445
Lynn Crummy NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1467437566
Deborah N Kimmel PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1093790198
Phillip R Bryant PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1538144654
Cynthia S Crawford FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1659356632
William A Knapp PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1457336430
Marilyn L Rotor-makilan PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1891770913
Maria Lc Labi PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1619952744
Brian L Fellechner PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1255316386
Sharmila R Anugu NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1053396069
Mark Roberto Acierno MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1093790024
Julio E Dieppa PRPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1164407078
Raphael S. Orenstein NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1154306819
David C Koon ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1528043205
Pericles S Hadjiyane NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1750366449
Robert Deporto NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1306821004
Denton Physical Medicine Pain TXPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1891770731
Steven A. Cremer OHPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1275518987
George R Richardson SCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1417932252
Marie Valleroy ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1437134178
Jeffrey Taylor PAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1194700849
Bill J Tacke MTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1336124288
John Michael Orr UTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1518942291
Eipe Kuruvila COPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1871578567
Michael Vincent Canale FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1356326052
Irina Gifford NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1588649313
Gary Allen Ward ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1033194873
John F Johnson SCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1114902954
Ronald T. Stephens GAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1376528091
Michael Richard Wilson ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1932185584
Shan-liang Liu MOPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1487630166
Kusai A Umran MOPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1003892787
Jonathan Edwards Cooper NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1588640106
John A Szajenko MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1881670362
Blake A Bergeon MIPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1619953106
Michael S Wong CTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1346226834
Mark R Varga WAPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1144206632
Heather Marie Chiricolo NJPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1184600595
Richard Dauhajre NYPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1811973241
Marc Alan Reiskind FLPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1306822614
Kathleen Mary Kolaski NCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1093791329
Thomas Sangwok Lee MDPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1659357911
John P Kafrouni ORPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1891771259
James D Hinde MTPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1053397422
Susan Miller DCPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1023094257
Christopher D Twombly NVPhysical Medicine Rehabilitation1679559751


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