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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A plastic surgeon deals with the repair, reconstruction or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk and external genitalia or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body. Cosmetic surgery is an essential component of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon uses cosmetic surgical principles to both improve overall appearance and to optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures. The surgeon uses aesthetic surgical principles not only to improve undesirable qualities of normal structures but in all reconstructive procedures as well.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephen J Smolansky FLPlastic Surgery1578569059
Mark E Krugman CAPlastic Surgery1134125586
Dana R Towle MOPlastic Surgery1225034531
Jay Meisner NYPlastic Surgery1982600219
Richard Scott Rosenblum VAPlastic Surgery1588660880
Mark Edward Richards MDPlastic Surgery1760488019
Bivik R Shah OHPlastic Surgery1558367839
Advanced Cardiac Surgical Associates, Pllc Plastic Surgery1568468551
Dell P Smith IDPlastic Surgery1770589814
Joseph R Whiteley ILPlastic Surgery1043216112
Donen Davis SCPlastic Surgery1972509925
Ramasamy Kalimuthu ILPlastic Surgery1366448128
Thomas Joseph Carrico VAPlastic Surgery1386640266
Medical Service Associates Of Xenia Inc Plastic Surgery1982600862
Christopher Tae-kyung Chia NYPlastic Surgery1245236165
Martin A. Morse VAPlastic Surgery1386640936
Ahmad H. Ahmadi TXPlastic Surgery1184620924
Hytho H Pantazelos MAPlastic Surgery1962408765
Howard Michael Gross CAPlastic Surgery1467458273
Arthur M Sharkey FLPlastic Surgery1245236066
Jason J Rosenberg FLPlastic Surgery1780680454
Suri Babu Ponamgi NJPlastic Surgery1437155009
William Preston Magee VAPlastic Surgery1689670283
Michael S Kluska PAPlastic Surgery1184621757
David S Martin TNPlastic Surgery1053317149
Brian A. Cox CAPlastic Surgery1952307985
Alex Lechtman CAPlastic Surgery1013913698
William Scott Wittenborn FLPlastic Surgery1710983218
David H Refermat NYPlastic Surgery1194721282
William Andrew Stewart WVPlastic Surgery1447257035
Monica Susan Hall-robertson KYPlastic Surgery1841296225
Adil A. Kabeer FLPlastic Surgery1942207519
Jonathan Scot Schreiber CTPlastic Surgery1528065984
Ronald K Downs INPlastic Surgery1154328516
Patrick J Viscardi INPlastic Surgery1801893268
Alton Clark Raynor FLPlastic Surgery1407853989
Michael S. Flood PAPlastic Surgery1346247715
Bhupesh Vasisht NJPlastic Surgery1114924487
William M Jacobsen AZPlastic Surgery1639176894
Maryann Purdy Wall COPlastic Surgery1528065695
June S. Chen UTPlastic Surgery1942207048
Richard Charles Howells PAPlastic Surgery1720085814
Patrick Swier DEPlastic Surgery1306843453
James Michael Morrissey TXPlastic Surgery1750388815
Bethanne Snodgrass OHPlastic Surgery1881691897
David Scott Warsaw PAPlastic Surgery1386641314
Scott Donald Holley MIPlastic Surgery1811994841
Raghuram Gop Elluru MIPlastic Surgery1629075668
Jeffrey S Carithers IAPlastic Surgery1295732931
Christopher Alan Marek KYPlastic Surgery1992702633
Michael Paul Vincent MDPlastic Surgery1790782407
Michele T Sasmor MAPlastic Surgery1649277542
Michael F Kutka MAPlastic Surgery1275530172
Christopher Jon Schaffer ALPlastic Surgery1205834959
Tong C. Duong FLPlastic Surgery1033117791
Kenneth Michael Jones WAPlastic Surgery1760480420
Brenton B Koch IAPlastic Surgery1487651303
Clinton Bradshaw Webster OKPlastic Surgery1417955063
Kellous Andrew Price TXPlastic Surgery1285632679
Mircea I Catana OHPlastic Surgery1861490179
George Edward Smith TNPlastic Surgery1639177967
Robert L Kraft NYPlastic Surgery1245238583
Roy Powell GAPlastic Surgery1912905050
Charles J Gaudet NHPlastic Surgery1417955691
Gary S Bromley NYPlastic Surgery1457359648
J Webster Stayman NYPlastic Surgery1700884921
Ronald H. Schuster MDPlastic Surgery1912905076
Eleanor C Pitts MAPlastic Surgery1811995806
David J Wages MAPlastic Surgery1184622177
Vincent David Dinick MIPlastic Surgery1871591883
Ibrahim H Amjad FLPlastic Surgery1477551455
Boston Plastic Surgery Associates, Pc Plastic Surgery1417955402
Peter F. White PAPlastic Surgery1225036270
Jeffrey Scott Poulter ILPlastic Surgery1174521074
Philip P Hawner TXPlastic Surgery1730186172
Paul Gordon Pin TXPlastic Surgery1568469484
Lee Dickinson Rowe PAPlastic Surgery1194723163
Bruce A Scott KYPlastic Surgery1881692317
Samuel Ernest Logan MIPlastic Surgery1013914241
Luke J Curtsinger GAPlastic Surgery1730187477
Gary Mitchell Feinberg CAPlastic Surgery1730187881
Ivor Barry Kaplan VAPlastic Surgery1912905852
Mark E. Chariker KYPlastic Surgery1194724997
William Hugus Dascombe GAPlastic Surgery1619976107
Gladys S Tsao-wu NMPlastic Surgery1831198241
Gregory A Tobin MOPlastic Surgery1821097239
Thomas J Nielsen ILPlastic Surgery1235138546
Frank E Barone OHPlastic Surgery1295734523
Craig W Colville OHPlastic Surgery1932108271
John F Zavell OHPlastic Surgery1811996150
Richard Hee-jin Lee CAPlastic Surgery1891794269
Mack Hugh Sullivan MIPlastic Surgery1780683151
Paul Neis ARPlastic Surgery1629077896
Monty Barker ARPlastic Surgery1114926482
George Peter Zavitsanos PAPlastic Surgery1740289008
Barry Stuart Handler CAPlastic Surgery1669471892
James Weintrub RIPlastic Surgery1184623282
Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery Inc GAPlastic Surgery1295734259
Richard Jude Greco GAPlastic Surgery1366441321
John Domenic Paletta GAPlastic Surgery1578562658
James Bishop Russell ARPlastic Surgery1497754477
Lisa Diane Santos TXPlastic Surgery1942209986
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates Of Mountain Home, Pa ARPlastic Surgery1790784734
Ryan C Cmejrek INPlastic Surgery1710986765
Thomas H Beird MIPlastic Surgery1669471652
Sungjoo Brian Kim PAPlastic Surgery1629078563
Daniel S Jorgenson NYPlastic Surgery1093714958
Maher Talaat Hassan GAPlastic Surgery1457350316
Edward J Silvoy NCPlastic Surgery1225037195
James William Ward TXPlastic Surgery1760482590
Stephen U Harris NYPlastic Surgery1962402677
Arthur Kirsner Balin PAPlastic Surgery1861492415
Robert H Gotkin NYPlastic Surgery1043210677
Arthur N Falk NYPlastic Surgery1538169180
Connecticut Surgical Group Pc CTPlastic Surgery1326048984
Cosmetique Dermatology, Laser & Plastic Surgery, Llp NYPlastic Surgery1710987227
Mark A. Petroff ORPlastic Surgery1528068129
Pierre Ross Michaud RIPlastic Surgery1801896378
Vetra Anete Gipson TNPlastic Surgery1528068061
Clarence L Freed PAPlastic Surgery1487654968
Jeffrey Joseph Roth NVPlastic Surgery1932109212
Charles Leonard Castiglione CTPlastic Surgery1154321461
John A Butler WIPlastic Surgery1548260516
Suresh Koneru TXPlastic Surgery1972503092
Alan Babigian CTPlastic Surgery1710987755
Jeffrey A Kurtz WIPlastic Surgery1013917079
Abolaji Sangosanya NYPlastic Surgery1932100963
Lawrence Kerr NYPlastic Surgery1013918044
Sandeep Kathju PAPlastic Surgery1700887767
Norman D Buebendorf WIPlastic Surgery1629079579
Curtis A Crimmins WIPlastic Surgery1609877539
Ibrahim Bohsali FLPlastic Surgery1548261472
Nina Shaikh Naidu NYPlastic Surgery1417958232
Angela Faye Perry TXPlastic Surgery1063411858
Pat Byron Pazmino FLPlastic Surgery1184624033
Prasad G Kilaru CAPlastic Surgery1689674665
David J Ettinger OHPlastic Surgery1619976453
Richard Dean Lisman NYPlastic Surgery1043219900
Pedro Miguel Soler FLPlastic Surgery1134128010
Michelle D. Palazzo KYPlastic Surgery1922008747
Stephen P Fox WIPlastic Surgery1659371730
Guy Gerald Crevecoeur INPlastic Surgery1124029079
Sunanda Singh FLPlastic Surgery1992705297
Francisco R Suarez Lozada PRPlastic Surgery1952300600
George Thomas Grace MDPlastic Surgery1447259189
Kerry Elizabeth Owens MDPlastic Surgery1134128903
David S. Reid ILPlastic Surgery1497755805
Victor J Atun TXPlastic Surgery1841290095
Chs Professional Practice, Inc PAPlastic Surgery1710987417
Yasmeen Ahmed Moody NYPlastic Surgery1992704845
Bruce Alexander Wolf KYPlastic Surgery1134120934
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. CAPlastic Surgery1730180415
Patrick Lynn Hodges TXPlastic Surgery1083615678
Charles Louis Dupin LAPlastic Surgery1578564134
Marcel Scheinman NYPlastic Surgery1972504587
Angela Portia Chiou CAPlastic Surgery1811998065
Troy D Thompson TXPlastic Surgery1235130493
Jonathan Charles Boraski LAPlastic Surgery1245231612
John S Mancoll VAPlastic Surgery1992706337
Joseph M Mlakar INPlastic Surgery1801897244
Alex Charles Cech CTPlastic Surgery1073514410
Richard A. Janson COPlastic Surgery1922009372
Sarah A. Mess MDPlastic Surgery1740281047
Jonathan Lee Sollender COPlastic Surgery1881695195
Alexander Christopher Allori NCPlastic Surgery1316948532
J Michael Morrissey Md Pa TXPlastic Surgery1588666572
Lance G Leithauser MDPlastic Surgery1013918184
Brian J Lee INPlastic Surgery1508867656
Giovanna Ghafoori TXPlastic Surgery1043211162
Peter Hyans NJPlastic Surgery1528060605
Robert W Craven WAPlastic Surgery1083616072
Sergio Martin Zamora FLPlastic Surgery1912909805
Plastic Surgery Ctr Of Nashville, Pllc Plastic Surgery1205838018
Melinda J. Haws TNPlastic Surgery1265434070
Ravi Surya Devara OHPlastic Surgery1477555258
Gregory Franklin Bland COPlastic Surgery1598767378
George Patrick Maxwell TNPlastic Surgery1295737930
Stephanie A Stover FLPlastic Surgery1568464204
Constance Marie Barone TXPlastic Surgery1285636944
Elizabeth G Whitaker GAPlastic Surgery1811999402
Andrew J Hayduke CAPlastic Surgery1588666119
Robert T Stroup OHPlastic Surgery1568464964
Jordan B Pritikin ILPlastic Surgery1770585259
Lauri Kalanges NVPlastic Surgery1720080120
Fouad J Samaha MAPlastic Surgery1043212541
Daniela Maria Rodriguez MIPlastic Surgery1215939673
Bohdan Fedczuk NYPlastic Surgery1992797096
Patricia L Rooney FLPlastic Surgery1548252612
Brian E Trainor AZPlastic Surgery1942292024
Richard Peter Lenz MEPlastic Surgery1093707275
Donald G Sessions MOPlastic Surgery1497747521
University Ear Nose And Throat Of Northeastern New York Llp Plastic Surgery1295727279
Mehul M Mehta MIPlastic Surgery1770575763
Dean J Toriello MIPlastic Surgery1831181825
Samson P Samuel MIPlastic Surgery1679565584
Steven C Naum MIPlastic Surgery1326030255
Julian E Kuz MIPlastic Surgery1265424196
Paul Stanislaw CTPlastic Surgery1457343220
Edward Scott Gronka GAPlastic Surgery1306838099
Paul David Feldman GAPlastic Surgery1588656367


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