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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Plastic Surgery (208200000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A plastic surgeon deals with the repair, reconstruction or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk and external genitalia or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body. Cosmetic surgery is an essential component of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon uses cosmetic surgical principles to both improve overall appearance and to optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures. The surgeon uses aesthetic surgical principles not only to improve undesirable qualities of normal structures but in all reconstructive procedures as well.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Brian Derby GAPlastic Surgery1841499266
Brian P Maloney GAPlastic Surgery1275655763
Brian Stenberg GAPlastic Surgery1942737911
Cang Huynh GAPlastic Surgery1548446594
Christopher James Nickel FLPlastic Surgery1194111963
Clinton D. Mccord GAPlastic Surgery1376689901
Courtney Anne Carpenter GAPlastic Surgery1255629911
Daniel Adam Cuzzone NYPlastic Surgery1316171572
Denise Renee Drake GAPlastic Surgery1336315597
Dipsy Parikh GAPlastic Surgery1629623558
Dirk Briscoe Robertson GAPlastic Surgery1891804092
Donald J Campbell GAPlastic Surgery1225185028
Drew Metcalfe Plastic Surgery1689930331
Dzifa Sena Kpodzo GAPlastic Surgery1841358629
Elizabeth G Whitaker GAPlastic Surgery1811999402
Elliott Ho Chen SCPlastic Surgery1073667085
Emily Grace Clark Plastic Surgery1386902435
Eric Avram Odessey ILPlastic Surgery1811143316
Erica Lauren Smearman GAPlastic Surgery1750946885
Eugenia Kim Page GAPlastic Surgery1598925109
Faramarz Movagharnia GAPlastic Surgery1922338938
Farzad Nahai GAPlastic Surgery1801870175
Foad Nahai GAPlastic Surgery1083634398
Frederick Taylor Work GAPlastic Surgery1619941911
Gertrude Kristine Bennett GAPlastic Surgery1922082288
Grant Carlson GAPlastic Surgery1689698649
Gregory J Mackay GAPlastic Surgery1386686491
Harry Michael Baddour GAPlastic Surgery1578880100
Heather Rosen Faulkner GAPlastic Surgery1457550881
Inessa Fishman ALPlastic Surgery1427236413
Jeffery Trad Wadsworth VAPlastic Surgery1578531216
John Philip Connors GAPlastic Surgery1649252263
John Levis Leroy GAPlastic Surgery1669431755
John Armitage Rusca GAPlastic Surgery1316048416
Jonathan Nguyen GAPlastic Surgery1558716225
Julian Benjamin Gordon GAPlastic Surgery1215167416
Kanye Willis GAPlastic Surgery1437350527
Kenneth Glen Walton GAPlastic Surgery1689783870
Kshitij Vipin Majmundar GAPlastic Surgery1437290004
Lester Franklyn Elliott GAPlastic Surgery1194709006
Lindsey Wong Webb GAPlastic Surgery1285869867
Lisa M. Difrancesco GAPlastic Surgery1073556254
Louis Michael Dejoseph GAPlastic Surgery1851486955
Magdalena Soldanska NYPlastic Surgery1063672483
Mandi Charles GAPlastic Surgery1225477300
Manuel G Trujillo SCPlastic Surgery1992951883
Mark F Deutsch GAPlastic Surgery1013991371
Mark Mitchell Jones GAPlastic Surgery1497719595
Mark Walsh GAPlastic Surgery1144376724
Matthew Edward Hiro GAPlastic Surgery1780876623
Max Yeslev GAPlastic Surgery1407033806
Medhanie Chichi Berhane GAPlastic Surgery1770797904
Michael J Orseck SCPlastic Surgery1952326365
Mirsad Mujadzic SCPlastic Surgery1184812968
Nelson Castillo GAPlastic Surgery1689876526
Nikki Mark Burish SCPlastic Surgery1619397619
Paul A Ghareeb CAPlastic Surgery1215370432
Paul D. Mccluskey GAPlastic Surgery1881898344
Peter C Haines SCPlastic Surgery1568476711
Peter Michael Randle GAPlastic Surgery1144206467
Peter W Thompson GAPlastic Surgery1194902288
Piergiorgio Allegra GAPlastic Surgery1295340305
Puli Pravin Reddy GAPlastic Surgery1487835260
Rachel Bryan IDPlastic Surgery1396347571
Richard Everett Lorenz GAPlastic Surgery1568567642
Robert Alton Colgrove GAPlastic Surgery1487731121
Robert Chen Fang GAPlastic Surgery1750538500
Robert A Miller MAPlastic Surgery1295861888
Rogerio I Neves PAPlastic Surgery1548391980
Ronaldo Carneiro FLPlastic Surgery1528018694
Sameer Mehbub Kapadia Plastic Surgery1588007231
Samuel Houston Payne Plastic Surgery1497288773
Sanjeev Kaila GAPlastic Surgery1356685895
Sara Neimanis GAPlastic Surgery1174940225
Shawn A Birchenough SCPlastic Surgery1518172972
Sotirios Papafragkou NYPlastic Surgery1669623724
Stephanie Elysse Farber PAPlastic Surgery1265844617
Susan Elizabeth Kolb GAPlastic Surgery1942291455
Sybile Val GAPlastic Surgery1356590269
Theresa Wang GAPlastic Surgery1023174901
Thomas Roderick Hester GAPlastic Surgery1659317006
Victor Chien GAPlastic Surgery1922319755
Wilbur L Baird GAPlastic Surgery1255316790
William E Silver GAPlastic Surgery1104883859
Ximena Alexandra Pinell GAPlastic Surgery1275776973
Blair Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery1083717003
East Alabama Plastic Surgery, Llc ALPlastic Surgery1659634624
Chima Austin Ukachi ALPlastic Surgery1104034339
Jana Podzimek ILPlastic Surgery1356314058
Ralph L Aquadro ALPlastic Surgery1992835722
Michael F Milan MIPlastic Surgery1932350873
Stephen A Sohn MAPlastic Surgery1144363615
Kenna S. Given, Md Pc Plastic Surgery1184807679
Gary Williamson, M.d., P.c. GAPlastic Surgery1710249966
Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Pc GAPlastic Surgery1851411490
Csra Plastic Surgery Associates Pc Plastic Surgery1356007264
Benson Pulikkottil COPlastic Surgery1316173008
Christy Wilson GAPlastic Surgery1801252671
Daniel B Westawski FLPlastic Surgery1194883702
Derek Culnan VAPlastic Surgery1396951620
Edmond F. Ritter GAPlastic Surgery1982793378
Gerald J Khachi PAPlastic Surgery1306853916
Gloria M. Gamboa-gonzalez GAPlastic Surgery1538279922
Jack C Yu GAPlastic Surgery1538270210
Jeroen Pieter Balledux FLPlastic Surgery1548429954
John Hershman TXPlastic Surgery1801058581
Juan Manuel Lopez FLPlastic Surgery1053473504
Juan Socas FLPlastic Surgery1861650822
Kenna S. Given GAPlastic Surgery1437114725
Lily Daniali COPlastic Surgery1053553370
Manuel Medina Plastic Surgery1558651935
Maria Helena Nascimento De Lima GAPlastic Surgery1518212166
Michael Martin Vanvliet FLPlastic Surgery1841372968
Mouchammed Agko GAPlastic Surgery1285898247
Muamer Mirza Mujadzic MOPlastic Surgery1366892705
Natalie Brasher Daniel GAPlastic Surgery1558727487
Nicholas Bradford Johnson IDPlastic Surgery1578850210
Nicholas Jones WVPlastic Surgery1972711844
Orlando Llorente FLPlastic Surgery1760589923
Patrick Morgan GAPlastic Surgery1659750370
Richard Louis Hutchison FLPlastic Surgery1821029497
Rizal Lim FLPlastic Surgery1801945514
Robert Charles Dinsmore GAPlastic Surgery1346301231
S.m. Abu Zaheed Hassan GAPlastic Surgery1144297466
Savannah Stockton GAPlastic Surgery1639795529
Stephen Winslow Gordon NVPlastic Surgery1093849820
William Greer Albergotti GAPlastic Surgery1538423546
William Joseph Welsh GAPlastic Surgery1407838527
Health & Renewal Plastic Surgery Associates, S.c. Plastic Surgery1568620144
Candis Lovelace Md Pa Plastic Surgery1316212129
University Physicians, Incorporated Plastic Surgery1538676572
Rush copley Medical Group, Nfp Plastic Surgery1093075848
Healthone Clinic Services Orthopedic Specialists Llc Plastic Surgery1831854694
University Physicians Incorporated Plastic Surgery1922572833
Aaron C Mason COPlastic Surgery1497775852
Christodoulos Kaoutzanis COPlastic Surgery1043521065
Frederic White-brown Deleyiannis COPlastic Surgery1285606764
Jonathan Lee Sollender COPlastic Surgery1881695195
Kia Maureen Mclean Washington COPlastic Surgery1629173976
Lawrence A Gordon COPlastic Surgery1952445587
Matthew Louis Iorio COPlastic Surgery1760623417
Melissa Klausmeyer MAPlastic Surgery1821231093
Michael Gordon COPlastic Surgery1194803452
Tae W Chong COPlastic Surgery1396954186
Westlake Dermatology Pa Plastic Surgery1518939347
Seton Healthcare Plastic Surgery1811927130
Seton/ut Southwestern University Physicians Group Plastic Surgery1508896804
Devenir Aesthetics, Pa Plastic Surgery1477584845
Tjelmeland Plastic Surgery, P. A. TXPlastic Surgery1710071832
Ned Snyder Iv, M.d., P.a. Plastic Surgery1124119557
Sks Plastic Surgery Pa TXPlastic Surgery1093856999
Dustin L. Reid, Md Pa TXPlastic Surgery1477675254
E Richard Parker M D P A TXPlastic Surgery1336326099
Westlake Dermatology, Pa Plastic Surgery1437617255
Patrick H, Beckham Md & Associates TXPlastic Surgery1407086457
Rocco C Piazza Md Pllc Plastic Surgery1891013694
Venkata S Erella Md Pa TXPlastic Surgery1609197490
Venkata S. Erella, Md Pa TXPlastic Surgery1881904316
William M. Davis, M.d., P.a. TXPlastic Surgery1164793139
Institute Of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Of Central Texas TXPlastic Surgery1437493244
U Gadaria Md Facs Pa TXPlastic Surgery1033552864
Century Medical Services Plastic Surgery1710323225
Precision Plastic Surgery Pllc TXPlastic Surgery1770909491
New U Plastic Surgery TXPlastic Surgery1386050094
Wellspring Plastic Surgery Pllc Plastic Surgery1558752436
Austin Oculoplastics Pllc Plastic Surgery1871982017
Elisabeth Potter Md Pllc Plastic Surgery1386000800
Elysian Plastic Surgery Pllc TXPlastic Surgery1285095083
Facial Focus Cosmetic Surgery Pllc TXPlastic Surgery1932645058
Robert Whitfield Md Pllc Plastic Surgery1689197527
Johnny U. Franco, Md, Pa TXPlastic Surgery1992220180
Sarah A Frommer Medical Pllc TXPlastic Surgery1730604992
Buckingham Center For Facial Plastic Surgery Pa TXPlastic Surgery1770554800
Craniofacial Team Of Texas Partners TXPlastic Surgery1659825602
Rest Reconstruction Expertise In Surgical Trauma Pllc Plastic Surgery1326519208
Paul Pearce Md Plastic Surgery Pllc Plastic Surgery1144787516
Andre Yuan Levesque, Md Pllc Plastic Surgery1629545645
Vista Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery1356982870
Aisha Dalila White TXPlastic Surgery1255589180
Alfred Christian Wilder TXPlastic Surgery1598854663
Alina D. Sholar INPlastic Surgery1235197393
Andre Yuan Levesque TXPlastic Surgery1467611566
Ashley Elizabeth Gordon TXPlastic Surgery1124048343
Brent Michael Egeland TXPlastic Surgery1053433375
Brian P Kelley MIPlastic Surgery1992092449
Cameron Ryon Craven TXPlastic Surgery1235336488
Cameron R. Erickson TXPlastic Surgery1104211127
Cassandra Lanier TXPlastic Surgery1447444245
Christina Hope Yi TXPlastic Surgery1629356662
Christine Fisher TXPlastic Surgery1265634935
Chuma J. Chike-obi TXPlastic Surgery1669787081
Claude-jean Langevin CAPlastic Surgery1730373580
David Brian Dellinger TXPlastic Surgery1093785404
David Michael Mosier TXPlastic Surgery1265544977
David Michael Turner TXPlastic Surgery1801980586
David S Wishnew TXPlastic Surgery1487661724
Deirdre M Rhoad TXPlastic Surgery1427153568
Dustin Leon Reid TXPlastic Surgery1093782062
E Richard Parker TXPlastic Surgery1073651022
Eric Scott Rosenberger TXPlastic Surgery1922323443


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