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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry Neurology Psychiatry (2084P0800X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A Psychiatrist specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders, emotional disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance-related disorders, sexual and gender identity disorders and adjustment disorders. Biologic, psychological, and social components of illnesses are explored and understood in treatment of the whole person. Tools used may include diagnostic laboratory tests, prescribed medications, evaluation and treatment of psychological and interpersonal problems with individuals and families, and intervention for coping with stress, crises, and other problems.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregory Warren Mattingly MOPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1215933379
Parnjai Jaiarj Johnson WIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1912903477
John Lawrence Fleming COPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1598761348
Theodore P. Logan MEPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1427054873
Kevin J Felice CTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1033114889
Edward Stewart Haight LAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1972509818
Barry R Reznick PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1568468775
Marci Ann Roy TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1457356073
Joshua Williams Goldman TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1952307241
Eduardo Canlas Bondoc NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1699771477
George R Moreng MOPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1790780310
Michigan Neurology Associates Pc MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1861498362
Dodanid Cardona PRPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1366447963
David Baker O'neal ALPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1235134735
Louise D Mccullough TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1447256441
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1225034234
Gordon Jay Strauss NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1992701247
Michael Mark Minieka ILPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1295732857
Emberhope, Inc KSPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1265439871
Taghi Kimyai-asadi DCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1154328615
Wallace Heller OKPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1023015583
Joseph M Sharpe TNPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1508863929
Laurence John Pezor MDPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1427055946
Family Services Of Western Pennsylvania Psychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1609873173
John Stuart Dirksen GAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1679570147
John M Colby KYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1124025614
Gary G Bawtinhimer NCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1699772103
Neuromedical Diagnostic Medical Group CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1033116546
Burton Singerman PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1003813452
Louis Reik CTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1902803364
Jianfeng Zeng NCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1083611446
Thomas M. Banas INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1508863051
Ronald Edward Oppenheim FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1194722520
Paul E. Later INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1689671166
Patrick J Hogan WAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1245237734
Indravadan Sakarlal Gatiwala NCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1144227638
John I Boswell PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1720085228
Glenn Matthew Seliger NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1912904426
Charles Lewis ARPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1376540765
John Paul Teusink NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1962409359
Maria Ionita DEPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1225035611
Nasreen Dar WVPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1164429460
Fen-lei F. Chang INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1841297231
Thomas Gray Hardaway TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1417954728
Robert L. Rice ARPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1194722579
Joel Michael Rutenberg DEPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1346247723
Edwin Ladja Tan PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1376540773
Raid Mohammed Kofahi DEPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1770580094
Barry Rozantine GAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1821095159
Richard T Leschek MDPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1164429429
Eunice Cordoba FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1689671943
Barbara V Eichman INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1306843545
Olivia Nunez Iway KSPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1639176969
W Dennis Tobin TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1861499063
Paresh V Sheth KYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1669479911
Kaloyan S Tanev MAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1538166889
Lisa Herring Sovory CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1306843677
Scott L Heller ILPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1962409243
Charles Whitaker CTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1942207220
Walter H. Reichert UTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1427055615
C. Joe Ottinger INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1952308140
Andrew Winokur CTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1700883097
Ann C Birk MDPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1154328367
Ivonne De L Fraga Berrios PRPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1033116264
Kevin B Holloway KSPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1003813387
David M Waitzman CTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1285631564
Peter A Orlov MAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1477550754
Barbara G Kuhlengel PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1457358640
Gary Ray Proctor FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1952308181
Cynthia Louise Sills TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1124025382
Pierre V Pavot COPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1285631440
Lori Jo Holstege MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1093712267
David Michael Israelstam WIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1578560744
Richard Alldin Oddy COPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1659378826
Carlo Bayrakdarian NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1356348536
William Vernon Van Fleet NCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1205833472
Itzhak C Haimovic NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1629075767
Peter Banys CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1174520241
Hope Ann Berkeley NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1568469575
Abbas Mehdi CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1356348387
William Dale Overfield WAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1952308074
Myron Leopold Pulier NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1922005024
Ann L. Chappell CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1245237361
Karen S Head KYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1336146430
Charles Herman Kuttner ORPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1417954512
Richard J Rosengard AZPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1861499907
Andres Gonzalez NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1629075601
Timothy E Freyaldenhoven ARPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1174520258
Ronald E Bailyn MEPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1699772772
Keith O Schluterman ARPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1053318147
Ronald Seff CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1891792925
Peter Raymond Sebastian MDPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1154328284
Allan David Mills ALPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1699772723
Jonathan Woodcock COPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1851398903
Lauren Sue Freidus Katz PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1528065687
Sumanlal Jeramdas Kaneria NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1437156593
Timothy Joseph Hayes CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1194722264
Vladimir Lipovetsky CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1396742367
Roula Aldahhak OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1033116165
Shivkumar Shivappa Hatti PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1841297975
Onofre S Del Campo FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1699772749
Coastal Neurology, Inc. FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1457358434
William P Shea CTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1043217037
William Martin Meaney ARPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1306843396
Robert Stanley Flint INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1053318071
Alphonse Kenison Roy LAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1730186750
Candace Cutrone LAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1447257464
Md Medical Group, Inc. CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1700883733
Marvin H Firestone CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1376540245
Yu Zhu WAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1134126170
Raghu Ram Veeramasuneni MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1427055466
James Edward Jenkins SCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1861499816
Judith A Feld NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1821095886
Ross Judice ORPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1558368514
Laurie B Kile PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1447257407
Rasik B Lal PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1851398812
Hasan M. Mousli FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1710984679
Leonard Sahn MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1316944275
Shelly Nicole Savant LAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1285631085
Nhcc Medical Associates, Inc. Psychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1598762304
Ghulam Mustafa Surti RIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1861499675
Mitchell L Elkiss MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1588661391
Linda L Bufton ORPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1649277450
Daniel G Mcdonough ALPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1255339958
Bruce M Silverman MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1356349062
Carol B Hersh TNPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1801893631
United Healthcare Of Hardin, Inc. KYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1518964345
James J Gaul PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1114924941
Kelley Jane Parnell INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1154328896
Mohamed Abdel Aziz OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1760489421
Frank J Munoz PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1023015781
David Trent Orman TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1275530933
Associates In Neurology, Pc MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1891792628
Arthur Raymond Dingley MEPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1700883451
James Paul Kowall ORPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1245237908
Norman V Kohn ILPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1326045089
Gregg M Etter RIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1962409649
Ronald D Abramson MAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1326045022
Rodolfo Fierro-stevens TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1568469245
Michael Scott Woods TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1821095522
Steven Philip Glusman TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1275530974
James L Evans VAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1154329886
William Shepherd Fleet ALPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1134127863
Glenn Elliot Marshall ARPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1912905696
Jasbir Singh Kang PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1669470365
Richard Gardiner CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1740288448
Jonathan H Woodcock Md & Assoc Pc COPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1316944283
Peter S Kwon WAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1043217920
Arlene P Bennett PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1003813981
Khalifa Mansour CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1538166418
George E Ristow MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1861499758
George S Nasra NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1336146182
William J Walters MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1699772442
Timothy Edward Schneider PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1063419836
Robert Edwin Elliott KYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1881691657
James C. Stevens INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1437156239
Jonathan A Bernfeld OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1407853203
Gerald K Morley MNPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1093712812
Dale Roderick Schultz AZPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1114924982
Peter Benjamin Spencer MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1669479432
Jeffrey A Mattes NJPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1104823806
Toni B Goodykoontz WVPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1659378354
Ira Lewis Weiner FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1770580409
Helen Q Guerrero INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1790782662
James A Auberle OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1306843214
Mark A Kachadurian MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1376540286
Shannon J Scarry MAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1265430912
H S Chuang TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1538166442
Alex M Steinbock MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1427055342
Shella Asif Khatri PAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1619974540
Raymond Anthony Behr NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1780681619
Patricia Lee Pearce NCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1891793568
Sun City Neurology, P.a. TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1164420832
Robert C Woody NMPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1144228834
James E Sander OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1619974474
Joseph Jordan David VAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1033117502
John R Cintron FLPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1184622664
Millard Dalton Brown HIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1548268188
Alfred Whitfield Forrester MDPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1003814401
Harvey J Klein VTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1174521736
Anwarul Bashar Siddiqui KSPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1922006592
Christine Lloyd SCPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1003814690
Andrei Carasca NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1992703391
Mark B Silverman MIPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1336147958
Michael L. Goldstein UTPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1962400580
Samaritan Center INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1679571228
Ted E Barber OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1568460111
Good Samaritan Hospital INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1467450015
Good Samaritan Hospital INPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1043218613
Laurence Steven Krain IAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1548268147
Sara Westgate TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1336147941
Ramon Andres Garcia CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1063410678
Subrata Roy OHPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1649278151
Mark William Wilson NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1285632794
Anil Assudani CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1497753909
Larry Stewart Myers KYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1184622680
Melinda S Lantz NYPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1295733715
Maria Angela Catolico VAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1659379170
Kavitha Raja CAPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1700884228
Johanan Levine TXPsychiatry Neurology Psychiatry1316945843


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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