Providers with Taxonomy: Radiology Diagnostic Radiology (2085R0202X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Radiology Diagnostic Radiology (2085R0202X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A radiologist who utilizes x-ray, radionuclides, ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation to diagnose and treat disease.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Elaine R. Lewis PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1487659033
Thomas G. Helinek PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1851397087
Daniel J. O'shea PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1275538704
Michele S. Oplinger PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1740285394
Michael L. Sachenik PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1568467116
Steven T Krueckeberg WIRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1821094079
John A Pinkston ALRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1922004431
Yadira Vazquez Figuer PRRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1417952201
Hyder Husain Arastu NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1659377372
Rand Stack NYRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1861498537
Chandru Jain NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1427053024
Mark William Ragozzino NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1902803547
Larry R. Sadler FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1568469146
Tiron C.m. Pechet MARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1548266653
Dennis Balgowan NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1790781813
Martin Arthur Rindahl CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1174529135
Raul Martin MORadiology Diagnostic Radiology1770588394
Richard W Epstein NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1700882081
Steven C Gross NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1437155470
Steven P Honickman NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1790781094
Jonathan Isserow NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1255337127
Robert M Jaffe NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1164428033
Barry H Katz NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1942206818
Ling L Lam NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1205832185
Elizabeth L Lane NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1932105814
Eric B Lazar NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1992701874
Gordon E Melville NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1346246220
Grant J Price NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1538165410
Alan M Saunders NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1255337135
Warren Schwarz NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1437155223
Jean K. Yi PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1912902560
Patrick K. Elvin TXRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1154327336
Prasanta Karak MARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1871599092
Robert James Morales LARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1558367029
Lisa Vu WARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1174783302
Robert Laurence Karl LARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1558367011
Hans-joachim A Hildebrandt CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1194721035
Lebanon Diagnostic Imaging, Llc Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1346246436
Delaware Open Mri Radiology Associates Llc Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1679579775
Synergy Radiology Associates Pllc Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1902802986
Matthew Gromet GARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1982600235
William Stuart Hartley NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1538165774
Olin H Harbury SCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1831195072
Kimberly Black Hendrix SCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1811993728
Scott Andrew Hees NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1194721092
Peter Paul Hindel SCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1932105772
Brian A Howard NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1750387593
Linda L. Strand WARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1790781565
Evan David Evans NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1982601563
Diane Leslie Edge TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1730185414
Joel Braver NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1891791174
Sangeeta K Tyerech NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1356347504
David Sacks PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1518962042
Dhaval Parikh OHRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1588660476
Mary Gena Frederick NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1326045972
Stuart Watkins Point NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1447257084
Brian Keith Brodwater NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1912904582
Steven Rubin MIRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1972509719
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1043794480
Kurt O Doggwiler NVRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1942206933
Stephen J. Huber PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1700881232
Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.c. CTRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1114923893
Cengiz Aygun MDRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1174528798
Ka-kei Ngan CTRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1891792446
Jon Ruric Simons TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1497752059
Women's Imaging And Wellness, Inc. OHRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1588661144
Joseph James Wehner NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1750388310
Donald Jeffrey Boss CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1629075247
Jack L Berger FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1710984240
Landy Peter Paolella RIRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1427055987
David G Wirtshafter NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1225035785
John Lauren Remington NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1629075189
Jeffrey H Suplica CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1245237692
Ronald R Gambach IARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1992702419
Michael A Addonizio FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1942207469
George T Puskar FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1386641868
Barbara Goldman Robins PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1588661938
Issam F. Moubarak NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1639176084
Samuel Louis Maynard TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1629075072
James B Ball FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1871590232
Fred H. Schlesinger NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1447257803
Ralph J. Tullo, Md, Pa Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1134126667
Bruce Crossman FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1760489207
Leo J Fontana NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1194722637
Edward S Rittweger NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1184621625
Michael Doyle FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1801893342
Charles A Saniewski NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1336146877
Mark Singer NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1235136789
Jeffrey E Stirling NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1114924669
Margaret Uri TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1316944747
Daniel William Walsh TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1649277070
Joe Breese Johnson TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1619974193
Kwok C. Lee MDRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1477550986
Michael L Miller VARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1548267917
Carlos C Soriano NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1548267925
Jean Marie Torrisi NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1396742789
Larry Neal Beard NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1114924503
Darrin Smith CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1932106309
Margaret W Weeks FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1780681155
Roy M Prager PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1083611461
Andrew Justin Hall NCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1295732691
John T Giuffrida FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1386641611
Dilip A Mehta FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1194722447
Texas Cancer Clinic Pa TXRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1316944655
Abercrombie Radiological Consultants, Inc. TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1942207154
Lawrence M. Ratner NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1912904152
Donald Klippenstein NYRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1508863879
Alan L Mitchell WYRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1447257720
Larry A. Lecavalier NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1588661870
Stephen M Borstelmann FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1699772921
Center For Radiation Oncology Of Tampa Bay In FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1497752729
Michael Peter Norton CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1801893193
Roy L Greenbaum PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1255338463
Medical Insights Diagnostic Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1023015252
Robert H Bixler MIRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1821095100
Joel Steven Sokolik FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1720085939
Kenneth Thomas Miller WVRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1457358723
Gerald W Luedeman FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1184621450
John David Mctaggart FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1114924305
Eric S Bennos TXRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1902803190
Young Woo Yu ILRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1679570865
Robert G Mchendrix KYRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1497752612
Yadira G Mateo PRRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1083611214
Amy Charron PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1588661763
Hung-chi Ho PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1205833480
Perry Marc Dworkin FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1245237338
John Peyton Walter CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1417954546
Regan Asher CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1093712143
Judith H Figura PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1861499048
West Penn Radiation Oncology Associates, Pc Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1851398036
Mohsen A Isaac PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1225035348
Theresa Mae Tilton KYRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1497752588
Gary S. Silverstein PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1942207030
Victor G Onufrey PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1144227265
Adena S Katz MARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1417954520
John P Farkas CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1215934328
Garrick Chi-rey Chang CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1952308041
Surandra K Bansal PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1639176761
Khurshed J Dastur PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1740287887
Robert Gates PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1093712135
Frederick James Laufer FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1831196922
David Sidney Goller CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1992702088
Roger Mills Gilbert CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1518964642
Anthony R Scalercio PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1053318113
Clyde Schultheis PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1134126295
Mohammad Mohsin Rahman PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1902803075
Franklin Banker CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1841297959
Jeffrey Mark Kaplan FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1679570741
Stephen J. Patrice FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1013914092
David Alan Clayman FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1528065505
William George Armington ORRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1821095845
David J Rippe FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1033116991
Kenneth E Mann MORadiology Diagnostic Radiology1851398713
Kenneth Margeson FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1538166582
Eric L Rushing MSRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1891792842
Irwin Beckman PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1669479697
Sumit Bhatla OHRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1104823137
Bruce M Berens MNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1811994858
Lisa Langmo FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1508863549
Russell N Nusynowitz FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1588661532
Ronald C Prati FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1194722157
Ralph P Wells MSRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1265439228
Samuel T Richbourg FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1174520134
Harold Barthold MARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1467459321
James D Overmeyer FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1295732089
Gary Hansen ORRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1922005719
Robert Grierson Leckie NVRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1861490559
Vikram Patel FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1134127830
Charles E Walbroel FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1811994643
Wayne Windham FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1467459107
Ultra Imaging Of Tampa Llc Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1811994551
Astrid Elizabeth Morrison OKRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1356348171
Ultra Imaging Of Tampa Llc Radiology Diagnostic Radiology1427055177
Frank Sabatelli CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1881691566
Geffrey Alan Graham CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1598762270
Eric Kirk Thoburn FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1700883485
Steven O Hiaasen AZRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1558368241
Frank Marmo ILRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1538166236
Ziad Al Amiri TXRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1376540070
Teresa Ecker NJRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1902803604
Thomas D Runyon AZRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1457358152
Center For Radiation Oncology Of Tampa Bay In FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1972500841
Simon Dorton FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1275530198
Beatrice A Carlin PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1396742011
Edwin W Price LARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1073511705
Herbert Lebron Lackey TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1326046053
Jennifer A Bender PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1316945082
Howard Kenton Hamilton TNRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1154329845
Jeff Robert Finkenstaedt OKRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1013915701
Timothy William Bolek FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1568460285
Zehra Salim Kaka OHRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1649278367
Robert Schultz FLRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1356349096
Harvey Brian Wolkov CARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1164420808
Wrophas Meeks ILRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1881691756
Steven Alan Klein MARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1982601860
Nancy Jacobs Goldenberg PARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1841297736
William R Neff IARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1477550366
Peter R Hulick MARadiology Diagnostic Radiology1528065448
Derek S Dyess MSRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1184621021
Stephen J Fischer NYRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1326045204


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