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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A general surgeon has expertise related to the diagnosis - preoperative, operative and postoperative management - and management of complications of surgical conditions in the following areas: alimentary tract; abdomen; breast, skin and soft tissue; endocrine system; head and neck surgery; pediatric surgery; surgical critical care; surgical oncology; trauma and burns; and vascular surgery. General surgeons increasingly provide care through the use of minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques. Many general surgeons also possess expertise in transplantation surgery, plastic surgery and cardiothoracic surgery.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven William Schierman TXSurgery1447486345
Carlton James Perry TXSurgery1992920474
Jason Scott Ashford TXSurgery1407050347
Brian Eric Lecompte TXSurgery1245503143
Emmanuel Avelino Delacruz TXSurgery1922208164
Mark Anthony Ciaglia TXSurgery1063651610
Jack B Stephenson TXSurgery1972624542
Dipan Das WISurgery1730261819
Bufford D Moore TXSurgery1881697183
Kevin Donal John Murphy TXSurgery1386975506
Joseph Patrick Kearney TXSurgery1023127602
Charles Polsen TXSurgery1801929195
Leopoldo Lapuerta TXSurgery1437165073
Christopher Lovell Hankins TXSurgery1336201789
Lauren Nicole Hinojosa TXSurgery1033379284
Rafael Ortiz-colberg TXSurgery1003825266
Nir Binur TXSurgery1346331493
Randolph Douglas Gibbs TXSurgery1053672675
Paul E Mondolfi PASurgery1457379182
Brian Fred Burns TXSurgery1750471983
Pradeep S Mohan TXSurgery1235351610
Suresh Koneru TXSurgery1972503092
Paul D Pace TXSurgery1366483414
Christian Woodbury TXSurgery1598965014
Stephen C Drukker TXSurgery1699717587
Woodward L Coleman TXSurgery1629181680
Fred G. Corley TXSurgery1245347228
Michael L Jones TXSurgery1013020080
William C Pederson TXSurgery1053387902
David Wesley Person TXSurgery1851403729
Michael Aaron Baumholtz TXSurgery1629197603
Deowall Chattar-cora TXSurgery1699733576
Robert A Fernandez TXSurgery1114927258
Sergio Rodriguez TXSurgery1528279924
Armando Moncada TXSurgery1730150707
Paul Anthony Berry TXSurgery1871738831
Jillian Megan Mclaughlin TXSurgery1225456684
Brent Michael Egeland TXSurgery1053433375
Steven Leonard Henry TXSurgery1770679607
Sanjay Kumar Sharma TXSurgery1083703656
Gregg A Vagner TXSurgery1295705986
Galen Samuel Wachtman TXSurgery1619030418
Lee M Reichel TXSurgery1811151962
Susan K. Adler TXSurgery1518947787
Umeshchandra Girdhar Gadaria TXSurgery1154301208
Venkata S Erella INSurgery1255380671
David S Wishnew TXSurgery1487661724
Hilton Phillip Gottschalk TXSurgery1881802601
Gary Neil Pamplin TXSurgery1437365558
James Thomas Robison TXSurgery1003890583
Jeffrey W Hall TXSurgery1316093347
Ira G. Lown TXSurgery1487611463
John M. Eggleston TXSurgery1366529216
Lisa K Longhofer TXSurgery1962662684
Desirae M Mckee TXSurgery1316156284
Joseph M Damiani TXSurgery1093821274
John William Mathewson TXSurgery1588857874
Matthew Steven Brown MISurgery1316189921
Shawn Diamond TXSurgery1043509813
Jonathan Lee Sollender COSurgery1881695195
Michael B Clendenin OKSurgery1316904881
Glenn Eric Herrmann COSurgery1629085196
Michael Evan Margolis COSurgery1548223365
Michael Gordon COSurgery1194803452
Matthew Louis Iorio COSurgery1760623417
Melissa Klausmeyer MASurgery1821231093
Kia Maureen Mclean Washington COSurgery1629173976
Ryan Douglas Endress COSurgery1457549446
Tanya Monique Oswald COSurgery1467654376
Conrad J Tirre COSurgery1538143235
Norman Philip Payea COSurgery1740494467
Todd A Zuhlke COSurgery1164603288
David P Schnur COSurgery1669442208
Mitchell Alex Fremling COSurgery1356306294
Christopher Pell Fender COSurgery1952311284
Seth Tebockhorst COSurgery1639312192
Jeffrey K Chapman COSurgery1184687469
Christopher Michael Tsoi COSurgery1689637183
Eric E Young COSurgery1265413637
Lester Morris Cramer COSurgery1891846432
Tad Reeve Heinz COSurgery1881693604
Richard Schell Idler COSurgery1487663167
Paul Michael Pierce COSurgery1598924201
Charles Willis Kessler COSurgery1013949288
Philip Charles Marin COSurgery1205868544
Ronald G Ritz COSurgery1629117247
Steven L Peterson COSurgery1679523930
Joseph F Looby WYSurgery1528003829
Vermon S Esplin IDSurgery1457345316
William P.d. Wilson IDSurgery1447368758
Bruce James Watkins SDSurgery1326240425
Louis Horst Poppler IDSurgery1275854630
Kate A Kuhlman-wood WASurgery1629268255
Peter Christopher Jones IDSurgery1083704332
Mark C Sanderson UTSurgery1073604609
Daniel Shane Sellers UTSurgery1841278942
Jeremy Robert Chidester UTSurgery1194015693
York J Yates UTSurgery1851377725
Jon B Bishop UTSurgery1609818616
Leland Russel Chick UTSurgery1912023383
Michael Ernest Raemisch UTSurgery1588603039
William Frederick Gowski UTSurgery1275714115
Daniel Jay Hammon UTSurgery1851334452
James Raymond Fowler UTSurgery1710066378
William Bradford Rockwell UTSurgery1841380466
Blaine P Andersen UTSurgery1538279609
Kevin G Rose UTSurgery1245276021
Kevin D Han AZSurgery1487953840
Joshua Mirrer AZSurgery1881984672
Brent Earl Schultz AZSurgery1760682660
Steven D Bastian AZSurgery1760538342
Lloyd C Champagne AZSurgery1407856537
Todd A. Richards AZSurgery1053499541
Jonathan Christian Yang TXSurgery1255539532
Jozef Zoldos AZSurgery1760482897
Michael Thorpe Larsen AZSurgery1891040440
Allen Shuyuan Liu AZSurgery1902975907
Eugene John Sidoti AZSurgery1316958945
Christine Oh MNSurgery1659787372
Samson Gary Serbin AZSurgery1326151028
Sebastian B Ruggeri AZSurgery1922076090
Timothy Allen Schaub AZSurgery1912027798
Benjamin Wei AZSurgery1578769162
Roni Benjamin Prucz AZSurgery1386886943
Rozbeh Torabi AZSurgery1699005322
Joseph Zakhary AZSurgery1366685711
Ashkaun Shaterian AZSurgery1679917025
Anthony A Smith AZSurgery1043295561
Scott Swanson AZSurgery1528266269
Ryan Douglas Eubanks AZSurgery1447517040
Steven H. Miller AZSurgery1508885575
Terry John Happel AZSurgery1346458528
Ellie Zara Ley AZSurgery1205027133
Edward Martin Reece AZSurgery1225232796
Michael James Fitzmaurice AZSurgery1801923131
Gary A Adler AZSurgery1154370286
David Alexander Kelly AZSurgery1821259722
Ronald D Brooksher AZSurgery1487727814
Paul S Mahoney AZSurgery1518906544
Jason D Johnson AZSurgery1780709394
Tolga Turker INSurgery1417104977
Brandon Z Massey AZSurgery1356362545
Armando J Alfaro AZSurgery1467405084
Shannon Fitzpatrick AZSurgery1093126807
Andrew Mark Braunstein AZSurgery1710151048
Joel R Goode AZSurgery1033110762
Camela Alice Pokhrel AZSurgery1609028331
John Ray Talley CASurgery1861653255
Richard N Hess AZSurgery1881682631
Sven Nicklas Sandeen AZSurgery1770690463
Steven A. Shapiro AZSurgery1841265113
Karl J. Hekimian AZSurgery1952498768
Christopher Stevens AZSurgery1760685226
Dana S Balderrama AZSurgery1326087206
Teresa V Balcomb NMSurgery1245311034
Neil T Chen NMSurgery1053324244
Miguel Lorenzo Gallegos NMSurgery1336226075
Camille Aubin-lemay NMSurgery1891273215
Tahseen A Cheema NMSurgery1306867544
Elizabeth A Mikola NMSurgery1912912486
Moheb Moneim NMSurgery1235150475
Philip Christopher Forno NMSurgery1912038449
Jeffrey B. Horton NMSurgery1922202878
Himansu R Shah NVSurgery1417935065
Timothy W Tollestrup NVSurgery1982711628
Nitin J Engineer ILSurgery1952513079
Christopher Khorsandi NVSurgery1235376377
Ashley L Pistorio NVSurgery1851611339
Carl N Williams NVSurgery1194734244
Kenny E. Hanna NVSurgery1629283510
Bishr Hijazi NVSurgery1235338641
Nichole A Joslyn Eastham NVSurgery1902223167
Joan Frances Wright CASurgery1922074954
Menyoli Michael Malafa CASurgery1972895027
Bradford W. Edgerton CASurgery1902954795
Dong-joon Lee CASurgery1578623740
Touraj Touran CASurgery1376610279
Yaron Hazani CASurgery1942393731
Bill Kim CASurgery1669541017
Michael Delong CASurgery1104246339
Roy Allen Meals CASurgery1881669596
Todd A Theman CASurgery1346481256
James Paul Watson CASurgery1912913252
Mitchel Seruya TXSurgery1902030075
Sara M Guerra CASurgery1194072777
Gregory Tsushima CASurgery1033122254
Michael K Obeng OHSurgery1407811854
Gabrielle Belinda Davis CASurgery1316170996
Ashkan Ghavami CASurgery1831393388
Shapour Daniel Golshani CASurgery1811094576
Michael J. Feldman CASurgery1285657478
Brian M Kinney CASurgery1962437798
Aaron Stone CASurgery1861429904
Walter S Buckley CASurgery1952528028
Richard A. Rogachefsky CASurgery1316981954
M Ramin Modabber CASurgery1922198092
Michael Zarrabi CASurgery1831113257
Michael A Chernofsky NYSurgery1417318296
Mytien Goldberg CASurgery1376707711
Lisa Lynn Jewell CASurgery1881612109


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