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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A general surgeon has expertise related to the diagnosis - preoperative, operative and postoperative management - and management of complications of surgical conditions in the following areas: alimentary tract; abdomen; breast, skin and soft tissue; endocrine system; head and neck surgery; pediatric surgery; surgical critical care; surgical oncology; trauma and burns; and vascular surgery. General surgeons increasingly provide care through the use of minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques. Many general surgeons also possess expertise in transplantation surgery, plastic surgery and cardiothoracic surgery.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael R Christy NYSurgery1639121528
Harlan Ira Wald FLSurgery1861947996
Ziv Mani Peled CASurgery1427001338
John Joseph Walsh SCSurgery1427012491
Emergeortho Pa NCSurgery1376592964
Craig R Stirrat MASurgery1679539860
Julie R Ohayon Md Professional Corp CASurgery1659333805
Ines M Carrasquillo TXSurgery1851319321
Christopher J. Lincoski PASurgery1265494769
The Plastic Surgery Group, P.c. Surgery1356302723
Hervey L. Kimball MASurgery1104870476
Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic Pa Surgery1881648368
Douglas C Wisch CTSurgery1710931738
Farouk A Sultani MDSurgery1730134602
Steven Scott Smith CTSurgery1255386421
Jessica Anne Frankenhoff VASurgery1013963925
Matthew I Leibman MASurgery1285680330
Robert C Russell ILSurgery1700823879
Robert Lee Steely TXSurgery1932146248
The Hand Center Pa Surgery1609813906
Paul S Mahoney AZSurgery1518906544
Dana S Balderrama AZSurgery1326087206
Michael Ernest Raemisch UTSurgery1588603039
Jeffry L Jacobs NJSurgery1134169279
Ginard Irwyn Henry CASurgery1932149135
Scott D Lifchez MDSurgery1962443267
Paul D Pace TXSurgery1366483414
Arizona Community Surgeons Pc Surgery1689616070
Jon B Bishop UTSurgery1609818616
Jeffrey Weinzweig ILSurgery1861434805
Daniel Jay Hammon UTSurgery1851334452
David Jay Goodkind CTSurgery1821031899
Halifax Healthcare Systems Inc Surgery1275576647
Mark Darius Khorsandi TXSurgery1023051307
Basil M. Michaels MASurgery1053354175
John Murray FLSurgery1104869510
Kyle D. Bickel CASurgery1619910726
Richard Sheldon Stahl CTSurgery1508800343
Mary Black Health System Llc Surgery1578507174
Richard A. Rogachefsky CASurgery1316981954
Denton Watumull TXSurgery1225073216
Mansour Vincent Makhlouf ILSurgery1902841521
Bruce A Byrne TXSurgery1396781423
Michael Alexander Giuffrida PASurgery1720024417
Kevin G Rose UTSurgery1245276021
Stefano Fusi CTSurgery1336185883
Michael S Fakhraee PASurgery1215973565
Vincent Francis Reale NYSurgery1043256563
Timothy John Weibel CASurgery1548296437
Walla Walla General Hospital Surgery1013943778
Larry K Chidgey FLSurgery1316973852
Aaron Stone CASurgery1861429904
S Vic Glogovac MOSurgery1568499846
John M. Bednar NJSurgery1750318325
Robert Michael Fay CASurgery1609803287
James B. Lowe OKSurgery1932136801
David Friedman FLSurgery1043248495
John Thomas NYSurgery1174551410
Thomas C Cherry CTSurgery1285662627
David Eric Halpern FLSurgery1487683801
Howard Neil Langstein NYSurgery1417986738
Syed Salman Ashruf MDSurgery1164451027
Eric E Wegener MSSurgery1578592226
Pearlman David Hicks CASurgery1215966809
Phillip Blevins MSSurgery1619907045
Stephen J Vega NYSurgery1649200221
Steven L Bernard OHSurgery1215967732
David H Slepyan WASurgery1629009857
Michael E Jabaley MSSurgery1942232772
Vikram P Mehta FLSurgery1427089309
Christopher K Livingston TXSurgery1518999135
Eric Isaac Egozi FLSurgery1932145323
William Hunter Kirkpatrick PASurgery1497799431
John S Taras PASurgery1720015308
Dennis Eugene Lenhart AKSurgery1881649366
Harold James Webb TNSurgery1548291859
Emran Salahuddin Sheikh NJSurgery1043259898
Dina Hulsizer Galvin MASurgery1083653737
Michael S Fitzsimmons MISurgery1518903947
Fred M Hankin MISurgery1285673657
John V Hogikyan MISurgery1790727964
Mark R Wilson MISurgery1144263534
Imperial Health, Llp Surgery1053352401
Alexander S Croog VASurgery1376571372
Benjamin Chang PASurgery1043246820
Burt I Faibisoff AZSurgery1730128695
Richard N Vinglas MTSurgery1588693741
Stephen C Drukker TXSurgery1699717587
James L Pertsch CASurgery1952340176
Joseph F Looby MISurgery1528003829
Thomas W. Wright FLSurgery1093743759
Swaminathan Rajan NYSurgery1619915725
Robert Strauch NYSurgery1639107733
Rajendra Kumar Kadiyala NYSurgery1679520381
Melvin Rosenwasser NYSurgery1962434720
Richard Louis Hutchison FLSurgery1821029497
Sean Michael Bidic NJSurgery1730124256
Juan Carlos Castaneda FLSurgery1043248362
University Medical Service Association Inc Surgery1497795306
Thomas B Mcnemar Md Inc CASurgery1700818168
Philip Charles Marin COSurgery1205868544
David J Wainwright TXSurgery1659304533
Charles Willis Kessler COSurgery1013949288
John A Furrey MASurgery1225061062
David T Netscher TXSurgery1346272390
Danuta Jaworska-bzymek CTSurgery1447283460
North Jersey Hand Surgery Pa Surgery1548295413
Dante Romei Greco NJSurgery1083649032
Brian M Kinney CASurgery1962437798
Alvin I. Rosenthal GASurgery1134154016
Abram E Kirschenbaum NJSurgery1205861168
Norman S Levine OKSurgery1780619767
Daniel S. Sellers M.d. Llc UTSurgery1194750711
Vascular & Hand Surgery, Ltd ILSurgery1104841063
United Medical Surgical Pc NYSurgery1689699225
Gregory Lloyd Combs ORSurgery1609891035
Chad Tattini ILSurgery1992721005
Eric Thorson WASurgery1184640161
Tancredi F. D'amore, M.d Facs. A Medical Corporation Surgery1952327587
Nabil Antoine Barakat ILSurgery1619993268
Nicholas Joseph Speziale ILSurgery1992721385
Robert M. Fay, M.d., Medical Corporation CASurgery1275550154
Gary Adam Kronen ILSurgery1346267341
Paul Papierski Md Ltd ILSurgery1295752202
Mark S. Davenport NYSurgery1841217387
Timothy P. O'connor NYSurgery1881611309
Joan Helena Rose VASurgery1770500290
Kenneth M Wilson ORSurgery1558388025
Jeffrey A. Fink NYSurgery1841218302
Ralph P. Pennino NYSurgery1376561738
Lisa Lynn Jewell CASurgery1881612109
Christopher Vincent Pelletiere ILSurgery1528086725
Vincent James Pelletiere ILSurgery1053339259
Plastikos Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery GASurgery1124046990
Ck Surgical Llc Surgery1285652966
Jaime Perez FLSurgery1528086196
Daniel M Tkach KYSurgery1164441275
Nicholas A Fiore TXSurgery1306865456
Neal Lewis Gorlick CASurgery1851311849
David Welker Leitner VTSurgery1790706281
David Michael Kupfer CASurgery1073533899
Renaissance Plastic Surgery Pllc Surgery1154342350
Moheb Moneim NMSurgery1235150475
Tahseen A Cheema NMSurgery1306867544
Michael J Marion MDSurgery1679595425
Norman Rowe NYSurgery1598788127
Chau Y. Tai CASurgery1518980283
Jason C Ganz NYSurgery1215950910
Michael E. Berry MISurgery1669496600
Michael J. Feldman CASurgery1285657478
Vincent A Manjoney CTSurgery1083638464
Eric K Cha NYSurgery1174537229
Sanford William Hawkins-rivers NCSurgery1194749648
Michael Zarrabi CASurgery1831113257
Saeed Marefat VASurgery1073537635
Rajesh C Bhagat MISurgery1568476703
Ross J Fox NJSurgery1689698128
Association Of South Bay Plastic Surgeons Medical Group Inc Surgery1215941844
Razullah Khwaja, M.d. MDSurgery1366456824
Hauw T Han OHSurgery1043224918
John F Jennings PASurgery1760496327
Jonathan Juin-jen Cheng TXSurgery1568477867
Elizabeth A Mikola NMSurgery1912912486
Bruce Berner Shafiroff NYSurgery1710992466
Khashayar Dehghan WASurgery1801801659
Brent V Stromberg MOSurgery1467468520
Leopoldo Lapuerta TXSurgery1437165073
David S Wishnew TXSurgery1487661724
Jacobo Varon TXSurgery1669480919
Zeno N. Chicarilli CTSurgery1326056979
Jefrey Ralph-alan Fishman MISurgery1144238593
Bram R Kaufman OHSurgery1194733881
Jessica A Cohen-brown CASurgery1144239567
Jeffrey B Friedrich WASurgery1114936473
Rafael Ortiz-colberg TXSurgery1003825266
James Chang CASurgery1447269626
University Of Utah Plastic Surgery Associates Surgery1326057258
Vincent Rodney Hentz CASurgery1770593501
The Carolina Hand Center Surgery1922018100
James A Essman SCSurgery1962412221
Daniel A Falcon SCSurgery1942210216
Restoration Plastic Surgery, Pc Surgery1396755534
Orthopaedic Surgery Associates Of Marquette Pc MISurgery1730199845
Michael Birndorf WISurgery1881604049
Malcolm Zachary Roth NYSurgery1598775884
Christopher Pell Fender COSurgery1952311284
Thomas V Olivier MOSurgery1134139181
Richard D. Shin, M.d., S.c. Surgery1104837079
Richard C Flaherty MESurgery1932110210
Dana Balderrama Md Pc Surgery1932110137
David Scott German MOSurgery1598776601
Melissa Lewis Barton TNSurgery1558373118
Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Associates, Pllc Surgery1023020864
John A Attwood MESurgery1376555904
Robert C Savage MASurgery1255343562
Robert J. Belsole FLSurgery1699787085
Kenneth Allen Fischer KSSurgery1134131402
Alexander Haselkorn NJSurgery1780697698
Neil T Chen NMSurgery1053324244
Gregory Tsushima CASurgery1033122254


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