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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Surgery (208600000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A general surgeon has expertise related to the diagnosis - preoperative, operative and postoperative management - and management of complications of surgical conditions in the following areas: alimentary tract; abdomen; breast, skin and soft tissue; endocrine system; head and neck surgery; pediatric surgery; surgical critical care; surgical oncology; trauma and burns; and vascular surgery. General surgeons increasingly provide care through the use of minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques. Many general surgeons also possess expertise in transplantation surgery, plastic surgery and cardiothoracic surgery.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Woodward L Coleman TXSurgery1629181680
Robert X Murphy PASurgery1679529960
Daniel Torres PASurgery1972738979
Michael Gabriel Galvez CASurgery1619266111
Arthur Lee Osterman PASurgery1669417259
Wendy Kar Yee Ng AZSurgery1942680012
Andrew J. Lovy MNSurgery1649512989
Terence Michael Myckatyn MOSurgery1598781718
Susan E Mackinnon MOSurgery1811913130
Shoichiro Alberto Tanaka LASurgery1639436199
Hector O'niel Campbell MESurgery1093049926
Robert Alan Weber TXSurgery1083676050
Peter D. Witt CASurgery1841233285
Alberto Julian Aviles MISurgery1093880403
Vincent Alan Chavanon FLSurgery1548502396
Christian A Petrulio RISurgery1427222595
Jerone Theodore Landstrom GUSurgery1255407953
Claudiu Muresan KYSurgery1225352081
John Thomas Camp TXSurgery1467440628
Carey Alexander Clark TXSurgery1841288156
Rebel Renee Huffman TXSurgery1962590976
Michael J Gordon FLSurgery1376584615
Nicholas Houlis FLSurgery1508023466
Gregory John Diehl NYSurgery1447249214
Virginia M Jones GASurgery1194991125
Edward Phillips Polack OHSurgery1811982671
Debra Anne Bourne KYSurgery1215215629
Henry Carlos Vasconez KYSurgery1861458705
Justin Calvert Kearse FLSurgery1548321599
Sergio Rodriguez TXSurgery1528279924
Clifton L Cannon GASurgery1972780526
Gustavo Enrique Bello Rojas MISurgery1528271384
Dana Rioux Forker UTSurgery1417397019
David S. Zelouf NJSurgery1528095114
Stephanie Sweet PASurgery1154358778
Rowena Mcbeath PASurgery1982872156
Semira Bayati CASurgery1316990294
Rolf Charles Sohlberg ORSurgery1700800216
Jenna Cusic WISurgery1831457860
Shushan Jacob TXSurgery1114119542
David Megee ILSurgery1619199098
Dina N Rahhal TXSurgery1528251568
Rachel C Hooper MISurgery1750524534
Stanley C Marczyk NJSurgery1346356904
Monica B Pecache KYSurgery1235749227
Glen C Jacob PASurgery1295990976
Peter Colby Amadio MNSurgery1467432997
Allen Thorp Bishop MNSurgery1629056924
Joel C. Klena PASurgery1518926898
Brian T Carlsen MNSurgery1417154329
David G Dennison MNSurgery1538139639
Rehan Zahid KYSurgery1144831975
Sanjeev Kakar MNSurgery1891960290
Ashok Krishnamurthy OKSurgery1003987611
Kyle A Herron FLSurgery1679766943
Peter C Rhee MNSurgery1487854766
Marco Rizzo MNSurgery1255310421
Alexander Y Shin MNSurgery1609849298
Jeffrey Mica Jacobson NYSurgery1588812820
Brian Rinker FLSurgery1902861867
Tyler G. Marks MSSurgery1659533412
Anthony A Smith AZSurgery1043295561
Ronaldo Carneiro FLSurgery1528018694
Gregory Knowlton Faucher Surgery1144547589
Timothy Yiu Chuen Dew SCSurgery1225087679
Timothy Ross Brown SCSurgery1548210826
Lawrence Edwin Rudisill SCSurgery1699725952
Desirae M Mckee TXSurgery1316156284
Adam C Cohen INSurgery1508819210
Christopher Falcon PASurgery1851582332
Paul A Ghareeb CASurgery1215370432
Steven Carl Haase MISurgery1396843017
Richard Brannon Claytor PASurgery1114035995
Craig Robert Moores MASurgery1417243619
James Paul Watson CASurgery1912913252
Carl Hendrik Kirchhoff NYSurgery1376639088
Rafael J Diaz-garcia PASurgery1154539740
Robert H Kang PASurgery1134189780
Nathan Miller PASurgery1477995660
Jill Putnam Surgery1063831550
Eugene C Hsiao INSurgery1144359647
Nada Berry ILSurgery1619198157
Wesley Paul Thayer TNSurgery1477647220
Reuben A Bueno ILSurgery1821066192
Dev Anand Manisundaram MSSurgery1376564021
Bryan Beutel OHSurgery1932490737
Michael Anthony Pasquale HISurgery1639231244
Peter Ronald Thomas Surgery1669653523
Noah Daniel Shaftel OHSurgery1932355955
Derek Thomas Bernstein PASurgery1538504030
Charles W. Mitchell GASurgery1912913609
Steven T. Barr GASurgery1063428704
John A Mcfadden SCSurgery1295758308
Yu-jung Su KYSurgery1447850383
Erin K. Campaigniac OKSurgery1881730554
Jennifer L Madden FLSurgery1619995388
Richard C. Havard ORSurgery1699772277
Julie Renee Gilbert CASurgery1659378990
Garry S Kitay FLSurgery1265436034
Gregory H Borschel MOSurgery1275548125
Craig Ross Lehrman OHSurgery1255568572
Edward Martin Reece AZSurgery1225232796
Daniel Alfonso Moreno FLSurgery1306451778
Nitin J Engineer ILSurgery1952513079
Robert David Graham FLSurgery1831504885
Horatiu Calin Dancea KYSurgery1841455193
Anthony E Capito VASurgery1427260405
Laura A Sudarsky NYSurgery1538208418
Michael L Bentz WISurgery1952366635
Hany Maher Tadros WVSurgery1841345451
Mark D Epstein NYSurgery1255393567
Russell Alexander Shatford KYSurgery1073699252
Tanya Monique Oswald COSurgery1467654376
Brett Foster Michelotti WISurgery1366677007
Benny Kien Hon Tan FLSurgery1437300597
Ofer Rodriguez FLSurgery1679558837
Nicole S Schroeder CASurgery1508997529
Reydominique Lucero Gumboc COSurgery1710990403
Christopher Stephen Litts SCSurgery1922061282
Paul M Haidak TNSurgery1871612515
Peter Seihwan Kim MASurgery1174655914
Jonathan Lee Bass NYSurgery1487943981
Vikas Dhawan KYSurgery1932349792
Sonu Abhishek Jain OHSurgery1194997015
Dana Lavanture Surgery1720278302
John Alan Girotto NYSurgery1417984162
Stephen Peter Duquette MISurgery1538507025
Sharon Spears NYSurgery1356981021
Chase Tobin MOSurgery1437546264
Venkata Kr Bodavula MOSurgery1275714784
Carolyn Ann Cushing TXSurgery1740484302
Jason D Johnson AZSurgery1780709394
Milton B. Armstrong SCSurgery1255397543
Jessica Nguyen Gillespie ILSurgery1457573917
Allyne Topaz ILSurgery1831508910
Aaron G Anderson INSurgery1750584249
Rebecca B Anderson INSurgery1992995096
Jeffrey Stromberg OKSurgery1306165428
Hugo Palacios Vazquez MSSurgery1780994509
Bruce Steinberg FLSurgery1174527857
Sheel Sharma NYSurgery1144266966
Adam N Wilson NYSurgery1013175942
Jacob Ihsan Jabbour FLSurgery1679912851
Seth Tebockhorst COSurgery1639312192
Stephen B Evans OHSurgery1235128547
James J Lee CASurgery1225065659
Melissa Rae Kinder ORSurgery1730346289
Devesh Sharma KYSurgery1730350356
Jafar Syed Hasan ILSurgery1992827224
Matthew J. Boardman WISurgery1972738615
Mirsad Mujadzic SCSurgery1184812968
Alireza Sadeghi LASurgery1235308099
Andrew Walker Cross SCSurgery1861410631
Rodney Allan Green OHSurgery1831280213
Randolph Douglas Gibbs TXSurgery1053672675
Tarek El-gammal Yousif KYSurgery1003481615
Avery A. Arora MISurgery1932313558
Somjade Jay Songcharoen MSSurgery1255628517
James Clarkson MISurgery1124275698
Lee M Reichel TXSurgery1811151962
Swati Sudheer Shirali CASurgery1770645368
S.m. Abu Zaheed Hassan GASurgery1144297466
Jaimie Troyal Shores MDSurgery1972705663
Christopher Miskovsky TXSurgery1093710816
Thomas L Mehlhoff TXSurgery1720076151
Raymond V Janevicius ILSurgery1669475794
Gregg A Vagner TXSurgery1295705986
James B Bennett TXSurgery1154314714
Randy Luo TXSurgery1477845386
Carter Craig Crouch TXSurgery1619965126
Michael Evan Margolis COSurgery1548223365
Douglas C Wisch CTSurgery1710931738
Kevin L Berning INSurgery1164423620
Michael Jason Palmer SCSurgery1538175062
Irene Pien MASurgery1740677889
Justin R. Daggett TNSurgery1982903712
Brian J Vial TXSurgery1295155570
Thomas Mark Suszynski Surgery1013336155
Louis Loraine Carter TNSurgery1497327019
Patrick Kyle Stewart ILSurgery1427039197
Jack Gelman INSurgery1891843520
John I Pyne MESurgery1447254115
Bradley Pierce Mudge CASurgery1891764700
Chelsea Hope Sartor Surgery1437722097
Natalie Jan Bauer Surgery1992191019
Hussain Mustafa Juma Al Lawati KYSurgery1083387252
Ja Hea Gu KYSurgery1932717758
Shaun Douglas Mendenhall UTSurgery1023305018
Ke Nan Huang NYSurgery1801561204
Brian Fred Burns TXSurgery1750471983
Mila Kote NYSurgery1124281258
Christopher Stevens AZSurgery1760685226
Lester James Yen IASurgery1568458396
Sharon Shang Stanley LASurgery1659637023
Timothy Miles Schurman IASurgery1457347320
Sultan Al Omairi KYSurgery1518633601
Jessica Marie Vavra KYSurgery1467892729
Christine Oh MNSurgery1659787372
Menyoli Michael Malafa CASurgery1972895027
Ronald K Downs INSurgery1154328516


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