Providers with Taxonomy: Surgery (208600000X) in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Surgery (208600000X)
in the state of California:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A general surgeon has expertise related to the diagnosis - preoperative, operative and postoperative management - and management of complications of surgical conditions in the following areas: alimentary tract; abdomen; breast, skin and soft tissue; endocrine system; head and neck surgery; pediatric surgery; surgical critical care; surgical oncology; trauma and burns; and vascular surgery. General surgeons increasingly provide care through the use of minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques. Many general surgeons also possess expertise in transplantation surgery, plastic surgery and cardiothoracic surgery.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gabrielle Belinda Davis 90210, CASurgery1316170996
Andre Michael Ishak 93030, CASurgery1639135445
Katharina Pellegrin 32401, CASurgery1114994233
Grant Seiden 92056, CASurgery1992025407
Community Foundation Medical Group 93720, CASurgery1346770294
Chad Nadler 33483, CASurgery1710140587
Anisa M Yalom 92126, CASurgery1164679908
Ashkaun Shaterian 85037, CASurgery1679917025
Purushottam Achyut Nagarkar 75390, CASurgery1336465509
Mitchel Seruya 90048, CASurgery1902030075
John Ray Talley 85715, CASurgery1861653255
Joshua Saul Gluck 93003, CASurgery1538336573
Katherine Janice Fu 92270, CASurgery1780822171
Nicholas Manes Caggiano 93405, CASurgery1306133699
Eric D Wang 92868, CASurgery1811262959
Jerry L. Morris, M.d., Inc. 92780, CASurgery1013453349
Arezou Yaghoubian Md, A Professional Medical Corporation 91307, CASurgery1245728443
Michael James Fealy 93065, CASurgery1669468872
Andrew Li 95817, CASurgery1356573570
Randi A Galli Md, Inc 93720, CASurgery1124003165
Ryan Carl Stehr 93720, CASurgery1972828812
Prasad G Kilaru 94538, CASurgery1689674665
Samuel Da-seng Kao 94108, CASurgery1497747943
Microsurgical Transplantation Research Foundation 94114, CASurgery1669462487
Darrell Brooks 94115, CASurgery1871583682
Michael W Leathers 95816, CASurgery1386635332
Tancredi F Damore 94925, CASurgery1619958907
Randi A Galli 93720, CASurgery1932184959
Align Surgical Associates 94115, CASurgery1104391705
John M. Haight, Jr. 90404, CASurgery1528039831
Terry Jay Zimmerman 95630, CASurgery1871565408
Roy A Meals, Inc. 90024, CASurgery1881669596
Joan Frances Wright 90007, CASurgery1922074954
Barbara Jean Ryan 92024, CASurgery1235108226
Edward P. Miranda 94102, CASurgery1710946868
Regents Of The University Of California 90095, CASurgery1255396602
Michael K Obeng 90210, CASurgery1407811854
Darrel Brent Keyser 94545, CASurgery1346292539
Sterling B Mutz Md Inc Julio Taleisnik Md Inc Et Al 92868, CASurgery1083667034
Andres Taleisnik 92868, CASurgery1396798195
Jose E. Otero 92120, CASurgery1033176763
Alarick Kuan-hau Yung 91436, CASurgery1780646372
Ziv Mani Peled 94118, CASurgery1427001338
Julie R Ohayon Md Professional Corp 92123, CASurgery1659333805
Kyle D. Bickel 94109, CASurgery1619910726
Richard A. Rogachefsky 90260, CASurgery1316981954
Timothy John Weibel 95116, CASurgery1548296437
Aaron Stone 90212, CASurgery1861429904
Robert Michael Fay 92253, CASurgery1609803287
Pearlman David Hicks 90806, CASurgery1215966809
James L Pertsch 94401, CASurgery1952340176
Thomas B Mcnemar Md Inc 95377, CASurgery1700818168
Brian M Kinney 90212, CASurgery1962437798
Tancredi F. D'amore, M.d Facs. A Medical Corporation 94925, CASurgery1952327587
Robert M. Fay, M.d., Medical Corporation 90262, CASurgery1275550154
Lisa Lynn Jewell 90505, CASurgery1881612109
Neal Lewis Gorlick 91367, CASurgery1851311849
David Michael Kupfer 92110, CASurgery1073533899
Chau Y. Tai 94609, CASurgery1518980283
Michael J. Feldman 90035, CASurgery1285657478
Michael Zarrabi 90405, CASurgery1831113257
Association Of South Bay Plastic Surgeons Medical Group Inc 90505, CASurgery1215941844
Jessica A Cohen-brown 93110, CASurgery1144239567
James Chang 94304, CASurgery1447269626
Vincent Rodney Hentz 94304, CASurgery1770593501
Gregory Tsushima 90048, CASurgery1033122254
Alexander L Majors 93720, CASurgery1598879694
Homayoun Attaran 94526, CASurgery1033225388
Alfonso Camberos 92123, CASurgery1942225388
Kent Yamaguchi 93720, CASurgery1124042924
Randal John Vecchione 92103, CASurgery1306868328
Shankar Lakshman 91105, CASurgery1699799023
David J Weil 90638, CASurgery1972538353
Simi Valley Center For Plastic Surgery 93065, CASurgery1053428409
Michael C Glafkides 94066, CASurgery1154431120
David K Subin 92123, CASurgery1770694622
James F Coleman 92868, CASurgery1174628499
Shapour Daniel Golshani 90210, CASurgery1811094576
Rama T Pathi 92307, CASurgery1346348968
Gregory R Mack 92123, CASurgery1528169513
Ramin A Behmand 94598, CASurgery1124129218
Yaron Hazani 90035, CASurgery1942393731
Kenneth Kai-yuk Yim 95128, CASurgery1417043084
Michael Kulick 94108, CASurgery1639268568
Howard Sutkin 95032, CASurgery1730278862
Jonathan Weymouth Jones 92103, CASurgery1609956531
Advanced Orthopedic Specialists Medical Corporation 93555, CASurgery1679656649
Hand Center Of San Francisco 94109, CASurgery1952485013
Larry Steven Nichter 92647, CASurgery1710062336
Gloria De Olarte 91101, CASurgery1457436685
Charles Chalekson 93465, CASurgery1770668642
Hongshik Han 93720, CASurgery1366529349
Jonathan W. Jones, M.d., Inc. 92103, CASurgery1871662981
Bill Kim 90036, CASurgery1669541017
Michael C Ciano 91360, CASurgery1982774915
M Ramin Modabber 90404, CASurgery1922198092
Richard D Perlman Md Mph Inc 92123, CASurgery1457438822
Regents Of The University Of California Ucsd Medical Group 92103, CASurgery1740382993
Regents Of The University Of California Ucsd Medical Group 92103, CASurgery1326141862
Richard A.k. Chaffoo 92037, CASurgery1639271505
Dori Neill Cage M D Inc 92123, CASurgery1710088992
Henry Young 90706, CASurgery1396817870
California Hand And Wrist Associates,a Medical Corporation 94401, CASurgery1093881682
Sharon L. Kalina 92335, CASurgery1053488908
Touraj Touran 90034, CASurgery1376610279
Robert Ellis Markison 94109, CASurgery1952469983
Dong-joon Lee 90034, CASurgery1578623740
Michael Zarrabi, Md Inc, A Medical Corporation 90404, CASurgery1073673851
Douglas Howard Chin 94612, CASurgery1578626271
T. Bury M.d. Inc. 91361, CASurgery1891852737
Stephen S. West 92335, CASurgery1194873075
Subhro Kamal Sen 94304, CASurgery1669524559
David Thomas Morwood 93940, CASurgery1043357239
Jing Weng Hsieh 94621, CASurgery1194862649
Daron Geldwert 92103, CASurgery1407986888
Pickart Plastic Surgery, Inc 93003, CASurgery1932224664
Sum Tien Tran 91355, CASurgery1215062146
Parviz H Goshtasby 92663, CASurgery1912030479
Bauback Safa 94114, CASurgery1093833980
Jonathan F Cook, Md Inc 91773, CASurgery1356461651
Pearlman D. Hicks, Jr., M.d., Inc 90806, CASurgery1578789046
Walter S Buckley 90240, CASurgery1952528028
Frederick Abruzzo 94103, CASurgery1801000815
Ashkan Ghavami 90210, CASurgery1831393388
Justin B. Heller 93534, CASurgery1639373590
Jonathan George Robert Samuel Fisher 94563, CASurgery1649476359
Thomas Luen Yen 95065, CASurgery1891992103
Birch Medical Group 92660, CASurgery1962692533
Giliel Stefan Kryger 91405, CASurgery1164614541
Dennis Bang, M.d. Inc. 90211, CASurgery1265625933
Ashkan Ghavami, M.d. A Medical Corporation 90210, CASurgery1639363039
William Aiello 90720, CASurgery1952590739
Tjerk F Bury 91361, CASurgery1386833796
Anil P Punjabi, Md, Dds, Inc. 92373, CASurgery1316127947
Charles K. Lee, Md, Inc. 94117, CASurgery1689858094
Michael James Terry 94143, CASurgery1750568168
Mytien Goldberg 90503, CASurgery1376707711
Michael J Feldman Md Inc 90211, CASurgery1033397690
Amber Rachel Leis 92868, CASurgery1649442328
Christopher Costanzo M D Inc 91360, CASurgery1114199163
Paige Mccarthy Fox 94305, CASurgery1629239744
Cecilia Loh 92505, CASurgery1366646838
Ali M Soltani 92618, CASurgery1235300641
Tuan Anh Tran 92708, CASurgery1245437581
Katherine Au 91105, CASurgery1689888042
Kenny E. Hanna 91204, CASurgery1629283510
Natalie Driessen 92260, CASurgery1619174521
Joon Y Choi Md Inc 92804, CASurgery1134364540
Patrick O'connor Lang 94109, CASurgery1194966416
George Wu M.d., A Professional Corporation 94110, CASurgery1679716328
Joan F Wright, Md, Inc. 90007, CASurgery1225271505
Chau Tai Md Pc 94609, CASurgery1750518577
Beverly Cedars Surgical Group Inc, 90210, CASurgery1215264783
Mark Slonim 92037, CASurgery1730410747
Alejandro Sanchez Md Inc 91790, CASurgery1659697613
Alfonso Camberos, Md 92243, CASurgery1720309537
Martin Raoul Leblanc 94114, CASurgery1447565841
Newport Plastic Surgery Inc 92663, CASurgery1700192754
Mytien Goldberg Md Pc 90503, CASurgery1144530007
Brian M. Kinney M.d. Inc 90212, CASurgery1053696484
Nehzat Nikakhtar Md Inc 90505, CASurgery1851669592
Sum Tran Md Inc 91355, CASurgery1376849281
Soar Surgery Center, Llc 94010, CASurgery1790005304
Peter H Ashjian Md A Medical Corp 91205, CASurgery1750618237
Asher Isaac Kupperman 93101, CASurgery1104141993
Payam Jarrahnejad Md A Professional Medical Corporation 90210, CASurgery1255566840
Menyoli Michael Malafa 90033, CASurgery1972895027
Huu N. Pham, M.d.;a Medical Corporatio 92660, CASurgery1972859486
Michael K. Obeng, Md, Pa 90210, CASurgery1962743013
Manutchehr Sohaey 92029, CASurgery1649613662
Matthew Mcrae 94114, CASurgery1659790376
Patricia D Luckerorth Professional Medical Corporation 93003, CASurgery1861802340
Hazani Medical Corporation Apc 90211, CASurgery1700286432
Michael W Findlay 94305, CASurgery1114325123
Tantawi Plastics Cosmetic Vascular Surgery 92262, CASurgery1891193348
Hazani Medical Corporation Apc 90211, CASurgery1033507926
Sara Yegiyants Md Inc 93105, CASurgery1114318268
Gail F. Mattson-gates 92807, CASurgery1033280953
Howard M. Matsuba 90706, CASurgery1548337363
Walter Ting Yu Chang 92335, CASurgery1083781835
Bradford W. Edgerton 90034, CASurgery1902954795
Ravi Veeramasuneni Kiran 92335, CASurgery1952459984
James J Chao Md Facs 92024, CASurgery1861746703
Todd A Theman 90095, CASurgery1346481256
Sara M Guerra 90048, CASurgery1194072777
Abdul-wahab Hussein Shararah 93306, CASurgery1912393315
Chadwick Wu 92618, CASurgery1558414227
Jose E Otero Md Inc 92120, CASurgery1497112999
Children's Hospital Of Orange County 92868, CASurgery1295280576
Graph Surgery Inc 92708, CASurgery1942722129
Gregory R. Mack Md, Inc 92123, CASurgery1962589234
Alan W. Heller, M.d., A Professional Medical Corporation 90804, CASurgery1083124598
Children's Hospital Of Orange County 92868, CASurgery1255837449
Rishi Jindal 92130, CASurgery1619293909
Matthew Jonathon Murphy 94304, CASurgery1104303346
Liu Plastic Surgery, A Professional Corporation 95032, CASurgery1265758296
Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Inc. 91324, CASurgery1215407614
Regents Of The University Of California 91405, CASurgery1336615988
Aileen Shieu 94403, CASurgery1154515385
Coastal Reconstructive Surgery Specialists Inc 93105, CASurgery1427617174


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