Providers with Taxonomy: Surgery Vascular Surgery (2086S0129X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Surgery Vascular Surgery (2086S0129X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A surgeon with expertise in the management of surgical disorders of the blood vessels, excluding the intracranial vessels or the heart.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Patrick Eugene Mcgregor MOSurgery Vascular Surgery1295734481
Shannon Ursula Waterman WASurgery Vascular Surgery1649279860
William E Bowles KYSurgery Vascular Surgery1902805120
Pablo G Gazmuri MASurgery Vascular Surgery1396744645
Michael Malik NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1518966886
Gayland L Sims TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1679572945
Thomas M Reardon MOSurgery Vascular Surgery1538168711
David J Luz RISurgery Vascular Surgery1861491086
Matthew George Brown CTSurgery Vascular Surgery1457350696
Edward A Pucci NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1306845540
James Michael Conerly LASurgery Vascular Surgery1528067873
Bruce Alden Thayer MASurgery Vascular Surgery1003815366
George Peter Zavitsanos PASurgery Vascular Surgery1740289008
Jon Rast KSSurgery Vascular Surgery1659370922
Aaryan Nath Koura CASurgery Vascular Surgery1922007152
Stanley Marc Knoll DCSurgery Vascular Surgery1962401109
David Helmar Smith GASurgery Vascular Surgery1073512158
Bohdan Askold Iwanetz ILSurgery Vascular Surgery1013916089
Richard A Pucci NJSurgery Vascular Surgery1679572739
C. William Jansing KYSurgery Vascular Surgery1336148386
Michael J. Scherm KYSurgery Vascular Surgery1881693836
Gregory A Eason MOSurgery Vascular Surgery1689673675
Charis Zuchowski DCSurgery Vascular Surgery1366441420
Todd Jefferson Lucas TNSurgery Vascular Surgery1184623258
Robert B Pollack CASurgery Vascular Surgery1487653523
Richard Jude Greco GASurgery Vascular Surgery1366441321
Dan L Stewart INSurgery Vascular Surgery1144229238
Margaret Kugler DCSurgery Vascular Surgery1982603148
Rufus W Watkins SCSurgery Vascular Surgery1699774752
John C Obrien TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1952300022
Victoria Van Fossen OHSurgery Vascular Surgery1295734275
Linda S. Serna MESurgery Vascular Surgery1639178635
George William Johnson TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1124027164
Lorraine Tafra MDSurgery Vascular Surgery1316946312
William Michael Mahaffey MDSurgery Vascular Surgery1013916055
Kelly Fritz MDSurgery Vascular Surgery1649279688
James N Parrish LASurgery Vascular Surgery1477552503
Franklin Jeffrey Charney TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1366441404
Daniel B. Reardon RISurgery Vascular Surgery1265431357
Candace L Dyer RISurgery Vascular Surgery1770582876
George Gary Mackie CASurgery Vascular Surgery1831198936
William Alan Barber GASurgery Vascular Surgery1801895909
Arthur Benjamin Dalton OHSurgery Vascular Surgery1700885779
Jon S Gengler MOSurgery Vascular Surgery1063411031
Craig J Ruskin FLSurgery Vascular Surgery1063411064
David A Goodman NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1093714024
Allan D. Huffman NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1053310086
Honnie Ruth Bermas WISurgery Vascular Surgery1346249323
Stephen Daniel Mcbride NVSurgery Vascular Surgery1750380747
Thomas H Beird MISurgery Vascular Surgery1669471652
Wayne L Watkins LASurgery Vascular Surgery1538168554
Peter L Blanc INSurgery Vascular Surgery1306845284
Roy Bradford Cornell KYSurgery Vascular Surgery1477552354
Randall Renee Beech KSSurgery Vascular Surgery1396744223
Joseph Jay Goodman WISurgery Vascular Surgery1841299773
Mark Cooper Stovroff GASurgery Vascular Surgery1750380689
Anthony P. Monaco RISurgery Vascular Surgery1710987656
Francis Badamo WVSurgery Vascular Surgery1861492704
Daniel H. Benckart PASurgery Vascular Surgery1215937164
Kevin Scott Packman WISurgery Vascular Surgery1437159399
Miguel M Echenique PRSurgery Vascular Surgery1730189606
Jerry Thomas Light TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1831198720
Santi Vibul INSurgery Vascular Surgery1053310953
Theodore Durner Edson MASurgery Vascular Surgery1679572572
Janet Patricia Parler NJSurgery Vascular Surgery1912906835
William Charles Abbott NMSurgery Vascular Surgery1417957366
Charles A Atkinson AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1871593731
Victor L Cobos TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1083614978
Richard Frank Eller TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1972502896
Edwin Williams NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1922008887
Majed Zakaria GASurgery Vascular Surgery1821097759
Joel Okoli GASurgery Vascular Surgery1467451393
Kelly Ann Kogut NVSurgery Vascular Surgery1881694719
Sandra Jones Beck KYSurgery Vascular Surgery1508866435
Frank Jones GASurgery Vascular Surgery1386644276
Alan Yale Newhoff AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1174523088
Todd C Campbell PASurgery Vascular Surgery1710986682
Narha Lee ILSurgery Vascular Surgery1356340244
Kenneth L Nachtnebel INSurgery Vascular Surgery1538168430
Seymour A Dimare MASurgery Vascular Surgery1174522098
Curt L Mosier TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1265431191
Nicholas Francis Fiore NVSurgery Vascular Surgery1962401893
Troy Michael Reyna NVSurgery Vascular Surgery1659371581
Thomas J Coyle PASurgery Vascular Surgery1124028055
Jolyon David Schilling AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1336149277
James J Hudgins TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1053311993
John J Pagan PASurgery Vascular Surgery1801896758
Gary S Finkelstein PASurgery Vascular Surgery1356341200
John Alan Solomon TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1376543280
Brian E O'byrne IDSurgery Vascular Surgery1801896717
Juan Carlos Cobo CASurgery Vascular Surgery1861492647
James A. Moody FLSurgery Vascular Surgery1699775494
David Clifton Powell NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1356341085
James J Goodreau PASurgery Vascular Surgery1811997547
Shelly Lynne Bledsoe ILSurgery Vascular Surgery1821098542
Richard Henry Stephen Karpinski NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1316947237
Pat J Marshio TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1629078449
Steven Cary Simon AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1982604708
Robert E Steward PASurgery Vascular Surgery1629078472
David Dean Crofoot MESurgery Vascular Surgery1184624942
Orlando Alfonso Castillo PASurgery Vascular Surgery1447250162
George Thomas Gilmore GASurgery Vascular Surgery1205836822
John E Nile INSurgery Vascular Surgery1427058189
Timothy M Husted OHSurgery Vascular Surgery1598765158
Sheila K Partridge MASurgery Vascular Surgery1558361113
Bruce M Derrick PASurgery Vascular Surgery1831199405
Miguel Puig Palomar CASurgery Vascular Surgery1558361139
Linsey P Gold MISurgery Vascular Surgery1043210636
Tana H Yates MDSurgery Vascular Surgery1487654976
Thomas Miles Jackson COSurgery Vascular Surgery1598765083
Leslie Pearlstein INSurgery Vascular Surgery1679573166
Paul W Butler NHSurgery Vascular Surgery1861492555
Christopher Michael Daggett MOSurgery Vascular Surgery1306846092
Richard Ehlers TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1821098526
Marc Lewis Eckhauser AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1811997513
Amitava Ghosh MISurgery Vascular Surgery1881694586
Donald H. Knudson SDSurgery Vascular Surgery1356341010
Mark Eugene Stelzer IASurgery Vascular Surgery1700886314
George Isshak GASurgery Vascular Surgery1275533770
Larry Harvey Opoliner NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1861492365
Lawrence J Herberholz ALSurgery Vascular Surgery1619977378
Joseph Henry Llewellyn AKSurgery Vascular Surgery1528068285
Gunaseelan Ambrose NJSurgery Vascular Surgery1841290517
Marc L. Cullen MISurgery Vascular Surgery1659371326
Cyrus J Morgan PASurgery Vascular Surgery1902806672
Kristie A. Chiscano TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1366442048
David J Coppola NHSurgery Vascular Surgery1770583452
Abdul K. Jahangir NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1972503480
Barton Alan Thomas VASurgery Vascular Surgery1568462190
Syed Zubair Tahir AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1356341986
Andrew M Sher TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1477553055
Shuban K Moza NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1598765042
Adam Paul Kramer MOSurgery Vascular Surgery1447250907
Norman Mark Sorgen TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1558361030
Jeffrey Gerard Deppen MISurgery Vascular Surgery1659371177
Regina Stokes Offodile CASurgery Vascular Surgery1205836731
Michael D. Klein OHSurgery Vascular Surgery1003816539
Kathleen Marie Erb PASurgery Vascular Surgery1285634717
Meko M Radomski TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1417957820
Charles Franklin Cobb PASurgery Vascular Surgery1326048745
Michael A. Breda ORSurgery Vascular Surgery1619977063
Ih Koo Park GASurgery Vascular Surgery1902806227
Lee Thomas ALSurgery Vascular Surgery1316947641
Mark E Blankenship GASurgery Vascular Surgery1861492191
Timothy R Rasmusson NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1538169875
Marney K Sorenson TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1467452862
Michael A Pell NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1710987128
George A Blessios NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1669472080
Eid B Mustafa TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1023018470
Shukri M.f. Elkhairi OHSurgery Vascular Surgery1053311415
Hall Renfro Howard VASurgery Vascular Surgery1184624439
Hari V Iyer FLSurgery Vascular Surgery1215937560
Andrew S Harper GASurgery Vascular Surgery1134129562
Gregg Michael Anigian TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1538169966
Ramiro D Cavazos TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1619977055
Scott E. Langenburg MISurgery Vascular Surgery1093715450
George Joseph Childs FLSurgery Vascular Surgery1932109303
Mark Brennan NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1174523443
Cynthia M Jones NJSurgery Vascular Surgery1487654745
Edward F Stringer GASurgery Vascular Surgery1578563730
Christa Johnson Mars WISurgery Vascular Surgery1235139510
Randall Richard Draper PASurgery Vascular Surgery1477553766
Robert Napoletano CTSurgery Vascular Surgery1356341648
Jerry Archibald Stirman NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1386644557
John W Odom GASurgery Vascular Surgery1508866773
Thomas E Shaver CASurgery Vascular Surgery1568462745
Richard C Cook NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1447250626
Peter Conrad Ng NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1063412377
Samuel Preston Martin FLSurgery Vascular Surgery1124028436
Charles Alan Wallace TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1164422481
Philip Deford Allmendinger CTSurgery Vascular Surgery1861492241
Eric L Gross NJSurgery Vascular Surgery1215937602
Sabah Hamad NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1285634600
Robert James Weedn OKSurgery Vascular Surgery1639179088
Deborah M Axelrod NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1386644573
Kenneth D. Kushner CASurgery Vascular Surgery1518967702
Constantino Valderrama Gulmatico NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1225038375
Jozef Zoldos AZSurgery Vascular Surgery1760482897
Ramesh C Karipineni CASurgery Vascular Surgery1376543413
Richard R Bowie TNSurgery Vascular Surgery1639179617
Rosa E Cuenca TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1235139304
Robert Houston Schell KYSurgery Vascular Surgery1275533358
Stephen Parker Rosser NCSurgery Vascular Surgery1013917111
Selwyn Kay CASurgery Vascular Surgery1609876754
Michael Castellano NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1417957572
Said Abolghassem Daee MDSurgery Vascular Surgery1790785814
Suresh Koneru TXSurgery Vascular Surgery1972503092
Shepard F Palitz CASurgery Vascular Surgery1659371698
Ralph H. Maeda CASurgery Vascular Surgery1902806136
Douglas R Trostle PASurgery Vascular Surgery1548260771
Kranthi Kumar Achanta CASurgery Vascular Surgery1114927241
Alan Babigian CTSurgery Vascular Surgery1710987755
Jeffrey Lewis Cohen CTSurgery Vascular Surgery1245230200
Leonard Anderson NYSurgery Vascular Surgery1760482863
Roland Rodriguez CASurgery Vascular Surgery1952301921
Mark A Jensen INSurgery Vascular Surgery1093715062
Patrick L Molt ILSurgery Vascular Surgery1891796835
Elizabeth Oneil VASurgery Vascular Surgery1225038243
Ricardo S Martin TNSurgery Vascular Surgery1831199868
Harry Matthew Null PASurgery Vascular Surgery1427058452


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