Providers with Taxonomy: Surgery Surgical Oncology (2086X0206X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Surgery Surgical Oncology (2086X0206X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A surgical oncologist is a well-qualified surgeon who has obtained additional training and experience in the multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of cancer patients, and devotes a major portion of his or her professional practice to these activities and cancer research.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Erin Eloise Soleto LASurgery Surgical Oncology1629076195
Troy Lamar CASurgery Surgical Oncology1376629030
Manuel Lorenzo TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1093713901
Edwin L Rogers KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1932106648
George V Page KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1376540476
Thomas H Schwarcz KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1669479770
Michael Sean Romberg ILSurgery Surgical Oncology1043217078
Robert S Reader NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1366449217
Gregory Gene Eyre CASurgery Surgical Oncology1154328011
Michael Steven Dahn GASurgery Surgical Oncology1114924677
Patty L Tenofsky KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1992702328
Carolyn S Cody NESurgery Surgical Oncology1114925823
Robert Knowles NHSurgery Surgical Oncology1013915602
Donald Lee Duncan TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1598763591
Wesley Gordon Jackson CASurgery Surgical Oncology1073511127
Don K Nakayama FLSurgery Surgical Oncology1871590158
Charles Riddle Holden OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1093713133
Adam Michael Zochowski OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1427056399
James Michael Sinard OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1548268675
Stephen Gerard Quill GASurgery Surgical Oncology1265439020
Marcus Richard Miller OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1518965474
Swati Kulkarni ILSurgery Surgical Oncology1588662928
James Nicholas Topolgus INSurgery Surgical Oncology1508863945
Robert Louis Fox MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1487652160
Richard A Silva MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1952309635
Miles C Tommeraasen IASurgery Surgical Oncology1295733905
Mark Cooper TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1497752489
William H Edwards TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1992703698
Richard J Geer TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1881691780
Sidney F Hopkins KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1508863697
Alfred L. Laborde TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1114924396
Bruce D Moorstein CASurgery Surgical Oncology1457359515
David G Van De Wyngaerde NCSurgery Surgical Oncology1528065919
Richard Bryant Damewood PASurgery Surgical Oncology1285631754
Gary R Jacobs TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1407853732
Sarah Dawn Majercik UTSurgery Surgical Oncology1609873595
Jan T Mcclanahan MSSurgery Surgical Oncology1609873488
Richard C. Vallette MSSurgery Surgical Oncology1891792586
Harvey F Mason MSSurgery Surgical Oncology1154329860
Carolyn S Day NCSurgery Surgical Oncology1902803109
Susan Laurie Morrison WASurgery Surgical Oncology1164420261
Michael L. Waldschmidt MOSurgery Surgical Oncology1811995129
Frederick Paul Beavers MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1740287606
William H Chapman NCSurgery Surgical Oncology1588662514
Samuel Ernest Logan MISurgery Surgical Oncology1013914241
Joseph G. Fine KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1982601399
Jacob H Goldberger FLSurgery Surgical Oncology1093713489
Horizon Surgical Group, Pa MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1366449365
Mark A. Zelkovic PASurgery Surgical Oncology1548267198
Geoffrey Lowell Bloomfield MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1679570410
James Bradley Ray TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1871590943
Charles Bruce Moomey GASurgery Surgical Oncology1689671364
James J Hanosh COSurgery Surgical Oncology1932106549
Kristin A Boehm GASurgery Surgical Oncology1093713208
Kelly L Banks MTSurgery Surgical Oncology1487651766
Steven Carol Cox SCSurgery Surgical Oncology1215935853
Chad M Mckenzie VASurgery Surgical Oncology1114925500
Oluyemisi R. Sangodeyi WVSurgery Surgical Oncology1487651717
Susan Kaweski CASurgery Surgical Oncology1629076856
Roger A Bonau TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1588662225
Sukamal Saha PASurgery Surgical Oncology1427056175
Sallie Brooks Clark COSurgery Surgical Oncology1780681999
David Robert Schmidt GASurgery Surgical Oncology1366440992
Stephen J. Hoenig, Md, Pc MASurgery Surgical Oncology1578561569
Carl Winston Johnson ILSurgery Surgical Oncology1467450122
Adrian Legaspi Sauter FLSurgery Surgical Oncology1447257522
Mark T. Mainella MESurgery Surgical Oncology1174520852
John L Smith KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1669470290
John M Furry INSurgery Surgical Oncology1245237304
David J Cloney DESurgery Surgical Oncology1487651295
Peter Wolff WASurgery Surgical Oncology1447258801
Mark Richard Dylewski FLSurgery Surgical Oncology1235136151
Jeffrey P. Thurlow MESurgery Surgical Oncology1760480693
Nilesh N Balar NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1568460491
John Kevin Koch WVSurgery Surgical Oncology1104824044
Gregory Sullivan Mcgee ALSurgery Surgical Oncology1831197672
Robert S Thomas FLSurgery Surgical Oncology1770581753
Joseph San Juan Layson NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1215935200
Mark Kahn NJSurgery Surgical Oncology1285632281
Michael F. Bardwil TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1689672594
Jonathan K Gordon MASurgery Surgical Oncology1568460483
Freda D Mccarter GASurgery Surgical Oncology1326046277
Robert P Smilanich UTSurgery Surgical Oncology1730187600
Denise M Fraser MASurgery Surgical Oncology1306844212
Augustine R Eze NCSurgery Surgical Oncology1992703813
James Michael Levett IASurgery Surgical Oncology1154329092
Lynn Louise Mathia MISurgery Surgical Oncology1689672529
Roger R Delgado CASurgery Surgical Oncology1063410801
George Mitchell Kennedy OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1699774448
Mark E. Chariker KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1194724997
Jerry G Gaston KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1356340178
Tad Reeve Heinz COSurgery Surgical Oncology1881693604
Mayank V Patel NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1902804768
Anthony Morgan CTSurgery Surgical Oncology1134127913
Stephen Evans DCSurgery Surgical Oncology1609874437
Robert L Toscano OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1205835063
Harold Ray Bohman CASurgery Surgical Oncology1891793600
James G Zito MISurgery Surgical Oncology1114925914
Frederick Millham MASurgery Surgical Oncology1710986500
Oscar R Ruiz OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1275532038
Frank L. Mcphillips ALSurgery Surgical Oncology1497754204
Krishna Kumar Vadlamudi NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1649279472
Donovan N. Tapper FLSurgery Surgical Oncology1396743167
Robert Leroy Anderson NESurgery Surgical Oncology1518965391
Philip H Taylor OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1750380598
John D Leff OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1396744140
John Lonnie King OKSurgery Surgical Oncology1467451237
Kris Allen Canfield WYSurgery Surgical Oncology1366441131
United Surgical Associates, P.c PASurgery Surgical Oncology1174521959
Larry Pasley OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1356349146
Larry E Adams TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1669471454
George Neil Yates KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1528067329
Rafaelito T Legaspi INSurgery Surgical Oncology1154329969
Amitabh Gautam MASurgery Surgical Oncology1750389565
Larry Mark Bragg TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1649278466
The Circulatory Center Of Pa, Inc. PASurgery Surgical Oncology1053319871
James L. Massi CTSurgery Surgical Oncology1760481428
John P Smith KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1902805674
Darioush Kavouspour TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1417956111
Donna-marie Manasseh CTSurgery Surgical Oncology1942209580
Allen Dean Gerber ARSurgery Surgical Oncology1144229881
Bradford C Roberg ILSurgery Surgical Oncology1316946072
Ernest A Cudjoe MISurgery Surgical Oncology1063411742
Ramaz Metreveli DESurgery Surgical Oncology1457350159
Bruce W Thomas KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1366441065
Michael Armstrong TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1295734937
Thomas Taylor KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1184623837
Jose Raul Gonzalez-inclan PRSurgery Surgical Oncology1891794434
Max Phillip Levine VASurgery Surgical Oncology1255330783
Southcoast Medical Group, Llc GASurgery Surgical Oncology1467451922
Medhat Allam NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1932108412
Mark Phillip Moniz VASurgery Surgical Oncology1528067014
Maryam Gholizadeh CASurgery Surgical Oncology1194724583
Donald Wayne Pate TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1568461960
Savannah Surgical Oncology, Llc GASurgery Surgical Oncology1275532756
Elizbeth Marie Kiraly TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1710986112
Ron A Kaler ARSurgery Surgical Oncology1528067923
Sean Cao CASurgery Surgical Oncology1558360966
John Allen Schmidt TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1396744975
Barry Ray Miller TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1386643963
Marlboro Clinic Corp Surgery Surgical Oncology1043219637
Craig A Ferrara TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1477552073
Gerald Stanley Weinstein NMSurgery Surgical Oncology1477552982
David Edward Parkus TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1023017613
Joseph V. Cannova KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1225037732
Mark Mcclung KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1750380267
Christa Ruble Balanoff KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1659370161
Il Bong Kim ILSurgery Surgical Oncology1548269061
William Hollis Bradshaw TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1053310573
Mohammed Kalan DCSurgery Surgical Oncology1629077151
Michael Patrick Byrne KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1386643666
Lincoln Mackey Snyder CASurgery Surgical Oncology1801895180
Timothy Oldfather HISurgery Surgical Oncology1679572952
William C Sternfeld OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1366441651
Shahin Assadnia TNSurgery Surgical Oncology1639178932
Ira N Brecher MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1275532574
Jason Aaron Brodsky MDSurgery Surgical Oncology1770582082
Issam Harmoush TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1346249653
Alan E Abel TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1518966829
Robert Mcfaul TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1336148642
Ross B Reagan TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1518966837
Marshall Johnson KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1124027446
Ted Moore KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1740289065
William H Turney TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1093714313
Darryl J Aguilar LASurgery Surgical Oncology1265431597
Patrick Jackson DCSurgery Surgical Oncology1508865940
J. Chris Christopher Kantarian IDSurgery Surgical Oncology1699774042
Todd E Russell OHSurgery Surgical Oncology1043219496
Thomas Painter Md Llc Surgery Surgical Oncology1336148790
Ashwin M Shah, Md, Sc ILSurgery Surgical Oncology1114926573
Gps Surgical Associates Surgery Surgical Oncology1841299203
David G Hoffman TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1740289107
John Sams Goza KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1760481105
Charles Hughes Penn GASurgery Surgical Oncology1679572028
David L Crain KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1821097270
James Hazen Pingree UTSurgery Surgical Oncology1821097205
Donald Wayne Brown KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1891794277
Frank Scott Werner MOSurgery Surgical Oncology1083613251
Todd A Moffatt TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1396744512
Sheryl Young KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1962401232
Gerald E. Lau HISurgery Surgical Oncology1417956764
George P Pennington GASurgery Surgical Oncology1669471926
Anne Letitia Lally CTSurgery Surgical Oncology1891794087
Edward Philip Gutek KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1174522445
Patrick Eugene Mcgregor MOSurgery Surgical Oncology1295734481
Shannon Ursula Waterman WASurgery Surgical Oncology1649279860
William E Bowles KYSurgery Surgical Oncology1902805120
Pablo G Gazmuri MASurgery Surgical Oncology1396744645
Michael Malik NCSurgery Surgical Oncology1518966886
Gayland L Sims TXSurgery Surgical Oncology1679572945
Thomas M Reardon MOSurgery Surgical Oncology1538168711
David J Luz RISurgery Surgical Oncology1861491086
Matthew George Brown CTSurgery Surgical Oncology1457350696
Edward A Pucci NYSurgery Surgical Oncology1306845540
James Michael Conerly LASurgery Surgical Oncology1528067873
Bruce Alden Thayer MASurgery Surgical Oncology1003815366
George Peter Zavitsanos PASurgery Surgical Oncology1740289008
Jon Rast KSSurgery Surgical Oncology1659370922
Aaryan Nath Koura CASurgery Surgical Oncology1922007152
Stanley Marc Knoll DCSurgery Surgical Oncology1962401109


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