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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): Pain Medicine is a primary medical specialty based on a distinct body of knowledge and a well-defined scope of clinical practice that is founded on science, research and education. It is concerned with the study of pain, the prevention of pain, and the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of persons in pain. A comprehensive evaluation incorporates the physical, psychological, cognitive and socio-cultural contributions to pain. The treatment protocol may include pharmacological, invasive, behavioral, cognitive, rehabilitative and complementary strategies provided in a concurrent focused and patient specific manner. The pain medicine physician often serves the patient as a frontline physician regarding their pain, but also may serve as a consultant to other physicians, direct an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary treatment team, conduct research, or advocate for the patient's pain care with public and private agencies. The Pain Medicine physician may work in variety of settings including office, clinic, hospital, university, or governmental/public agencies.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven Lee Simmons TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1104815505
Westchester Anesthesia Llc Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1801885231
Cny Anesthesia Group Pc Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1083603351
Margaret Theresa Carlini VAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1134118417
Mohamed A Kourtu PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1659360931
Rodney C Osborn ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1114916335
Denise K Burns NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1275522401
Francisco J Ruiz FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1760471916
Brett J Wilkerson ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1871582940
Jeffrey K Ketcham ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1245229368
Martin J Hurd ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1003805136
Cheng Chih Hsu ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1659360782
Jyoti S Pham LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1093704181
Nyunt Tin ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1083603179
Michael D Tiblandi ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1134118235
Daniel M Cooley ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1154310100
Laxmaiah Manchikanti KYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1730178799
Jocelyn R Mcclain ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1194714311
Joanne Borg Stein MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1790774834
Stephen Kemple MTPain Medicine Pain Medicine1336138478
Christopher D Collison ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1316936370
Scott D Nyboer LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1124017298
Pilar M Caballero ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1922097989
Steven C Schrader ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1831188937
Herbert W Luo ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1407845514
Olakunle O Taiwo PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1487643599
Victor D Lenzi ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1649269754
Patrick Robert Danaher MTPain Medicine Pain Medicine1992794010
Prime Anesthesia Consultants Inc. PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1699764712
Lissiamma Jacob ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1306835426
Thomas F Ingersoll ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1487643508
William E Hauter ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1902895048
Kathleen K Crawford ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1780673723
John E Nyboer LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1104816115
Paul T Sutera AZPain Medicine Pain Medicine1740270750
Central Coast Spine And Pain Management Center, Inc. CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1235129255
Bijan Bavarian FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1427047414
Christopher B Mccarthy ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1225027220
Dennis M Bathke ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1962491951
John K Kula ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1124017124
Richard Wu ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1700875713
Walter William Strauser CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1518957521
Andrew G. Monroy CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1518957539
Jenny Zhang Lin MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1659361616
Susan Zimmerman MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1437149499
Kenneth R Branton MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1609866557
Jonathan G Jaques MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1164412052
Jeffrey Gogel VAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1154311041
Sparks Medical Foundation Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1386634285
Carmelita Bamba Dagani LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1720078553
John Alden Hatheway WAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1720078678
William Tham MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1114917937
Michael Frank Boyer OKPain Medicine Pain Medicine1831189695
Sparks Regional Medical Center Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1669462461
Shihab Ahmed MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1821088451
Robert Preston Meriwether KYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1154311736
Shameema Faruqi MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1396735015
Frank A Radosevich ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1073503702
Neal W Rudy ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1295725935
Crystal L Walton SDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1518957133
Stuart Dunbar MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1497745111
Timothy J Rice ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1780674424
John A Becker ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1477543106
Thomas W Edwards TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1811987472
Donato G Dumlao ALPain Medicine Pain Medicine1972593457
Laura Audell CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1821088519
Joshua J. Livingston OKPain Medicine Pain Medicine1245220839
Azita Far CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1952391542
Michael A Staab FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1083604557
Anne Louise Oaklander MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1275523615
Khalid Malik ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1881684231
Mark William Lamastro NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1659361004
Robert Craig Jones LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1376533737
Adam Charles Magnus MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1801886262
Lisa Ann Perez LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1538159991
Kevin Peter Munnelly MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1518957976
Akshay N Dalal MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1760472120
Hugh Lee Preas MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1750371118
Jianguo Cheng OHPain Medicine Pain Medicine1619967973
Daniel Bruce Keck KYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1083604573
Poornachandran Manikantan MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1003806308
Gary I Polykoff MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063402352
Maher Ibrahim NJPain Medicine Pain Medicine1053301309
Alvin C Chua MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1215927504
Ravi Kumar Narasimhan MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1528058823
Istvan Pulai MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1154311462
Gary Jay Brenner MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1447240627
William E Guptill MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1215927389
Benjamin Borja Tiongson TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1427048586
Stephen G Smith MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1811988942
Yakov Perper NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1841280997
Gregory Lee Gardner MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1801886916
One Anesthesia Pllc Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1174513246
David M Biondi MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1629068713
Karl Hp Horsten FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1922099068
James Leonard Routon GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1699766741
Glenn C Keyser PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1073504155
Daniel Williams PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1982695060
Edward Michna MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1447240528
Francis K. Acquah GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063402196
Stephen F Nichols PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1972594935
Reginald M Smith ALPain Medicine Pain Medicine1700877719
Maged L. Ghattas NJPain Medicine Pain Medicine1770574626
Kai Spring Hayes MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063403921
Robert A Statfeld FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1629069596
Scott Reuben MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1992796015
Ian H Black VTPain Medicine Pain Medicine1134110109
New York University Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1952392946
Jane Carol Ballantyne WAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1306837232
Charles Biddle Fierro NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1083605018
Christopher T Dietrich SDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063403905
Mark A Sauer FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1265423123
Thomas L Cook FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1831180702
John F Nolan FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1598756496
Jianren Mao MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1578554580
Yue Pang Mok OHPain Medicine Pain Medicine1558352484
Daniel W Gorski FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1144211012
Gregory F Paine FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1033100904
David W. Annand TNPain Medicine Pain Medicine1124019013
Todd John Baumeister WAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063403897
Ashwini K. Gupta GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1467443218
South Florida Institute Of Pain Management Llc FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1225029705
Pamela Shenouda Cunningham TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1417948209
Peter A Vieira MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1053302828
Brett D Lawlor SDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063403848
Michael D Severson IDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1205827904
Lakshmi Madabhushi MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1750372496
Abdul Q Memon TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1043201650
Syed Hosain NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1528059136
Warren Lynn Wheeler NVPain Medicine Pain Medicine1558352187
Duane E Dixon VAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1114918752
Jeffrey Roberts TNPain Medicine Pain Medicine1558352914
Timothy J Canty NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1043201452
Anesthesia Associates Of Kansas City Pc Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1467443614
Joseph H Liu TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1902897275
Mid hudson Anesthesiologists, Pc. NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1144211434
Gilbert Sewell Chandler FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1003807272
Heechin Chae MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1861483067
Peter Edward Fong GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1154312312
Howard A Aks MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1932190105
Mark Smith PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1770574923
Donna Fleitz Mitchell COPain Medicine Pain Medicine1396726436
Thomas P Laughlin MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1760463939
Charles C Ho MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1013998269
James A Scowcroft MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1285615450
Kyong Ho Kim WAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1124009303
Carlos Jorge Giron GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1053392068
Sheng Tchou TNPain Medicine Pain Medicine1174504294
Jefferey D Adair LAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1780665828
Benjamin Robinson NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1497736540
Pain Consultants, Pllc Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1922089085
Reginald Strother GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1548241615
Francis Carroll Reese GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063493146
Fred E Nowroozi CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1760463764
Russell K Portenoy NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1407837396
Sudershan Saxena M.d.s.c. Pain Medicine Pain Medicine1265413181
Odeane H Connor ALPain Medicine Pain Medicine1528049558
Martin Andrew Acquadro MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1023099934
Adrian Karl Hamburger RIPain Medicine Pain Medicine1720069669
Rebecca C Burfeind MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1154302917
Mark B Chaplick MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1316928179
Atef F Israel MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1700867587
Brenda C Mcclain CTPain Medicine Pain Medicine1396726170
James Harrison Braziel GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1932180619
George A Edwards MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1740261502
Gina Reghetti OHPain Medicine Pain Medicine1912988684
Forrest James Lane GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1881675551
Preston Chandler Delaperriere GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1699756361
Ralph Joseph Zwolinski FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1528049327
Richard D Campbell GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1932180759
Steven G Charapata MOPain Medicine Pain Medicine1841271616
David Gerald Shores GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1134100803
Robert Orr Morris GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1003897653
Sudershan D Saxena ILPain Medicine Pain Medicine1356322820
Joseph G Glazier INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1053392571
Gary Edward Siegel GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1548241151
Steven S Song PAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1861473423
Christine Vidouria TXPain Medicine Pain Medicine1063493617
Robert Sheu NYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1508847039
Ajit V Pai INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1740261296
Payam Vahedifar CAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1861473464
John E Maxa GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1487635090
Stephen Szynal INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1801877246
David Albert Stewart GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1730160144
Matthew Willman Hettle MIPain Medicine Pain Medicine1134100415
Yogesh B Malla KYPain Medicine Pain Medicine1205817525
Northside Anesthesia Services, Llc INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1568444693
Poopalasingham Poovendran INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1679555759
Maher S Kodsy OHPain Medicine Pain Medicine1730161746
Robby M Romero CTPain Medicine Pain Medicine1720060734
Indiana Pain And Spine Care INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1568444586
Weldon T Egan INPain Medicine Pain Medicine1982686937
Jay Richard Bishko GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1528040441
Y. Robert Ding MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1538141510
Jarrod Dwayne Huey GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1689656514
H David Sanusi GAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1720060668
Allan R. Escher FLPain Medicine Pain Medicine1942282827
Lucy Chen MAPain Medicine Pain Medicine1669454435
Ibrahim Elsamanoudi MDPain Medicine Pain Medicine1215919980
Gary Lee Fuchs MIPain Medicine Pain Medicine1780666487


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