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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatrist (213E00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): A podiatrist is a person qualified by a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) degree, licensed by the state, and practicing within the scope of that license. Podiatrists diagnose and treat foot diseases and deformities. They perform medical, surgical and other operative procedures, prescribe corrective devices and prescribe and administer drugs and physical therapy.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Donald Adas MIPodiatrist1841299278
Ronald Louis Wokasien TXPodiatrist1104825538
Edward Fryman NYPodiatrist1659370245
Justin B. Green LAPodiatrist1124027644
Edward B Ballow COPodiatrist1871592477
Christopher D Ross NYPodiatrist1407855950
William Brant Hesidence FLPodiatrist1326047846
Philip Stewart Newman NJPodiatrist1942209473
Daniel Patrick Flynn ILPodiatrist1821097353
Mark J Aronson NYPodiatrist1851390157
Marc Steven Glovinsky LAPodiatrist1255330551
Steven Yale Norman NYPodiatrist1215936521
Ted Cohen NYPodiatrist1154320471
Mark R Elkins UTPodiatrist1124027453
Timothy Ellis Messmer WAPodiatrist1477552701
Michael David Cardinal OHPodiatrist1093714321
Lynne J Haubelt PAPodiatrist1780683029
David J Mance PAPodiatrist1750380093
Scott G Solbach PAPodiatrist1558360891
Samuel F Ruggiero NYPodiatrist1376542704
Annik Adamson VAPodiatrist1255330692
James G. Westbury MIPodiatrist1447259890
David Sharnoff CTPodiatrist1972502326
Jay O Meyer MIPodiatrist1619976073
Jeffrey A Parker NYPodiatrist1982603346
John Michael Diehl NCPodiatrist1831198290
Valerie Ann Smith FLPodiatrist1255330627
Joseph Sebastian Lobianco NYPodiatrist1245239615
Barry Alan Wisler NJPodiatrist1962401307
Mousa R Bateh FLPodiatrist1184623555
Lawrence Steven Osher OHPodiatrist1063411445
Thomas Starksen Lloyd COPodiatrist1538168729
Joseph J. Halm ILPodiatrist1568461770
Maureen B Jennings NJPodiatrist1386643500
Stephen J Miller WAPodiatrist1083613277
Maryann Z Trivlis NYPodiatrist1063411288
Daniel M Kleiner CAPodiatrist1124027370
Gary F. Ochwat ILPodiatrist1811996010
Gregory C. Bryniczka ILPodiatrist1174522379
Michael D. Dichoso INPodiatrist1205835410
Anthony V Deceanne ILPodiatrist1083613293
Gerald Wayne Newman GAPodiatrist1700885910
Thomas J Mccabe OHPodiatrist1043219306
Charles Howard Reilly ILPodiatrist1073512216
Thomas Kiely ILPodiatrist1477552677
Juan Carlos Barragan NYPodiatrist1962401190
Russell G Olsen UTPodiatrist1639178882
George M Devito NYPodiatrist1710986849
Matthew Miles Wilkin OHPodiatrist1306845425
John William Lane OHPodiatrist1215936331
Andrew Burnham Clark OHPodiatrist1679572796
George H Evancho VAPodiatrist1487653440
Tom M. Kane PAPodiatrist1992704977
Frederick J Meccia ILPodiatrist1639178718
Jeffrey Silberstein NYPodiatrist1427057553
Sanford Clay Proner NYPodiatrist1255330395
Wayne Marc Feldman NYPodiatrist1821097809
Howard L. Schultheiss MDPodiatrist1689673758
Behnam David Massaband CAPodiatrist1760481741
Helen L Gentile PAPodiatrist1194724112
David Bruce Kaplan MAPodiatrist1841299955
Thomas Joseph Holsinger MNPodiatrist1649279753
Robert Mullin MNPodiatrist1801895941
Mark G Leitner FLPodiatrist1962401067
Douglas J. Zeman ILPodiatrist1730188830
John Shalley Carroll OHPodiatrist1417956483
Robert Francis Garfield NCPodiatrist1538168547
Paul H. Adamson PAPodiatrist1699774604
Ian Charles Klein FLPodiatrist1033118187
Michael Schmierer NJPodiatrist1285633214
Warren A Pasternack NJPodiatrist1699774620
Eric Allen Wolfe PAPodiatrist1316946346
Cynthia Ann Smith CAPodiatrist1366441305
Stephen V Guida FLPodiatrist1245239235
Manuel J Sone FLPodiatrist1396744272
Jeffrey Lee Stewart UTPodiatrist1184623092
Joseph J Giacopelli CAPodiatrist1366442204
Eugene Vincent Timpano NJPodiatrist1508866427
Joseph P Campbell PAPodiatrist1346249208
Jeffrey J. Cusack NYPodiatrist1336148220
David D Carrozzino NJPodiatrist1477552362
Daniel W Merk NYPodiatrist1588663488
Claymon A Stevenson MDPodiatrist1811996739
David Jerry Haile FLPodiatrist1720087646
Jody Gene Rose OKPodiatrist1184623001
James Kleo Kleanthous MIPodiatrist1063412922
Stephen Samuel Pirotta ARPodiatrist1053311944
Stacey L White MNPodiatrist1952301848
Ann K Pinski KYPodiatrist1578563458
Helene Carole Cagan NYPodiatrist1992705875
Jay M Purvin NYPodiatrist1053310920
Jimmie Lee Felton GAPodiatrist1871592741
Lyle A. Nalli CAPodiatrist1174522056
Gary Goykhman FLPodiatrist1588663470
Raymond Lee Smith OKPodiatrist1891794715
Michael W Lowhorn MOPodiatrist1396745220
Christine Meis ORPodiatrist1346240272
Mark Simchuk ORPodiatrist1518967447
Wayne A Chieppa NJPodiatrist1245230184
Michael Jay Shore FLPodiatrist1164422069
Thomas Craig Boldry MOPodiatrist1437159217
Julie Jeanette Jones MOPodiatrist1801896600
Richard L Caudell VAPodiatrist1497755136
Alison Jennifer Dunkerley UTPodiatrist1992705644
Steve W Hayes TXPodiatrist1609876358
Glenn Charles Vitale CTPodiatrist1730189556
Simon Young NYPodiatrist1083614895
Tameka R Lee ALPodiatrist1952301723
Paul Owen Gorby MOPodiatrist1629078407
Irene Hernaez TXPodiatrist1184624892
Thomas F Clemente CAPodiatrist1497755110
Dan Elwin Jones TXPodiatrist1942200662
Thomas Nathan Sexton MOPodiatrist1841290624
Stanton Clair Southward COPodiatrist1427058155
Robert J Landy NYPodiatrist1093715633
James Francis Brown CAPodiatrist1073513610
Erwin Friedman ILPodiatrist1063412617
Ho Yim NYPodiatrist1306846951
Gene Caicco MIPodiatrist1568462133
Christopher Paladino FLPodiatrist1689674178
Andrew Grant Puckett PAPodiatrist1174523856
Dean L. Sorrento PAPodiatrist1487654166
Sheldon L. Grossman MOPodiatrist1821098427
Jay Marc Mickenberg MDPodiatrist1336149962
Charles S Churchwell TXPodiatrist1588664122
Morgan Timothy Holmes PAPodiatrist1144220732
Edward F Mclaughlin NYPodiatrist1235139759
Jay Howard Kaufman PAPodiatrist1962402495
Steven F Boc PAPodiatrist1750381299
Agnes Katarzyna Bartoszek FLPodiatrist1558361097
Jean Marie Turner CAPodiatrist1376543819
Theresa Lynn Schinke WIPodiatrist1043210594
Richard M Moorehead WVPodiatrist1588664031
Michael Pasternac FLPodiatrist1366442824
Roelof Tikker CAPodiatrist1558361014
Barbara Rien FLPodiatrist1336149806
Theodore Joseph Feldberg NYPodiatrist1760482293
Thomas James Miller PAPodiatrist1194725622
John Thomas Wagner PAPodiatrist1821098351
Jonathan A Snellgrove WIPodiatrist1548260060
Larry C Semer FLPodiatrist1285634741
Mario E Montoni NYPodiatrist1730189200
David Sam Ungar MIPodiatrist1699775015
Daniel Adam Lowinger WAPodiatrist1285634519
Arthur Jeynes MIPodiatrist1659371052
Eunice V. Hodges LAPodiatrist1437159787
James Patrick Flood ILPodiatrist1124028477
Jeffrey B Wilps WVPodiatrist1063412401
Dawn Marie Michels KYPodiatrist1578563920
Ronald Jay Kahn DEPodiatrist1710987094
Guy Harris Langlo GAPodiatrist1356341614
Stephen A Isham IDPodiatrist1619977972
Victor Kimball Grandt ILPodiatrist1396745659
Bryan T Thompson IDPodiatrist1558361717
Lissette E. Tirado GAPodiatrist1508866765
Gary L. Erickson TXPodiatrist1841290012
Steven R Downer WVPodiatrist1043210339
Tracy Maria Reed MOPodiatrist1871593178
Johnny L Wu ILPodiatrist1467452763
Ronald J Douglas WAPodiatrist1558361725
Bradley D Nelson OKPodiatrist1285634469
Ronald M. Renzi PAPodiatrist1316947625
Jesse Anderson VAPodiatrist1770583080
Kenneth L. Hatch MDPodiatrist1801896113
Timothy J. Byron CAPodiatrist1881694107
Khase A Wilkinson OHPodiatrist1235139551
Michael A Jones OHPodiatrist1598765810
Robert A Shemwell MOPodiatrist1487654810
Paul J Wieckowski WVPodiatrist1457351892
Harvey I Wine TXPodiatrist1942200241
Thomas Jennings Larson NEPodiatrist1336149483
Gary Hymes NJPodiatrist1598765679
Frank C Toepp INPodiatrist1235139320
John Michael White TXPodiatrist1053311142
Michael B. Schussler TNPodiatrist1942200076
Frederick Lewis Conti OHPodiatrist1821098963
Paul C Lafata PAPodiatrist1790785947
Dennis Hwa Hum CAPodiatrist1649270620
Frank A Lescosky NCPodiatrist1053311290
Brett Cutler FLPodiatrist1710987805
Paul L Goehring PAPodiatrist1760482848
Thomas Keith Albert PAPodiatrist1831199934
Renae Lynn Daniels-simmons PAPodiatrist1346240496
Melinda Reiner ORPodiatrist1992705008
Ernest Levi NYPodiatrist1801896055
Jill C Wisdom TXPodiatrist1255331310
Jeffrey R Desantis CAPodiatrist1659371748
Carl Richard Ginsberg PAPodiatrist1003816190
Cherrie Fabry Cindric PAPodiatrist1679573661
Robert E. Sherman CTPodiatrist1013917004
Brandon J. Lewis TXPodiatrist1487654489
John Alfred Tallia NYPodiatrist1649270646
Douglas E Campbell NYPodiatrist1366442360
Gary A Green UTPodiatrist1801896816
Ruth Latanya Gilliam-phillips MDPodiatrist1245230275
John Wendel Aaron WYPodiatrist1972503985
Jason Robert Behar NYPodiatrist1861492878
Keith A Turlington MOPodiatrist1396746327
Dean W Singer MIPodiatrist1972504918
Anthony Domenico NJPodiatrist1518967520


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