Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery (213ES0103X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery (213ES0103X):

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Woodrow Martin UTPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1023013794
Spero Christi Horine CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1639174303
Michael Alan Pliskin NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1801891577
Richard J Brown OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1306841093
Victor Torres FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1306841119
Brandon A Macy NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1720083538
Anthony Innocenzi OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1255336079
Christopher Paul Farnworth MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1932104759
Alan Schram MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1013912724
Stacey Lynne Miller MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1710982434
James Bryan Robison CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1689679300
Jacqueline Murphy NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1184629826
Arthur Aronson OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1790780526
Mark E Burton PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1487659223
James William Shoffer AZPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1194720946
Neil Howard Hecht CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1912902768
Michael Anthony Zapf CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1215932090
Donald Stephen Tanner FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1609871367
James Robert Christina MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1346245016
David Alan Sharpe CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1255336921
Daniel Yoojyim Vang LAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1336144005
John Angus Chisholm CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1396740072
William F Hineser COPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1619972312
R M Blatstein FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1235134941
David A Barnovsky OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1962407742
Monika Froehlich ORPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1003811894
Jonathan Jay Lubitz FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1962406348
Marilyn S Boyuka NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1447286638
Lenore Jolene Moyer PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1780689737
Gary A Raymond PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1942204367
Paul H Eisenberg OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1750386629
Louis Michael Sempek NEPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1932103389
Robert B Weinstein GAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1346244886
Nicholas A. Campitelli OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1164427035
Kevin Frederick Sunshein OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1538164348
James R. De Meo NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1992709455
Robert E Fridrich AZPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1912901380
Chris G. Bowers TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1285639344
James J Brantley ARPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1720083033
Brian Alex Kuvshinikov OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1962407908
Tharesh Udupa AZPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1275537607
Donna K Tallon GAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1194720896
Gregory Lee Barbour OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1093710147
Bonnie Vader NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1285639294
Joseph E Hatef PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1730184185
Mark Couture TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1710981220
Vincent C. Marino CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1609871342
Tod Raymond Bushman TNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1417952581
Tobin C Gallawa CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1316942634
Raul A Salcedo PRPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1760487748
David M Dawson WIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1285639427
Alan C Sally PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1275538365
David Nicholas Baer OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1093710808
Edward Alan Helfand CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1437154861
Harold Malofsky TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1376548305
Jeffrey M Stark NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1114922994
Barnett Kai Lung Fung ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1932104718
Jeffrey D Goss CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1912902792
Paul John Lafergola NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1366447146
David P Heller NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1790780575
Michael Stewart Salter MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1073518866
Michael Avato PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1053316851
Christian Anthony Robertozzi NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1053316885
David N. Helfman GAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1629073481
Edward S Orman MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1083619845
Michael David Walinsky PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1235134974
Reed Karl Burk OKPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1023013760
Aram Isaiants CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1477558120
Arlene F. Hoffman CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1073518726
Gerald B Weinkam OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1699770347
Ira Melvin Tartack NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1669477311
Pamela S Dolber FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1023013679
Paul S Warner AZPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1366447914
Charles Michael Kurtzer NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1437154085
Marc Andrew Garfield VAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1255336806
Kenneth Williams TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1740285329
Anthony C Anzalone PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1063417640
Neil R. Ohora MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1669477253
Kimberly A Wilkie PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1578568168
Theresa Lynn Vacheresse OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1982609582
Richard D Krause KSPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1144225749
Robert C Miklos ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1275538811
Janice Postal MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1164427704
Lewis G. Giglia NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1780689323
Karen Fabach Sanicola MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1891790416
Barry Kanoff NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1801891361
Edward A Filcheck PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1487659058
Todd A Cindric PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1295730869
Michael Alan Weinblatt NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1497750079
Nicholas A Straney SCPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1386649960
Kasra N Behfar FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1194720771
Gary J Fischman NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1376548966
Andrew Mark Berliner CTPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1710982327
Stuart Kitton NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1598760100
Lloyd Steven Smith MAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1871598409
Tim R Merrell TNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1396740833
Michael Ignatius Hanzly NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1871598326
Thomas Lynn Tauscheck MNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1356346829
William Nichols MNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1518962091
Bryan J Prukop TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1114922697
Gina L. Ruesch MNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1275538753
Birute Balciunas Schlecht WIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1184629677
Annmarie Kulekowskis ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1841295342
Max Weisfeld MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1912902412
James Murray Flynn OKPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1336145887
Ruth Ann Cooper OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1386640860
Sharon Walston Kobos NMPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1356347835
Nicholas Nelson Desantis CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1053317545
Helena A Reid ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1104822691
Warren K Mciver WIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1174529671
Barbara Lillian Widmer CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1962408468
Lara Sue Poduska OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1356346860
Stephen D Harris MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1598760001
Carl H Aeby TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1417952938
John H Bonk OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1407851926
Jeffery Wieland OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1578568093
James W Gallagher MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1568467082
Lanny C Pelliccia PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1114922648
Richard J Noble MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1306842778
Jerry Elbert Toups LAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1922004381
Peter Marshall Harvey TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1730185190
Bryan Wayne Randolph LAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1649276007
Bradley T Lemon DEPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1366448730
Richard M Meltzer CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1508862814
C. Edward Caldwell MOPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1750387098
Paul Angotti PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1528064862
Duncan Hugh Fraser WYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1114923463
Richard G Stuempfle PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1669478913
Bryan Dewitt Caldwell OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1366448680
Robin Dale Kravitz OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1326044652
Donald Kushner OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1407852767
John L Sherman MAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1467458737
Mikel D Daniels MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1730185091
Frank Thomas Rinaldi NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1275539413
Dung S Le WVPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1295731412
David Cohen MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1659377877
Fred E Huss ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1942206172
Jeffrey Guy Wolfson NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1912903147
Robert Frimmel FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1477559615
James Peter Stewart MAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1124024518
Jordan Michael Ciner NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1154327476
Timothy Kevin Tougas WIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1093711491
Albert Gregory Nachowicz ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1619973021
Allen S Mehler MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1508862707
Kathy Siesel OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1124024328
Selwyn Willis TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1356347637
Paul G Yungst FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1518963891
Jeffrey M Spiegel FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1427054709
David Zuckerman NJPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1124024435
Philip Alden Lewis MEPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1942206255
Scott Alan Spencer OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1770589004
Dennis E Morris OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1235135419
Thomas L Taylor TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1831195007
Ronald G. Lavenda MAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1003812280
Neil E Mastropietro FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1609872902
Andrew J Schneider TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1982600177
Melissa Jane Knox PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1821094913
Joseph H Goodwin WVPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1043216260
Vicki Maria Antonathens MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1407852510
Brad Robert Wenstrup OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1134125263
Neil A Burrell TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1972509032
Glenn Alden Ruhl MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1639175714
Darlo G. Vander Wilt NMPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1093711087
Bruce Ian Kaczander MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1518963628
Steven J. Ginsberg NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1386640431
Thuan Moc Luu CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1821094970
Charles William Connolly MAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1932105095
Andrew Benedict O'keefe ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1669478640
Denise Dorner NMPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1740286780
Fortunee Massuda ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1952307019
Matthew J Lappenga MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1902802085
Otto Christian Hall LAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1679579759
Lawrence G Lazar MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1578569596
Brian D Jackson TNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1306842356
Brent Barker WAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1942206891
Andrew Taylor Smith MEPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1649276411
Eugene Arthur Fox FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1235135138
John Elmer Forrette SDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1043216955
David D Dull OHPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1942206875
William Michael Bennett MIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1073519047
Mark S Ross PAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1285630152
Robert Terry Kirschenbaum FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1366448235
Kathleen A Brace Gaul TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1689670564
David Burstein NYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1619973484
Richard Steven Cohen MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1376549345
Thomas E Brooks TXPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1023014917
Lawrence J Kales FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1720084619
Leonard W. Labush RIPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1548266323
Timothy Allen Vandyne CAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1679579460
Gerald D Scheimberg VAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1639175334
Earlie Owens Hairston FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1205832854
Robert Allan Gjertson MNPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1992701544
Stuart Barry Levine FLPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1881690675
Alan Edward Clayman MAPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1831195585
Brian J Beach KYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1396741096
Michael D More WYPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1760488407
James Lavell ILPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1629074422
Richard Lawrence Kuhn ALPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1952307779
Austin Reeves ARPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1962408674
Ronald L. Silverman MDPodiatrist Foot Ankle Surgery1851397608


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