Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapist (225100000X) in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapist (225100000X)
in the state of Washington:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) Physical therapists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat people with health problems resulting from injury or disease. PT's assess joint motion, muscle strength and endurance, function of heart and lungs, and performance of activities required in daily living, among other responsibilities. Treatment includes therapeutic exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, and training in activities of daily living. (2) A physical therapist is a person qualified by an accredited program in physical therapy, licensed by the state, and practicing within the scope of that license. Physical therapists treat disease, injury, or loss of a bodily part by physical means, such as the application of light, heat, cold, water, electricity, massage and exercise. They develop treatment plans based upon each patient's strengths, weaknesses, range of motion and ability to function. (3) A health professional who specializes in physical therapy- the health care field concerned primarily with the treatment of disorders with physical agents and methods, such as massage, manipulation, therapeutic exercises, cold, heat (including short-wave, microwave, and ultrasonic diathermy), hydrotherapy, electric stimulation and light to assist in rehabilitating patients and in restoring normal function after an illness or injury.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Martha M Cramer 98201, WAPhysical Therapist1295738300
Joe Bolewicz 98292, WAPhysical Therapist1518960285
Michael J Clark 99362, WAPhysical Therapist1306849955
Daniel W Roberts 99006, WAPhysical Therapist1295738813
David Anderson Turner 99204, WAPhysical Therapist1942202908
David Jon Leffmann 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1841295276
Marcene Germani 98499, WAPhysical Therapist1760487615
William R Mackenzie 98662, WAPhysical Therapist1457356404
Bonnie L Masi 98368, WAPhysical Therapist1871599340
Brian Joseph Russon 98272, WAPhysical Therapist1295731594
Elee Marcel Fairhart 98356, WAPhysical Therapist1326044629
Sven Solvik 98368, WAPhysical Therapist1962408740
Monika Timka Dalkin 98116, WAPhysical Therapist1306843933
Margo Jeanette Cooper 98356, WAPhysical Therapist1477550044
Abby Lee 98264, WAPhysical Therapist1962803064
Steven G Wittrock 98198, WAPhysical Therapist1104823129
Gary William Hope 98074, WAPhysical Therapist1487651279
Janet Louise Anspach-rickey 98346, WAPhysical Therapist1417955147
Natalie East 98632, WAPhysical Therapist1720086424
Suzanne Gerhart 98632, WAPhysical Therapist1699773390
Bruce E Peterson 98632, WAPhysical Therapist1306844063
Carolyn S. Rockholm 98684, WAPhysical Therapist1548268212
David E Knoeppel 98632, WAPhysical Therapist1881692358
Michael James Goodman 98249, WAPhysical Therapist1467450007
Christopher Allen Powell 98203, WAPhysical Therapist1811995244
Janine Marie Simon 98012, WAPhysical Therapist1144228313
John Edwin Mcwilliams 98225, WAPhysical Therapist1992703078
Heather A Kreizenbeck 98225, WAPhysical Therapist1215935341
Kris L Carlson 98225, WAPhysical Therapist1306844451
Clare Monica Jones 98225, WAPhysical Therapist1982602983
Cheryl Batty 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1134127095
Keith Patrick Schlecht 98275, WAPhysical Therapist1205218484
Robert Jeff Askins 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1912904939
Max Otto Selisch 98339, WAPhysical Therapist1831196245
William Walter Linnenkohl 98512, WAPhysical Therapist1114925948
Steven Anthony Robbins 98512, WAPhysical Therapist1316946148
Sarah Lynn Grossman 98368, WAPhysical Therapist1881693554
Daniel Arthur Churches 98502, WAPhysical Therapist1639178361
Tamara Dziadek 98363, WAPhysical Therapist1417956061
Terry Lynn Benham 98223, WAPhysical Therapist1225037633
Brett Robert Nelson 98274, WAPhysical Therapist1114926466
Laura Beth Torseth 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1801895008
Northwest Physical Therapy Sports Rehabilitation Center, Inc., P.s. 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1174523054
Sally M Aerts 98368, WAPhysical Therapist1598765216
Gail E Maciejewski 98339, WAPhysical Therapist1316947039
Allyn L Woerman 98373, WAPhysical Therapist1477553097
Daniel J Crowley 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1912907536
Patrick S Mcbride 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1417957044
James C Fuller 98003, WAPhysical Therapist1124028634
Kimberly A Mcbride 98226, WAPhysical Therapist1023018116
Daniel Carl Burns 98569, WAPhysical Therapist1881694834
Daniel J Day 98292, WAPhysical Therapist1295735447
Julie K Waddell 98221, WAPhysical Therapist1396745543
Lisa M Nelson 98257, WAPhysical Therapist1538169685
Michael A Hawaka 98503, WAPhysical Therapist1932109550
Hiroko Yaguchi 98467, WAPhysical Therapist1225489230
Renton Sports & Spine Pt 98031, WAPhysical Therapist1326048364
David Lloyd Tupper 99362, WAPhysical Therapist1932109626
Timothy A Larson 98841, WAPhysical Therapist1093715377
James K Haberstro 98335, WAPhysical Therapist1740280254
Lonnie N Bloom 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1154322394
Jennifer E Penrose 98516, WAPhysical Therapist1881696805
Vince A Gildner 98501, WAPhysical Therapist1396746418
Todd E. Bristow 99037, WAPhysical Therapist1538161369
Kelly K Bartleson 99202, WAPhysical Therapist1275535098
Richard C Schreck 98374, WAPhysical Therapist1992707467
Timothy B Pierson 98374, WAPhysical Therapist1710989280
Jan E. Collins 99037, WAPhysical Therapist1205838760
Randall G Johnson 98374, WAPhysical Therapist1396747804
Judith M Perry 98362, WAPhysical Therapist1477545648
Matthew T Gores 99218, WAPhysical Therapist1356333298
Tony M Krause 98002, WAPhysical Therapist1700878659
Shelley A Lange 98002, WAPhysical Therapist1851383723
Jeannie L Krause 98002, WAPhysical Therapist1811989791
Matthew T Weston 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1083606966
Claude A Ciancio 98374, WAPhysical Therapist1285626127
Tammy L Seagrave 98391, WAPhysical Therapist1437141124
Susan R Downey 98373, WAPhysical Therapist1619969367
Lori J Weeks 98362, WAPhysical Therapist1043202773
Amy Jean Danielson 98103, WAPhysical Therapist1427040161
Sada K Hertzig 98003, WAPhysical Therapist1871586198
Kristen J Rowland 98003, WAPhysical Therapist1629061890
Timothy D Stensby 98057, WAPhysical Therapist1093708398
Thomas W Metzger 99202, WAPhysical Therapist1215920582
Erin L Robertson 98003, WAPhysical Therapist1336132414
Rhett Norris 99011, WAPhysical Therapist1528051521
Julie M Garner 98424, WAPhysical Therapist1073506978
Terrald S. Kadrmas 98661, WAPhysical Therapist1063405983
Jennifer Santos Marston 98664, WAPhysical Therapist1841283777
Michael A Pennington 98002, WAPhysical Therapist1730172602
Brian A Thacker 98375, WAPhysical Therapist1376536243
Gail W Baudendistel 98374, WAPhysical Therapist1861485336
Holly Michelle Forster Miller 98101, WAPhysical Therapist1043202625
Susan M Beardemphl 98391, WAPhysical Therapist1093708950
Susan R Kabeary 98373, WAPhysical Therapist1649262304
Roma S Seal 98338, WAPhysical Therapist1922091883
Jeremy B Calkins 98390, WAPhysical Therapist1689666323
Holly Pennington 98391, WAPhysical Therapist1346232022
Mark R Dutton 98528, WAPhysical Therapist1265433601
Vicki Jean Vancalcar 98362, WAPhysical Therapist1881688737
Jane Ann Jaehning 98277, WAPhysical Therapist1841284759
Steve Naruo Harada 98277, WAPhysical Therapist1437143328
Ingrid P Peterson 99202, WAPhysical Therapist1073507646
Carol Eddy 98005, WAPhysical Therapist1396730305
Thomas E Arnold 98012, WAPhysical Therapist1518952233
Lisa M Ralston 98405, WAPhysical Therapist1427044049
Tracee Jean Martin Karlson 98502, WAPhysical Therapist1982690467
Shelley S Earing 98502, WAPhysical Therapist1316933898
Ann L Wade 98502, WAPhysical Therapist1982690483
Alan Rene Finston 98230, WAPhysical Therapist1518953876
Gregory J Helgath 98264, WAPhysical Therapist1306832548
Robert Cory Blickenstaff 98665, WAPhysical Therapist1760478762
Roger John Karnofski 98632, WAPhysical Therapist1588650584
Marilyn Epstein Kellogg 98632, WAPhysical Therapist1396731394
James Milton Green 98310, WAPhysical Therapist1275529158
Sivan N Mudaliar 98338, WAPhysical Therapist1750378741
Emily Kristine Norton 98225, WAPhysical Therapist1518955152
Megan Christina Liggett 98277, WAPhysical Therapist1033103031
Irene Prepula 98604, WAPhysical Therapist1639165681
Connor Bengsten Brown 98405, WAPhysical Therapist1649754839
Evergreen Physical Therapy, P.s. 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1891780151
Melvin C Beam 99114, WAPhysical Therapist1205824315
Shari J. Brennecke 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1831187814
Stephen E. Berry 98201, WAPhysical Therapist1720076698
Dana L. Feaver 98026, WAPhysical Therapist1851380604
Leona M. Hokanson 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1962491746
Stephanie F. Clements 98144, WAPhysical Therapist1508855297
Jan K. Sangder 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1215926548
Jacqueline Ann Odell 98292, WAPhysical Therapist1922097997
Marjorie J. Walker 98144, WAPhysical Therapist1306835558
Douglas Paul Ribeca 98405, WAPhysical Therapist1215926464
Jeanette Lillian Lundberg 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1891785804
Timothy Marc Skinner 98431, WAPhysical Therapist1972593879
Gary Joseph Smith 99202, WAPhysical Therapist1871584987
Carol M Wick 98022, WAPhysical Therapist1508857087
Julianne Aaby Gordon 98312, WAPhysical Therapist1134110612
Erin Kathryn Boon 98075, WAPhysical Therapist1700877107
Ronald Dean Enyeart 98075, WAPhysical Therapist1487645891
Peter Bartel 98604, WAPhysical Therapist1972594315
Robert L Perras 98328, WAPhysical Therapist1477544906
Battle Ground Physical Therapy Inc 98604, WAPhysical Therapist1689665028
Charmaine R Minnis 98816, WAPhysical Therapist1912988924
Connie S Miller 98816, WAPhysical Therapist1346221389
Michael James Poulos 98225, WAPhysical Therapist1154302081
Dean Milton Barrus 98662, WAPhysical Therapist1669453353
David Paul Blanchard 98503, WAPhysical Therapist1770564486
Thomas M Kabeary 98374, WAPhysical Therapist1326029901
Shaun C Seibel 98856, WAPhysical Therapist1275514002
Margaret R Wheeler 98466, WAPhysical Therapist1326029091
Stephanie A Hanson 98466, WAPhysical Therapist1942281613
Michael Kent Mcquivey 98662, WAPhysical Therapist1316928765
Deborah M Howard 98122, WAPhysical Therapist1285615625
David E Cullinane 98406, WAPhysical Therapist1700867041
Barbara Ann Radonich 98466, WAPhysical Therapist1437130770
Georgia Ann Mcrae 98466, WAPhysical Therapist1326029661
Amy Jeanette Trevino 98499, WAPhysical Therapist1679554935
Jamie K Sato 98406, WAPhysical Therapist1831171149
Natalie Brenda Lew 98204, WAPhysical Therapist1023090149
Lilian Kramer Hampton 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1073595187
Andrew Charles Sahnow 98686, WAPhysical Therapist1194707224
Enid Elize Halewyn 98362, WAPhysical Therapist1851373997
Thomas Allen Knoebel 98378, WAPhysical Therapist1386626596
Robert Carl Rinke 98204, WAPhysical Therapist1588646699
Daniel Carl Burns Mspt Inc Ps 98569, WAPhysical Therapist1184606113
Partnering Together Inc 98550, WAPhysical Therapist1376525345
Jessica Ann Dorrington 98683, WAPhysical Therapist1386626232
Jodie Mae Adams 97140, WAPhysical Therapist1376525220
Ellen Monaghan 98664, WAPhysical Therapist1457333205
Christy Mackiewicz 98604, WAPhysical Therapist1811979651
Lora J Clothier 98116, WAPhysical Therapist1326020926
Anne E Harmon Grout 98125, WAPhysical Therapist1568444081
Candace S Ito 98125, WAPhysical Therapist1447232970
Peter B Dickinson 98862, WAPhysical Therapist1104808559
William J Fletcher 98258, WAPhysical Therapist1154303766
Thomas Keith 98604, WAPhysical Therapist1780666180
Jodi Janelle Decker 98685, WAPhysical Therapist1972586360
Loraine Lovejoy-evans 98382, WAPhysical Therapist1447233770
Spencer William Southwick 98686, WAPhysical Therapist1447233739
Philip J Armiger 98115, WAPhysical Therapist1609858299
Julie A Vanni 98116, WAPhysical Therapist1346222932
Jennifer Moon Moniot 98506, WAPhysical Therapist1306836903
Susan Miye Kaeka 98406, WAPhysical Therapist1144201484
Pierre-yves Frederic Butheau 98148, WAPhysical Therapist1033100441
Deepti Gopal Nadgouda 98101, WAPhysical Therapist1821598640
Andre B Caron 98366, WAPhysical Therapist1285623942
Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital 98902, WAPhysical Therapist1053806711
Jay Arthur Smith 98273, WAPhysical Therapist1518957489
Layton Bird 99352, WAPhysical Therapist1689168296
Samantha Leigh Moseley 98294, WAPhysical Therapist1487138723
Sharyl K.n. Kamihara 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1184613895
Lisa Marie Buchart 98052, WAPhysical Therapist1740263136
Jimmie J Phillips 98201, WAPhysical Therapist1578546594
Peggy Lee Payne 98604, WAPhysical Therapist1013990092
Alexa Gayle Dobbs 98133, WAPhysical Therapist1013990969
Anne-marie Lise Denise Rocheleau 99216, WAPhysical Therapist1730162686
Cora Bundy Stoakley 98112, WAPhysical Therapist1770566622
Brett Nikol Lezamiz 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1689657538
Megan Gillespie Yount 98006, WAPhysical Therapist1548243405
Dava Mae Mcnutt 98362, WAPhysical Therapist1366425225
Stacey Elaine Richards 99216, WAPhysical Therapist1962485821


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