Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapist (225100000X) in the state of Washington with the zipcode 98004

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapist (225100000X)
in the state of Washington with the zip code 98004:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) Physical therapists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat people with health problems resulting from injury or disease. PT's assess joint motion, muscle strength and endurance, function of heart and lungs, and performance of activities required in daily living, among other responsibilities. Treatment includes therapeutic exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, and training in activities of daily living. (2) A physical therapist is a person qualified by an accredited program in physical therapy, licensed by the state, and practicing within the scope of that license. Physical therapists treat disease, injury, or loss of a bodily part by physical means, such as the application of light, heat, cold, water, electricity, massage and exercise. They develop treatment plans based upon each patient's strengths, weaknesses, range of motion and ability to function. (3) A health professional who specializes in physical therapy- the health care field concerned primarily with the treatment of disorders with physical agents and methods, such as massage, manipulation, therapeutic exercises, cold, heat (including short-wave, microwave, and ultrasonic diathermy), hydrotherapy, electric stimulation and light to assist in rehabilitating patients and in restoring normal function after an illness or injury.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Matthew T Weston 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1083606966
Deepti Gopal Nadgouda 98101, WAPhysical Therapist1821598640
Brett Nikol Lezamiz 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1689657538
Richard Jarrett Jusko 98203, WAPhysical Therapist1356326334
Julie L Lampson 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1003893074
Denise E Bruschi 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1659358612
Sallie J Cowgill 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1053398016
Cynthia J Brennan 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1528045549
Karen D Sullivan-kniestedt 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1952388928
Olympic Physical Therapy, Inc. 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1477512911
Olympic Physical Therapy, Inc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1003875550
Olympic Physical Therapy, Inc. 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1801855358
Olympic Physical Therapy, Inc. 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1821057332
Olympic Phsyical Therapy, Inc. 98203, WAPhysical Therapist1639138159
Stephanie Meya 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1134188584
Rebecca A Dao 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1538129366
Olympic Physical Therapy Of Bellevue Inc. 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1982663498
Suzanne C Madsen-kostopoulos 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1801855267
Anne L Morgan 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1376502724
Megumi Sawanoi 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1679532048
Divya Mallar 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1952360315
Lorelei A Mock 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1275593014
Laura A Iverson Von Wullerstorff 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1366402158
J'anna L Post 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1356301113
Jennifer Wyatt 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1487615894
Sharon Spinder 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1164485728
Samantha Delehant 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1568425130
Jennifer Sinnett 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1770546350
Gretchen Dingman 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1326001983
Jeffrey Boyle 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1740243393
Craig London 98203, WAPhysical Therapist1891758355
Kristin Szabadi 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1053374546
Jennifer Howe 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1730142225
Hilary Gould 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1245293752
Elizabeth Grenzke 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1902869407
Veronika Maass 98203, WAPhysical Therapist1174586648
Karen Seeley 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1821051335
Leanne Cole 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1023071032
William Welch 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1437112430
Michael Bono 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1922061951
Nolana Newton 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1336102474
Lisa Marie Rehm 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1093773368
Brad Callan 98027, WAPhysical Therapist1295772671
Sagira Vora 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1932148210
Stacy M Davis 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1205875945
Douglas K Brand 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1093757650
Kathleen Rader Compher 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1043241920
Lisa J Devlieg 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1588605042
Alice G. Schoos 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1023057304
Robert J Bradbury 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1205854643
Eric S Malone 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1073522439
Marie Francoise Guillet 98108, WAPhysical Therapist1134138498
Bellevue Sports Medicine Clinic Inc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1124039870
Trevor C Ledain 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1093821217
Stephen A Barbuto 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1679683502
Jennifer A. Schoeppe 98105, WAPhysical Therapist1265544050
Christopher J Bryhan 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1356447197
Brieanna J Oneal 98105, WAPhysical Therapist1851498760
Rebecca E Reicher 98105, WAPhysical Therapist1316046980
Lisa M Flexner 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1710073135
Lisa R. Bedard 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1033205166
Paige Raffo 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1184704371
Eunice Gong 98005, WAPhysical Therapist1588756613
Olympic Ptwest At Arrowhead Llc 85308, WAPhysical Therapist1801969266
Heidi Kodeski 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1225102700
Ian Alan Johnsen 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1851466411
Angela J Crivello 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1154474849
Timothy Gordon Paine 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1174669832
Barbara M Schustek 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1497892236
Dennis A Cobb 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1851439814
Laura R Prather 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1528100831
Shari Lynn Einhorn Dicks 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1750424636
Thomas J. Palermo 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1053449892
Symmetry Physical Therapy Pllc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1598889503
Shelly M Davidson 98027, WAPhysical Therapist1730205204
Anne Wilson 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1083759161
Kristin Winn Carter 98059, WAPhysical Therapist1083749139
Susan C Amorosi 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1942415518
Douglas T Uyeda 98043, WAPhysical Therapist1053529644
Kay Wieben 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1003025701
Amanda K Cafmeyer 98030, WAPhysical Therapist1639375942
Joy Danielle Bergstedt 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1104016591
Kirsten Solberg 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1487845830
Jolene Shannon O'neill 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1831384155
Brooke Kasten 98027, WAPhysical Therapist1205023892
Mark V Lanning 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1811174907
Magdalena Pertoldova 97209, WAPhysical Therapist1518145085
June Brooks Quick 98203, WAPhysical Therapist1184893638
Ryan S Kaya 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1740438555
Julie Ann Uyeda 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1760632863
Christopher Darren Johnson 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1417108762
Gaelan Mahina Richards 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1215170683
Hilary Jane Croft 98005, WAPhysical Therapist1477788792
Maeva Chalmers Woodworth 98105, WAPhysical Therapist1851529259
Physical Therapy Essentials 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1306076385
Lisa Vander Linden 98027, WAPhysical Therapist1255561197
Julia Kathleen Baron 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1760615066
Paul R Killoren 98104, WAPhysical Therapist1427377258
Shana G Mullen 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1073826749
Jason Chi 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1861709438
Joscelyn M Mayfield 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1578858650
Lindsay Marrs 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1083995229
Sukanya Pyne 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1528377637
Caitlin Paskewich 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1891276994
Geoff M Gabler 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1891057790
Paul J Mann 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1134475957
Marcus Jaffe 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1275883423
Elizabeth J Kolator 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1104166123
Brett Eric De Yager 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1104266436
Tove Lise Sorensen 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1427490911
Garrett Frederick Knappe 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1861834350
Holly M Harrison 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1437591658
Katherine Elaine Golic 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1023440492
Diane T. Sperry 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1073945358
Scott Clement Mcamis 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1689007601
Balance & Flow Physio Llc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1215343314
Annie Pilkey 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1689064115
Mike B Hearron 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1003236274
Radka Mares 08618, WAPhysical Therapist1710955786
Valerie J Eggers 98040, WAPhysical Therapist1366401861
Evan Palmer 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1356712632
Christina Messak 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1356719215
Natasha Lynn Parman 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1467707802
Ahna Travis 97701, WAPhysical Therapist1235650813
Kelsey Rene Moller 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1457611857
Debra Fixman 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1659713030
Elizabeth Charvet 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1942632161
Julie Ann Johnston 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1114383940
Jennifer Rose Briant 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1932656287
Blake Donald Rowinski 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1871048439
Sean O'kelley 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1710429840
Katherine Kim 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1659809317
Caitlin O Ludington 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1891203386
Premere Rehab Llc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1750876363
Connor James Dougherty 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1396224853
Eunice Gong, Pt, Llc 98005, WAPhysical Therapist1255830071
Courtney Marie Roach 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1528522737
Alicia Doolittle 98201, WAPhysical Therapist1942602727
Skyler P. Tateishi 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1407231707
Clyde W Johnson 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1962579375
Michelle Armstrong 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1699326322
Nicole Victoria Jimenez 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1598151870
Fauzia Karmali 98055, WAPhysical Therapist1598728008
Neil Chasan 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1649232588
Bellevue Physical Therapy Inc Ps 98005, WAPhysical Therapist1700952611
Richard Steven Galindo 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1952790891
Carly Kay Kiska Lewis 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1609130400
Joni C Simon 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1124087580
Summit Rehabilitation, Pllc 98208, WAPhysical Therapist1558662940
Everett Physical Therapy & Sportsperformance Center Pllc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1508102989
Kaitlyn Ann Aakre 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1780084897
Michael H Yamashita 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1144234311
Esrc Pllc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1699796755
Sumita Rao 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1780867200
Sarah J. Hanna 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1174628630
Bellevue Sports & Spine Physical Therapy 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1285718015
Jessica Ann Pare 98029, WAPhysical Therapist1992875314
Jennifer Louise Davis 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1154929537
Nelson Thai 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1861090292
Suzanne Kirsten Soine 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1962694091
Lisa M Van Loben Sels 98033, WAPhysical Therapist1164445292
Jamie T Pilkington 98033, WAPhysical Therapist1285657395
Elizabeth A Bannister 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1700134491
Timothy Ma 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1932412475
Emily Caple 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1811373244
James Richard Cramer 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1306447677
Lisa M Adams 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1831295591
Dustin Luke Ellzey 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1356652689
Carla Guerrero 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1952454654
Erin Grey 98501, WAPhysical Therapist1770952855
Everett Chun 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1427382969
Proliance Surgeons, Inc., P.s. 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1831138783
Allan K.c. Kam 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1568513406
Thanh-thao Truong 98372, WAPhysical Therapist1225680960
Emily Ruth Vaynshteyn 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1396124384
Erin Leigh Friese Miller 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1164198297
Anna Kaplan 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1558023127
Rachel Lauren Entrekin 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1508393133
Anne E Hettick 98683, WAPhysical Therapist1346504917
Payal Pancholi 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1720739527
Erin Aspaas 77070, WAPhysical Therapist1083183438
Laura Scurfield 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1891441788
Integrated Rehabilitation Group, Pc 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1700100344
Proliance Surgeons Inc., P.s. 98034, WAPhysical Therapist1134165897
Stephanie Deye 98004, WAPhysical Therapist1194250555
Lindsey Renee Horn 37209, WAPhysical Therapist1558590745
Jennifer Dee Allred 59801, WAPhysical Therapist1043307366
Kevin N Do 81505, WAPhysical Therapist1861977910
Polly Bhattacharyya Sinha 62269, WAPhysical Therapist1730215054


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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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