Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapist (225X00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapist (225X00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An occupational therapist is a person who has graduated from an entry-level occupational therapy program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) or predecessor organizations, or approved by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT), or an equivalent international occupational therapy education program; has successfully completed a period of supervised fieldwork experience required by the occupational therapy program; has passed a nationally recognized entry-level examination for occupational therapists, and fulfills state requirements for licensure, certification, or registration. An occupational therapist provides interventions based on evaluation and which emphasize the therapeutic use of everyday life activities (i.e., occupations) with individuals or groups for the purpose of facilitating participation in roles and situations and in home, school, workplace, community and other settings. Occupational therapy services are provided for the purpose of promoting health and wellness and are provided to those who have or are at risk for developing an illness, injury, disease, disorder, condition, impairment, disability, activity limitation, or participation restriction. Occupational therapists address the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, sensory, and other aspects of occupational performance in a variety of contexts to support engagement in everyday life activities that affect health, well-being, and quality of life.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michelle S Godfrey SCOccupational Therapist1396737979
Terry G Calkins MTOccupational Therapist1962494666
Heritage Manor Bloomington, Llc ILOccupational Therapist1457343170
Karen Kay Kendrick KSOccupational Therapist1972595627
Jean M Gebhardt GAOccupational Therapist1265424857
Therapy Solutions Of Georgia, Inc. Occupational Therapist1295727857
Cynthia D Thomas PAOccupational Therapist1972595411
Nancy Ann Marin FLOccupational Therapist1427040872
Occuplay Inc FLOccupational Therapist1336131788
Kathleen A Boyle SDOccupational Therapist1518959899
Kay Lynn Kramer Occupational Therapist1497747802
Traci L Wright MSOccupational Therapist1821080185
Ptot Professionals Inc SDOccupational Therapist1235121500
Wendy Allen MSOccupational Therapist1043202310
Anna Marie Faircloth GAOccupational Therapist1306838677
Jennifer L. Gunderman LAOccupational Therapist1992797286
Debbie A Callif WIOccupational Therapist1174516488
Sherese D Hildenbrand WIOccupational Therapist1154314466
Bernadette C Wheeler KSOccupational Therapist1992798268
Laine Z Bowman KSOccupational Therapist1184617433
River City Rehabilitation Llc MSOccupational Therapist1083607220
Eyecare Center Optometrist Psc Occupational Therapist1851384960
Garrett Rehab Services, Llc MDOccupational Therapist1518950641
Christine Belusko GAOccupational Therapist1588657530
Angela R Armes Thomas KYOccupational Therapist1700879814
Katrina Davis Chambless GAOccupational Therapist1700879889
Susquehanna Valley Medical Specialties, Pc Occupational Therapist1386637296
Brenda Flory Smiley VAOccupational Therapist1013900968
Ellen Crews Hudgins VAOccupational Therapist1851384705
Deborah Johnson Balch LAOccupational Therapist1174516058
Terry Robertson Greene VAOccupational Therapist1952394736
Liane M Krcil NMOccupational Therapist1588657399
Sharon Lynn Mason COOccupational Therapist1053304873
Southside Therapy Associates, Inc. Occupational Therapist1306839089
Michael Dominic Fabrizio OHOccupational Therapist1851384424
Francis John Lommerse OHOccupational Therapist1558354118
Susan R Leftwich ILOccupational Therapist1750374195
Lynn Grossman PAOccupational Therapist1770576324
Jennifer A Barillo PAOccupational Therapist1316930829
Occupational And Physical Therapy Associates Llc Occupational Therapist1619960267
Karen Ann V Cameron PAOccupational Therapist1154314680
Dana Sophia D'eagle WAOccupational Therapist1881687838
Loren Lepage MEOccupational Therapist1588049530
Select Medical Of Maryland Inc MDOccupational Therapist1275535940
Occupational & Hand Therapy, Ltd. ILOccupational Therapist1902899347
Katherine Gilbrech NYOccupational Therapist1265806863
Ot Stat Llc TXOccupational Therapist1962867853
Aaron Humphrey PAOccupational Therapist1861857757
Heather Wilson CTOccupational Therapist1124483011
Nicole Alexis Lewis CAOccupational Therapist1851756746
Natella Israilova Occupational Therapist1518331933
Gino Giovanni Santiny LAOccupational Therapist1043202153
Luan C Hobson NCOccupational Therapist1427059807
Maria Teresa Estacio-schmitt CAOccupational Therapist1326594151
Tia Michelle Roush Caldwell Occupational Therapist1144685033
Sandra E Teter WAOccupational Therapist1013909720
Ariana A Wilson Occupational Therapist1396246047
Stephanie Lynn Carnaghi MIOccupational Therapist1912400615
Ruth Gonzalez TXOccupational Therapist1720520711
Carly Shilling MDOccupational Therapist1356863260
Monyca R Harris-champion TNOccupational Therapist1073514501
Donna M Tiley UTOccupational Therapist1194726786
Livewell Alliance, Inc. CTOccupational Therapist1396271532
Krista Lee Schofield CAOccupational Therapist1861900466
Mackenzie Sergeant Occupational Therapist1750880365
Camila Margarita Hallowell NEOccupational Therapist1184128860
Terra Marie Soto OHOccupational Therapist1376049924
Michelle Oh Occupational Therapist1851883219
Apple Physical Therapy, Llc Occupational Therapist1902808470
Lindsey Fleming MIOccupational Therapist1679057921
Tanya M O'brien RIOccupational Therapist1912482795
Evergreen Health & Rehab,inc Occupational Therapist1245701598
Aegis Group Practice Llc Occupational Therapist1306310396
Remed Recovery Care Centers PAOccupational Therapist1013900232
Kismet Bzn, Llc MTOccupational Therapist1760483176
Laura Servid WAOccupational Therapist1982697488
Paulette Yager ILOccupational Therapist1255324778
Linda M. Brunner ILOccupational Therapist1467445981
Deborah J Bearden ILOccupational Therapist1740273275
Kathleen Hunter ILOccupational Therapist1538152079
Karen F Cowan ILOccupational Therapist1952394496
Susan L Botica ILOccupational Therapist1013900455
Heather M Van Kleeck ILOccupational Therapist1477546810
Joanne Mack CTOccupational Therapist1073506481
Quality Care Therapy, Inc. Occupational Therapist1104810597
Hands In Motion Ot Llc MTOccupational Therapist1396739793
Pamela Marie Moore GAOccupational Therapist1477547701
Dwain Ray Klostermann TXOccupational Therapist1699769604
Brynn E Barga OHOccupational Therapist1114911153
Maureen L Kane-wineland OHOccupational Therapist1285628222
Shelly King Foster LAOccupational Therapist1992799944
Stephanie J Mcbride OHOccupational Therapist1710971767
Lynelle A Adkins OHOccupational Therapist1619961661
Donna Jo Walls TXOccupational Therapist1902890916
Lynn Marie King TXOccupational Therapist1578557591
James Michael Dibauda GAOccupational Therapist1356335293
Theresa Ann Huber TXOccupational Therapist1184618159
Dana Meyer Hopf INOccupational Therapist1144214024
Wesley Health Care Center, Inc. NYOccupational Therapist1013901982
Howard Park Early Intervention Center MOOccupational Therapist1396739124
Sherrill A Hensley OHOccupational Therapist1407840192
Jennifer Albin Occupational Therapist1437143138
Physical Therapy Options, Inc. OHOccupational Therapist1477547057
Advance Rehabilitation And Consulting Occupational Therapist1174518682
Christopher Smith AZOccupational Therapist1245225739
Shelley Lynn Hanczar PAOccupational Therapist1801881321
Althea Montgomery ILOccupational Therapist1457346769
Kimberly A Childers Deaton KYOccupational Therapist1720073836
Robert Brian Neville KYOccupational Therapist1356336465
Tropical Palms Hand Therapy Inc Occupational Therapist1972598068
Stacey L Humes PAOccupational Therapist1982699989
Cindy Lynn Sprenger FLOccupational Therapist1093700163
Orthocarolina, Pa Occupational Therapist1427043355
Andrew Francis Miller PAOccupational Therapist1760477459
Charles Holloway Boardman FLOccupational Therapist1164417895
Chana G. Hurvitz MDOccupational Therapist1003801614
Carey Bubolz Grieves WIOccupational Therapist1013903616
John Farabaugh PAOccupational Therapist1174519656
Jennifer R Capobianco PAOccupational Therapist1154317634
Prairie Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Occupational Therapist1902892409
Lee S Glasoe Occupational Therapist1861488371
Dianne R Davis SDOccupational Therapist1841286218
Aimee E Veener MNOccupational Therapist1508852997
Janelle A Saufley MNOccupational Therapist1588650972
Yehudith Giras FLOccupational Therapist1912993254
Gidget L Mcareavey SDOccupational Therapist1508852823
Barbara J Ponterio PAOccupational Therapist1649266743
Tiffany Dawn Cloud WAOccupational Therapist1073509196
Rebecca R Hein MNOccupational Therapist1720074867
Dana Eileen Fare WAOccupational Therapist1427044551
Barbara Ann Achterhof MIOccupational Therapist1801882964
Beth M Micke SDOccupational Therapist1023004199
Vicky Lee Starnes WAOccupational Therapist1841286846
Sarah-ann Beal OHOccupational Therapist1619963618
Jarrod C Handy MNOccupational Therapist1932195807
Get Well Therapy, Llc Occupational Therapist1992791891
Misty Leigh Pruner WAOccupational Therapist1356337299
Carol J Hughes King WAOccupational Therapist1801882725
Nancy Anne Glidden-white WAOccupational Therapist1346236262
Donna Lee Burns WAOccupational Therapist1073509014
Julie A Harmon IAOccupational Therapist1235125279
Alisa C Mcclenning IAOccupational Therapist1447246400
Lisa Gail Richards WAOccupational Therapist1053307850
James Paul Ronyak OHOccupational Therapist1033105804
Kassondra L Macy FLOccupational Therapist1467448258
Paolo Benito Barrera Andres CAOccupational Therapist1578559258
Stephanie Dawn Strouse PAOccupational Therapist1164419735
Laura Stevenson CAOccupational Therapist1629065214
Jodi Anne Tanzillo NMOccupational Therapist1295722676
Katherine Kerrie Hippler IAOccupational Therapist1396732723
Donine M. Shaffer Occupational Therapist1891782108
Donine M Shaffer PAOccupational Therapist1528055837
Keefe Hand Therapy, Inc. FLOccupational Therapist1699762930
Elizabeth Blake Curtis FLOccupational Therapist1114914454
Westarm Therapy Services Occupational Therapist1366439622
Cheryl Stevenson PAOccupational Therapist1235126418
Jennifer Lynn Castelli FLOccupational Therapist1932196110
Susan Anne Freed FLOccupational Therapist1457348633
Lorette Bernadette Bonhomme FLOccupational Therapist1346237526
Hope Eileen Sheehan PAOccupational Therapist1427045640
Therapeutic Services, Inc. Occupational Therapist1184611253
Brefeld Physical Therapy Services Pc ILOccupational Therapist1053308015
Elizabeth A. O'brien MSOccupational Therapist1396732392
Frank Digiovannantonio MDOccupational Therapist1194712190
Beatrice Vines NCOccupational Therapist1962499970
Jenny S Schmitz MSOccupational Therapist1831186899
Alice M Enault FLOccupational Therapist1275520249
Upper Extremity Specialists, Inc TXOccupational Therapist1598752511
Karen Fazio PAOccupational Therapist1134116155
Lori P. Smith MSOccupational Therapist1770570707
Richard Wilson MDOccupational Therapist1992792949
Deb Jones Therapies, Inc. NMOccupational Therapist1083601967
Angelle Fruge Driggs LAOccupational Therapist1871580787
Denise Degraff AROccupational Therapist1558358416
Judith A Blum WIOccupational Therapist1851388631
Tabitha G. Bohnsack NCOccupational Therapist1851389571
Tatjana Tina Savich MIOccupational Therapist1598752321
Lorette Dickson KSOccupational Therapist1063400828
Cindy Hadl KSOccupational Therapist1952399727
Barbara Garland-schwering KSOccupational Therapist1750379525
Helping Hands Therapy, Inc. Occupational Therapist1417945296
Christina L. Swilley LAOccupational Therapist1437147204
Elim Homes, Inc. MNOccupational Therapist1205824968
Raymond A Alessandrini NYOccupational Therapist1982692646
Lehigh Valley Physical Therapy Center, Inc Occupational Therapist1114915725
Laura L Brown GAOccupational Therapist1336137041
Connie Sue Boggess WVOccupational Therapist1841288438
Kerri L. Winston Ms M Ot Otr L Pa FLOccupational Therapist1730177338
Raylene Copp MEOccupational Therapist1750768909
Katie Flanigan KYOccupational Therapist1003297961
Jeanette M Brennan MDOccupational Therapist1548641483
Jessica M. Melchior OHOccupational Therapist1649266420
Meredith Schraner NYOccupational Therapist1013384189
Anna Grasso MDOccupational Therapist1356710545
Amanda Barstow NEOccupational Therapist1790154805
Mary & Alexander Laughlin Children's Center Occupational Therapist1447245915
Total Rehabilitation Inc NCOccupational Therapist1760477715
Beth Ann Blechle MOOccupational Therapist1629436456
Jason Alexander Willoughby KYOccupational Therapist1497740583
Jan M. Soares COOccupational Therapist1063409399


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Q: What is a NPI number?
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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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