Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapist (225X00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapist (225X00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An occupational therapist is a person who has graduated from an entry-level occupational therapy program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) or predecessor organizations, or approved by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT), or an equivalent international occupational therapy education program; has successfully completed a period of supervised fieldwork experience required by the occupational therapy program; has passed a nationally recognized entry-level examination for occupational therapists, and fulfills state requirements for licensure, certification, or registration. An occupational therapist provides interventions based on evaluation and which emphasize the therapeutic use of everyday life activities (i.e., occupations) with individuals or groups for the purpose of facilitating participation in roles and situations and in home, school, workplace, community and other settings. Occupational therapy services are provided for the purpose of promoting health and wellness and are provided to those who have or are at risk for developing an illness, injury, disease, disorder, condition, impairment, disability, activity limitation, or participation restriction. Occupational therapists address the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, sensory, and other aspects of occupational performance in a variety of contexts to support engagement in everyday life activities that affect health, well-being, and quality of life.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kaylei Marie Murray NYOccupational Therapist1649823659
Kayli Norton TXOccupational Therapist1770936056
Kaytlin Mack NYOccupational Therapist1427541218
Kelly Elizabeth Calton OROccupational Therapist1336654482
Kelly Hall OROccupational Therapist1194955179
Kelly Lynn Kryczkowski NYOccupational Therapist1942405881
Kelly S Roberts NYOccupational Therapist1477706109
Kendall Earley NCOccupational Therapist1801482237
Kendall Meredith NYOccupational Therapist1689950313
Kevin Sheehan NYOccupational Therapist1164077285
Kira Ruth Condey CAOccupational Therapist1922483080
Kristen Jean Pahl NYOccupational Therapist1699929398
Kyla Ruth Bartnicki NYOccupational Therapist1396330239
Kyla Slabbert NYOccupational Therapist1962999136
Kyla Elizabeth Wooldridge NYOccupational Therapist1679034045
Kylie Cavallaro NYOccupational Therapist1790270650
Latricia Jackson TXOccupational Therapist1780056234
Laura Franke NYOccupational Therapist1093131823
Laura Ann Miller NYOccupational Therapist1477643203
Lauren Ashley Meyer NYOccupational Therapist1588297550
Laurena Rudd NYOccupational Therapist1265832257
Leigh Reitz NYOccupational Therapist1801851191
Linda Andersen NYOccupational Therapist1487610770
Linda Ann Farrell NYOccupational Therapist1811089634
Linda Mccumber NYOccupational Therapist1750840187
Lindsay Flores NYOccupational Therapist1053569608
Lindsey Maresca NYOccupational Therapist1174977656
Lindsey Nicole Tuttle GAOccupational Therapist1609207471
Linnea Mesick Occupational Therapist1013220177
Lisa Marie Butler NYOccupational Therapist1568758977
Lisa M Drake NYOccupational Therapist1841614914
Lisa Marie Slade NYOccupational Therapist1144743436
Logan Erinne Coffey NYOccupational Therapist1154894517
Lori Lynn Burke NYOccupational Therapist1629215397
Lori Mckim Leblanc NYOccupational Therapist1659414373
Lori Ann Reichel NYOccupational Therapist1619535085
Lorrie Leach NYOccupational Therapist1144732546
Louis P Fasolino NYOccupational Therapist1245701143
Louise Marie Sullivan NYOccupational Therapist1265770689
Lynn Caffrey Stall NYOccupational Therapist1023427549
Maranda Watkins Wright GAOccupational Therapist1922152552
Marcia Kaufman NYOccupational Therapist1770526717
Margaret Elaine Delguidice NYOccupational Therapist1144627985
Margaret Ann Fletcher NYOccupational Therapist1972122935
Margaret Potrikus Occupational Therapist1245820729
Margaret B Suh NYOccupational Therapist1346702388
Marilee Mcneill NYOccupational Therapist1376508325
Marissa Fortman NYOccupational Therapist1598352163
Mark Joseph St.croix NYOccupational Therapist1629593785
Marley Bulger NYOccupational Therapist1285035121
Mary C Caprotti MAOccupational Therapist1699131409
Mary Lynn Murphy NYOccupational Therapist1487809034
Mary Piel NYOccupational Therapist1215593702
Mary Patricia Prostick NYOccupational Therapist1477611754
Marybeth Hoefs NYOccupational Therapist1659936623
Maryclaire Strait NYOccupational Therapist1851334866
Mason Mcdermott NYOccupational Therapist1124630413
Mckenna Fleming Occupational Therapist1063912236
Meaghen Hennessey Duker NYOccupational Therapist1821561937
Megan Callahan NYOccupational Therapist1295134575
Megan Fuess NYOccupational Therapist1326443755
Megan Meengs OROccupational Therapist1093182024
Megan Squires NYOccupational Therapist1689064933
Megan Vallee Occupational Therapist1306431242
Meghan O'leary NYOccupational Therapist1083173918
Melissa Leigh O'keefe Occupational Therapist1144860115
Micah Ross Cutler NYOccupational Therapist1003400540
Michelle Hunter NYOccupational Therapist1932764933
Michelle Morello Occupational Therapist1932788635
Monica L Brechtel LAOccupational Therapist1275078750
Morgan Miller NYOccupational Therapist1780352427
Morgan Vandervort NYOccupational Therapist1831661933
Nadine Lafreniere NYOccupational Therapist1699356048
Nancy Clemente NYOccupational Therapist1417376757
Nancy G Simon NYOccupational Therapist1124124672
Nancy Taormina NYOccupational Therapist1235216631
Nansi Anna Piazza Gegg NYOccupational Therapist1043379589
Nicole Gregg NYOccupational Therapist1598165425
Nicole Marie Herrick NYOccupational Therapist1871153478
Nicole Marie Senter NYOccupational Therapist1649578964
Paige M Rhodes NYOccupational Therapist1073146247
Patricia Coyle NYOccupational Therapist1396757043
Patricia Justus GAOccupational Therapist1144350232
Patricia Ann Pierce NYOccupational Therapist1942395942
Paula Lynn Lawrence NYOccupational Therapist1437717659
Peter Patrick Martin Occupational Therapist1144474693
Peter A Scotto NYOccupational Therapist1457590168
Philip Miranda NYOccupational Therapist1811082837
Rachael Joanna Wurst NYOccupational Therapist1720694649
Rachel Cullen NYOccupational Therapist1386204139
Rachel Gibson NYOccupational Therapist1164971172
Ranyouri Quanda Hines GAOccupational Therapist1104155092
Rebecca Campis NYOccupational Therapist1144271271
Rebecca R Carson NYOccupational Therapist1437613577
Rebecca Dimock NYOccupational Therapist1538124060
Rebecca Anne Kipp NYOccupational Therapist1326500307
Rebecca Ryan NYOccupational Therapist1831342930
Regine Aristide NYOccupational Therapist1659602365
Rosemarie Dyer NYOccupational Therapist1164460028
Ruth Anne Konoff CAOccupational Therapist1164776753
Ryan Bennett NYOccupational Therapist1629109145
Ryan Mae Peterson NYOccupational Therapist1275878340
Sabine S Patton GAOccupational Therapist1275679466
Samantha Rose Ayala NYOccupational Therapist1386105526
Samantha Zurlo NYOccupational Therapist1780293894
Sandra Clough NYOccupational Therapist1104324417
Sandra Sasenbury NYOccupational Therapist1487209698
Sara Laurenza NYOccupational Therapist1093384901
Sarah Fine NYOccupational Therapist1053970913
Sarah Elizabeth Henderson NYOccupational Therapist1801350384
Sarah Narkiewicz NYOccupational Therapist1154881670
Shannon Leigh Hinkle NYOccupational Therapist1841572930
Shawna Burke NYOccupational Therapist1730548132
Stacey Peruzzi NYOccupational Therapist1043876709
Stacey Renee Sanders GAOccupational Therapist1003977497
Stephanie Hornston NYOccupational Therapist1285194035
Stephanie Anne Long NYOccupational Therapist1346808581
Stephanie Amber Reneau KYOccupational Therapist1518596055
Stephen Paul Martin NYOccupational Therapist1326608902
Susan Calyer NYOccupational Therapist1649255779
Susanne Corrales NYOccupational Therapist1477079200
Sylvia Bellack NYOccupational Therapist1780925594
Tamara Mae Ruedebusch MNOccupational Therapist1497319107
Tami Marie Walters OROccupational Therapist1619928645
Taryn Gaynor Calo NYOccupational Therapist1073146809
Taylor Medici NYOccupational Therapist1275109092
Terri Guenther NYOccupational Therapist1689735342
Tulin Roselynn Ture NYOccupational Therapist1861827511
Wayne Cameron Richards NYOccupational Therapist1659463198
Xavier Foster NYOccupational Therapist1801169677
Yao Leung NYOccupational Therapist1184257776
Karen Korzelius Occupational Therapist1477522811
Brighter Day Theraplay House NCOccupational Therapist1992117931
Outer Planetary Touch Occupational Therapist1063853158
Monarch Occupational Therapist1801116405
Monarch Occupational Therapist1871016816
Abby Lawrence Occupational Therapist1851054308
Alison L. Johnson NCOccupational Therapist1679233738
Alix Stewart NCOccupational Therapist1619448057
Annah Furr NCOccupational Therapist1376888651
Carla Shepherd NCOccupational Therapist1710470406
Charles Mullen NCOccupational Therapist1962828970
Charley Jo Cross NCOccupational Therapist1902380223
Christine Breckenridge NCOccupational Therapist1497943633
Cynthia Butler NCOccupational Therapist1629535596
Jahzara Isra Ali-dey NCOccupational Therapist1033155122
Karen Korzelius NCOccupational Therapist1336573856
Leora Komeh Zilka NCOccupational Therapist1144492364
Meghan Hanley NYOccupational Therapist1306447412
Tanisha Drake NCOccupational Therapist1528649613
Allyssa Tomlinson MNOccupational Therapist1275013039
Anna Marie Sorensen MNOccupational Therapist1700398203
Debra Strosahl MNOccupational Therapist1336628510
Erin Audrey Hislop Occupational Therapist1134793235
Lisa Jo Wenzel MNOccupational Therapist1184136509
Mary Sena Pederson PAOccupational Therapist1295981207
Patricia Fay Peterson MNOccupational Therapist1407368582
Rachel Ann Schei MNOccupational Therapist1205348778
Infinite Speech Physical Occupational Therapy Services Pllc Occupational Therapist1386188035
Ahmee Huang NYOccupational Therapist1265577407
Alexandra Jordan NYOccupational Therapist1386107951
Angela Passariello-foray NYOccupational Therapist1255616355
Caprianna M Pappalardo NYOccupational Therapist1275158917
Catherine Mcgrath NYOccupational Therapist1740557479
Danielle Dobranski NYOccupational Therapist1790922060
Deepa D Solomon NYOccupational Therapist1467737551
Jane E Gilbert NYOccupational Therapist1316086754
Janet Gambitsky NYOccupational Therapist1588931224
Jennifer Kennedy NYOccupational Therapist1235352931
Kerrie Ann Hall NYOccupational Therapist1205358496
Lauren Jaklitsch Occupational Therapist1235545492
Margaret Gioia NYOccupational Therapist1447531223
Marlana Lipnick NYOccupational Therapist1235414335
Nancy Valentine NYOccupational Therapist1013153428
Nichole Murawski FLOccupational Therapist1366589384
Payal Domadia NYOccupational Therapist1073901716
Reena Abbi NYOccupational Therapist1275864126
Renee Lockhart NYOccupational Therapist1518185362
Robyn Ann Adelman NYOccupational Therapist1750683025
Rory Lyons-nartowicz NYOccupational Therapist1972061950
Sonam Shah NYOccupational Therapist1184229601
Sonia John NYOccupational Therapist1053574848
Stephanie Lapice NYOccupational Therapist1083126981
Stephanie Welson NYOccupational Therapist1982027017
Susan Elizabeth Capuder NYOccupational Therapist1750427779
Valerie Pirozzi NYOccupational Therapist1619259785
The Occupational Therapy Center, Llc Occupational Therapist1679819957
Amy K Erickson Occupational Therapist1225602428
Anna Marie Braun MNOccupational Therapist1881711893
Brooke Brown Szydlowski ALOccupational Therapist1821698168
Elizabeth Butler Matthews ALOccupational Therapist1942450739
Ellen Carol Swedzinski Occupational Therapist1265026595
Emily Ann Meehan Occupational Therapist1396385670
Hero Yason ALOccupational Therapist1033582317
Ilona Annaliese Taylor ALOccupational Therapist1194397638
Jami Eilers Occupational Therapist1073129482
Jordan Mauch Occupational Therapist1740852896
Kallie Kathryn Neumer Occupational Therapist1992391098
Kennedy Spurlin ALOccupational Therapist1639733629
Sara Wigdahl Occupational Therapist1437781937


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