Providers with Taxonomy: Audiologist (231H00000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Audiologist (231H00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Courtney M Little VAAudiologist1629331889
Crystal Lilly VAAudiologist1083098602
David Anthony Jara VAAudiologist1740845577
Desiree Wood TXAudiologist1104477694
Elizabeth Ann Johnson TXAudiologist1821155201
Emily Anne Bodish TXAudiologist1225608839
Gemma Messina MDAudiologist1861065757
Hannah Willison MDAudiologist1235515222
Holly Blocker Arentz TXAudiologist1356513154
James Stephen Stone MAAudiologist1639114812
Julie Goldberg MAAudiologist1801079322
Justin Langran TXAudiologist1982863411
Kerri Michelle Dakin TXAudiologist1396823456
Kimberly M Scherer AKAudiologist1821385295
Lisa Brinson Fell TXAudiologist1174795918
Marcos R. Gracia TXAudiologist1386924603
Maria Electra Sakellandes VAAudiologist1194889733
Mary Allan Maddie TXAudiologist1225653835
Marylyn D Koble TXAudiologist1396802799
Melissa Young Danchak TXAudiologist1174637664
Melissa Renfrow Taylor TNAudiologist1639320823
Michelle Denice Froese TXAudiologist1477711778
Michelle Kim VAAudiologist1629264833
Nan Lukmire PAAudiologist1659461853
Rebecca Willey Mcdonald TXAudiologist1780793620
Sandra L Romano VAAudiologist1164640835
Stefan Marchant TXAudiologist1588177307
Susan B Fusco TXAudiologist1568127801
Suzanne Gunderson Crisafulli TXAudiologist1477742054
Northwest Speech And Hearing Center Ltd. Audiologist1215060314
Optimum Healthcare Solutions, Llc Audiologist1992754816
Hearing Screening Associates Llc TXAudiologist1629467980
Hearing Screening Associates Llc Audiologist1114507969
Hearing Screening Associates Llc Audiologist1740860592
Hearing Screening Associates Llc Audiologist1841870698
Andrea Wesner Pearce LAAudiologist1790132595
Catherine Ann Hill ILAudiologist1649304791
Denise Keenan ILAudiologist1548680648
Jean Chrystal Benson ILAudiologist1952435091
Justin L Hobler ILAudiologist1982957981
Kimberley A Franczyk ILAudiologist1467501072
Lauren E Moss Audiologist1255776209
Marianne Baltowski ILAudiologist1679785760
Mary Catherine Chisholm ILAudiologist1205969318
Melissa N Tednes ILAudiologist1740794619
Michelle R. Petrak ILAudiologist1457485591
Ryland Gallagher ILAudiologist1114481157
Sandra Siegel ILAudiologist1205960333
Sheri Yamashita Van Gelderen ILAudiologist1871681791
Tina Marie Phillips ILAudiologist1780718817
Heritage Hearing, Pc Audiologist1497129670
Jennifer Ann Diebold MOAudiologist1861427510
Rachel Spears MOAudiologist1093294340
Lilliam I Gomez PRAudiologist1780744938
Regan Clinics,inc CAAudiologist1578779161
Soo Ji Jang CAAudiologist1396239745
Hearing Rehabilitation Center Inc COAudiologist1124460001
Northland Hearing Centers, Inc Audiologist1912170192
Doctor Denisons Hearing Institute Llc Audiologist1730795717
Lifestyle Hearing Corporation Usa Inc Audiologist1871250159
Adele Seitz Audiologist1396985248
Amanda Stone Audiologist1992250385
Amelia Kirbo COAudiologist1215313820
Candy Kathleen O'connell COAudiologist1134390719
Gina Marie Snyder COAudiologist1265649248
Holly Wiles COAudiologist1104167733
Hope Alyssa Roberts COAudiologist1427618479
Jamie G Loschen COAudiologist1568844033
Jasmine Bernhardt Audiologist1578119624
Jayme L Rinn COAudiologist1720206048
Jennifer Marie Winters COAudiologist1699150565
Jon Michael Wilson COAudiologist1417111329
Julie Marie Peterson AZAudiologist1467644112
Julie Lynn Raney COAudiologist1003180209
Justin Carmelo Piraino COAudiologist1437379211
Kiera L Moore COAudiologist1982015491
Kimberly Suzanne Albert COAudiologist1780834440
Lara Pol Audiologist1386859957
Laura Marie Schauer COAudiologist1235749144
Margaret Denison KYAudiologist1932513710
Sarah Katherine Houston-wiberg COAudiologist1326181405
Theresa Scarlotta Rader COAudiologist1447408661
Tiana Lujan COAudiologist1952883704
Tonya Mcintosh COAudiologist1902261696
Ellen Kelly NJAudiologist1548310055
Proaud Consulting Inc. Audiologist1609359884
Melanie Holzberg NJAudiologist1730242470
Bradley Bibb, Md Pllc Audiologist1356013684
A&a Hearing Group, Llc VAAudiologist1841619129
Katie Alexandra Palmer VAAudiologist1386269892
Kristen Ruby Hood VAAudiologist1679003701
Olivia Henson VAAudiologist1598912891
Rachel M Watson Audiologist1275065666
Robin Pinto PAAudiologist1821140294
Anne Pauline Manney MAAudiologist1740301324
Connect Hearing, Inc. Audiologist1497129068
Chelsea Ellis Lamont NCAudiologist1790063097
Stasis Llc Audiologist1316909716
Hearing Center Of Asheville, Inc. NCAudiologist1760418412
Asheville Audiology Services, Pllc NCAudiologist1184808735
Hamilton Sound, Llc NCAudiologist1407092786
New Asheville Audiology Services, Pllc NCAudiologist1275083628
Mission Community Anesthesiology Specialists Llc Audiologist1750851150
Carolina Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc. Audiologist1053409367
Wnc Audiology, Pllc NCAudiologist1588081046
Amber Pearson CAAudiologist1457665044
Amy Shuey NCAudiologist1891007720
Billie D Robertson NCAudiologist1497929848
Carlie Runge NCAudiologist1669145975
Caroline L Wentz NCAudiologist1821616640
Casey Elaine Pencek NCAudiologist1356722490
Cassie E Costilow NCAudiologist1124430780
Christopher Braden Hamilton NCAudiologist1154411973
Courtney Dewald NCAudiologist1134780679
Cynthia Bowman Earle NCAudiologist1639176811
David Alan Berkey NCAudiologist1730159518
Dennell Elizabeth Benson MNAudiologist1093204836
Diana E. Wilson NCAudiologist1568845980
Heather A Toth NCAudiologist1649603606
Heidi J Brown NCAudiologist1376719088
Holly Sandvik Godfrey NCAudiologist1144273368
Ilene G Ashbaugh NCAudiologist1649223314
Jeanie L Paschall NCAudiologist1366498909
Jenifer Elizabeth Beck NCAudiologist1699754234
Jennifer R Pearson NCAudiologist1619929718
Joan Chesick NCAudiologist1295900694
Joan M Hazlett NCAudiologist1598816613
Jordan Wines NCAudiologist1538737101
Katharine E Milnes NCAudiologist1114961901
Katherine A Myers Audiologist1437813128
Kathryn Ann Glynn NCAudiologist1073626685
Kristi Ellen Harbage NCAudiologist1811943350
Laura L. Stephens NCAudiologist1164861365
Lilian Elizabeth Fountain NCAudiologist1700424538
Lisa Angelina NCAudiologist1801062591
Margaret Lynn Heil NCAudiologist1144559204
Megan Kelly Lamprey NCAudiologist1053832816
Megan Meyer NCAudiologist1306214028
Megan L. Watson NCAudiologist1417235755
Meghann L Davies NCAudiologist1386992287
Olivia Chuzie Audiologist1447833678
Rebekah F Matta NCAudiologist1316476989
Sara Schaetzka NCAudiologist1962886416
Susan M Oehler NCAudiologist1235255423
Susan Henken Swanson NCAudiologist1134172984
Tonya Bartley NCAudiologist1154363059
Xavier Potter NCAudiologist1629448998
Barika Llc Audiologist1184939464
A&a Hearing Group, Llc Audiologist1114457108
Ashland Hospital Corporation Audiologist1851346720
Audiology And Hearing Aid Services Inc ORAudiologist1669693966
Imaginears ORAudiologist1437361342
Amy Jacobson Llc Audiologist1174107288
Alyssa Rech OHAudiologist1760973002
Amy Jacobson WIAudiologist1134532245
Ashley R Blake OHAudiologist1124464409
Barbara C Street ORAudiologist1619970282
Charlotte Sergent KYAudiologist1578687802
Cheryl A Edwards MAAudiologist1760453161
Elizabeth Ellen Snyder KYAudiologist1417094574
James Alexander Martin KYAudiologist1710909049
Kathryn Sheehan MAAudiologist1356836837
Melody Danielle Prouse KYAudiologist1497922207
Michelle Meredith OHAudiologist1013189380
William J Holzhaeuser WIAudiologist1003807322
Better Hearing Centers, Inc. OHAudiologist1720030869
Cindy J Lanning OHAudiologist1346375532
Shannon Syarto OHAudiologist1215355516
Queens Audiology, Pllc NYAudiologist1023322120
Bse Hearing, Inc. NYAudiologist1912337403
Dina John Panopoulos NYAudiologist1285098632
Jona Haberman NYAudiologist1639650286
Julia Zelda Kuksin Audiologist1487092011
Meghan A Joyce NYAudiologist1144706342
Patricia Herz NYAudiologist1760068845
Piera P D'armetta NYAudiologist1518571058
Randi Botier NYAudiologist1447467345
Sara Beth Stepper NYAudiologist1548756539
Hearing Associates Inc Audiologist1457336745
Georgia Hearing Center Audiologist1275675050
De Mcvey Enterprises Inc OHAudiologist1326184938
Northland Hearing Centers, Inc. Audiologist1467585315
Ohio University Audiologist1578686333
Jack Jones Hearing Centers, Inc Audiologist1588834790
Board Of Regents Of The University System Of Georgia GAAudiologist1538311006
Sheridan Children's Healthcare Services Of Georgia, Llc Audiologist1790018273
Athens Hearing Center Llc TXAudiologist1730533324
Uga Speech And Hearing GAAudiologist1992881841
Jack Jones Hearing Centers, Inc Audiologist1871796425
Board Of Regents Of The University System Of Georgia Audiologist1376640557
Optimal Hearing Systems, Llc SCAudiologist1417276023
Albert R De Chicchis GAAudiologist1710295936
Ali Rae Colopy OHAudiologist1669920401
Alice Mary Sanderson GAAudiologist1740292101
Allison Lenear GAAudiologist1326561846
Angie Evans Starline WVAudiologist1275798647
Bethany Priscilla Gonczy OHAudiologist1003129511
Brandie A Nance OHAudiologist1548357296
Brianna Rose Brown Audiologist1649768243
D E Mcvey OHAudiologist1588847735


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