Providers with Taxonomy: Audiologist (231H00000X) in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Audiologist (231H00000X)
in the state of Maryland:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Betsy Jane Cohen 21078, MDAudiologist1225033533
Janice Trent 20720, MDAudiologist1043215064
Gretchen M Paige 21061, MDAudiologist1205834256
Jennifer Marie Hutchison 21061, MDAudiologist1164420113
Jodi Beth Reches 21215, MDAudiologist1558369405
Stephen B Pallett 21061, MDAudiologist1154329001
Margaret M Jylkka 20889, MDAudiologist1205837044
William Stephen Seipp 21093, MDAudiologist1679574214
Charlotte R Doy 21061, MDAudiologist1790786366
James M. Mcdonald 21093, MDAudiologist1447252382
Susan Rhodes Hellyer 20006, MDAudiologist1972595791
Roy Myron Bordenick 21236, MDAudiologist1962494500
Kathleen Ann Gallion 19973, MDAudiologist1043209737
Caroline H Aland 21146, MDAudiologist1922097617
Jennifer Miller Crouch 21601, MDAudiologist1245229947
James Albert Dittmer 21502, MDAudiologist1114917267
Mary Kathryn Morgan 21702, MDAudiologist1235110388
Edward Grafton Hill 20755, MDAudiologist1417938028
Gary L Mendelson 20854, MDAudiologist1831172428
Lynn E Cook 20889, MDAudiologist1023096310
Megan Margaret Eitel 20889, MDAudiologist1568985067
Tricia A Terlep 20852, MDAudiologist1164408829
David Barwell 20886, MDAudiologist1649246000
Lisa Margaret Nelson 20716, MDAudiologist1003877317
Margaret Trochlil Eackles 21742, MDAudiologist1467415000
Jennifer Lynn Campbell 21742, MDAudiologist1093778813
Jennifer Lynn Lantz 21804, MDAudiologist1124083050
Dana F Boatman 21287, MDAudiologist1811953508
Maria Teresa Lundquist 20852, MDAudiologist1235195819
Stephen Phillip Bowditch 21287, MDAudiologist1760449599
Charlotte L. Biskup-godfrey 21229, MDAudiologist1952354581
Briana Danille Bruno Holtan 21234, MDAudiologist1962455667
Nicole Henning 21061, MDAudiologist1578516027
Charles Noble Lednum 21613, MDAudiologist1043271562
Jaleh Sue Garman 21287, MDAudiologist1962456418
Paul Teie 21701, MDAudiologist1477508752
Deborah L Berndtson 20742, MDAudiologist1972550200
Dana Sokolowski 21921, MDAudiologist1578500435
Lori Jean Barr 21701, MDAudiologist1467491167
Yea Wen W Shiau 20852, MDAudiologist1841235629
Alicia White 21287, MDAudiologist1558397786
Sharmila Srireddy 21287, MDAudiologist1497782841
Glen Martin Baquet 21201, MDAudiologist1568490811
Roma L Allen 20902, MDAudiologist1013945062
David Wayne Chandler 22041, MDAudiologist1952332140
Jennifer L Little 22310, MDAudiologist1104868249
Annette B Forseter 20002, MDAudiologist1316414741
Roraine Bunag 20716, MDAudiologist1003373283
Sharon Sorensen 20886, MDAudiologist1780617654
Cathy S. Fleschner 21701, MDAudiologist1578596623
Suzanne Marie Noonan 20906, MDAudiologist1114951944
Jennifer Ellen Bentley 21093, MDAudiologist1598780504
Regina M Presley 21204, MDAudiologist1619902244
Emily Rose Visconti 21239, MDAudiologist1912932542
Lina Kubli 20817, MDAudiologist1467479980
Jeff A Zolt 20903, MDAudiologist1760400287
Kimberly A Bank 21204, MDAudiologist1750309340
Mary Theresa Cord 20889, MDAudiologist1821017039
Leslie Bellah Papel 21208, MDAudiologist1467471425
Sarah Jane Kirksey 20906, MDAudiologist1215957006
Kathy A Grace 20903, MDAudiologist1578584363
Richard H. Israel 20902, MDAudiologist1720009368
Ronald M. Kaplan 21045, MDAudiologist1407860851
Cheryl L Krissoff 21045, MDAudiologist1295749836
Catherine A Disanti 21045, MDAudiologist1487668984
Laguinn P. Sherlock 21122, MDAudiologist1245245844
Susan L. Gold 21201, MDAudiologist1811904204
Cara I. Adornetto 21201, MDAudiologist1457360380
Elise Diaz Smith 21201, MDAudiologist1578573317
Christine R Ortiz 20817, MDAudiologist1235140617
John Andrew Koslowski 21902, MDAudiologist1205940715
Lee-ellen T Ronis 21061, MDAudiologist1588779813
Sandra Lee See 21613, MDAudiologist1891800173
Alicia D.d. Spoor 20777, MDAudiologist1316956071
Brittany Bailey Tuscany 21401, MDAudiologist1063968246
Debby R Miller 21045, MDAudiologist1225042849
Gregory S. Wilson 21122, MDAudiologist1831207539
Therese C Walden 20852, MDAudiologist1285743237
Holly Burrows 20889, MDAudiologist1598875098
Tara Lichette Parson-grant 20422, MDAudiologist1558463182
Judy D'amico Schafer 20422, MDAudiologist1194827477
George Kalin 21740, MDAudiologist1821194887
Nancy Elizabeth Shaw-hart 21208, MDAudiologist1578662953
Miriam Singal 21209, MDAudiologist1548360597
Lucille B Beck 20422, MDAudiologist1235221789
Mary M. Adams 20815, MDAudiologist1316016843
Michele Bassett 20774, MDAudiologist1184794935
Janice K Nelson-drake 20895, MDAudiologist1679643423
Candice Amber Manning 21009, MDAudiologist1184091613
Robin Renay Robinson 21113, MDAudiologist1437247905
Lindsay S Creed 21117, MDAudiologist1104239029
Lisa Renee Behringer 21075, MDAudiologist1720187107
Joan Marks Tendrich 20815, MDAudiologist1376639849
Sharon Lynn Priebe 21065, MDAudiologist1992895734
Kenneth George Henry 21702, MDAudiologist1689754012
Susan Domzalski 21014, MDAudiologist1841361078
Deborah Allen 21014, MDAudiologist1861563090
Ronald Charles Pearlman 20707, MDAudiologist1336210871
Nehama Pluznik 20815, MDAudiologist1376615336
Cynthia Louise Zehner 20889, MDAudiologist1134295595
Patricia Randolph 20904, MDAudiologist1154489128
Karen B Longo 20774, MDAudiologist1356409023
Stephanie Rose Eney 21093, MDAudiologist1194884056
Roni Elizabeth Dinkes 21224, MDAudiologist1720148034
June Mary Williams 22204, MDAudiologist1285796342
Kathy Elaine Gates 20307, MDAudiologist1528116258
Lauren Stanley 20762, MDAudiologist1841340247
Robin Pinto 20889, MDAudiologist1821140294
Sandra Barnes Castle 21701, MDAudiologist1891849717
John R Allen 20762, MDAudiologist1922145176
Rauna Karoliina Surr 20817, MDAudiologist1003953811
Ryan Mcsweeney Carpenter 21287, MDAudiologist1659410736
Courtney Linn Carver 21287, MDAudiologist1295876985
Jennifer Dobson Yeagle 21205, MDAudiologist1871634576
Jill Chinnici Anamasi 21287, MDAudiologist1013052141
Sarah Lynn Witte 20037, MDAudiologist1093845646
Christine B Cloonan 21014, MDAudiologist1679605133
Leslie Ann Godsey 21014, MDAudiologist1114051265
Venita Dzime-assison 20906, MDAudiologist1982738407
Jana Lee Brown 21502, MDAudiologist1467579722
Raymond R. Rembe 21244, MDAudiologist1548388713
Aleesha Corrente 21236, MDAudiologist1326171000
Jennifer L Mertes 21043, MDAudiologist1053467787
Michelle Lynn Betner 21204, MDAudiologist1710010947
Bette Jo Stevens 21252, MDAudiologist1902925225
Lisa Payne 21252, MDAudiologist1740300169
Thomas Coccagna 21252, MDAudiologist1730200676
Dorothy Shiffler 21205, MDAudiologist1598886657
Joseph P Pillion 21205, MDAudiologist1457472532
Barbara J. Mclendon 21620, MDAudiologist1750402152
Amy E Gaskin 21205, MDAudiologist1801917976
Terese D Beauchamp 21236, MDAudiologist1013038157
Gwyneth Wagner Newcomb 20715, MDAudiologist1396968483
Donna Proctor Ettinger 22309, MDAudiologist1124241799
Paul L Efros 21237, MDAudiologist1598981805
Sherri Lynn Dibattista 21114, MDAudiologist1285851766
Kimberly Paige Johnson 20176, MDAudiologist1063630234
Steffi Beth .resnick 21202, MDAudiologist1073731121
Maria C. Capobianco 20815, MDAudiologist1215157268
Mary B Flinchum 22046, MDAudiologist1770791238
Robin J. Stinson 20895, MDAudiologist1932317492
Jeffrey William Davies 20832, MDAudiologist1376753509
Rachel Walters Stout 20716, MDAudiologist1285836270
Lauren K Dickstein 20016, MDAudiologist1417151119
Lisa Arnelle Peters 21204, MDAudiologist1285834473
Maryam Esmaeli-salari 20874, MDAudiologist1386834265
Amanda N Kozlowski 21061, MDAudiologist1447441605
Monica Ann Davis 21061, MDAudiologist1164613329
Matthew Hunter Perry 21015, MDAudiologist1598959652
Diane Day Shockey 21742, MDAudiologist1811182843
Jamie Leigh Neary 21045, MDAudiologist1174719660
Susan L Buckley 21093, MDAudiologist1396925699
Mei Ling Chen 21204, MDAudiologist1942481817
Jolene Angela Mancini 20785, MDAudiologist1669658191
Dawn D Marsiglia 21201, MDAudiologist1487830782
Margaret M. Mccabe 20742, MDAudiologist1316115173
Carolyn A Wyatt 20814, MDAudiologist1104095223
Julia Margaret Yates 21401, MDAudiologist1710157540
Suzanne E Sklaney 21201, MDAudiologist1477723922
Michele Spencer 21136, MDAudiologist1952572562
Dorothy A, Shannon 21042, MDAudiologist1255503801
Nora Zadbeh 21209, MDAudiologist1710150255
Latrice Herndon 21236, MDAudiologist1902079353
Derrick Jerod Johnson 20613, MDAudiologist1942473186
Shannon Goetz 21239, MDAudiologist1225202336
Krista J Follmer 21287, MDAudiologist1457525354
Chantelle Radmila Dishon 21061, MDAudiologist1225204076
Kristina C Deak 20850, MDAudiologist1336315951
Susan Elaine Coleman 20850, MDAudiologist1851568992
Chris Karl Zalewski 20010, MDAudiologist1942477708
Nicole Kreisman 21162, MDAudiologist1780851964
Cynthia Ann Fannon 21204, MDAudiologist1033378260
Robin L Peksa 21804, MDAudiologist1962661850
Katherine Bozman Engle 21804, MDAudiologist1770742678
Therian Neal Brown 20770, MDAudiologist1437319845
Elise Dawn Guttridge 21122, MDAudiologist1003077397
Katherine Shea Rinkes 21702, MDAudiologist1174785653
Melanie Marie Nichols 21122, MDAudiologist1376706598
Tracey Lynn Wallace 20613, MDAudiologist1144483033
Aimee B Kaplan 21093, MDAudiologist1275797664
Catherine Dykstra Alles 21157, MDAudiologist1588863682
Diane Becker 21229, MDAudiologist1568639821
Phoram Sanghavi 20906, MDAudiologist1285755512
Valerie Wagner Sutton 20850, MDAudiologist1750558896
Diane Klucinikas Boyd 20855, MDAudiologist1104093244
Saifallah Melliti 89509, MDAudiologist1780167700
Maeve Salanger 20707, MDAudiologist1831665942
Janet Lynn Mickey 21502, MDAudiologist1427529940
Rachel Centafont 27215, MDAudiologist1508322744
Jennifer Kincaid 21042, MDAudiologist1003935206
Candace Graham Robinson 21093, MDAudiologist1154442242
Denise Renee Demonte 21204, MDAudiologist1154503175
Theresa Orcutt Haney 21201, MDAudiologist1306001748
Lori Alessi 21702, MDAudiologist1699930909
Melissa Segev 21244, MDAudiologist1841456936
Judith Naomi Grobstein 20815, MDAudiologist1205083193
Stacy Diane Morrison 20815, MDAudiologist1154579449
Katherine Emily Scully 20904, MDAudiologist1629226154
Aurion Louise Dwyer 20735, MDAudiologist1336398403
Jane Cooke 20832, MDAudiologist1083864466


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