Providers with Taxonomy: Audiologist (231H00000X) in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Audiologist (231H00000X)
in the state of North Carolina:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cynthia Bowman Earle 28803, NCAudiologist1639176811
Susan L Phillips 27402, NCAudiologist1780682930
Cynthia Ann Schaffer 27609, NCAudiologist1063410199
Martha R. Mundy 27599, NCAudiologist1821099284
Mieko Tanaka 28303, NCAudiologist1124010053
Barbara J Lockwood 28613, NCAudiologist1588657597
Julie A. Lohrman 28601, NCAudiologist1548254576
Carolyn Bennett 19070, NCAudiologist1063406726
Deborah Biggert 28792, NCAudiologist1780679142
Sandra Tanner Hirshburg 28739, NCAudiologist1316934821
Ellen Alvarez Frederick 27518, NCAudiologist1376532044
Edith Ann Ferris 27607, NCAudiologist1619966132
Robin Terry Jones 27610, NCAudiologist1144203837
Joyce Rochelle Houston 27410, NCAudiologist1639153315
Jenifer Elizabeth Beck 28805, NCAudiologist1699754234
David Alan Berkey 28803, NCAudiologist1730159518
Andrea Hillock Dunn 27599, NCAudiologist1134192818
Jeff L. Young 28547, NCAudiologist1912971409
Christina Seaborg 28226, NCAudiologist1316911639
Valerie Jill Schutz 28547, NCAudiologist1154395572
Renee Hursey Talbert 28310, NCAudiologist1437123387
Charlotte Randolph Leonard 27612, NCAudiologist1275501025
Patrick Hoolihan 28213, NCAudiologist1801855333
Edwin L Harless 27103, NCAudiologist1427018449
Thomas S. Coffey 28655, NCAudiologist1174583322
Jenny Davies Head 27612, NCAudiologist1467420216
Elizabeth Ann Larosa 27609, NCAudiologist1760969406
Mary Elizabeth Bishop 27530, NCAudiologist1417926320
Thomas Stephen Joseph 28562, NCAudiologist1528028164
Dean Platis 28144, NCAudiologist1518927912
Tracey Cater 28144, NCAudiologist1285695247
Renee Michelle Mcclelland 27705, NCAudiologist1003877804
Nancy Garrett Jones 27705, NCAudiologist1174585673
Jenny Blanco-doe 28304, NCAudiologist1881656932
Alison C Delap 28304, NCAudiologist1114989266
Idalisse Martinez 28144, NCAudiologist1235191263
Maxine Robbins Parris 27705, NCAudiologist1831151778
Lamar L. Young 28150, NCAudiologist1265494967
Robert E. Jay 28144, NCAudiologist1447214671
Jennifer Raper 27705, NCAudiologist1952368466
Leslie Rae Moore 27502, NCAudiologist1114984622
Tamara Ann George 28301, NCAudiologist1790742294
Marcia E Fort 28305, NCAudiologist1124086335
Judith C Welch 28712, NCAudiologist1780632836
Jenny Campbell Edgemon 28301, NCAudiologist1982652699
Leslie Osborne Gant 28721, NCAudiologist1780634519
Amy Mcarthur 28547, NCAudiologist1053362335
Margaret Ann O'grady 28310, NCAudiologist1831140235
Stephanie J Sjoblad 27599, NCAudiologist1699727362
Lisa Cole Smith 27609, NCAudiologist1831141605
Ilene G Ashbaugh 28803, NCAudiologist1649223314
Holly Sandvik Godfrey 28805, NCAudiologist1144273368
Patricia Pierce Warf 27599, NCAudiologist1124071527
Jacqueline M Jaloszynski 28557, NCAudiologist1831148824
Susan Henken Swanson 28805, NCAudiologist1134172984
Sandra Lynn Warren 27028, NCAudiologist1407313695
Kristi Ellen Harbage 28805, NCAudiologist1811943350
Gregory W Salyer 28779, NCAudiologist1740228048
Lynnette Clark 28310, NCAudiologist1417996539
Ericka Ellen Hallis 28301, NCAudiologist1154363018
C. Scott Mills 27012, NCAudiologist1720024003
Jeffrey D. Russell 28547, NCAudiologist1922044270
Melissa Tishok Westall 27410, NCAudiologist1457388548
James F Stephens 28305, NCAudiologist1962430793
Catherine Toney Marquis 27587, NCAudiologist1336178722
Amy May Kirkland 27265, NCAudiologist1780615567
Tonya Bartley 28803, NCAudiologist1154363059
Tami Lee Ike 27403, NCAudiologist1568407443
Gerard A Mccall 27534, NCAudiologist1417986266
Mark Anthony Kenzik 28791, NCAudiologist1033141478
Karl Howard Rech 27896, NCAudiologist1750306296
Melinda C. Fahning 27262, NCAudiologist1043237985
Robert A Muzzarelli 27858, NCAudiologist1992723761
Sandra M Anderson 27262, NCAudiologist1265453096
Mary Ruth Sizer 28608, NCAudiologist1952323818
Tracie Kim Rice 28723, NCAudiologist1922020080
Tamara Harrison 27401, NCAudiologist1578587416
Rose Allen 27834, NCAudiologist1073522835
Marianna Walker 27858, NCAudiologist1922019546
Gregg Givens 27834, NCAudiologist1477564912
Sharon Rutledge 27834, NCAudiologist1912918517
Edith L Cox 28203, NCAudiologist1649281932
Jeanne Dodd-murphy 28605, NCAudiologist1922011626
Andrea Hannan 29425, NCAudiologist1407969462
Kathryn Ann Glynn 28803, NCAudiologist1073626685
Alan Klein 29425, NCAudiologist1720191349
Kimberly Orr 29425, NCAudiologist1962515502
Christine Strange 29425, NCAudiologist1295848836
Kathryn R Dowd 28211, NCAudiologist1669586889
Lara Royster Gray 27536, NCAudiologist1669585915
Dawn A Hulthen-koncsol 28210, NCAudiologist1831298496
Susan Evans Gore 28462, NCAudiologist1801803192
Molly Drescher Widney 27514, NCAudiologist1902390552
Theresa Nelson Rogers 28387, NCAudiologist1760499578
Melissa Karp 28226, NCAudiologist1144590407
Megan Lane Mathis-webb 28117, NCAudiologist1275649865
Robert B Dowling 27607, NCAudiologist1164526851
Brady M Schwab 27607, NCAudiologist1548364235
David Clifford Richardson 28677, NCAudiologist1427152123
William D Jones 27410, NCAudiologist1306939046
Lewis B. Gidley 27834, NCAudiologist1326134149
Dawne M Dowdy 28210, NCAudiologist1629167036
Eleanor Mckellar Whittington 28310, NCAudiologist1740370436
Christopher Braden Hamilton 28803, NCAudiologist1154411973
Holly Teagle 27599, NCAudiologist1972683365
Francine H. Sumpter 28401, NCAudiologist1699855247
Carolyn J Brown 27599, NCAudiologist1851471304
Jean Ellen Evans 28217, NCAudiologist1417038472
Brian Paul Burkhart 27103, NCAudiologist1447333240
Joanna Smock Meroth 27401, NCAudiologist1952484156
William T. Hall 28217, NCAudiologist1093898389
Carey Wayne Pahel 27401, NCAudiologist1023191228
Patricia Roush 27514, NCAudiologist1992883268
Joseph Hall 27514, NCAudiologist1306924766
Vickie Lee Tuten 28310, NCAudiologist1558440073
Barbara L Winslow 27514, NCAudiologist1932288297
James Jonathan Belch 28403, NCAudiologist1275603011
Brad Wayne Baldwin 27607, NCAudiologist1730283748
Brent P. Bourret 27103, NCAudiologist1851670806
Diana Jane Bertelsen Eshleman 28115, NCAudiologist1376647065
Melanie Susan O'brien 27710, NCAudiologist1902977234
Linda Copeland 27265, NCAudiologist1134294952
Mark R Gabrych 28025, NCAudiologist1750457131
Stephanie Garrett Nance 27401, NCAudiologist1033286208
Garrett Hume 28594, NCAudiologist1164586947
Gary Friedman 28150, NCAudiologist1104983600
April R Pittman 28144, NCAudiologist1548327042
Janet Carol Bogus 28401, NCAudiologist1952458788
Julie Grgurevic 28403, NCAudiologist1386791226
Denise Anne Tucker 27402, NCAudiologist1114076536
Sue Bain 28501, NCAudiologist1871642389
James Dooling 28501, NCAudiologist1295884799
Holly B Broyles 27609, NCAudiologist1457401234
Emil J Frymark 27410, NCAudiologist1255482469
Nancy Jean Mckeown 28204, NCAudiologist1245382613
Lisa R Dimaria 27599, NCAudiologist1558414938
Bruce Kerr Chatterton 28117, NCAudiologist1760537823
Angela Bright-pearson 27330, NCAudiologist1831245315
Kathleen A. Tuomala 28315, NCAudiologist1811035835
Sherri Allred Davis 27408, NCAudiologist1255470704
Deborah Lewandowski Woodward 27401, NCAudiologist1982743415
Anita M. Carroll 27514, NCAudiologist1780724351
Rebecca Vernon Pugh 27401, NCAudiologist1336289388
Deborah Davis Helms 28081, NCAudiologist1962537571
Sharon Jill Howard 28677, NCAudiologist1902935760
Kurt D Wright 28105, NCAudiologist1306975164
Jennifer Lynn High 28112, NCAudiologist1346370988
Gordon L Fletcher 28601, NCAudiologist1518091495
Alison Sh'ree Fuller 28025, NCAudiologist1366576696
Pamela Stirrat Calliari 27603, NCAudiologist1891819132
Deborah Lowery 27408, NCAudiologist1194840710
Johnnie Edwin Sexton 27408, NCAudiologist1205952645
Lorin Star Oden 28147, NCAudiologist1255457511
Susan M Oehler 28804, NCAudiologist1235255423
Marlene Werther Wiener 28792, NCAudiologist1801912290
Michael J. Malone 27408, NCAudiologist1700903200
James Joseph Collins 27408, NCAudiologist1134247612
Arthur B Mines 27401, NCAudiologist1295853463
Mary Helen Gallert 27330, NCAudiologist1437200813
Terry Allen Hall 28562, NCAudiologist1134256035
Billie B. Swift 27103, NCAudiologist1023142023
Michele Tripp Cleland 28562, NCAudiologist1558480038
Ashley Jess Edwards 27262, NCAudiologist1538289426
Sarah Ervin Mouser 28358, NCAudiologist1811018906
Georganne Victoria Carriere 27858, NCAudiologist1487871984
Jessica L Augusto 27704, NCAudiologist1750502027
Daniel King 27710, NCAudiologist1316168685
Julie Marie Hiatt 27408, NCAudiologist1154533792
Erin Tamarkin Pinsky 27609, NCAudiologist1063624484
Larry Brooks Gore 28468, NCAudiologist1578777132
Elizabeth Whitaker Guffey 28150, NCAudiologist1659585487
Leslie Carol Bird 27408, NCAudiologist1922214683
Stephanie L Matlock 27834, NCAudiologist1538378104
Andrea Renee Bailey 27609, NCAudiologist1861603078
Jenny Davis 80913, NCAudiologist1194926345
Heather Best Pardue 27401, NCAudiologist1376744953
Teryl Norval Delagrange 27401, NCAudiologist1740481332
Jean W Allman 28401, NCAudiologist1780886200
Joseph Patterson Clark 28739, NCAudiologist1437354842
Michelle Anne Novakovich 27262, NCAudiologist1114122181
Philip C Griffin 27612, NCAudiologist1801093133
Kristin A Bryant 27607, NCAudiologist1790983344
Heather B Hodgin 27408, NCAudiologist1841498268
James Wade Kirkland 28211, NCAudiologist1346449857
David L Mize 27804, NCAudiologist1598956740
Ann Elizabeth Flaningan 28054, NCAudiologist1063606671
Kristine Vera Wade 28025, NCAudiologist1043406036
Andrea Elizabeth Engel 27704, NCAudiologist1114114915
Kelly Marie Grim 28204, NCAudiologist1861671398
Molly A Justus 27710, NCAudiologist1730361619
Thomas Victor Ducombs 28112, NCAudiologist1891979829
Laura Fleenor Mccall 27514, NCAudiologist1518142082
Nancy M Mckenna 27517, NCAudiologist1629254487
David Alexander Bowles 28602, NCAudiologist1801072566
Dana Fein Koch 27262, NCAudiologist1245417518
Angela Maria Byrd 27517, NCAudiologist1922277185
Jeanne G Lansing 27610, NCAudiologist1215106596
Carla F Forestieri 27610, NCAudiologist1467621441
Shawn M Vansteen 27610, NCAudiologist1144499047
Tracey Chapin Krumel 28207, NCAudiologist1871762666


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