Providers with Taxonomy: Audiologist (231H00000X) in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Audiologist (231H00000X)
in the state of Texas:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jacob Keup 78654, TXAudiologist1518464536
Roger A Johns 78230, TXAudiologist1003842014
Matthew Doran Williams 32803, TXAudiologist1023119575
Raymond M Covey 77521, TXAudiologist1407935133
Jason Andrew Baker 75235, TXAudiologist1023506821
Janet Stearns 78028, TXAudiologist1538281308
Kelly Miller 77381, TXAudiologist1851579684
Henry M Preslar 77301, TXAudiologist1881885507
Margaret Johnson 76549, TXAudiologist1013234152
Jamie Webb Holden 75034, TXAudiologist1093014169
Labreda Nicole Gibson 77386, TXAudiologist1255667739
Metx Llc 77385, TXAudiologist1639463524
Harold A Phillips 75601, TXAudiologist1437307543
Beatrice Ruth Smith 78723, TXAudiologist1831330042
Sarah Bartlett 29414, TXAudiologist1114472321
Graciela Hernandez 78526, TXAudiologist1417192535
Jeremy Ray Kier 77566, TXAudiologist1982960159
Lamar W Suttles 78132, TXAudiologist1962638619
Susan Kristoff 78934, TXAudiologist1245486000
Ann C Mcrae 75252, TXAudiologist1760829832
Hanna Messmer 46205, TXAudiologist1407226814
Metx Llc 79925, TXAudiologist1750627998
Metx Llc 79912, TXAudiologist1235474644
Rachel Higginbotham 78006, TXAudiologist1528471661
Allison Marie Archer 78746, TXAudiologist1164868378
Jason Williams 75654, TXAudiologist1093137580
Brittany Keahey Barrington 77339, TXAudiologist1740521863
Anna M Lopez 78411, TXAudiologist1740536341
Lloyd Barker 77833, TXAudiologist1053669424
Joan Renee Dupuy 78258, TXAudiologist1821341462
Anum Khalil Khan 75098, TXAudiologist1831644111
Forrest Cade Simpson 77339, TXAudiologist1760755854
Robert R Page 78006, TXAudiologist1891937686
Rebecca Lynn Jimenez 75401, TXAudiologist1558850578
Ashley Paige Jordan Peterson Sconzo 78759, TXAudiologist1497948855
Eric Alan Eliason 32212, TXAudiologist1679669071
Balance Therapy Of Texas 78731, TXAudiologist1134174808
Amanda Casillo 85016, TXAudiologist1760917066
Ashton Laura Hay 70121, TXAudiologist1336637537
Anthony Hernandez 78704, TXAudiologist1720498611
Aneeqa Amin 77339, TXAudiologist1467814236
Barbara Bridges 78382, TXAudiologist1114344728
Christy Lawler 77598, TXAudiologist1073822128
San Juanita Gonzales 77414, TXAudiologist1346603230
Deann Reinshuttle 78628, TXAudiologist1083988125
Gloria A Esquivel 77584, TXAudiologist1811126147
Jarrod M Freeland 77450, TXAudiologist1063718609
Jon Dodson 77069, TXAudiologist1841645629
Jordan Ortega 78501, TXAudiologist1467923367
D'anne Wengenroth 78223, TXAudiologist1316460579
Lawrence Espinoza 78041, TXAudiologist1629335138
Larry W Farris 76901, TXAudiologist1750565966
Donald L Knebel 78233, TXAudiologist1750616827
Lee Ann George 78624, TXAudiologist1831641661
Michael Joseph Panza 77478, TXAudiologist1740672567
Julathra Kay Baeza 77471, TXAudiologist1760846273
Molly Thrush 78734, TXAudiologist1639692882
Nassim Diaz 77079, TXAudiologist1457874885
Rolando Cepeda 78840, TXAudiologist1194242800
Sarah Chittum 77551, TXAudiologist1730688722
Stephanie Denn 77008, TXAudiologist1821516733
Sound Diversity Llc 76502, TXAudiologist1245798081
Heather Dawn Fletcher 78411, TXAudiologist1427285428
Shana Marie Laffoon 78154, TXAudiologist1831755081
Todd Rinker 75071, TXAudiologist1952759813
Audiology Plus Hearing Solutions Pllc 78258, TXAudiologist1164985248
Taylor Gilbow 75150, TXAudiologist1730571316
David Mccarthy 77025, TXAudiologist1619069259
Mari Lee Chartier 78705, TXAudiologist1669636916
Nandini Jasrotia 75071, TXAudiologist1548813439
Jennifer Springmier 02111, TXAudiologist1699297333
Tracy Hoover 78236, TXAudiologist1619359098
Lynette Hebert Brown 77304, TXAudiologist1346897691
Sean Patrick Monahan 78240, TXAudiologist1659920312
Meshell Bellah 73533, TXAudiologist1164934451
Marilyn M. Hinrichs 75024, TXAudiologist1437224599
Advanced Hearing Center, Llc 75024, TXAudiologist1174938633
Martine Kay Fenstermacher 77339, TXAudiologist1417486390
Emily Salazar 75035, TXAudiologist1669617189
Cynthia Collier 76021, TXAudiologist1588070171
Jennifer L Walters 78234, TXAudiologist1225183049
Tamarah G Murphy 68113, TXAudiologist1740483049
Mary Elizabeth Duncan 40536, TXAudiologist1851886386
Daniel M Cromwell 78236, TXAudiologist1295977684
Metx, Llc 79762, TXAudiologist1083027221
Paula Jean Sandoe 15009, TXAudiologist1285666065
Adrianna Fitch 76104, TXAudiologist1992298186
Rebecca Lynn Martin 77030, TXAudiologist1013573419
Margaret Sue Dean 78611, TXAudiologist1790018638
Marcy Kay Hite 37614, TXAudiologist1417298969
Washburn Audiology, Llc 76051, TXAudiologist1770007056
Mary Katherine Marshallsea 75230, TXAudiologist1821646100
Marylyn D Koble 76015, TXAudiologist1396802799
Arlington Audiology, P.c. 76015, TXAudiologist1043219082
Paige Gainey 75214, TXAudiologist1124442744
Gloria L Buckley 75214, TXAudiologist1528184983
Hearing Aid Express Inc 76308, TXAudiologist1457890063
Mary Allan Maddie 76015, TXAudiologist1225653835
Ashley Michelle Zamarripa 78154, TXAudiologist1346865714
Hallie Deane Sparks 76180, TXAudiologist1922626902
Hearing Aid Express Inc 76240, TXAudiologist1598217358
Devin Collett 78666, TXAudiologist1134747934
Heather Suzanne Dean 76028, TXAudiologist1972881779
New Sound Solutions Pa 76085, TXAudiologist1619217411
Terri Jo Edwards 76085, TXAudiologist1205097128
Audiology Consulting Services, P.l.l.c. 78550, TXAudiologist1336485481
Keely Patricia Offutt 77021, TXAudiologist1679867006
Brett Paul Shonebarger 76508, TXAudiologist1821526542
Holly M Conradt 75093, TXAudiologist1790386969
Sandy Magallan 78539, TXAudiologist1366928236
Janet Wilson 77356, TXAudiologist1174841068
Deyanira Gonzalez 77030, TXAudiologist1760823678
Sean Lowery 75605, TXAudiologist1518138601
Rebecca Lynn Powell 75075, TXAudiologist1912084302
Tyler Milrany 76104, TXAudiologist1639444763
Jamie Suzanne Massey 78216, TXAudiologist1518018035
Kathleen Boren Williams 76502, TXAudiologist1972647949
Kimberly Diane Miller 28210, TXAudiologist1245548999
Rennae Pickert 75092, TXAudiologist1174180681
Jacelyn Olson 85006, TXAudiologist1285111989
Clark Hearing, Inc 77354, TXAudiologist1750858445
Scott Andrew Hansson 49008, TXAudiologist1033396718
Stephanie Tchen 78723, TXAudiologist1477081362
Melissa Anne Neve 78154, TXAudiologist1962994061
Roberta Jane Desplinter 75051, TXAudiologist1659963833
Stevana Kaitlin Sullivan 77030, TXAudiologist1265099162
National Hearing And Balance, Llc. 87109, TXAudiologist1841844800
Spinal Technologies, L.l.c. 77074, TXAudiologist1972653038
Hannah Weinman 77845, TXAudiologist1073121729
Caitlin Sapp 27517, TXAudiologist1760917652
Kristin Doll Bray 28210, TXAudiologist1033525001
Kasi Cassandra Saucier 39110, TXAudiologist1326561721
Christina Campbell 75080, TXAudiologist1053987214
Jennifer Diane Kimberly 77025, TXAudiologist1013970425
Jessica Favier 77339, TXAudiologist1952979528
Lauren Ashley Martin-bissegger 77025, TXAudiologist1245682756
Michelle L. Saltarrelli 77546, TXAudiologist1043472723
Stephanie Soria 77054, TXAudiologist1629366042
Shala Hill Sommers 77014, TXAudiologist1649370552
Kirsta Leigh Herder 77025, TXAudiologist1699808220
Nirali Govind 77845, TXAudiologist1790355980
James Hickman 77094, TXAudiologist1811569346
Autumn Oak Speech Voice And Hearing 77546, TXAudiologist1285999078
Sara Maali 75071, TXAudiologist1831762426
Nicole Marie-vachon Du Mont 78229, TXAudiologist1205409760
Merin Ann Jacob 77521, TXAudiologist1952912123
Amy Hollowell Landry 77025, TXAudiologist1497018832
Laura Lee Ritchie 77025, TXAudiologist1386925741
Jack Jordan Jones Enterprises 76012, TXAudiologist1922405760
Laurel Eng 78681, TXAudiologist1073095766
Lisa Evans Weiss 77094, TXAudiologist1689847824
Susan B Fusco 76022, TXAudiologist1568127801
Elyssa Jean Washburn 76051, TXAudiologist1821496696
Phallon Paternella Doss 78154, TXAudiologist1306170543
Shari S Beams 78414, TXAudiologist1639488299
Karlee Maerten 77521, TXAudiologist1063896538
Chelsea Marie Aji 78705, TXAudiologist1669965265
Alyssa L Windom 75093, TXAudiologist1386229409
Kirsten Renee Kennemer 76104, TXAudiologist1346409612
Jana Emola 77079, TXAudiologist1467680090
Erin Klaire Arceneaux 77079, TXAudiologist1619469210
Rebecca Gomer 75013, TXAudiologist1427314772
Easter Seals Central Texas, Inc. 78754, TXAudiologist1013991017
Louise Anne Mclaughlin 77030, TXAudiologist1770736944
West Texas Mobile Audiology 79423, TXAudiologist1194474908
Associates Of Audiology Llc 78258, TXAudiologist1093143521
Kristin Roxanne Winkler 77494, TXAudiologist1760989214
Stephanie Bodet 77380, TXAudiologist1831714401
Danielle Alaina Jorgenson 78705, TXAudiologist1104599273
Marilyn D Pimentel-roman 78414, TXAudiologist1356431613
Margaret Lawhorn 47905, TXAudiologist1821528340
Matilda E Farrington 76104, TXAudiologist1437727021
Jody Lynn Seals 75503, TXAudiologist1093702250
Taylor Anne Myers 77845, TXAudiologist1477121481
Arielle Iola Spector 75231, TXAudiologist1285217042
Kos Danchak Audiology And Hearing Aids Llc 76011, TXAudiologist1154451797
Tunedcare, Inc. 44221, TXAudiologist1992444830
Nicole Hinz 77030, TXAudiologist1891434551
Erin Hebert 76262, TXAudiologist1447980594
Jeffrey Scott Martin 98195, TXAudiologist1740540681
Claire Heinlein 78006, TXAudiologist1013648450
Victoria R. Levy 75024, TXAudiologist1528723541
Elizabeth Suzanne Preston 78723, TXAudiologist1710158803
Jeremy James Donai 26506, TXAudiologist1114096484
Phyllis J Trotter 75703, TXAudiologist1144394529
Thomas Andrew Downing 77058, TXAudiologist1932354149
Jody L Pogue 76205, TXAudiologist1831522044
Jessica Delarosa 78731, TXAudiologist1649607672
Jordan Saavedra 75703, TXAudiologist1831571660
Rowan Mckenzie Lang 89146, TXAudiologist1598280372
Brandy Rhae Jacobson 77429, TXAudiologist1184826109
Shannon Parker 79323, TXAudiologist1629437611
Aubrey Chesner Ploof 76107, TXAudiologist1174901748
Kelly L Archer 75235, TXAudiologist1154769289
Andrea K. Gohmert 75235, TXAudiologist1669634978
Brady Dylla 78209, TXAudiologist1316680937
Rachel Nguyen 77024, TXAudiologist1457089229
Garland Hearing Aid Center, Inc. 75044, TXAudiologist1386644664
Physicians Hearing Center 79119, TXAudiologist1497732960
Cuero Audiology, P.a. 78660, TXAudiologist1871545624


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