Providers with Taxonomy: Audiologist (231H00000X) in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Audiologist (231H00000X)
in the state of Texas:

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Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A specialist in evaluation, habilitation and rehabilitation of those whose communication disorders center in whole or in part in hearing function. Audiologists are autonomous professionals who identify, assess, and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems. Audiologists provide audiological (aural) rehabilitation to children and adults across the entire age span. Audiologists select, fit and dispense amplification systems such as hearing aids and related devices. (2) An audiologist is a person qualified by a master's degree in audiology, licensed by the state, where applicable, and practicing within the scope of that license. Audiologists evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing. They plan, direct and conduct rehabilitative programs with audiotry substitutional devises (hearing aids) and other therapy.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melody S. Martin 76710, TXAudiologist1689677734
Jane Wofford Porter 75062, TXAudiologist1992708937
Karen Markuson Ditty 77074, TXAudiologist1629071634
Robert A Herring 77802, TXAudiologist1053314930
Shannon Frugia 77701, TXAudiologist1114920022
April Elaine Burdett 75225, TXAudiologist1235132986
Daksha K. Kalies 78336, TXAudiologist1417950338
Susan P. Cowgill 75948, TXAudiologist1467455105
Amin S Musani 75020, TXAudiologist1831192434
Susan Mechanic Hyman 77703, TXAudiologist1972506467
Diane G Blaising 76132, TXAudiologist1568465128
Jami H. Brooks 75460, TXAudiologist1467456111
Lisa Anne Wildmo 77802, TXAudiologist1881699007
Kerry D. Ormson 79106, TXAudiologist1386649283
Chris David Caudle 76210, TXAudiologist1215933627
Judith Ann Caudle 76210, TXAudiologist1043215551
Betsy Ann Hatherill 78620, TXAudiologist1083611891
Sue Ann Holland 79606, TXAudiologist1578561239
Paula Allison 77024, TXAudiologist1205834611
Soriya Estes 78130, TXAudiologist1487652574
Mary Sue Harrison 77450, TXAudiologist1487651899
Carmel Rita Pace 79601, TXAudiologist1962401075
Patricia Harvey 79601, TXAudiologist1962401802
Jill Elizabeth Copley 75214, TXAudiologist1801896345
Garland Hearing Aid Center, Inc. 75044, TXAudiologist1386644664
Emilie Sue Collins 75092, TXAudiologist1326048489
John T. Roth 76104, TXAudiologist1225039571
Richard W Danielson 77058, TXAudiologist1447242904
Dale Milton 79106, TXAudiologist1891788816
Kimberly Waldrop 78229, TXAudiologist1295728228
Jami Harris 79124, TXAudiologist1891788857
Amy Allison Suhumskie 75032, TXAudiologist1366435240
Terry Davis Snook 77478, TXAudiologist1700879574
Craig Eugene Jordan 78236, TXAudiologist1386638567
Betty Jean Pittman 77030, TXAudiologist1447244314
Denise Slanicky Masterson 77030, TXAudiologist1790779668
Alan Keith Heidecker 77030, TXAudiologist1952395816
Sally E Muhlbach 75901, TXAudiologist1902890734
Jean Boller 78212, TXAudiologist1306834221
Linda Gleason Luduena 78212, TXAudiologist1306834239
Jacalyn B Patton 78163, TXAudiologist1477541308
Andrea Lynn Harvey 78212, TXAudiologist1811986722
Bradford B Melancon 78757, TXAudiologist1528057833
Marcia Lee Foster 78212, TXAudiologist1841289907
Lena Scurry Shumate 78234, TXAudiologist1891786273
Phillip L Allred 77340, TXAudiologist1841271327
Jodi Mclean 78230, TXAudiologist1992787543
Tara M Johnston 77833, TXAudiologist1558352088
Jennifer Frank 73104, TXAudiologist1285084491
John M. Balbo 76502, TXAudiologist1295710028
Physicians Hearing Center 79119, TXAudiologist1497732960
Darwin D Paschall 79430, TXAudiologist1396723268
Stephen Edward Miller 75231, TXAudiologist1558340489
Kathy Jean Gorman 76137, TXAudiologist1881674158
Catherine Louise Cook 78234, TXAudiologist1275513574
Benigno Sierra-irizarry 78236, TXAudiologist1083684146
Jon Kenneth Ashby 79606, TXAudiologist1457321465
Lisa Flores 75235, TXAudiologist1427036243
Brooke C E Casey 76092, TXAudiologist1730164138
Karen Jean Lavalley 76310, TXAudiologist1770553471
David Russell Ward 78229, TXAudiologist1336111418
Celia S Mccormick 75024, TXAudiologist1366415101
Daxton K. Moss 75252, TXAudiologist1700850344
Thomas P Mahoney 76033, TXAudiologist1265406367
Karen L Mills 75948, TXAudiologist1336113174
University Of Texas At Dallas 75235, TXAudiologist1770559973
Kimley Shea Marquardt 77090, TXAudiologist1518926104
Andrea Glatz 78503, TXAudiologist1548631476
Sheryl Lynn Wiedermann 75028, TXAudiologist1457837627
Franklin C Froman 78234, TXAudiologist1447210943
Jan E. Gilden 77074, TXAudiologist1003877333
Sherri Taxman 77074, TXAudiologist1477514719
Michael J. Moul 76508, TXAudiologist1043272248
Elizabeth M Brassine 75069, TXAudiologist1467415927
Donna L Lockhart 77070, TXAudiologist1194788505
Jeffrey Lynn Morgan 76022, TXAudiologist1497718894
Lisa Rakusin Goldberg 78705, TXAudiologist1194789719
Angela Flanery Poe 77379, TXAudiologist1912962234
Richard Riess 76508, TXAudiologist1447215579
Lawrence Kevin Guess 76205, TXAudiologist1194781567
Paula Marie Mccabe 76311, TXAudiologist1659339521
Theodore T Benke 76033, TXAudiologist1295786135
Paul A. Waryas 78240, TXAudiologist1699727057
Nicole L Burkholder 75216, TXAudiologist1023060209
Kim R. Faulkenburg 76504, TXAudiologist1023060407
Robert Bradley Shumate 78240, TXAudiologist1518911262
Jennifer Drob 77030, TXAudiologist1386026854
Cuero Audiology, P.a. 78660, TXAudiologist1871545624
Sonia Guadalupe Cuero 78660, TXAudiologist1083666911
Livingston Hearing Aid Center, Inc. 79414, TXAudiologist1710936836
Nicki Lynn Morgan 76022, TXAudiologist1548223845
Mary O'farrell Mcdonald 77025, TXAudiologist1811958515
Walter S. Charlip 78240, TXAudiologist1710931050
Charlie Mcilwain Holcomb 75216, TXAudiologist1154375491
Nancy J Smith 75140, TXAudiologist1639123664
Northeast Texas Hearing Services 75460, TXAudiologist1508811365
Peb Enterprises Inc 75006, TXAudiologist1508813536
Sonus texas, Inc. 77024, TXAudiologist1093762387
Sonus texas, Inc. 75234, TXAudiologist1366499766
Sonus texas, Inc. 75080, TXAudiologist1821045238
Sonus texas, Inc. 77081, TXAudiologist1386691616
Sonus texas, Inc. 75006, TXAudiologist1184671356
Sonus texas, Inc. 76107, TXAudiologist1982651162
Sonus texas, Inc. 77068, TXAudiologist1942257134
Sonus texas, Inc. 77478, TXAudiologist1043267248
Sonus texas, Inc. 77598, TXAudiologist1487601696
Sonus texas, Inc. 75149, TXAudiologist1942257167
Sonus texas, Inc 76021, TXAudiologist1568409969
Medical Edge Healthcare Group Pa 76109, TXAudiologist1265470215
Medical Edge Healthcare Group Pa 75007, TXAudiologist1871531830
Angela E. Anderson 76054, TXAudiologist1346280252
Kathleen Kay Coventry 79925, TXAudiologist1518907476
Hearing And Speech Centers 76054, TXAudiologist1932140357
Joan Reed Hamill 77316, TXAudiologist1518908912
Xing-su Zhu 75075, TXAudiologist1508808163
Brad Scott Gold 75080, TXAudiologist1578505764
Laura L. Seitz 77030, TXAudiologist1114962032
Marla B Pennell 78628, TXAudiologist1174559017
Ian G Gillespie 77521, TXAudiologist1629005822
Julie M. Whiting 76104, TXAudiologist1952338287
Bart Edward Noble 78741, TXAudiologist1053349266
Kenneth Martin 75601, TXAudiologist1093743858
Juan Wang 78501, TXAudiologist1619905544
Aaron Henry 77598, TXAudiologist1083643522
Judy Elaine Abrahamson 78741, TXAudiologist1811926892
Karan Amanda Killgore 76504, TXAudiologist1699704833
Kjrsti Dawn Latham 75418, TXAudiologist1891724746
Joan M Balash 78712, TXAudiologist1952330854
Amanda Zappler 78712, TXAudiologist1730118639
Karen Kurowski Stewart 78741, TXAudiologist1619907243
Julie L Barrett 77025, TXAudiologist1437180734
Courtney O'neill Bel 77469, TXAudiologist1235160177
Sumalai Maroonroge 77710, TXAudiologist1912938846
Vickie B Dionne 77710, TXAudiologist1285664599
Megan Kobel 75390, TXAudiologist1366807349
Rebecca Taylor 76201, TXAudiologist1700829264
Margaret A Sharp 75093, TXAudiologist1649217795
Beth Anne Longnecker 79930, TXAudiologist1689614463
Juliana Marie Carriere-marcantel 77701, TXAudiologist1265800650
Carly Michelle Caughlan 77401, TXAudiologist1003855297
Adriana Elizabeth Cervantes 78207, TXAudiologist1538659123
Menm, Llc 87507, TXAudiologist1376020776
Jacob Keup 78654, TXAudiologist1518464536
Kelli Stringer House 78130, TXAudiologist1689620486
Donald Wilson 77571, TXAudiologist1326077868
Metx, Llc 77584, TXAudiologist1598292252
Roger A Johns 78230, TXAudiologist1003842014
Donna Denny 77520, TXAudiologist1467491928
Scott Christopher Forbes 77030, TXAudiologist1184657892
Eric Bruce Peterson 78240, TXAudiologist1366477200
Kimberly Cathcart Ringer 78660, TXAudiologist1043245871
Jenny H. Rainwater 78236, TXAudiologist1063447670
Nabil S Al-muhtaseb 77030, TXAudiologist1962427799
Sofia E Von Hapsburg 78550, TXAudiologist1629093323
Eileen L Goebel 79414, TXAudiologist1982621819
Demelza A D'souza 77598, TXAudiologist1205853033
Angela Wooten 78654, TXAudiologist1780604942
Lisa Marie Whitney 76544, TXAudiologist1437171592
Jennifer Lynn Stroup Bobo 75088, TXAudiologist1396759577
John Thomas Beckman 77627, TXAudiologist1386658862
William G Frey 76104, TXAudiologist1790799203
Toni Davis Mann 79424, TXAudiologist1083628598
Robert E Novak 78229, TXAudiologist1518974211
Jennifer M Jarvis 78234, TXAudiologist1326056524
Tim Myron Dudich 78216, TXAudiologist1730197302
Sandi L Coe 77076, TXAudiologist1659389765
Rebecca Fogel 75044, TXAudiologist1104835339
Margaret Louise Hutchison 78731, TXAudiologist1235148917
Audio Acoustics Hearing Center Of Lubbock, Inc 79424, TXAudiologist1447269402
Michael Peter Gehan 75093, TXAudiologist1609885599
Gloria B Nemeroff 77081, TXAudiologist1073523619
Nancy S Lucas 76028, TXAudiologist1245240225
Tracy Papaleo 77030, TXAudiologist1669484507
James Graydon Odom 76711, TXAudiologist1740293794
Ross Tonini 77098, TXAudiologist1366455800
Demetrio Enrique Sanchez 77005, TXAudiologist1821001124
Aaron J Schroeder 66160, TXAudiologist1942313648
Judith E Widen 66160, TXAudiologist1447364336
Jimmy Dale Post 75216, TXAudiologist1083728273
Melissa Young Danchak 76011, TXAudiologist1174637664
Melissa Ann Beck 77019, TXAudiologist1790890283
Emily Louise Steen 78212, TXAudiologist1457467920
Lamar University 77710, TXAudiologist1669490389
Nichelei Anissa Talmore 77833, TXAudiologist1679507610
Janet Krueger 78704, TXAudiologist1730104068
Natasha L Dewald 78749, TXAudiologist1669484226
Tonia Diane Fleming 79407, TXAudiologist1306861356
Armando Lujan Lopez 79925, TXAudiologist1154355907
Levi Young 78757, TXAudiologist1174004865
Spruha Mahapatra 75390, TXAudiologist1417431784
Maria Downing Delk 76504, TXAudiologist1861509887
Kai Wang 77450, TXAudiologist1306954771
Katherine Lynn Sonnamaker 78654, TXAudiologist1346358611
Donald F Johnson 79720, TXAudiologist1225146434
Loren Stephen Hart 79902, TXAudiologist1184732265
Andrea Sweetnam 79902, TXAudiologist1174631204
Amber Colleen Sampson 77030, TXAudiologist1760590822
Rebecca Willey Mcdonald 76011, TXAudiologist1780793620
Milagros E Walker 78746, TXAudiologist1376653055
Gerald Wayne Brunette 78628, TXAudiologist1376653873


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