Providers with Taxonomy: Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter (237600000X)

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter (237600000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): An audiologist/hearing aid fitter is the professional who specializes in evaluating and treating people with hearing loss, conducts a wide variety of tests to determine the exact nature of an individual's hearing problem, presents a variety of treatment options to patients, dispenses and fits hearing aids, administers tests of balance to evaluate dizziness and provides hearing rehabilitation training. This classification should be used where individuals are licensed as "audiologist-hearing aid fitters" as opposed to states that license individuals as "audiologists".

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sharon L Blackburn MIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1730154816
Anne Hedin NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1548236367
Robbi D Bishop WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1134195878
Kelly Lynn Chastain-mcdowell Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1467428110
Lynn N Morgan WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1548236276
Patti Lynn Ally ILAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1124093927
Kelly M Pendrick MIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1093780819
Jennifer Parker Burnham ALAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1275509010
Miriam O Attias-magana MNAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003882861
Jeane Violon Singer PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1609842467
Kara Bean NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1851367635
Kathleen L West MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1649246323
Gerri Feuer Shubow MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1336115989
Anne-terese Horning VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1962478537
Roberta L. Fuson CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1730155219
Mary Anne Fighera VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003882671
Karen K Blankenship WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1083680664
Laura K Comer WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1063488641
Mary Shannon Hamill MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1932175494
Gwen M Kandula WIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1518933969
Theresa Shaw NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1689640815
Frank C Pamplin ARAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1740256833
David Barwell MDAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1649246000
Karen L Wilber MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1740256916
Sally Ann Bacon Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1962478156
Catherine M Mitchell PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1689640807
Parika Engineer NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1760458988
Lisa Guillory MOAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1619943701
Stephen Thomas Hart Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1861468050
Charles Felix Welch PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1235105305
Stephen A Maxwell AZAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1982670907
Angela Kay Coleman ARAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1427024371
Maureen Ann Mcdonald NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1619943610
Scott E. Woodring PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1053387001
Anne Edith Przybyla CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1013984905
Mary L Roesler Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1932176690
Sharon Lynne Jividen WVAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1609843440
James A Wise KSAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1548237159
David C Nissen KSAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1891762407
Lawrence L Ruder KSAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1053388660
Ellyn R Zitzer MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1255308920
Susan L. Detels ORAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1275500829
Jana Hutchison WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1801863394
Charlene Vila Cottrell FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1447227079
Traci M Ring KSAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1013984632
Proviadela Mendez Coca PRAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1649247008
Karl Joseph Baurys PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1821065186
Melissa Simmons Riess FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1245207463
Lynnette T Livingston WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1598732703
Frank Butts VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1851368930
William A Turley PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1700854767
Alexandria Stephanie Silance CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1689641714
Miles Ellis Peterson CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1376510313
Vylsa E Marrero Sanchez PRAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003884032
Kimberly Ann Uccellini PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1417925421
Charlotte Randolph Leonard NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1275501025
Larry Eugene Dalzell NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1942278718
Douglas Bryant VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1902874795
Tracy L Forrester MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1326016973
Debra Ogilvie VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1952379703
Melinda Jo Johnson INAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1609844109
Sharon Lynn Tiesi PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1205804788
Kirby Greene MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1912975491
Anthony Durig OHAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1376511782
Alan Louis Desmond WVAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1275501439
Rachel A Baboian RIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1780653667
Angela M Gathers OKAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1568431211
Lynne Raney Hill ARAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1861461527
Heather L Saczynski MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1457320251
Anthony T Cacace NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1154390912
Maryann Grow NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1841269586
Rachel Irene Pokorney NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1063481877
Kris Eileen Loyd KSAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1891764445
Ann Depaolo Wietsma VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1598734097
Amal G Awdeh MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1477522993
Margaret Spinney Pratt RIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1306815725
John E Tecca Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1477522803
Leslie Ann Mccreight NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1578532834
Jennifer Harris Torres Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1386613669
Lynn D. Frazier INAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1801855093
Elizabeth Ann Coughlan Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1306815600
Donna Jean Donaldson AZAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1366401531
Robert Guy Hale ARAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1245209485
Jennifer Jane Wright Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1063481265
David M Mulnick LAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1750350047
Kimberly Rae King SCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1720057011
Sharon R Martin WIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1023077187
Martha L:amb Copp FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1538128541
Karla S. Goddard NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1215996913
Kimley Shea Marquardt TXAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1518926104
Kathleen Marie Griffin Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1235198821
Salvador Rampolla PRAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1902865538
Tonya Leigh Showalter FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1942269436
Tamy S Chelst MIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1023077518
Karen P Kirkey Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1225097728
Catherine Taylor Swenson PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1679532188
Patrick Hoolihan NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1801855333
Diane Mccarthy Badua VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1629037114
Janet M Thibert WIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1821057274
Kevin R Holt VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1679532006
Andrea Dunk WIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1821058165
Carol Sue Downard INAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1609835982
Nanci Hargrave Campbell NVAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1245299536
Sandra Michelle Bratton INAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1407815715
Angelique Nicole Williams FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1154381382
Angela Monaco Macallister NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1871553966
Edwin L Harless NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1427018449
Rosemarie Rotunno CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1417917444
Michelle Walton Colburn CTAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1184684276
Mark Weeks NVAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1891755807
Susan Dey-sigman RIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1972574945
Harvey Dean Hudson MIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1427023712
John James Curran COAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1326012865
Andrea Glatz TXAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1548631476
Valerie S. Moore VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1568438158
Thomas S. Coffey NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1174583322
Amy R. Stevenson VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1912973983
Jean Goulder Brown RIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1932170511
Karen Van Doorne MIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1942271614
Janet T Hiles-brett VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1336115724
Brittani Houston FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1538512660
Janis C. Ryan CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1952373904
Gloria Natalie Phillips COAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1487622767
Linda D Carleton MOAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1427028190
Elizabeth C Alberto SCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1447210349
Jon C Douglas WIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1922071083
Wendy Jayne Levesque Framel COAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1104899665
Suzanne Katko NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1801867791
Jay D Turner UTAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1811962541
Holly A Reinke OHAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1104898477
Gail Lynn Bolton IAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1710952106
Johanna Lugo Gonzalez FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1063888394
Jenny Davies Head NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1467420216
Kathryn F. Wexler AZAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003882549
Anne Elizabeth Sommer INAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1619937950
Robert Shell Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1811418296
R. Craig Ford ORAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1518933381
Anneliese Hartman ILAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1548233067
Francine Mitchell MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1043287188
Nicole K Vitale NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1972572170
Leigh Ann Alexander ALAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1598736993
Sheryl Lynn Wiedermann TXAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1457837627
Elizabeth Ann Larosa Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1760969406
Suhana Shereef NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1033183546
Hilda L Pagan PRAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1720055700
Jeffrey R. Moore AZAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1013984806
Lawrence James Cardano NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1720050669
Jennifer Anne Lazzaro NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1073585527
Catherine Sacco NJAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1306312947
Donna L. Hill ORAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1932176005
Mary Elizabeth Bishop NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1417926320
Virginia Therese Rich Freeman CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1508329061
Connie Mary Szymczak OHAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1427018308
Debra Fried NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1851351738
Eleanor Ruth Wagner Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1437119492
Janene Marie Widen Audiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1255391215
Kim Bryant VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1477513380
Joy Kathleen Nilsson WAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1427018985
Robyn Lynn Ritchey IAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1174583652
Thomas Stephen Joseph NJAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1528028164
Jacqueline V. Cordes FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1639139132
Franklin C Froman OKAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1447210943
Diana M. Vigil NMAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1730149493
Dean Platis NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1518927912
Allison A Neidert OHAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1952362386
Jan E. Gilden TXAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003877333
Lisa Margaret Nelson MDAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003877317
Angela P Kiser VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1811958226
Kay L. Wise MDAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1881655181
Sherri Taxman TXAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1477514719
Elizabeth A Dileo MNAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1154382281
Kristi Dowdle Kuczenski ALAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1770544926
Scott Merrill Bunnell MNAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1982665048
Anita Bhandarkar NJAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1588625651
Kristina L Dworek PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1528029444
Jane Kristine Bohnenkamp IAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1366403222
Tracey Cater NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1285695247
Patrick M Masone NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1801857719
John R Schuneman OHAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1104887991
Renee Michelle Mcclelland NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1003877804
Kimberly Lynn Cira CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1861453672
Sandy K Burkes-campbell VAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1447211909
Robin W Ferguson FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1740241215
Layne Matthew Garrett UTAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1417918087
Dawn C Haggart PAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1790746568
Daniel Paul Carroll-plante MEAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1922069459
Celia W Logsdon MAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1629039151
Erin M Winderl NYAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1821050394
Sheryl Hopkins MIAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1053373530
Nancy Garrett Jones NCAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1174585673
Jane Marie Gilbert MNAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1447212980
Sharon Elizabeth Johnson MNAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1881656320
Michael Grubb NMAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1124080569
James John Sheehan NJAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1356303705
Wendy Grant FLAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1639131097
John Scott Riley GAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1780646026
Samira B Anderson MNAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1023070372
Margaret Fritsch Juelich MOAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1174585574
Stephen Boney NEAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1053373258
Michael J. Moul TXAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1043272248


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