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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Medical Laboratory (291U00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A clinical laboratory is a facility for the biological, microbiological, serological, chemical, immunohematological, hematological, biophysical, cytological, pathological, or other examination of materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease or impairment of, human beings. These examinations also include procedures to determine, measure, or otherwise describe the presence or absence of various substances or organisms in the body. Facilities only collecting or preparing specimens (or both) or only serving as a mailing service and not performing testing are not considered clinical laboratories. (2) Any facility that examines materials from the human body for purposes of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease or impairment of, or the assessment of, the health of human beings. Typical divisions of a clinical laboratory include hematology, cytology, bacteriology, histology, biochemistry, medical toxicology, and serology.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Friends Medical Laboratory Inc. MDClinical Medical Laboratory1700825114
St. Agnes Healthcare, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1164462925
Univ Of Md Pathology Associates P A MDClinical Medical Laboratory1740219401
Powell Recovery Center MDClinical Medical Laboratory1427585850
University Of Maryland Pathology Associates, P.a. MDClinical Medical Laboratory1558394411
Sinai Hospital Of Baltimore Inc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1093730608
Medstar Georgetown Medical Center DCClinical Medical Laboratory1730198755
The Johns Hopkins Hospital MDClinical Medical Laboratory1730292053
University Of Maryland Pediatrics Assoc Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1588677934
Univ Of Md Pathology Associates P A MDClinical Medical Laboratory1164455010
University Of Maryland Pediatrics Assoc Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1003911413
The Johns Hopkins Hospital MDClinical Medical Laboratory1992803266
Kennedy Krieger Childrens Hospital Inc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1619075926
Clinical Diagnostics Inc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1336229582
Virginia Commonwealth Health System Authority VAClinical Medical Laboratory1962582015
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority VAClinical Medical Laboratory1831273531
Obstetrical And Gynecological Assoc Of The University Of Maryland Pa MDClinical Medical Laboratory1720163876
U M Fdsp Associates Pa MDClinical Medical Laboratory1316021355
University Of Maryland Pediatric Associates, Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1679685804
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Mid atlantic States, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1346315280
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Mid atlantic States, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1366517211
Chesapeake Labs Llc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1053469510
Johns Hopkins University Clinical Medical Laboratory1063559235
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Mid atlantic States, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1740355684
Ophthalmic Photography Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1942425905
Qualitech Laboratory MDClinical Medical Laboratory1740408418
Kennedy Krieger Childrens Hospital Inc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1881800027
The Good Samaritanhospital Of Maryland, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1528276664
Franklin Square Hospital Center, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1003024134
Harbor Hospital Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1881802924
The Union Memorial Hospital Clinical Medical Laboratory1336357482
University Of Maryland Medical Center MDClinical Medical Laboratory1619188331
Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine Clinical Medical Laboratory1467652800
Howard H. Bond ,m.d Clinical Medical Laboratory1518150846
Maryland General Hospital MDClinical Medical Laboratory1043486871
Ccc Diagnostics, Llc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1265685440
Johns Hopkins University MDClinical Medical Laboratory1780824458
Kingsley Lane Clinical Laboratory Associates, Pllc Clinical Medical Laboratory1801129549
Brt Laboratories, Inc. MDClinical Medical Laboratory1366776551
Cag Group Pc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1447585120
Kennedy Krieger Institute MDClinical Medical Laboratory1649595141
Suburban Hospital, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1356651376
Ameritox, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1245561349
Cellpath Therapeutics, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1346586815
Personal Genome Diagnostics MDClinical Medical Laboratory1043558992
Dhmh Laboratories Administration MDClinical Medical Laboratory1437598653
Carepoint Diagnostic Services, Ltd MDClinical Medical Laboratory1245655067
Ummc Midtown Campus MDClinical Medical Laboratory1184026478
Johns Hopkins University MDClinical Medical Laboratory1356737084
Sysmex Inostics, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1073925517
Harwood Labs Clinical Medical Laboratory1760853212
Maximum Lab Services, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1154850063
Inova Health Care Services Clinical Medical Laboratory1437596855
Loudoun Medical Group Pc Clinical Medical Laboratory1043676182
Recovery For Life MDClinical Medical Laboratory1083153076
Audacity Of Hope Behavioral Health Clinical Medical Laboratory1043742745
Patapsco Ave Health Services Clinical Medical Laboratory1336650605
B.n.j. Health Services, Llc (washington Blvd) Clinical Medical Laboratory1801303177
I Cant we Can Counseling Center Llc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1710409305
Second Chance Behavioral Health Center Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1992294698
Lifespring Laboratories MDClinical Medical Laboratory1780178764
East Coast Laboratories, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1831606037
Nova Interventional Pain Management Clinical Medical Laboratory1740638469
Matclinic Physicians Practice Group Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1063904985
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Md MDClinical Medical Laboratory1245307818
Express Way Medical Laboratories, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1023573011
Shaunte Monet Hairston MDClinical Medical Laboratory1104179704
F. M. Dwight, Md, Pa SCClinical Medical Laboratory1770626640
Affiliated Laboratory, Inc. MEClinical Medical Laboratory1225035132
Dahl Chase Diagnostic Services MEClinical Medical Laboratory1104847110
Penobscot Community Health Center Clinical Medical Laboratory1659464584
Vance A Aloupis Mdpa MEClinical Medical Laboratory1629257159
Medlab792 MEClinical Medical Laboratory1316196264
Penobscot Community Health Center MEClinical Medical Laboratory1427338854
Dahl Chase Diagnostic Services MEClinical Medical Laboratory1750789897
Unilab Corporation CAClinical Medical Laboratory1396763348
The Jackson Laboratory CTClinical Medical Laboratory1609205483
Ssm Healthcare Of Wi Inc WIClinical Medical Laboratory1346229697
St. Marys Dean Ventures Inc. WIClinical Medical Laboratory1811944093
Barberton Health System, Llc OHClinical Medical Laboratory1841241825
Barberton Health System Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1922051226
Summa Barberton Citizens Hospital Clinical Medical Laboratory1174705941
Summa Barberton Citizens Hospital Clinical Medical Laboratory1578740577
Summa Barberton Citizens Hospital Clinical Medical Laboratory1134306483
Summit Pathology Associates Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1003069493
Summa Health System OHClinical Medical Laboratory1609263706
Saxe Medical Services, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1578556577
United Health Professionals WVClinical Medical Laboratory1033304316
Arh Mary Breckinridge Health Services, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1982079653
Lab Clinico Bacteriologico Deval PRClinical Medical Laboratory1831182070
Laboratorio Clinico Cdt PRClinical Medical Laboratory1417915182
Montemar Clinical Labs., Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1821101403
Laboratorio Clinico Del Norte Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1063505691
Laboratirio Clinico Del Norte Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1366531873
Servicio De Salud Primario Barceloneta, Inc. (laboratory) PRClinical Medical Laboratory1396813549
Laboratorio Clinico Llanadas, Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1033306139
Tmg Medical Group Csp PRClinical Medical Laboratory1659553931
Walmart Sc #2302 Clinical Medical Laboratory1235444522
Laboratorio Clinico Bio health Corp Clinical Medical Laboratory1235449000
Diaz Bonet Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1174828412
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1780010454
Laboratorio Clinico Almirante Norte Corp Clinical Medical Laboratory1972072270
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1881134377
Vitas Laboratory Llc NDClinical Medical Laboratory1356875553
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1649706433
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1639605421
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1356877153
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1528507290
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1336660786
Bds Healthcare Llc ARClinical Medical Laboratory1033638069
Vitas Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1689183147
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1861800880
Laboratorio Clinico Lugo Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1932102548
Eugenio Rivera Rios PRClinical Medical Laboratory1891773347
Centro Salud Familiar Barranquitas Clinical Medical Laboratory1649302878
Laboratorio Clinico Cruz PRClinical Medical Laboratory1316060445
Laboratorio Clinico Emanuel ,inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1205042454
Centro Imagenes De Barranquitas Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1063695534
Waxali Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1609184225
Salud Integral En La Montana, Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1013412766
Eugenio Rivera PRClinical Medical Laboratory1972827715
Lisaida Medina Mendez PRClinical Medical Laboratory1982741815
Accurate Health Check Lab Llc ILClinical Medical Laboratory1851584940
Medstar Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1386118149
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1558503912
Medstar Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1275036949
Foundation For The Assessment And Enhancement Of Embryonic Competence Clinical Medical Laboratory1730500679
H e b, Lp TXClinical Medical Laboratory1427167857
White River Health System, Inc ARClinical Medical Laboratory1790842078
White River Laboratories, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1760643902
White River Health System, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1902141377
Evangeline Diagnostic Center Llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1518950732
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1306829593
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1588649172
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1285612275
Mobile Tech Medical Inc. LAClinical Medical Laboratory1073577730
Gulf Coast Sleep Diagnostic Lab, Llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1861420432
Louisiana Department Of Health Office Of Public Health Clinical Medical Laboratory1942221098
Fertility Answers Lab LAClinical Medical Laboratory1134200488
Stat Labs I, Inc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1144386301
Laboratory Corporation Of America Clinical Medical Laboratory1275656415
Sis 3 Billing, Llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1578781670
Stanocola Employees Medical &hospital Association, Inc. LAClinical Medical Laboratory1609096957
Pacific Dialysis Center Llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1114158425
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1194055269
Sleep Quest Diagnostic Center, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1487937025
Quantum Laboratories Llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1578816948
Baton Rouge General Medical Center Clinical Medical Laboratory1376881524
Precise Screening & Consulting Clinical Medical Laboratory1972844868
Outreach Mobile Labs, Inc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1871932251
Southeastern Cardiovascular Lab Services Clinical Medical Laboratory1679902738
Abp Diagnostics, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1356763486
Hybrid Toxicology, L.l.c. LAClinical Medical Laboratory1528456795
Louisiana Ivf Lab, Llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1417345703
Awc Lab Services LAClinical Medical Laboratory1851776892
Post Trauma Institute Of Louisiana Clinical Medical Laboratory1588910947
Medlogic,llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1942641774
Acadian Diagnostic Laboratories Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1316370950
Mobile Medical Lab Services Clinical Medical Laboratory1841644010
Affordable Laboratory Services Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1083062434
True Labs,llc LAClinical Medical Laboratory1548613946
Premier Lab Testing LAClinical Medical Laboratory1104374891
Sb Wellness Group LAClinical Medical Laboratory1023540465
Acadian Diagnostic Laboratories Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1891204160
Woman's Hospital Foundation LAClinical Medical Laboratory1992204218
Lindsai Harris LAClinical Medical Laboratory1801302583
Malena Badon Clinical Medical Laboratory1770924599
Regional Medical Laboratories, Inc. MIClinical Medical Laboratory1730105719
The Doctors Group P C MIClinical Medical Laboratory1760548994
Detroit Bio Medical Laboratories,inc MIClinical Medical Laboratory1891913646
First Fisher Laboratories, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1083181622
Laboratory Corporation Of America Clinical Medical Laboratory1407315047
Battle Mountain General Hospital NVClinical Medical Laboratory1790851616
H e b, Lp TXClinical Medical Laboratory1104935543
Dynamic Diagnostics Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1457810137
Bradley Bay Health Center OHClinical Medical Laboratory1154583946
Laboratorio Clinico Ortega, Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1699775379
Edwin Villafane & Anamarie Ferriol PRClinical Medical Laboratory1841290830
Laboratorio Clinico Y Referencia Olmo Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1346232840
Myrna Santiago Camacho PRClinical Medical Laboratory1578557773
Vilma I Padilla Padilla/lab Clinico Royal Gardens Clinical Medical Laboratory1265421119
Laboratorio Clinico Principal Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1194714709
Laboratorio Clinico Bayamon Oeste Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1386634152
Lab Clinico Cdt Minillas Clinical Medical Laboratory1831180017
Laboratorio Clinico Marie e, Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1689656746
Laboratorio Clinico Sunny Hills Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1821078205
Rg Enterprises Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1992776587
Biolabsaintjoseph Corp. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1275505745
David Velazquez Camarena Laboratorio Clinico Dajaos PRClinical Medical Laboratory1518939081
Cdt Gmsp, Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1790750529
Laboratorio Clinico Plaza Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1306813605
Lab Clinico Lomas Verdes Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1881661189
Laboratorio Clinico Signos Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1689641888
Laboratorio Clinico Principal San Fernando PRClinical Medical Laboratory1972541324
Laboratorio Clinico Caribe PRClinical Medical Laboratory1609815422
Laboratorio Clinico Dy matos, Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1255367488
Laboratorio Clinico Rex, Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1568492361
Laboratorio Clinico North Main PRClinical Medical Laboratory1699791194
Santa Ana Laboratory Services Incorporated PRClinical Medical Laboratory1710907621
Laboratorio Clinico Bacteriologico Caribbean, Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1205841756


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