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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Medical Laboratory (291U00000X):

Taxonomy definition, as per the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC): (1) A clinical laboratory is a facility for the biological, microbiological, serological, chemical, immunohematological, hematological, biophysical, cytological, pathological, or other examination of materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease or impairment of, human beings. These examinations also include procedures to determine, measure, or otherwise describe the presence or absence of various substances or organisms in the body. Facilities only collecting or preparing specimens (or both) or only serving as a mailing service and not performing testing are not considered clinical laboratories. (2) Any facility that examines materials from the human body for purposes of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease or impairment of, or the assessment of, the health of human beings. Typical divisions of a clinical laboratory include hematology, cytology, bacteriology, histology, biochemistry, medical toxicology, and serology.

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Northern Illinois Clinical Laboratory, Ltd. Clinical Medical Laboratory1598734022
Cellnetix Labs Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1063481570
Bakersfield Pathology Medical Group CAClinical Medical Laboratory1235198474
County Of Duplin Clinical Medical Laboratory1235198177
Sya Laboratory MIClinical Medical Laboratory1497714323
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1689633539
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1104885052
Monogram Biosciences, Inc CAClinical Medical Laboratory1902865868
Nextwave Diagnostic Laboratories, Llc NCClinical Medical Laboratory1831158757
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1679532303
Tmi Pathology Associates Clinical Medical Laboratory1518926187
Central Coast Pathology Consultants, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1558320143
Children's Hospital Pathology Foundation, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1376502112
Community Health Services Lab Clinical Medical Laboratory1033178652
Lavoratorio Clinico San Antonio Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1336108935
Peachtree Laboratory Associates Pc GAClinical Medical Laboratory1588623110
Drs. Hill And Chapnick, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1326007980
Lab Clinico Umpierre Clinical Medical Laboratory1598724155
Physicians Pathology Services, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1093774507
San Blas Health Care Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1417916958
Laboratorio Angel Jelly Goyco PRClinical Medical Laboratory1811956345
Medical Clinic For Noninvasive Vascular Studies Of Solano County CAClinical Medical Laboratory1134188527
Tifton Pathological Services GAClinical Medical Laboratory1225098551
Shore Health System, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1477513273
Genzyme Corporation Clinical Medical Laboratory1386604320
Genzyme Corporation CAClinical Medical Laboratory1982664967
Prescott C. Rasmussen, M.d. CAClinical Medical Laboratory1659331684
Ameripath New York Llc NYClinical Medical Laboratory1194797993
Arlington Pathology Association 501a Corporation TXClinical Medical Laboratory1841261344
Dermatopathology Services Inc ALClinical Medical Laboratory1104898873
Medi tox Labs FLClinical Medical Laboratory1760863575
Indian River Pathology Pa FLClinical Medical Laboratory1477513323
Ameripath Texas, Inc. TXClinical Medical Laboratory1730151317
Las Lomas Laboratory Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1043283971
Clinigen, Inc. MAClinical Medical Laboratory1134189335
Arbor Via Corporation Clinical Medical Laboratory1821057407
Ameripath Cleveland Inc OHClinical Medical Laboratory1578535456
St Lukes Pathology Associates Pa MOClinical Medical Laboratory1891767844
Hartford Healthcare Laboratories CTClinical Medical Laboratory1124097829
Mills peninsula Health Services CAClinical Medical Laboratory1518937051
Professional Pathology Services, Pc Clinical Medical Laboratory1427028208
Shashi Baksh PAClinical Medical Laboratory1588637664
Colorado Pathology Consultants Pc COClinical Medical Laboratory1952373953
Watertown Medical Center Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1992776041
Moushira A Ebrahim Clinical Medical Laboratory1992764674
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1407820889
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1619940517
Pathology Solutions Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1417924424
Nga Lab Services Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1477099398
Puget Sound Gastroenterology, Ps WAClinical Medical Laboratory1689646838
Home Bound Healthcare, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1710958533
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1932173374
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa MNClinical Medical Laboratory1508839879
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1477526747
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1861465064
Quincy Physicians & Surgeons Clinic, Sc Clinical Medical Laboratory1396719431
Mayo Clinic Clinical Medical Laboratory1922074434
Vivid Pathology Pa FLClinical Medical Laboratory1447227590
Shore Health System, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1669431219
Northeast Dermatopathology Institute PAClinical Medical Laboratory1477526655
Omni Healthcare, Inc. FLClinical Medical Laboratory1598736985
Digestive Health Specialists Arizona Pc Clinical Medical Laboratory1407821770
Digestive Health Specialists, Ps WAClinical Medical Laboratory1780659011
Morristown Pathology Associates, Pa NJClinical Medical Laboratory1922075886
Laboratory Corporation Of America Clinical Medical Laboratory1699205351
Omni Healthcare, Inc. FLClinical Medical Laboratory1134191323
Ameripath Tucson Inc AZClinical Medical Laboratory1073585733
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1639682578
Ascension Our Lady Of Victory Hospital, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1134193014
Appalachian Regional Healthcare Inc KYClinical Medical Laboratory1083688428
Dva Laboratory Services Inc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1730149709
Eurofins Ntd Llc NYClinical Medical Laboratory1992779664
Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1982109351
Cohen Dermatopathology, P.c. Clinical Medical Laboratory1477522910
County Of San Bernardino Clinical Medical Laboratory1043281561
Advanced Dermatology And Skin Surgery Pllc WAClinical Medical Laboratory1972579845
Boyce Bynum Pathology Laboratories, Inc MOClinical Medical Laboratory1205896594
Stanford Blood Center, Llc CAClinical Medical Laboratory1124509260
Institute For Dermatopathology, Inc. PAClinical Medical Laboratory1821060641
Tri cities Laboratory Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1053893925
Capital Health Laboratory Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1841774429
Associates In Pathology, S.c. Clinical Medical Laboratory1316917008
Laboratorio Clinico Profesional Emanuel Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1124095286
Ameripath Indianapolis Pc INClinical Medical Laboratory1316919079
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1831158807
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1568421402
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1720047798
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1699734640
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1669431649
Mid America Clinical Laboratories, Llc INClinical Medical Laboratory1780644021
Valley Health Systems Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1023083854
Genoptix, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1740240753
Sharp Healthcare CAClinical Medical Laboratory1619944196
Sharp Healthcare CAClinical Medical Laboratory1669449146
Sharp Healthcare CAClinical Medical Laboratory1730156118
Sharp Healthcare CAClinical Medical Laboratory1770550253
Sharp Healthcare CAClinical Medical Laboratory1720055205
Sharp Healthcare CAClinical Medical Laboratory1578530952
Genzyme Corporation MAClinical Medical Laboratory1083674915
Genzyme Corporation FLClinical Medical Laboratory1497715288
Bayside Pathology Inc WAClinical Medical Laboratory1740240597
Dorsey Hall Medical Laboratory, Llc MDClinical Medical Laboratory1376503243
Urology Specialty Care Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1790745396
Chesapeake Dermatopathology & Dermatology, P.c. VAClinical Medical Laboratory1619937281
Town Of Pepperell MAClinical Medical Laboratory1417917998
Chesapeake Dermatopathology & Dermatology, P.c. VAClinical Medical Laboratory1457311045
Laboratorios Ramirez Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1720048366
Velez De Jesus Laboratories Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1497716864
Hj Asociados PRClinical Medical Laboratory1356302673
Jrmc Diagnostic Services Llc PAClinical Medical Laboratory1861453276
La Good Samaritan Pathology Medical Group, Inc. CAClinical Medical Laboratory1336100759
Mardini Pathology, Ltd NVClinical Medical Laboratory1508827924
Porter Health Services Clinical Medical Laboratory1477514867
Arnett Clinic, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1881655090
Western Wisconsin Medical Associates Hudson Ltd WIClinical Medical Laboratory1679534697
Pathology Consultation Services Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1568423648
Surgical Pathologists Of Dallas Clinical Medical Laboratory1659332666
Maria V Berrios PRClinical Medical Laboratory1407817372
Florida Institute Of Health Ltd Lllp Clinical Medical Laboratory1942261854
Oregon Health & Science University Clinical Medical Laboratory1609837574
San Blas Health Care Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1154382075
Liberty Medical Supply Inc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1245291798
Crawford Hospital District ILClinical Medical Laboratory1265493720
Youssef Tawfik NCClinical Medical Laboratory1285695858
Charles River Medical Associates, Pc Clinical Medical Laboratory1801857537
Berks Hematology Oncology Assoc Ltd Clinical Medical Laboratory1356302178
Mangini Lakhia Pathology Laboratory TXClinical Medical Laboratory1548221153
University Pathologists Consultants, Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1568423184
Sma Medical, Inc. PAClinical Medical Laboratory1043271539
Southern Nevada Lab Services, Inc. NVClinical Medical Laboratory1912968405
Tmi Pathology Associates Clinical Medical Laboratory1346202843
San Blas Health Care Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1427010925
Drs Clack Spencer White & Mccormack Pa Clinical Medical Laboratory1265494702
Alta East Bay Pathology, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1316909559
In vitro Diagnostics Inc TXClinical Medical Laboratory1508828773
Cmg Lab & Ancillary Services Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1952363087
Miami Valley Cytology OHClinical Medical Laboratory1831151927
Siouxland Cytology Consultants Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1992767016
Premier Pathology Laboratories Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1801858964
Eden Laboratories Medical Group Clinical Medical Laboratory1982666053
Hanover Pathology Associates PAClinical Medical Laboratory1962464792
Metro Laboratory Professional Association TXClinical Medical Laboratory1871555615
Chambersburg Pathology Associates, Inc PAClinical Medical Laboratory1437111242
Pathology Associates Pc COClinical Medical Laboratory1871555789
Teche Diagnostic Imaging Center Llc Clinical Medical Laboratory1932161718
Digestivecare, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1306808001
Haipeng Shao FLClinical Medical Laboratory1467414078
Familycare Medical Group, Pc Clinical Medical Laboratory1447212063
Emerald Sleep Disorders Center, Llc ORClinical Medical Laboratory1124080783
Angel's Cardiovascular Service, Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1922060508
Hdt Corp PRClinical Medical Laboratory1619939261
Harris Histology Relief Services Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1598728107
Gamar Laboratories, Inc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1457314924
Laboratory Medicine Specialists Of Duluth MNClinical Medical Laboratory1891758314
Florida Medical Clinic Pa FLClinical Medical Laboratory1568425809
Digestivecare, Inc. OHClinical Medical Laboratory1184687386
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1962465120
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1598728750
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1982667150
Jeff Davis Imaging Clinical Medical Laboratory1235192352
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Clinical Medical Laboratory1124081385
Prohealth Care Associates Llp NYClinical Medical Laboratory1275596280
Midwest Health Center P.c. Clinical Medical Laboratory1356304240
Mid America Pathology Laboratory Llc KSClinical Medical Laboratory1215990148
Centre Medical And Surgical Associates, P.c. PAClinical Medical Laboratory1396708160
Pagidipati Enterprises Inc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1831152602
Richards Laboratories Of Texas TXClinical Medical Laboratory1477517019
Laboratorio Clinico Ramvad Inc PRClinical Medical Laboratory1386608057
Bayview Physician Services, Pc Clinical Medical Laboratory1629032339
Richards Laboratories Of Texas TXClinical Medical Laboratory1306800958
University Of Washington WAClinical Medical Laboratory1326002049
Richards Laboratories Of Texas TXClinical Medical Laboratory1619931284
Laboratorio Clinico Risan PRClinical Medical Laboratory1821052523
Richards Laboratories Of Texas TXClinical Medical Laboratory1922062553
Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute Clinical Medical Laboratory1124082417
Lookadoo Skyline Laboratory Inc FLClinical Medical Laboratory1205890522
Decatur Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. Clinical Medical Laboratory1598729089
Synergy Laboratory Services Of Louisiana LAClinical Medical Laboratory1235194093
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center VAClinical Medical Laboratory1588628457
Richards Laboratories Of Utah, Inc. UTClinical Medical Laboratory1265496020
Genzyme Corporation CAClinical Medical Laboratory1699739417
Genzyme Corporation NYClinical Medical Laboratory1336104199
Genzyme Corporation Clinical Medical Laboratory1356305163
Richards Laboratories Of Utah, Inc. UTClinical Medical Laboratory1528022308
Genzyme Corporation CAClinical Medical Laboratory1841254661
Laboratorio Clinico Familiar Inc. PRClinical Medical Laboratory1659336238
Woodbury Clinical Laboratory, Inc. TNClinical Medical Laboratory1801851233
Genzyme Corporation Clinical Medical Laboratory1801851159
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center NJClinical Medical Laboratory1730144213
Greenwood Medical Laboratory Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1043275290
United Medical Laboratories, Inc. VAClinical Medical Laboratory1063477123
Quantipath, Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1902861958
Premier Pathology Laboratories Clinical Medical Laboratory1801851795
Physicians Immunodiagnostic Laboratory, Inc. CAClinical Medical Laboratory1548225428
Yolanda E Velez Lopez PRClinical Medical Laboratory1780640565
Lab. Clinico Plaza Carolina PRClinical Medical Laboratory1639135502
Kent Pathology Laboratory Pllc MIClinical Medical Laboratory1982660734
Joli Diagnostic Inc NYClinical Medical Laboratory1780640490
Northern Counties Health Care Inc Clinical Medical Laboratory1649236225
Hematologics Inc WAClinical Medical Laboratory1366408544


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